Lotti (Ansaldo)
Corrado Lotti
C. Lotti
Ansaldo 4
Saccomani (Fiat)
Guido Cesare Cecchi
G. Cecchi
Fiat 501
Avanzo (Ansaldo)
Alete Marconcini
A. Marconcini
Ansaldo 4


Circuito Montenero - Livorno (I), 25 September 1921.
6 laps x 18.2 km (11.3 mi) = 109.2 km (67.9 mi).


First Category 1501 to 2000 cc
Alete MarconciniA. MarconciniAnsaldo41.8S-4
Corrado LottiC. LottiAnsaldo41.8S-4
Filippo ArdizzoneF. ArdizzoneAnsaldo41.8S-4
Francesco AllegrantiF. AllegrantiSpa1.8S-4DNA - did not appear
Amelio BaronciniA. BaronciniLoreley12/14 hp1.6S-6
Arturo Del VivoA. Del VivoAquila12/15 hp1.8S-4 DNA - did not appear
Second Category up to 1500 cc
Ferruccio CercignaniF. CercignaniWanderer5/15 W41.3S-4
Roberto FrizziR. FrizziBugatti131.5S-4DNS - did not start
Bruno ScaruggiB. ScaruggiPrincetype 191.5S-4DNA - did not appear
Giulio MoroniG. MoroniFiat5011.5S-4
Guido Cesare CecchiG. CecchiFiat5011.5S-4
Amedeo PellicelliA. PellicelliFiat5011.5S-4

Corrado Lotti wins the Coppa Montenero with Ansaldo

by Hans Etzrodt
The 12 entries were divided into two categories for the 6-lap race along the twisting mountain roads of the Coppa Montenero. Only eight cars started with Cecchi (Fiat) and Lotti (Ansaldo) in the fastest cars leading the race. When Cecchi lost time with a broken oil pipe on lap six, Lotti took the lead and won the race ahead of Cecchi. Marconcini (Ansaldo) finished third, followed by the Fiats of Moroni and Pellicelli. Baroncini (Loreley), Ardizzone (Ansaldo) and Cercignani (Wanderer) retired.
The race on the Montenero Circuit near Livorno (Leghorn in English) was held for the first time on September 25, 1921 when the sportsman Paolo Fabbrini launched this event to show that Livorno could organize an automobile race of some importance. The Auto-Moto Club Livorno organized the Coppa Montenero under the patronage of the Corriere di Livorno. The race was not approved by the ACI. After the news had appeared that Livorno was planning a car race, the drivers who intend to participate in it were wary, to ensure that the event would have obtained regulatory approval of the ACI Commission, so as not to run into application problems which would exclude them from subsequent sporting events.
      The race went over six laps in clockwise direction with start and finish in Ardenza di Mare, then along the route to Battiera Regina Margherita, viale di Circonvaliation, Barriera Roma, Montenero Basso, Castellaccio, Romito, Antignaeo Mare, Ardenza Mare. The course was of natural beauty and considered difficult without being dangerous. The narrow roads twisted through numerous turns with steep gradients in the mountains. It was a small replica of the Madonie in Sicily, but considerably shorter, not allowing high speeds. Six laps had to be completed around the 18.2 km circuit, a total of 109.2 km.
      The cars were divided into two categories, 1500 cc and 2000 cc. The overall winner was presented with the Coppa Montenero, a challenge trophy gifted by the Livorno Mayor and would receive also 3,000 lire. The second overall received 2,000 lire and a diploma and the third 1,000 lire and diploma. 1500 lire were awarded to the driver who completed a lap in the shortest time. In addition, prizes were given for the individual categories. First category: the first received a gold pin with a pearl, the second a gold cigarette holder; Second category: the first was presented a gold watch, the second a silver cigarette case.
Each category comprised six entries, but only eight cars started after the Bugatti was withdrawn at the latest moment. Alessandro Silva helped with information about the cars. The 1500 Fiats were tipo 501, the 501S appeared in 1923. The Ansaldos were type 4, 1.8-liter 4-cylinder cars, the 4 CS did not exist in 1921. Marconcini's Ansaldo was an 'adapted tourer.' Local drivers from Livorno included Guido Cecchi (1500 Fiat). Baroncini was a dealer in Livorno, so it is possible that this was a demonstration run with the German Loreley 12/14 hp, 6-cylinder (60x 92 mm) 1561 cc. A complete list of entries is at the beginning of this report.
The circuit was closed at 8 a.m. and cleared of all traffic. The starting order was established by drawing lots among the entries of each category. The start was given from standstill on a starting line with the engine running, where cars had lined up. Because of the dusty roads, cars were started individually in order of their race number, starting with the first category. The start was initially planned at 10 a.m. with 5-minute intervals between each car. But on race day the first car was started at 10:12 a.m. to be followed by the others at 2-minute intervals with a gap of 8 minutes between the first and second category.
      From the beginning Lotti and Cecchi attracted the most attention for their speed and regularity in the race. Every lap they decreased their time and on the last one Lotti managed to complete the difficult course in 24m59.2s, setting the fastest lap of the day. On the first lap Marconcini and Ardizzone punctured tires. Ardizzone suffered an oil tank failure and retired near Antiguano with a leaking radiator. Baroncini was the most unfortunate of all drivers who had to endure four punctures. Pellicelli lost time encountering several punctures and more time loss near Castellaccio with a repair along the road. Cercignani had a great start in his category but repeatedly struggled with tire failures. He ended his race on the fifth lap due to lack of tires. On the sixth lap Cecchi was delayed with a broken oil pipe, thus allowing Lotti to take the lead.
      After 2h44m28.2s, Lotti finished the race three minutes ahead of Cecchi, followed by Marconcini in third place. Moroni and Pellicelli had been lapped. Baroncini, Ardizzone and Cercignani retired.



1.Corrado LottiC. LottiAnsaldo41.8S-462h44m28.2s
2.Guido Cesare CecchiG. CecchiFiat5011.5S-462h47m32.6s+ 3m04.4s
3.Alete MarconciniA. MarconciniAnsaldo41.8S-463h02m03.6s+ 17m35.4s
4.Giulio MoroniG. MoroniFiat5011.5S-463h25m27.6s+ 40m59.4s
5.Amedeo PellicelliA. PellicelliFiat5011.5S-463h32m00.0s+ 47m31.8s
DNFFerruccio CercignaniF. CercignaniWanderer5/15 W41.3S-44ran out of tires
DNFFilippo ArdizzoneF. ArdizzoneAnsaldo41.8S-41punctured radiator
DNFAmelio BaronciniA. BaronciniLoreley12/14 hp1.6S-6four tire punctures
Fastest lap: Corrado Lotti (Ansaldo) on lap 6 in 24m59.2s = 43.7 km/h (27.2 mph).
Winner's average speed: 39.8 km/h (24.8 mph).
Weather: unknown.
In retrospect:
Although the Corriere di Livorno newspaper supported the first Coppa Montenero race, reports of this publication could not be found. Likewise, the Il Telegrafo newspaper issues of 1921 were not listed at the Website of Bibliotheca Labronica in Livorno. So, information is rather skimpy.

Primary sources researched for this article:
Il Telegrafo (from 1971), Livorno
La Gazetta dello Sport, Milano
La Gazzetta Livornese, Livorno
Special thanks to:
Alessandro Silva
Giuseppe Prisco


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