Montlhéry (F)P. Veyron
Bugatti 8, 60.02 x 66 mm = 1494 cc
23.01.34200 miles (standing start):1h42m59.93s 187.498 km/h116.51 mphClass F record

Montlhéry (F)G. Eyston
Panhard 8, 95 x 140 mm = 7938 cc
04.02.34100 miles (standing start):45m07.09s 214.017 km/h132.98 mphWorld & Class B record
04.02.34200 km (standing start):56m02.78s 214.109 km/h133.04 mphWorld & Class B record
04.02.341 hour (standing start):1h 214.064 km/h133.01 mphWorld & Class B record

Avus (D)H. Stuck (Auto Union A.G.)
Auto Union V16
06.03.34100 miles (standing start):44m31.47s 216.870 km/h134.76 mphWorld record
06.03.34200 km (standing start):55m16.66s 217.086 km/h134.89 mphWorld record
06.03.341 hour (standing start):1h 217.106 km/h134.90 mphWorld record

On 6 March 1934 Stuck showed the world the speed of the brand new Auto Union, breaking 3 world records at Avus. In a way it was also an "acceptance run", Porsche proving that his rear engined construction was technically sound. The enormous interest that these new records created made the German leaders aware of the great propaganda value in speed record breaking.

Montlhéry (F)H. Rüesch
23.03.341 km (standing start):25.17s 143.027 km/h88.87 mphWorld record

26.3.34 ?

Montlhéry (F)Mrs G. Stewart (W. Hawkes)
Derby Spl 8, 59 x 76 mm = 1662 cc
14.04.345 km (flying start):1m19.69s 225.875 km/h140.35 mphClass E record
14.04.345 miles (flying start):2m08.42s 225.573 km/h140.17 mphClass E record
14.04.3410 km (flying start):2m39.70s 225.423 km/h140.07 mphClass E record

Montlhéry (F)G. Eyston/ D. Froy (G. Eyston)
Panhard 8, 95 x 110 mm = 7938 cc
18.05.34200 miles (standing start):1h33m41.96s 206.107 km/h128.07 mphWorld & Class B record

Brooklands (GB)W. Straight
Maserati 8, 68.98 x 100 mm = 2983 cc
29.06.341 km (flying start):16.33s 220.453 km/h136.98 mphClass D record
29.06.341 Mile (flying start):26.57s 218.051 km/h135.49 mphClass D record

Whitney Straight took his Maserati to Brooklands to take the British and International Class D records for flying start km and Mile.

Montlhéry (F)Mrs Stewart (W. Hawkes)
Derby Miller 8, 59 x 76.5 mm = 1673.1 cc
25.07.341 km (flying start):15.136s 237.845 km/h147.79 mphClass E record
25.07.341 Mile (flying start):24.356s 237.845 km/h147.79 mphClass E record

BonnevilleD. Jenkins
Jenkins Spl. 12, 88.9 x 101.6 mm = 7568 cc
16-17.8.34200 miles (standing start):1h30m47.11s 212.723 km/h132.18 mphWorld & Class B record

Brooklands (GB)R. Mays (H. Cook)
ERA 6, 57.5 x 95.3 mm = 1484.8 cc
28.08.341 km (standing start):26.21s 137.352 km/h85.35 mphClass F record
28.08.341 Mile (standing start):37.47s 154.620 km/h96.08 mphClass F record

The ERA team decided to have a go at the G and F class records with their new car. The team would have prefered to race at Montlhéry but time restrictions forced them to use Brooklands instead. Cook used the 1.1 litre car and after an unsuccesfull first run he broke both the km and Mile records in his second attempt. After Cook's record run Mays made his attempt in the larger 1.5 litre car taking the records in the first run.

Brooklands (GB)R. Mays (H. Cook)
ERA 6, 62.8 x 106.5 mm = 1979 cc
16.10.341 km (standing start):24.93s 144.404 km/h89.73 mphWorld & Class E record

Avus (D)H. Stuck (Auto Union A.G.)
Auto Union
20.10.341 km (standing start):22.025s 163.451 km/h101.56 mphWorld record
20.10.341 Mile (standing start):30.835s 187.891 km/h116.75 mphWorld record
20.10.3450 km (standing start):12m24.51s 241.770 km/h150.23 mphWorld record
20.10.3450 miles (standing start)19m47.755s 243.890 km/h151.55 mphWorld record
20.10.34100 km (standing start):24m30.00s 244.898 km/h152.17 mphWorld record

After the Grand Prix season Stuck and Auto Union went back to Avus to set 5 new world records, beating the old records by a huge margin.

