Campari (Alfa Romeo)
27 Giuseppe Campari
SA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo
Alfa Romeo 40/60 h
Ferrari (Alfa Romeo)
19 Enzo Ferrari
SA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo
Alfa Romeo 20/30 ES
Sivocci (Alfa Romeo)
20 Ugo Sivocci
SA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo
Alfa Romeo 20/30 ES


Circuito del Mugello (I), 24 July 1921.
6 laps x 64.9 km (40.3 mi) = 389.4 km (242.0 mi)


Category up to 2000 cc
1Luigi ArditoL. ArditoAnsaldoTipo 41.8S-4
2Carlo GambettiC. GambettiAnsaldoTipo 4 AS2.0S-4
3Alete MarconciniA. MarconciniAnsaldoS-4DNS - did not start
4Corrado LottiC. LottiAnsaldo4AS Excelsior2.0S-4
5Bruno AstorriB. AstorriChiribiri12 hp1.5S-4
6Alceo ZannoniA. ZannoniTemperino8/10 hp1.0S-4
7Ramiro MunaronR. MunaronSCAT2.0S-4
8Guglielmo TurnerC. LottiAnsaldo4AS Excelsior2.0S-4
9Ferruccio CercignaniF. CercignaniWanderer5/15 W41.3S-4
10Enrico BorgheresiE. BorgheresiAnsaldoTipo 42.0S-4DNA - did not appear
Category 2001 to 3000 cc
11Claudio SandonninoFabbrica Automobili ItalaItala51S2.8S-4
12Eraldo FracassiE. FracassiFordModel T2.9S-4
13Gino RivaltaG. RivaltaItala51S2.8S-4
14Ernesto CeiranoSocietÓ Anonima Giovanni CeiranoCeirano15/203.0S-4
15Domenico GamboniSA Autocostruzioni DiattoDiatto4DS2.7S-4
16Augusto TarabusiA. TarabusiSCAT80 hp3.0S-4
Category 3001 to 4500 cc
17Antonio AscariSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa RomeoGP 19144.5S-4
18Maria A. AvanzoM. AvanzoPuch
19Enzo FerrariSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa Romeo20/30 ES4.2S-4
20Ugo SivocciSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa Romeo20/30 ES4.2S-4
Category over 4500 cc
21Alfieri MaseratiA. MaseratiIsotta-FraschiniSpecial6.3S-4
22Guglielmo TurnerG. TurnerAquila Italianastarted with car #8
23Mario VeronesiM. VeronesiIsotta-FraschiniS-4
24Guido PeyronG. PeyronOpelDNA - did not appear
25Giovanni Caprione/MuzziG. SimonettaNazzaroTipo 54.4S-4
26Gastone Brilli-PeriG. Brilli-PeriFiat14B/S57A4.9S-4
27Giuseppe CampariSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa Romeo40/60 hp6.1S-4
28Giulio MasettiCount G. MasettiFiat14B/S574.5S-4DNA - did not appear
29Carlo Masetti]Count C. MasettiFiat14B/S574.5S-4DNA - did not appear
30Luigi AngeliniL. AngeliniSCAT120 hp Hispano9.2S-4
31Paolo Carlo NiccoliniMarquis P. C. NiccoliniFiat14B/S57A4.9S-4

