Even with lots of work still do be done this list have reached a state where it must be considered one of the most complete and accurate ever assembled on the subject. This has only been possible due to the tremendous help from people all over the world, each of them experts of their local drivers and events.
Short biographies of drivers with BLUE background, will come up in due time. If you have any information about any driver with GREEN background, please contact me!


Ulrich Maag (CH)
* 23 Jul 1910
† 11 Aug 1934
Ulrich Maag was born in Zürich to a wealthy and wellknown family. After school he trained as a car mechanic and opened his own business at the age of 21 in Zürich. Originally, he wanted to be a motorcycle racer, but then did the same as his brother, Rudolf Maag, who at that time was involved in car racing, but less talented than Ulrich. He started the first races in 1932 with an MG. The season included class victories at Develier - Les Rangiers and Col du Bruch and he took part in the Klausenrennen with a Bugatti T35A possibly on loan. He then bought a T35C (#4830) from Bugatti dealer Dr. Josef Karrer and raced it until 1934. In 1933 he successfully took part in numerous hill climb races, which earned him the title of Swiss champion at the end of the season. On 12 January 1934 he signed an 100,000 Lire order for a Maserati 8C 3000cc to be delivered 15 May. However, this could not be delivered in time, so he took part in the first events with a Maserati 4C 1500cc factory car. At the first two major 1934 races however he raced an Alfa Romeo "Monza". He finished 6th in the German Grand Prix. After the race however he was disqualified for having removed parts from the car before the weight-in. Ulrich died in a crash with a lorry at Via Emilia, San Pancrazio near Parma, on his way to Coppa Abruzzo, which he was to race together with Hans Rüesch.
(With thanks to Christian Baumann)
1934: DNA Bordino GP / 6 Eifel GP / DSQ German GP

Maurice Mablot (F/TN)
From the french colony of Tunis.
1935: DNF Tunis GP / DNA Coppa Ciano

      MacCarthy - SEE: "McCarthy"

K. Mach ( )
1930: DNF Czech (Voiturette)

Jean Armand Mâchât "J.A.M." (F)
* 9 Jun 1907
† 26 Sep 1997
Rochefort, Charente Maritime
Meudon, Île-de-France
(Info supplied by Marc Ceulemans)
1935: DNF Orleans (Voiturette)


Gerhard Macher (D)
* 24 Jul 1902
† 9 Jul 1946
A workshop manager for DKW in Berlin and semi-works driver for DKW.
1930: 9 Monza (1100cc) / 2 Czech (Voiturette)
1931: 6 German GP (1100cc) / 10 Monza GP (1100cc) / 6 Czech GP (Voiturette)
1932: 3 AVUS (Cyclecar) / 1 Eifel GP (Cyclecar) / DNF German GP (Cyclecar) / 5 Czech GP (Voiturette)
1933: 7 AVUS (Voiturette) / ? Eifel (Cyclecar)
1934: DNF AVUS (Voiturette) / DNF Eifel (Voiturette)
1937: DNA AVUS (Voiturette)

      MacEvoy - SEE: "McEvoy"


Percival William "Percy" Maclure (GB)
* 13 Nov 1907
† 15 Dec 1944
Skipton, Yorkshire
Hatton, Warwickshire
A first-class mechanic he worked with his brother Edgar Maclure for Riley and received some works support. Died at Hatton 1944 after a long illness.
1935: DNF Donington GP
1936: DNF JCC 200 / DNF Donington GP
1937: 4 Coronation Trophy (Voiturette) / 10 Isle of Man (Voiturette) / 6 JCC 200 GP / DNF Donington GP /
          4 Mountain
1938: 1 JCC International Trophy (Handicap) / 6 (2 GP class)JCC 200 (Voiturette + GP) /
          ? Siam Challenge (Voiturette) / DNF Mountain / DNF Donington GP
1939: DNF Brooklands Road Championship / DNF Nuffield Trophy (Voiturette) / DNA Campbell Trophy