Gyón (H)R. Caracciola (Daimer-Benz A.G.)
Mercedes-Benz 8, 82 x 94.5 mm = 3992 cc
28.10.341 Mile (flying start):18.295s 316.678 km/h196.78 mphClass C record
30.10.341 km (flying start):11.335s 317.600 km/h197.35 mphClass C record
30.10.341 Mile (standing start):30.710s 188.656 km/h117.23 mphWorld & Class C record
03.11.341 km (standing start):22.82s 157.756 km/h98.03 mphClass C record

Mercedes-Benz decided they had to follow Auto Union into record breaking. For their first attempts they selected a concrete road section in Hungary. Henne started with the open car but after a supercharger failure he tried the closed car insted. The car lost its canopy at high speed. The canopy construction was removed and Caracciola took over as driver, making one world and two new class records. The 1 km record made Caracciola the fastest man in the world on a road

Avus (D)R. Caracciola(Daimer-Benz A.G.)
Mercedes-Benz 8, 81.77 x 94.5 mm = 3946 cc
10.12.345 km (flying start):57.695s 311.985 km/h193.86 mphClass C record

Caracciola made a new attempt to brake the 200 mph barrier, this time at the AVUS. The day was not totally successful, Caracciola failing to reach the magic barrier and only succeeding in breaking one record.

Pescia (I)H. Stuck (Auto Union A.G.)
Auto Union 16, 72.63 x 75 mm = 4969 cc
15.02.351 Mile (flying start):18.09s 320.267 km/h199.00 mphClass C record

The Auto Union team went to Gyón for record attempts but the circumstances were bad with snow so after two test runs the team went to Italy instead. After having dismissed the Milan - Varese road they finally made the record runs at Florence. On the return run of his 3rd attempt Stuck set a time of 11.01 on the kilometer, making him the first driver to run over 200 mph on a road but it was not accompanied by any good run in the other direction so Stuck failed to take Caracciola's record. But a combination of the 3rd and 4th runs gave Stuck the 1 Mile record which also was the fastest record made on a road. Stuck's 5th series gave his best km times of the day (11.34 & 11.37 s) being just short of Caracciola's speed.

Daytona (USA)Sir M. Campbell
Campbell Spl 12, 152.5 x 166-172 mm = 37152 cc
07.03.351 km (flying start):8.10s 444.444 km/h276.16 mphWorld & Class A record
07.03.351 Mile (flying start):13.005s 445.492 km/h276.82 mphWorld & Class A record
07.03.355 km (flying start):41.66s 432.069 km/h268.47 mphWorld & Class A record
07.03.355 miles (flying start):1m11.60s 404.583 km/h251.40 mphWorld & Class A record

In March Campbell with a rebuilt "Bluebird" broke his own 2 year old world record (438.490 km/h / 272.465 mph) at Daytona Beach.

Firenze (I)T. Nuvolari (Scuderia Ferrari)
Alfa Romeo 16, 70.89 x 100 mm = 6315.6 cc
15.06.35?1 km (flying start):11.20s 321.429 km/h199.73 mphClass B record
15.06.35?1 Mile (flying start):17.93s 323.125 km/h200.78 mphClass B record

The new Ferrari built Alfa Romeo bimotore was tested on 4 April at Maranello by Marinoni and on the 10 April by Marinoni and Nuvolari, the latter reaching 341 km/h. After having raced the car at Tripoli and Avus Nuvolari was ready for a record attempt on 16 June at the Florence - Lucca autostrada. Nuvolari was disturbed by sidewinds during both his runs making the car skid but he was able to race on scattering the road speed record and being the first to brake the 200 mph barrier.

Nuvolari was back the next day for the standing start km and mile records and for the flying 5 km and 5 miles records. However, the weather was not good and after some test runs by Nuvolari the record attempts were cancelled.

Bonneville (USA)D. Jenkins
Duesenberg Spl. 8, 96.8 x 120.6 mm = 7107 cc
30.06.355 km (flying start):1m19.012s 227.814 km/h141.56 mphClass B record
30.06.355 miles (flying start):2m07.707s 226.833 km/h140.95 mphClass B record
30.06.3510 km (flying start):2m38.963s 226.467 km/h140.72 mphClass B record
30.06.3510 miles (flying start):4m13.290s 228.735 km/h142.13 mphClass B record
30.06.3550 km (standing start):13m44.937s 218.198 km/h135.58 mphClass B record
30.06.3550 miles (standing start)21m44.902s 221.995 km/h137.94 mphClass B record
30.06.35100 km (standing start):26m50.051s 223.595 km/h138.94 mphClass B record
02.07.3510 miles (flying start):4m06.137s 235.382 km/h146.26 mphClass B record
02.07.3550 km (standing start):13m33.173s 221.355 km/h137.54 mphClass B record
02.07.3550 miles (standing start)21m24.106s 225.590 km/h140.18 mphClass B record
02.07.35100 km (standing start):26m25.243s 227.095 km/h141.11 mphClass B record
02.07.35100 miles (standing start):42m02.890s 229.642 km/h142.69 mphWorld & Class B record
02.07.35200 km (standing start):52m02.732s 230.567 km/h143.27 mphWorld & Class B record
02.07.351 hour (standing start):1h 230.826 km/h143.43 mphWorld & Class B record