Campari wins the Mugello Circuit with Alfa Romeo

by Hans Etzrodt
The 25 starters at the second Mugello Circuit were split into four categories. The favorites included the Fiats of Brilli-Peri and the Masetti brothers but also Maserati's Isotta-Fraschini. Six laps around the twisting 64.9 km mountain course had to be completed, the same as the year before. After the first lap, Niccolini (Fiat) led Gamboni (Diatto), Lotti (Ansaldo) and Ascari (Alfa Romeo). Brilli-Peri retired and the Masettis did not start. Niccolini was still first after the second lap ahead of Maserati (Isotta-Fraschini), Ascari, Gamboni and Lotti. After three laps Niccolini still led the Alfa Romeos of Ascari and Campari followed by Gamboni and Lotti while Maserati had dropped behind. Niccolini was still in the lead after lap four, followed by the Alfa Romeos of Ascari, Sivocci, Ferrari and Campari, Ceirano (Ceirano) and Lotti, while Gamboni had crashed. After the fifth lap Niccolini was still first but was chased by Campari only four minutes behind. Ferrari was third ahead of Sivocci, Lotti, Ceirano and Cercignani (Wanderer). On the last lap Niccolini crashed or lost his exhaust and retired due to an engine fire. Campari won ahead of Ferrari and Sivocci in Alfa Romeos with Maserati fourth, followed by Lotti, Ceirano, Cercignani and five more finishers. There were 13 retirements.
The races on Circuito del Mugello north of Florence in the Toscana region of central Italy, were also called the "Little Targa Florio" because of its many up and downs and the 1691 turns per lap. Mugello was one of the most important race circuits in Italy and dated back to 1914 when it was called Primo Circuito Toscano. After WW I, the race was held annually since 1920 and 1921 was the 2nd repetition on this 64.9 km route along national and provincial roads with an immensity of curves. The start was in Scarperia at 292 meters altitude, leading anticlockwise to the north, climbing over 10 kilometers to the Giogo Pass at the considerable height of 879 meters. Then it descended through Rifredo to Firenzuola at 422 meters above sea level. The circuit then turned west past Castro and climbed past La Casetta to Covigliaio at 871 meters. From there the course headed south to reach Futa Pass at 903 meters, which was the highest point. From Futa the course led through Montecarelli at 314 meters to Maschere and returned east to San Piero A Sieve, 205 meters above sea level, leading with a slight slope back to start and finish at Scarperia. Six laps of the 64.9 km route had to be completed, a total of 389.4 km. The Automobile Club di Firenze organized this event.
      The first overall winner was awarded the AC Firence Cup and 10,000 lire, the Targa of the Scarperia Sports Club (but excluded was the cash prize of the category to which the driver belonged). The first in each category received 2,000 lire and a large gold medal, the second 1,000 and a medium gold medal and the third 500 lire and a small gold medal. The driver who made the fastest lap received a gold medal and 2,000 lire.
A list of the 31 entries is at the beginning of this report but only 25 cars started.
      Gastone Brilli-Peri entered a red Fiat 1914 racecar type 14B/S57A with a 4-cylinder (104 x 143 mm) 4959 cc engine with shaft-driven ohc for the 8 valves, delivering 150 hp at 3500 rpm. The weight was 1170 kg and top speed 180 km/h. A second 14B/S57A was driven by Marquis Paolo Carlo Niccolini.
      Alfieri Maserati had constructed his Isotta-Fraschini which he designated the type Special, using a shortened Itala production chassis with a 4-cylinder motor of 6330 cc (120 x 140 mm) which was one bank of a V-8 Hispano-Suiza Aero engine with a special crankcase cast by Isotta-Fraschini. The car had a SCAT gearbox and four-wheel brakes. Mario Veronesi started with another Isotta-Fraschini of unknown type.
      Alfa Romeo entered two type 20/30 ES with a 4082 cc (100 x 130 mm) 4-cyl. engine delivering 49 hp at 2400 rpm for Ferrari and Sivocci. Ascari's car was a 1914 GP type with a 4490 cc (100 x 143 mm) 4-cyl. engine producing 102 hp at 3000 rpm. For Campari Alfa Romeo entered a 40/60-type with 6082 cc (110 x 160 mm) 4-cyl. engine, a 1913 design developed for racing, producing 82 hp at 2400 rpm in 1920, capable of 150 km/h top speed. The car's weight was 1100 kg.
      Diatto arrived with one 4DS for Domenico Gamboni. These 3-Liter cars were the corsa and sports version. At the beginning of 1921, they produced the Diatto 4 DS with 4-cylinder (85 x 120 mm) 2724 cc engine, producing 50 hp and a top speed of 150 km/h for a modified 4 DC version. In 1920, Diatto produced a 3-Liter car with 4-cylinder (90 x 116 mm) 2952 cc engine, providing 105 hp at 3700 rpm. The top speed of the car was 180 km/h with a weight of 1050 kg.
had begun several days before the race, and many competitors tried the difficult route every day, especially early in the morning. On Monday Campari moved at impressive speed in his Alfa Romeo from the start at Scarperia. On several occasions Niccolini achieved record times with his powerful Fiat. Likewise performed Angelini with his SCAT. On Tuesday Brilli-Peri tried the route with the Indianapolis-type Fiat, which was the same car that was driven by Minoia in the famous Stockholm match between car and airplane. Also on the route were Sivocci with Alfa Romeo, Turner, Rivalta, Sandonnino and Ardito. Cercignani with the Wanderer achieved a lap in 1h10m, Ferrari with the Alfa in 1h07m. Carlo and Giulio Masetti also made various appearances.
The cars started individually in order of their race numbers at intervals of two minutes at the Scarperia place. However, the cars were not necessarily released at two-minute intervals. The starting times were determined beforehand according to the race numbers and if cars did not appear at the start (e. g. #3), then car #4 was held to its predetermined time of departure. The start began at 7:00 a. m. and the last car left at 8:00 a. m. Luigi Ardito started first, two minutes later it was Carlo Gambetti's turn. Marconcini was next but did not leave the starting line due to a transmission fault. Many minutes later when car #25 was started, in the last moment Simonetta was replaced by Caprione and Muzzi behind the wheel.