Sir Alasdair Workman MacRobert (2nd Baronet) (GB)
* 11 Jul 1912
† 1 Jun 1938
Douneside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Hyde, Bedfordshire
Son of a self-made millionaire.
Died in Hyde 1938 in a fatal crash when piloting an airplane. His two brothers also died flying planes during the war.
1936: DNA Eifel (Voiturette) / DNC* JCC 200 (Voiturette)

Cesare Augusto Maganzini (I)
1927: 7c/10 Garda Circuit (1500cc)
1928: DNF Pozzo Circuit


Comte Aymo Maggi (I)
* 30 Jul 1903
† 23 oct 1961
Calino, Brescia
1924: 1 Garda Circuit (1500cc)
1925: DNF Rome GP (1500cc) / 9 Mugello Circuit (1500cc) / DNA Coppa Acerbo / 1 Garda Circuit
1926: 1 Rome GP (2000cc) / DNA Coppa Vinci (2000cc) / 1 Coppa Etna (2000cc) / 3 Coppa Acerbo (2000cc) /
          DNF Coppa Montenero / 1 Garda Circuit
1927: DNF Tripoli GP / DNA Pozzo Circuit / DNF Targa Florio (1500cc) / DNF Rome GP (2000cc) /
          DNA Bologna Circuit / DNA Coppa Acerbo / DNA Coppa Montenero / 3 Milan GP / DNF Garda Circuit
1928: 2 Pozzo Circuit / DNA Cremona Circuit / 5* European GP
1929: DNA Targa Florio
1930: DNF Targa Florio / 3 Coppa Ciano / DNF Coppa Acerbo / 2 San Sebastian GP

Maggioli ( )
1925: DNA Coppa Acerbo


Costantino Magistri (I)
* 10 Nov 1894
† 7 Jun 1938
Alfa Romeo driver from Palermo.
1925: 1 Coppa Etna (2000cc) / DNF Coppa Vinci (1500cc)
1926: DNF Coppa Etna
1928: 3 Coppa Messina
1931: DNF Targa Florio
1932: DNA Targa Florio
1933: DNF Targa Florio
1934: 3 Targa Florio / 7 Coppa Ciano
1935: 4 Targa Florio / DNF Tripoli GP / 5 Coppa Ciano
1936: 11 Tripoli GP / 1 Targa Florio (sports car)
1937: 5 Turin GP / 7 Napels GP / DNF Tripoli GP

Fernando Maglione (I)
1928: DNF Coppa Acerbo

Marcel Magnier ( )
1925: 4 Provence GP (1500cc)
1926: DNF Provence GP (heat)

Norbert Mahé (F)
* 12 Jul 1903
† 27 Oct 1986
Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), Bretagne
Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands
Raced a Bugatti T44 at Le Mans 24h 1934 and a Talbot in 1939. Also tookpart in the 1949-53 Le Mans 24h.
(Info supplied by Hugo Boecker)
1933: DNF Picardie (Voiturette)


Daniel Maier (D)
1924: 14 Targa Florio (3000cc)


Philippe Marie Maillard-Bruné (F)
* 25 Feb 1910
† 28 Aug 2007
Meudon, Île-de-France
Neuilly-sur-Seine, Île-de-France
MG 1100cc driver.
1935: 3 Orleans (Voiturette) / 4 Albi (Voiturette) / DNF Dieppe (Voiturette)
1936: Bol d'Or

Antonio Maino (I)
From Gallarate, near Milano. Owned the Mercedes Benz SSK, chassis #36038, engine "#77644 with Touring body, later rebodied by Count Trossi, who purchased it in 1933. A famous, still-existent car.
1931: DNS Italian GP


Romano/Roberto Malaguti (I)
From Bologna. Maserati driver active both before and after the war.
1933: 4 Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette 1100cc)
1934: DNF (heat) Bordino GP / 1 Coppa Ciano (Voiturette 1100cc) / ? Swiss GP (Voiturette) /
          3 Modena GP (Voiturette 1100cc) / DNA Modena GP / DNF (heat) Napels GP
1937: DNA Genua GP (Voiturette)