Bonneville (USA)J. Cobb
Napier-Railton 12, 139.8 x 130.16 mm = 23953.6 cc
11.07.3550 km (standing start):12m04.098s 248.585 km/h154.46 mphWorld & Class A record
11.07.3550 miles (standing start)19m31.814s 247.297 km/h153.61 mphWorld & Class A record
11.07.35100 km (standing start):24m20.740s 246.459 km/h153.14 mphWorld & Class A record
11.07.35100 miles (standing start):39m13.638s 246.156 km/h152.95 mphWorld & Class A record
11.07.35200 km (standing start):48m39.418s 246.624 km/h153.25 mphWorld & Class A record
11.07.351 hour (standing start):1h 244.807 km/h152.12 mphWorld & Class A record
15-16.07.35200 miles (standing start):1h21m52.653s 235.865 km/h146.56 mphWorld & Class A record

Bonneville (USA)D. Jenkins
Duesenberg Spl. 8, 96.83 x 120.65 mm = 7108 cc
06.08.3550 km (standing start):12m56.050s 231.944 km/h144.12 mphClass B record
06.08.3550 miles (standing start)20m23.171s 236.828 km/h147.16 mphClass B record
06.08.35100 km (standing start):25m06.427 238.976148.49 mphClass B record
06.08.35100 miles (standing start):39m48.528s 242.569 km/h150.72 mphClass B record
06.08.35200 km (standing start):49m13.875s 243.748 km/h151.46 mphClass B record
06.08.35200 miles (standing start):1h19m05.537s 244.171 km/h151.72 mphWorld & Class B record
06.08.351 hour (standing start):1h 244.855 km/h152.15 mphWorld & Class B record

Bonneville (USA)Sir M. Campbell
Campbell Spl
03.09.351 Mile (flying start):11.955s 484.619 km/h301.13 mphWorld record
03.09.355 km (flying start):38.2875s 470.127 km/h292.12 mphWorld record

In autumn 1935 Campbell was back to better his total world record. As Campbell had come to the conclusion that Daytona was unsuitable for speeds over 300 mph he therefore decided to move his attempt to Bonneville in Utah instead. A time keeper error (12.38 s instead of 12.08 s giving a total of 12.005 s?) first gave a speed of 299.875 mph but later the time was corrected making Campbell the first to brake the 300 mph barrier.

Bonneville (USA)G. Eyston
Speed of the Wind 12, 127 x 139.7 mm = 21236 cc
06.09.3510 miles (flying start):3m35.440s 268.921 km/h167.10 mphWorld & Class A record
08.09.3550 km (standing start):11m45.566s 255.114 km/h158.52 mphWorld & Class A record
08.09.3550 miles (standing start)18m42.290s 258.116 km/h160.39 mphWorld & Class A record
08.09.35100 km (standing start):23m08.236s 259.322 km/h161.13 mphWorld & Class A record
08.09.35100 miles (standing start):37m35.679s 256.846 km/h159.60 mphWorld & Class A record
08.09.35200 km (standing start):47m01.691s 255.166 km/h158.55 mphWorld & Class A record

Bonneville (USA)G. Eyston
Speed of the Wind 12, 127 x 139.7 mm = 21236 cc
15.09.35200 km (standing start):46m50.5353s 256.179 km/h159.18 mphWorld & Class A record
15.09.351 hour (standing start):1h 256.371 km/h159.30 mphWorld & Class A record

Gyón (H)Hartmann L. Hartmann
Maserati 8, 69.5 x 100 mm = 2991.4 cc
17.10.351 Mile (standing start):37.84s 153.108 km/h96.14 mphClass D record

Firenze (I)G. Furmanik (Officine Maserati)
Maserati 8, 69 x 100 mm = 2991.4 cc
28.01.361 km (flying start):14.42s 249.653 km/h155.13 mphClass D record
28.01.361 Mile (flying start):23.31s 238.547 km/h154.44 mphClass D record
29.01.361 km (standing start):23.865s 150.849 km/h93.73 mphClass D record
29.01.361 Mile (standing start):35.00s 165.532 km/h102.86 mphClass D record

Reichautobahn (D)H. Stuck (Auto Union A.G.)
Auto Union 16, 75 x 85 mm = 6008 cc
23.03.365 km (flying start):57.615s 312.419 km/h194.13 mphClass B record
24.03.365 miles (flying start):1m39.525s 291.035 km/h180.84 mphClass B record
24.03.3610 km (flying start):2m04.735s 288.612 km/h179.33 mphClass B record
24.03.3610 miles (flying start):3m22.255s 286.451 km/h177.99 mphWorld & Class B record
24.03.3650 km (standing start):11m17.00s 265.879 km/h165.21 mphWorld & Class B record
24.03.3650 miles (standing start)17m55.40s 269.371 km/h167.38 mphWorld & Class B record
24.03.36100 km (standing start):22m49.00s 262.966 km/h163.40 mphWorld & Class B record
24.03.36100 miles (standing start):36m08.20s 267.209 km/h166.04 mphWorld & Class B record