7:001ArditoAnsaldo2000 cc
7:043MarconciniAnsaldo----"----Did not start
7:1810BorgheresiAnsaldo----"----Did not start
7:2011SandonninoItala3000 cc
7:32GambettiDiatto----"----started with #2 car    
7:34XX----"----Did not start
7:3617AscariAlfa Romeo4500cc
7:4019FerrariAlfa Romeo----"----
7:4220SivocciAlfa Romeo----"----
7:4421MaseratiIsotta-Fraschiniover 4500 cc
22TurnerAqua Italiana----"----started with #8 car
7:4824PeyronOpel----"----Did not start
7:5427CampariAlfa Romeo----"----
7:5628G. MasettiFiat----"----Did not start
29C. MasettiFiat----"----Did not start

Just a few minutes after the last start, a dense dust cloud from the side of San Piero a Sieve announced the imminent arrival of one of the competitors. In fact, it was Lotti who passed very quickly under the finish line at Scarperia, having completed the lap in 1h05m11s. Gambetti, Turner, Cercignani, Ardito, Astorri, Munaron and Zannoni follow him in this order. Gamboni dominated the second category, with a lap in 1h03m10s, ahead of Sandonnino, followed by Ceirano, Fracassi, Rivalta and Tarabusi. In the third category Ascari had a slight lead and completed the lap in 1h11m, followed by Sivocci and Ferrari. Niccolini was leading the fourth category in 59m54s, ahead of Angelini, Maserati, Campari, Veronesi and Caprione. Brilli-Peri had retired on the Casetta hill due to car breakdown and Avanzo ended her race breaking a rim one kilometer from the finish. Tarabusi lost precious time repairing his SCAT in Montecarelli. Campari hit Veronesi and both cars broke several spokes and stopped at the pits to change the damaged wheels. The leaders of the four categories were in the following order after the 1st lap:
1.Niccolini (Fiat)     59m54sover 4500 category
2.Gamboni (Diatto)1h03m10s3000 cc
3.Lotti (Ansaldo)1h05m11s2000 cc
4.Ascari (Alfa Romeo)1h11m00s4500 cc

During the second lap, the regular driving Lotti maintained his advantage over his rivals and kept the 2000 Category lead by crossing the finish line after 2h12m08s. Gambetti followed him after about six minutes. In the 3000 Category Gamboni was first in 2h07m44s, followed by Ceirano and Rivalta while Sandonnino and Fracassi were eliminated due to car breakdowns. Ascari was leading the 4500 Category in 2h03m27s, followed closely by his teammates. Niccolini held the lead of the over 4500 Category in 2h00m06s, Maserati was second in 2h01m36s followed by Campari who lost much time after the collision with Veronesi. The leaders of the four categories were in the following order after the 2nd lap:
1.Niccolini (Fiat)2h00m06sover 4500 category
2.Maserati (Isotta-Fraschini)2h01m36s---- " ----
3.Ascari (Alfa Romeo)2h03m27s4500 cc
4.Gamboni (Diatto)2h07m44s3000 cc
5.Lotti (Ansaldo)2h12m08s2000 cc