Juan Malcolm ( )
1929: DNF Cremona Circuit


Jean de Maleplane (F)
* 12 May 1907
† 22 Sep 1978
Commenced racing in 1925 and retired in 1933. By the end of the 1930s he was a member of the Moroccan automobile club and lived in Casablanca after a spell in Biarritz near the Spanish border.
(Info supplied by Simon Davis)
1927: DNS Provence GP (1500cc) / 8 San Sebastian GP
1929: 4 Dieppe GP / 6 San Sebastian GP / DNF Comminges GP (2000cc) / DNF La Baule GP / DNF Tunis GP
1930: 1 Oran GP / DNF Comminges GP / 7 French GP / 6 San Sebastian GP
1931: 3 Casablanca GP / 1 (heat)/DNF Geneva GP / 1 Marne GP (2000cc) / 4 Dieppe GP / DNF Dauphiné Circuit /
          8 Comminges GP / DNF La Baule GP
1932: 8 Tunis GP / DNF Oran GP / 5 Casablanca GP / DNA Lwow GP / DNF Dieppe GP / 5 Comminges GP /
          4 La Baule GP / DNF Monza GP / DNF Marseille GP
1933: 7 Pau GP

Maleterre ( )
1926: DNF Milan GP (1500cc)

Roberto Malinverni (I)
* 1897

1924: 3 Cremona Circuit (1500cc) / DNA Coppa Acerbo (1500cc) / 4 Garda Circuit (1500cc)
1925: 3 Alessandria GP (1500cc) / DNF Savio Circuit (1500cc)
1926: DNF Alessandria GP (1100cc)

Malivour ( )
1939: DNF (heat) Angouleme

Pierre Malleveau (F)
* 6 Sep 1889
† ?
Le Bouscat, Gironde
1925: DNA Provence GP (2000cc)

Victor-Hugo Mallucci (I)
* 3 Oct 1906
† 23 Nov 1981
Ostra near Senigallia
Ostra near Senigallia
1934: 3 Coppa Ciano (Voiturette 1100cc) / DNF Modena GP (Voiturette 1100cc)
1935: DNA Modena GP / DNF (heat) Lucca GP / 3 (heat) Cosenza GP

Domenico "Gigio" Malvisi (I)
* ?
† 19 Mar 1926
Motorcycle racer.
1925: DNF Alessandria GP (1500cc)

Mamula ( )
1931: DNF* Czech GP (Voiturette)

      Manacorda - SEE: Simonotti Manacorda

Gerard Francis Anthony "Jock" Manby-Colegrave (GB)
* 16 Feb 1912
† 17 Mar 1963
Nuneaton, Warwickshire
1933: 8 Empire Trophy
1934: DNA Mannin Beg (Voturette) / 1936: 6* Isle of Man (Voiturette) / DNF Vila Real


Natale Manenti (I)
From Milan.
1926: DNA Milan GP


Adolfo/Adolphe Mandirola (CH)
Swiss driver. Raced first for Ecurie Genevoise then as a Maserati privateer. Was one of the last few privateers to race in GP racing in 1939.
1936: DNA Coppa Acerbo
1937: 7 Turin GP / 10 Napels GP / DNF Eifel GP / DNF Swiss GP
1938: 5 Frontières GP / DNF Swiss GP
1939: DNF Belgian GP / DSQ German GP

Rudolf Manoucek ( )
1934: DNF Czech GP (Voiturette)


Dennis Kenneth Mansell (GB)
* 17 Mar 1909
† 20 Mar 1984
Sparkhill, Birmingham
Solihull, West Midlands
Motor cycle racer. Son of the managing director of he Norton concern.
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1933: 2 Mannin Beg (Voiturette)