For the long distance records the highway between Frankfurt and Heidelberg was closed for all traffic for 2 days. To the press the record runs were announced as being "tyre tests". The record runs started on 23 March with Stuck trying to beat not only the B class record but also Caracciola's C class record for the flying 5 km. The Auto Union driver succeded in his second attempt. During the return the engine overheated destroying two cylinders and Auto Union had to postpone further runs to the next day.

During the night the engine was repaired but the next day started with heavy rain and it wasn't until noon that Stuck could start off his first record run. The track was still damp but that did not hinder Stuck from making 3 records on distances up to 10 Miles including a world record. Then Stuck made an attempt on the 100 Miles world record and took it also in the first attempt, making three other world records at the same time. He used a 113 km long section of the highway and at the end point Stuck had to stop and make a U turn for the last 48 kilometers of the 100 Mile run, making the 267.2 km/h record even more incredible

Montlhéry (F)R. Benoist (E. Bugatti)
Bugatti 8, 72 x 100 mm = 3257cc
29.06.36100 km (standing start):28m29.09s 210.638 km/h130.88 mphClass C record

Bonneville (USA)G. Eyston
Speed of the Wind V12
06.07.36200 km (standing start):45m54.469s 261.393 km/h162.42 mphWorld record
06.07.361 hour (standing start):1h 261.566 km/h162.53 mphWorld record

Bonneville (USA)A. Jenkins
Mormon Meteor V12 Curtiss Conqueror, 130.17 x 164.3 mm = 26238 cc
07.09.36200 miles (standing start):1h14m15.84s 260.046 km/h161.59 mphWorld & Class A record

Bonneville (USA)J. Cobb
Napier-Railton 12, 139.7 x 130.17 mm = 23942 cc
09.09.3650 km (standing start):11m18.61s 265.248 km/h164.87 mphWorld record
09.09.3650 miles (standing start)17m59.30s 268.397 km/h166.67 mphWorld record
09.09.3650 km (standing start):11m18.61s 265.248 km/h164.87 mphClass A record
09.09.3650 miles (standing start)17m59.30s 268.397 km/h166.67 mphClass A record
09.09.36100 km (standing start):22m14.54s 269.756 km/h167.62 mphWorld & Class A record
09.09.36100 miles (standing start):35m35.36s 271.318 km/h168.59 mphWorld & Class A record
09.09.36200 km (standing start):44m18.80s 270.799 km/h168.27 mphWorld & Class A record
09.09.361 hour (standing start):1h 269.870 km/h167.69 mphWorld & Class A record

Montlhéry (F)R. Benoist (E. Bugatti)
Bugatti 8, 72 x 100 mm = 3257 cc
26.09.36100 km (standing start):27m42.79s 216.504 km/h134.53 mphClass C record
26.09.36100 miles (standing start):44m23.27s 217.538 km/h135.17 mphClass C record
26.09.36200 km (standing start):55m04.79s 217.866 km/h135.38 mphClass C record
26.09.361 hour (standing start):1h 217.941 km/h135.42 mphClass C record

Bonneville (USA)A. Jenkins
Mormon Meteor V12 Curtiss Conqueror, 130.17 x 164.3 mm = 26238 cc
28.09.36100 miles (standing start):35m23.01s 272.90 km/h169.57 mphWorld & Class A record
28.09.36200 km (standing start):43m47.23s 274.05 km/h170.29 mphWorld & Class A record
28.09.36200 miles (standing start):1h10m03.19s 275.68 km/h171.30 mphWorld & Class A record
28.09.361 hour (standing start):1h 275.20 km/h171.00 mphWorld & Class A record

Montlhéry (F)P. Veyron / R. Benoist (E. Bugatti)
Bugatti 8, 72 x 100 mm = 3257 cc
10.10.36200 miles (standing start):1h33m56.96s 205.56 km/h127.73 mphClass C record

Reichautobahn (D)R. Caracciola (Daimer-Benz A.G.)
Mercedes-Benz 12, 82 x 88 mm = 5576 cc
26.10.361 km (flying start):9.88s 364.4 km/h226.4 mphClass B record
26.10.361 Mile (flying start):15.79s 366.9 km/h228.0 mphClass B record
26.10.365 km (flying start):52.86s 340.5 km/h211.6 mphClass B record

