As a newcomer to all this websurfing malarkey I blundered upon Leif Snellman's website completely by accident while seeking something else. My initial reaction was surprise. 'Good Lord, this looks interesting...' quickly became 'My word, this really IS interesting...' and then reality suddenly intruded, I glanced at the time on my screen and - that's right - I'd been glued to this thing for over an hour and a half. An hour ago I was meant to have left for a meeting... So it was that this darned website got me into trouble on our very first date....

All I can say is that new visitors should bear this possibility in mind before they venture further into this well-researched, excellently presented website, plainly assembled by genuinely knowledgeable motor racing enthusiasts with their hearts - and their heads - in the right place. Inevitably not everything presented here will be 100 per cent accurate, or true, or sustainable, or sometimes even likely to be so, but in the real world let's settle for 99.5 per cent, and discuss any errors we might spot.

I am very impressed by all this work assembled by Leif Snellman and his associates, and I am confident that in working through it all, you will be too...
Doug Nye
February 2002

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