After three laps Lotti increased his advantage, completing half the race distance, 144.700 km, in 3h21m ahead of Cercignani and Astorri. In the second Category Gamboni was still in command in 3h11m05s and had passed the first category opponents. In the 4500 Category Ascari made a fast third lap after 3h04m27s while Ferrari and Sivocci had lost ground. In the fourth Category Niccolini was still first after 3h01m49s. Campari was second, about 9 minutes behind. The leading cars were in the following order after the 3rd lap:
1.Niccolini (Fiat)3h01m49sover 4500 category
2.Ascari (Alfa Romeo)3h04m27s4500 cc
3.Campari (Alfa Romeo)3h10m44sover 4500
4.Gamboni (Diatto)3h11m05s3000 cc
5.Lotti (Ansaldo)3h21m00s2000 cc

Lotti completed the 4th lap after 4h36m30s, leading Ardito in second place by over 23 minutes. In the 3000 Category, Gamboni lost the lead when he was forced to retire after an accident. Ceirano had now taken first place after 4h36m03s, followed by Rivalta in 5h02m03s while Tarabusi retired with a broken valve. Ascari made a very fast lap and was first of the 4500 Category in 4h02m49s, with Sivocci second in 4h09m36s after he made the lap record of the day in 58m16s at a speed of 66.833 km/h. However, his time did not beat the record set a year ago by Count Carlo Masetti in 57m29s at 59,999 km/h. Niccolini still led the fourth Category ahead of Campari who was about ten minutes behind. He stopped on the fifth lap to replace a bad ball bearing of a wheel assembly. Niccolini was leading the field in 4h02m23s after the 4th lap:
1.Niccolini (Fiat)4h02m23sover 4500 category
2.Ascari (Alfa Romeo)4h02m49s4500 cc
3.Sivocci (Alfa Romeo)4h09m36s--- " ---
4.Ferrari (Alfa Romeo)4h10m12s--- " ---
5.Campari (Alfa Romeo)4h12m15sover 4500
6.Ceirano (Ceirano)4h36m03s3000 cc
7.Lotti (Ansaldo)4h36m30s2000 cc

On the fifth lap the battle became more exciting. Lotti led the 2000 Category by completing the five laps in 5h47m48s, with Cerignani second in 6h12m19s. The 3000 Category was headed by Ceirano in 5h49m25s with Rivalta in second place. Early on the fifth lap Ascari was forced to retire with a broken wheel shell, passing the 4500 Category-lead to Ferrari in 5h16m50s. Sivocci was second, two minutes behind in 5h18m38s. In the fourth Category, Niccolini was delayed due to burst tires. He completed the 5th lap after 5h09m07s but Campari was now only four minutes behind when he arrived after 5h13m30s amongst roaring, enthusiasm of the crowd. But the race was still in favor of Niccolini who led the field after the 5th lap:
1.Niccolini (Fiat)5h09m07sover 4500 category
2.Campari (Alfa Romeo)5h13m30s---- " ----
3.Ferrari (Alfa Romeo)5h16m50s4500 cc
4.Sivocci (Alfa Romeo)5h18m38s--- " ---
5.Lotti (Ansaldo)5h47m48s2000 cc
6.Ceirano (Ceirano)5h49m25s3000 cc
7.Cercignani (Wanderer)6h12m19s2000 cc

The last lap represented the most exciting phase of the battle. In the 2000 Category Lotti completed the six laps in 6h57m18.6s, ahead of Cercignani in 7h28m09s. The 3000 Category was won by Ceirano after 6h57m20.8s, almost one hour ahead of Rivalta's Itala. Ferrari was first in the 4500 Category with Sivocci second. In the fourth Category Niccolini had an accident at Futa Pass due to a broken tire, he crashed into a curbstone, ruining the car and had to retire according to the La Stampa account. But La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Niccolini had refueled at the end of the fifth lap, was overtaken by Campari, who was almost on his heels again; this would mean - given the delay at the start - a clear victory. But between Firenzuola and La Casetta, just 30 km from the finish, the tailpipe of Niccolini's Fiat fell to the ground at insane speed; the flames attacked the water pipes and in short time the whole engine burned, threatening to ignite a terrifying fire with the wires of the magneto burned, the life of the metallic heart stopped.
      The crowd received Campari, the overall winner, with spontaneous applause through the streets of Scarperia. Ferrari crossed the finish line in second place. The brilliant young driver from Modena won his category and finished only five minutes behind the overall winner. Sivocci finished third and Maserati came fourth after an exciting start. Behind him finished Lotti in fifth place, who won among the higher category opponents with his smaller car. Ceirano was sixth followed by Cercignani, Rivalta, Ardito, Munaron, Turner and in twelfth place Caprione and Muzzi (also wrongly named Simonetta).