After almost a 2 year pause Mercedes-Benz, trying to make up for their disastrous 1936 season, returned to record attempts. The short GP chassis was equipped with the V12 DAB engine and a revolutionary streamlined bodywork. Caracciola made 3 test runs with open frontwheels having problems with the gearbox each time, the car slipping out of top gear creating some valve damage. He made another try with covered wheels before starting his 1 km and 1 Mile record attempt. After taking the two records Caracciola made another set of runs achieving the 5 km record. Winds prevented further record attempts that day and the next

Reichautobahn (D)R. Caracciola (Daimer-Benz A.G.)
Mercedes-Benz 12, 82 x 88 mm = 5576 cc
11.11.3610 miles (flying start):2m53.73s 333.48 km/h207.22 mphWorld & Class B record
11.11.365 miles (flying start):1m26.00s 336.8 km/h209.3 mphClass B record
11.11.3610 km (flying start):1m48.47s 331.9 km/h206.2 mphClass B record
11.11.3610 miles (flying start):2m53.73s 333.48 km/h207.22 mphWorld & Class B record

Mercedes was back 2 weeks later with a repaired car equipped with an airplane type windshield. On Caracciola's demand the new windshield was soon removed. After 4 test runs Caracciola set out for his 10 Miles record attempts bettering the world record and taking two class records on the shorter distances at the same time

The next day Caracciola tried to better his old standing start 1 Mile record. He was 2.8 seconds under the record on his first run but a supercharger failure prevented him from making the return run, ending the Mercedes team's 1936 season.

Brooklands (GB)F. Lycett
Bentley 6, 110.07 x 140 mm = 7992.7 cc
27.05.371 km (standing start):27.46s 131.1 km/h81.5 mphClass B record

Firenze-Mare (I)G. Furmanik (Officine Maserati)
Maserati 4, 69.5 x 100 mm = 1495.7 cc
02.06.371 km (standing start):24.94s 144.3 km/h89.7 mphClass F record
02.06.371 Mile (standing start):34.33s 168.8 km/h104.9 mphClass F record
03.06.371 km (flying start):15.09s 238.6 km/h148.2 mphClass F record

Petropolis (BR)H. Stuck (Auto Union A.G.)
Auto Union V16
09.06.371 km (standing start):21.05s 171.021 km/h Class B record

The day after having finished only second at the Rio Grand Prix Stuck saved his honour by taking two new standing start world records with his Grand Prix car. He bettered his own one km record and took over the one mile record set by Caracciola at Gyón 1934. However those records remained unofficial as they were not recognized by AIACR. These were to be Stuck's last speed record attempts

Reichautobahn (D)B. Rosemeyer (Auto Union A.G.)
Auto Union V16, 75 x 85 mm = 6008 cc
16.06.371 km (flying start):9.25s 389.2 km/h242.0 mphClass B record
16.06.371 Mile (flying start):14.87s 389.6 km/h242.1 mphClass B record
16.06.375 km (flying start):47.84s 376.3 km/h233.8 mphClass B record
16.06.375 miles (flying start):1m18.62s 368.5 km/h228.9 mphClass B record
16.06.3710 km (flying start):1m40.79s 357.2 km/h221.9 mphClass B record
16.06.3710 miles (flying start):2m40.82s 360.3 km/h223.9 mphWorld & Class B record

Using the experience gained at the Avusrennen in May Auto Union decided to have a go at all class records up to 10 Miles in the fully streamlined car. After Eifelrennen, as a further demostration from Auto Union, the engine from Rosemeyer's winning car was removed and sealed to be used without service for the record attempts. After having made a practice run that nearly ended up in the traffic (incredibly the highway was closed off in only one direction) Rosemeyer started off his series of record runs. After having made two 1 mile runs setting records for 1 km and 1 mile Rosemeyer continued with two 10 Mile runs setting a new world record and two class records. A sidewind had pushed the car up on the grass twice and after the last run Rosemeyer did not jump out of his car as usual but remained sitting clearly shaken. However the incident did not hinder him from making a third set of runs for the 5 km record after finding out that the electrical timing device had failed during the first attempt. One world record and 6 class records was Rosemeyer's result for that morning

Bonneville (USA)A. Jenkins
Mormon Meteor V12 Curtiss Conqueror, 130.17 x 158.75 mm = 25351 cc
08.09.3750 km (standing start):11m12.24s 267.76 km/h166.38 mphWorld & Class A record
08.09.3750 miles (standing start)17m37.13s 274.03 km/h170.27 mphWorld & Class A record
08.09.37100 km (standing start):21m40.82s 276.75 km/h171.96 mphWorld & Class A record
08.09.37100 miles (standing start):34m15.83s 281.81 km/h175.11 mphWorld & Class A record
08.09.37200 km (standing start):42m22.99s 283.13 km/h175.93 mphWorld & Class A record
08.09.37200 miles (standing start):1h07m38.00s 285.54 km/h177.43 mphWorld & Class A record
08.09.371 hour (standing start):1h 284.933 km/h177.05 mphWorld & Class A record

Reichautobahn (D)R. Caracciola, Lang (Daimler-Benz A.G.)