Attilio Mantovani (I)
1930: DNA Coppa Ciano (1100cc)

Manuel ( )
1929: DNF Dieppe GP (1100cc)

Nicolò Maraini (I)
From Rome.
1926: DNF Targa Florio (1500cc)
1928: DNA Coppa Acerbo

Salvatore Marano (I)
1926: DNF Coppa Vinci (1500cc) / 6 Coppa Etna (1500cc)
1927: DNC Targa Florio (1500cc) / 2c/3 Coppa Messina (1500cc) / 4c/10 Rome GP (1500cc) /
          2c/3 Coppa Acerbo (1500cc) / 1c/2 Coppa Montenero (1500cc)
1928: DNF Targa Florio / 8 Coppa Messina / 3 Coppa Etna / 4 Mugello Circuit / 12 Rome GP /
          DNA Cremona Circuit / 8 Coppa Acerbo / DNC Coppa Montenero


Aldo Marazza (I)
* 10 Nov 1911
† 11 Sep 1938
Milano (Milan)
This young driver created quiter a stirr when he won his very first race at Genoa 1937 in an old Maserati. Following it up with other good performances, it did not long for him to become a Masearti works driver. He continued successfully in 1938 and the future seemed to be bright for the young Italian star. However at the 1938 Milan GP Marazza was fatally wounded in heavy crash into the woods at the Lesmo curve.
1936: DNF Modena (Voiturette)
1937: DNS Turin GP (Voiturette) / 1 Genua GP (Voiturette) / 9 Florence GP (Voiturette) / 2 Milan (Voiturette) /
          DNF (heat) San Remo (Voiturette) / DNA Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette) / 6 Swiss GP (Voiturette) /
          DNF Lucca (Voiturette) / DNF* Campione D'Italia (Voiturette)
1938: DNF Targa Florio (Voiturette) / 1 Napels (Voiturette) / 2 Varese (Voiturette) / 3 Coppa Ciano (Voiturette) /
          DNF Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette) / 5 Milan (Voiturette)

"Marcedady" Macerdady? (Georges Hardy) (F)
1936: 10 Rio de Janeiro GP
1937: DNF Rio de Janeiro GP

Comte de Marcellus, Marie Cyprie Edmond de Martin du Tyrac (F)
* 18 Aug 1900
† 9 Feb 1955
Gironde sur Dropt, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Bordeaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Born in the castle "Château de Beauséjour" in Gironde.
(Info supplied by Marc Ceulemans & Reinhard Windeler)
1928: 6 (heat) Grand Prix Bugatti


Frederick Charles Gordon-Lennox "Freddie March" 9th Earl of March (GB)
* 5 Feb 1904
† 2 Nov 1989
Marylebone, London
Chichester, West Sussex
Later 9th Duke of Richmond and Gordon.
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1932: 1 Empire Trophy (Cyclecar)

Onesimo Marchisio (I)
* 20 Jul 1892
† 10 Aug 1925
Pietraporzio, Cuneo
On 9 August 1924 driving a Diatto at the Cuneo-Colle della Maddalena hill climb he lost control in a curve 48 km from the start. The car went in a ditch, and hit a pole where his riding mechanic Mario Maladora was thrown from the car, escaping with minor injuries. The car then rolled down an embankment with Marchisio inside who suffered severe chest injuries. No one saw the crash and rescue only arrived after the end of the competition. He died of his injuries the following day.
1924: DNF European GP


Pietro "Pierre" Marco (I/F)
* 22 Jul 1896
† 29 Sep 1979
Italian-French driver.
1932: DNA Lorraine GP 2000cc / DNA Lorraine GP

Alete Marconcini (I)
From Pisa. Long-time resident of Brasil where he also raced.
1924: 2 Cremona Circuit (1500cc) / 3 Coppa Acerbo (1500cc) / DNA Mugello Circuit (1500cc) / DNF Italian GP