1.27Giuseppe CampariSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa Romeo40/60 hp6.1S-466h13m26.0s
2.19Enzo FerrariSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa Romeo20/30 ES4.2S-466h18m37.4s+ 5m11.4s
3.20Ugo SivocciSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa Romeo20/30 ES4.2S-466h22m10.0s+ 8m44.0s
4.21Alfieri MaseratiA. MaseratiIsotta-FraschiniSpecial6.3S-466h33m01.0s+ 19m35.0s
5.4Corrado LottiC. LottiAnsaldoTipo 42.0S-466h57m18.6s+ 43m52.6s
6.14Ernesto CeiranoSocietÓ Anonima Giovanni CeiranoCeirano15/203.0S-466h57m20.8s+ 43m54.8s
7.9Ferruccio CercignaniF. CercignaniWanderer5/15 W41.3S-467h28m09.0s+ 1h14m43.0s
8.13Gino RivaltaG. RivaltaItala51S2.8S-467h53m22.0s+ 1h39m56.0s
9.1Luigi ArditoL. ArditoAnsaldoTipo 41.8S-467h55m37.0s+ 1h42m11.0s
10.7Ramiro MunaronR. MunaronSCAT2.0S-468h12m35.0s+ 1h59m09.0s
11.8Guglielmo TurnerC. LottiAnsaldo4AS Excelsior2.0S-468h23m57.4s+ 2h10m31.4s
12.25Giov. Caprione/MuzziG. SimonettaNazzaroTipo 54.4S-468h24m58.0s+ 2h11m32s
DNF31Paolo NiccoliniMarquis P. NiccoliniFiat14B/S57A4.9S-45crash or fire 
DNF17Antonio AscariSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa RomeoGP 19144.5S-44wheel 
DNF5Bruno AstorriB. AstorriChiribiri12 hp1.5S-433 laps or more 
DNF16Augusto TarabusiA. TarabusiSCAT80 hp3.0S-43valve 
DNF15Domenico GamboniSA Autocostruzioni DiattoDiatto4DS2.7S-43crash 
DNF6Alceo ZannoniA. ZannoniTemperino8/10 hp1.0S-411 lap or more 
DNF2Carlo GambettiC. GambettiAnsaldoTipo 4 AS2.0S-411 lap or more 
DNF30Luigi AngeliniL. AngeliniSCAT120 hp Hispano9.2S-411 lap or more 
DNF23Mario VeronesiM. VeronesiIsotta-FraschiniS-411 lap or more 
DNF12Eraldo FracassiE. FracassiFordmodel T2.9S-41car breakdown 
DNF11Claudio SandonninoFabbrica Automobili ItalaItala 51S2.8S-41car breakdown 
DNF18Maria A. AvanzoM. AvanzoPuch0wheel 
DNF26Gastone Brilli-PeriG. Brilli-PeriFiat14B/S57A4.9S-40car breakdown 
Fastest lap: Ugo Sivocci (Alfa Romeo) in 58m16s at 66.8 km/h (41.5 mph).
Winner's average speed over 4500 cc (Campari): 62.56 km/h (38.9 mph).
Winner's average speed 4500 cc (Ferrari): 61.7 km/h (38.3 mph).
Winner's average speed 3000 cc (Ceirano): 56.0 km/h (34.8 mph).
Winner's average speed 2000 cc (Lotti): 56.0 km/h (34.8 mph).
Weather: overcast, dry.
In retrospect:
The available reports failed to mention the reasons for several retirements.

Primary sources researched for this article:
La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milano
La Nazione, Firenze
La Stampa, Torino
La Stampa Sportiva, Torino
Special thanks to:
Alessandro Silva
Giuseppe Prisco
Vladislav Shaikhnurov


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