To further use the propaganda value of record breaking the ONS (Oberste Nationale Sportbehörde für die Deutsche Kraftfahrt) decided to dedicate a whole week for record attempts of all kind. The first and last official Rekordwoche was held in late October 1937. The day started off with test runs from both Auto Union and Mercedes.Benz. The new Mercedes was a developement of their 1936 record car with a new narrow streamlined body. Soon it became clear that the problem Lang had seen at the Avus race was reappearing. At top speed the nose and front wheels lifted from the ground. After having done 379 km/h Caracciola refused to make any further attempts and Lang was ordered into the car. Lang experienced the same trouble during his attempt and when then air pressure made the engine cover blow off the car the Mercedes team decided to call it a day and sent the streamliner back to Stuttgart.

Reichautobahn (D)B. Rosemeyer (Auto Union A.G.)
Auto Union V16, 72.7 x 75 mm = 4981.28 cc
25.10.371 km (flying start):10.445s 344.662 km/h214.16 mphClass C record
25.10.371 km (flying start):10.23s 352.078 km/h218.77 mphClass C record
25.10.371 Mile (flying start):16.835s 344.142 km/h213.84 mphClass C record
25.10.371 Mile (flying start):16.40s 353.27 km/h219.5 mphClass C record
25.10.375 km (flying start):52.02s 346.0 km/h215.0 mphClass C record
25.10.375 miles (flying start):1m24.32s 343.6 km/h213.5 mphClass C record
25.10.3710 km (flying start):1m47.62s 334.5 km/h207.8 mphClass C record
25.10.371 Mile (standing start):29.04s 199.504 km/h123.97 mphClass C record

Auto Union had held thorough test sessons at the Halle-Leipzig highway with Rosemeyer doing over 50 standing starts and were confident to brake the 400 km/h wall. They sent three cars to the Recordwoche. Rosemeyer started off with a B class streamliner fitted with a 6 litre engine and on a test run he reached 400 km/h only to have supercharger failure on the return run. Then Rosemeyer took the C class cars instead and made four new class record.

Auto Union V16, 75 x 85 mm = 6008.31 cc
25.10.371 km (flying start):8.86s 406.32 km/h252.5 mphClass B record
25.10.371 Mile (flying start):14.26s 406.285 km/h252.5 mphClass B record

After the supercharger in the 6 litre car had been exchanged it was time for the B class record attempts and during the runs Rosemeyer became the first person ever to officially exceed 400 km/h on an ordinary road.

Reichautobahn (D)B. Rosemeyer (Auto Union A.G.)
Auto Union V16, 75 x 85 mm = 6008.31 cc
26.10.371 km (standing start):19.08s 188.7 km/h117.3 mphWorld & Class B record
26.10.371 Mile (standing start):26.77s 216.4 km/h134.5 mphWorld & Class B record

The next morning Rosemeyer had a go at Stuck's inofficial records set at Rio de Janeiro. He used an open car with a shortened mountain climb chassis and a 6 litre engine and made two new official world records.

Auto Union V16, 75 x 85 mm = 6008.31 cc
26.10.375 km (flying start):44.49s 404.6 km/h251.4 mphClass B record

In the afternoon Rosemeyer made a new flying 5 km class record with the streamliner. On the return run poisonous fumes entered the cockpit and Rosemeyer expected a 400 km/h engine failure at any moment. The concentration to keep the car on the 7.5 m wide road waiting for the failure to happen was such that driver collapsed after the run and needed assistance from Peter Gläser, the team's doctor before he was able to leave the cockpit.

Reichautobahn (D)B. Rosemeyer (Auto Union A.G.)
Auto Union V16, 75 x 85 mm = 6008.31 cc
27.10.371 Mile (standing start):25.96s 223.2 km/h138.7 mphWorld & Class B record

On the next day, Wednesday, Rosemeyer made an attempt with a streamliner on the 1 km and 1 Mile standing start records set the day before. The heavy streamliner failed to take the 1 km record but the top speed was such that Rosemeyer bettered his own 1 Mile record with another 6 km/h.

Reichautobahn (D)B. Rosemeyer (Auto Union A.G.)
Auto Union V16, 72.7 x 75 mm = 4981.28 cc
27.10.375 km (flying start):52.00s 346.2 km/h215.1 mphClass C record
27.10.375 miles (flying start):1m23.94s 345.1 km/h214.4 mphClass C record
27.10.3710 km (flying start):1m45.40s 341.6 km/h212.3 mphClass C record
27.10.3710 miles (flying start):2m49.97s 340.9 km/h211.8 mphClass C record
27.10.371 km (standing start):21.20s 169.8 km/h105.5 mphClass C record
27.10.371 Mile (standing start):28.74s 201.587 km/h125.26 mphClass C record

Rosemeyer continued his record hunt with the 4.9 litre car, taking four flying start records on distances between 5 km and 10 Miles. Later in the afternoon after the car had recieved a new rear axle ratio, he took the car out on a set of standing start runs to take his last two new class records of the Recordwoche. Rosemeyer now held three world records and 16 class records.


Reichautobahn (D)R. Caracciola (Daimler-Benz A.G.)

Mercedes-Benz was back with a rebuilt car on Thursday for a further attempt. The nose was closer to the ground and the car had been fitted with a flat bottom to cure the tendency to lift. In the morning the weather was foggy but by 10 a.m. it was clear enough for Caracciola to have a try on the flying 1 km and 1 Mile with the DAB engined steamliner. Caracciola managed to achieve 397 km/h but the driver complaned on lack of grip for the rear wheels. The rear of the car was ballasted with lead and on the next attempt Caracciola just failed to reach 400 km/h. Then he made an attempt on the standing km and Mile records with an open car. But these attempts also failed, Caracciola only reaching 176 km/h, the engine clearly misfiring. In the evening Mercedes-Benz announced that they were aborting any further attempts making the Recordwoche a total catastrophe for the team.

Bonneville (USA)G. Eyston
Thunderbolt 1
19.11.371 km (flying start):7.17s 502.1 km/h312.0 mphWorld & Class A record
19.11.371 Mile (flying start):11.56s 501.2 km/h311.4 mphWorld & Class A record

Eyston's "Thunderbolt", designed by the French couch-builder Jean Andreu, and built at the Bean works, Tipton, Staffordshire, used two of the supercharged 36.5 litre Rolls Royce engines, also installed in Campbell's Bluebird, giving a total output of 4700 bhp. The 8 wheeled (double rear wheels) vehicle weighted 7 tons. Eyston made his first run on 7.32 s (491.8 km/h) but with a return run of 7.01 s (513.6 km/h) he managed to become the first man to go faster than 500 km/h on land.

Reichautobahn (D)R. Caracciola (Daimler-Benz A.G.)
28.01.381 km (flying start):8.32s 432.7 km/h268.9 mphClass B record
28.01.381 Mile (flying start):13.40s 432.4 km/h268.7 mphClass B record

After their disastrous lack of results at the "Rekordwoche" Mercedes-Benz made arrangments for a new attempt with a revised car in January 1938. The nose and the rear end of the car had been rebuilt after wind tunnel experiments and the car was cooled by ice in a closed system. At 8 a.m. on 28 January Caracciola took off for his first run, making the flying km in 8.40 seconds and the flying mile in 13.42 seconds. His return run went even faster (8.24 s & 13.38 s) giving Caracciola the B class records for both the flying kilometer and the flying mile. Caracciola's times are to this day the fastest ever made by a car on a normal road.

Reichautobahn (D)B. Rosemeyer (Auto Union A.G.)
Auto Union V16, 72.7 x 75 mm = 4981.28 cc
28.01.381 km (flying start):8.36s 429.594 km/h266.938 mphone way
28.01.381 Mile (flying start):-s --Fatal crash

After hearing that Mercedes was having an attempt Auto Union asked to be allowed to defend their record. Eberan-Eberhorst designed a totally new, revolutional bodywork. Completed with panels that came close to the ground and channelled the air creating a vacuum, this was in fact the first ground effect car, built almost 40 years before the Lotus 78. An attempt on 27 January was aborted due to bad weather. On the 28th after Caracciola's record runs it was Rosemeyer's turn to try to re-take his records. After a test run where he reached 429 km/h Rosemeyer started his record attempt at 10.40 a.m. Having passed the kilometer point the car continued on the flying mile, suddenly went out on the grass, went sideways, rolled and disintegated, killing the driver. Rosemeyer's time on his first run had been 8.38 seconds on the kilometer, 0.02 seconds faster than Caracciola's.

Bonneville (USA)G. Eyston
Thunderbolt 1
27.08.381 km (flying start):6.48s 555.6 km/h345.2 mphClass A record
27.08.381 Mile (flying start):10.42s 556.0 km/h345.5 mphWorld & Class A record

In autumn 1938 there were two British contenders ready for the total land speed record. First out was Eyston in his rebuilt "Thunderbolt" that now featured a new nose and a closed cockpit. On a run on 24th August Eyston made an astonishing time of 6.44 s only to have a timing failure on his rerun, probably because of the low contrast between the car and the desert salt. For his next attempt Eyston painted the car matt black with yellow markings and that time nothing went wrong, Eyston bettering his old record with over 50 km/h

Bonneville (USA)J. Cobb
15.09.381 km (flying start):6.39s 563.4 km/h350.1 mphWorld & Class A record
15.09.381 Mile (flying start):10.28s 563.6 km/h350.2 mphWorld & Class A record

On 15 September Cobb took his streamlined Railton designed car through the flying mile on times of 10.19 and 10.37 seconds for an average that was 7.6 km/h faster than Eyston's less than three weeks old record.

Bonneville (USA)G. Eyston
Thunderbolt 1
16.09.381 km (flying start):6.26s 575.1 km/h357.3 mphWorld & Class A record
16.09.381 Mile (flying start):10.07s 575.3 km/h357.5 mphWorld & Class A record

Cobb was to hold his record for less than 24 hours as Eyston went out to make a new attempt on 16th, going almost 12 km/h faster than his friendly rival to re-take the record.

Brooklands (GB)C. Staniland
?.10.385 km (flying start):1m20.17s ?139.5 mphClass D record
?.10.385 Miles (flying start):2m08.69 ?139.9 mphClass D record
?.10.3810 km (flying start):2m40.25s ?139.6 mphClass D record
?.10.380 Miles (flying start):4m19.13s ?138.9 mphClass D record

Dessau (D)R. Caracciola (Daimler-Benz A.G.)
14.02.391 km (standing start):20.29s 177.4 km/h110.2 mphClass D record?
08.02.391 Mile (standing start):28.32s 204.6 km/h127.1 mphClass D record

For the standing start D class records Mercedes-Benz built a car based on the 1938 GP chassis with fully enclosed wheels and the radiator replaced by internal ice cooling. After initial tests by Lang the team took the car to Dessau where a 10 km section of the highway had been specially prepared for record attempts. The central grass strip had been filled out, making the available road 27 meters wide. However Caracciola soon learned to avoid using the dirty mid section. On 8 February Caracciola made two new D class standing start records

Dessau (D)R. Caracciola (Daimler-Benz A.G.)
09.02.391 km (flying start):9.04s 398.23 km/h mphClass D record
09.02.391 Mile (flying start):14.50s 399.56 km/h mphClass D record

The next day Caracciola used the record streamliner, now equipped with a 3 litre engine, to take the D class 1 km and 1 Mile flying start records.

Dessau (D)R. Caracciola (Daimler-Benz A.G.)
14.02.391 km (standing start):20.29s 177.4 km/h110.2 mphClass D record

Still not satisfied, Mercedes-Benz returned to Dessau a few days later to another try on the 1 km standing start. This time Caracciola managed to raise the record another 2.3 km/h. This was to be the last prewar German record run.

Dessau (D)G. Gardner
02.06.391 km (flying start):10.95s 328.767 km/h204.2? mphClass F record
02.06.391 Mile (flying start):17.66s 328.065 km/h203.9? mphClass F record

Bonneville (USA)J. Cobb
23.08.391 km (flying start):6.05s 595.041 km/h369.7 mphWorld record
23.08.391 Mile (flying start):9.785s 592.094 km/h367.910 mphWorld record
26.08.395 km (flying start):34.235s 525.8 km/h World & Class A record
26.08.395 miles (flying start):59.57s 486.3 km/h World & Class A record
26.08.3910 km (flying start):1m19.04s 455.5 km/h World & Class A record
26.08.3910 miles (flying start):2m13.155s 435.1 km/h World & Class A record

Bonneville (USA)G. Barringer
Miller spl.
30.07.405 km (flying start):1m10.590s 254.993 km/h158.446 mphClass D record
30.07.405 Miles (flying start):1m53.775s 254.609 km/h158.207 mphClass D record
30.07.4010 km (flying start):2m25.978s 246.610 km/h153.237 mphClass D record
30.07.4010 Miles (flying start):3m54.930ss 246.610 km/h153.237 mphClass D record
30.07.4050 km (standing start):12m42.086s 236.19 km/h146.76 mphClass D record
30.07.4050 Miles (standing start):20m10.674s 239.272 km/h148.677 mphClass D record
30.07.40100 km (standing start):24m58.766s 241.186 km/h149.252 mphClass D record
30.07.40100 Miles (standing start):39m55.811s 240.822 km/h150.262 mphClass D record
30.07.40200 km (standing start):49m39.587s 241.643 km/h150.150 mphClass D record
30.07.40200 Miles (standing start):1h19m56.251s 241.589 km/h150.117 mphClass D record
30.07.401 hour (standing start):1h 241.800 km/h150.242 mphClass D record

Dessau (D)H. Stuck?
Mercedes-Benz T80 44.5L
Jan 40?

Hans Stuck's pet project was to take the land speed record and he convinced Mercedes-Benz to build a car for the attempt. The Germans were handicapped by the fact that for political reasons the record had to be broken on German soil. Porsche aimed first at 550 km/h but after Eyston's and Cobb's runs the aim was raised to 600km/h. It was predicted that the first appearence of the T80 would be on the 1940 "Rekordwoche". However, for obvious reasons the 1940 "Rekordwoche" was never held and the futuristic Porsche designed car was never to be raced.


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