Angelo Marelli (I)
1937: DNF Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette)
1938: DNF Coppa Ciano (Voiturette)


Captain Donald Marcus Kelway Marendaz (GB)
* 17 Jan 1897
† 6 Nov 1988
Margam, Glamorgan, Wales
Asterby, Lincolnshire
Born in Wales to a Swiss family, he started as an apprentice to Siddeley-Deasy car company in Coventry, In the First World War he joined Royal Flying Corps, then flying F.K.8 for the 35 Squadron RAF (reconnaissance) during the Battle of Cambrai 1917. Invalided out in 1918 with the rank of Captain. He then entered the motor industry, building some 1200 Marseal cars in a factory in Coventry between 1920 and 1925. After that company failed he started DMK Marendaz Ltd in 1926 building cars in London to 1932 while also racing at Brooklands with his own cars. The production continued in Maidenhead from 1932 to 1936. About 120 cars were made in total. He then ran a flying school at Bedford and set up a factory to build biplanes but these never reached production.
He both won and was placed in many events from 1923 up to the early thirties racing his own car as well as with Amilcar and Graham-Paige. He also broke several speed records including the world 24 hour record at the Monthlery track. In 1929-30 he broke the Class B 200-mile standing start racord (three times) and 200-kilometre standing start record (twice) at Brooklands with a Graham-Paige.
As a supporter of Oswald Mosley he was temporary jailed in 1940. After the war he emigrated to South Africa where he uncusesfully tried to start a tractor factory. He returned to England in 1972 and lived at Asterby, Lincolnshire until his death in 1988.
1926: DNF JCC 200
1927: DNA Boulogne GP / DNF JCC 200


Mme. Marguerite Marie Paule Charlotte Mareuse (F)
* 19 Apr 1889
† 18 Sep 1966
Bègles, Bordeaux
La Chapelle-Gauthier, Île-de-France
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)
1932: 6 Tunis GP (Voiturette) / DNF Oran GP (Voiturette) / DNA Casablanca GP (Voiturette) / DNF* Dieppe GP (2000cc)

Jean Richard André de Marguenat (F)
* 2 May 1893
† 16 Apr 1956
Paris 17e
Paris 07e
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1925: DNF Provence GP (2000cc)

Emanuele de Maria (I)
Sicilian driver from Ragusa, active in the small capacity classes.
1932: DNF Targa Florio

Ettore Mariano (I)
Amateur driver and barrister from Cuneo.
1935: DNF (heat) Turin GP

René Victor Ambroise Marie "Mary" (F)
* 31 Jan 1890
† 13 Mar 1971
Suresnes, Hauts-de-Seine
Rueil-Malmaison, Hauts-de-Seine
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1927: 1927: 6 La Baule GP
1931: DNA Marne GP (Voiturette) / DNF Dieppe GP (Voiturette)

Apollonio Marini (I)
From Viterbo, Lazio. Raced Lancias and OMs.
1931: DNA Coppa Ciano

Alberto Marino ( )
1925: DNF Savio Circuit (1100cc)
1926: DNF Pozzo Circuit (1100cc) / 4 Coppa Montenero (1100cc) / DNF Italian GP (1100cc)
1927: DNF Pozzo Circuit (1100cc) / DNA Garda Circuit


Attilio Marinoni (I)
* 8 Jan 1894
† 18 June 1940
Lodi, Lombardy
near Lainate
Alfa Romeo test driver. Worked as Scuderia Ferrari chief mechanic and reserve driver 1934-37 participiating in several races. Died when he crashed the Alfa Romeo Alfetta into a lorry on an open highway near Lainate during the war while testing for the expected 1943 season.
1925: 5* Italian GP
1928: DNF Targa Florio
1932: 3* Italian GP
1934: 3* Marne GP / 5* Italian GP
1935: 4* Belgian GP / 4 Italian GP / DNF Modena GP
1936: DNF Rio de Janeiro GP / 2 São Paulo GP
1937: 11 German GP
1938: DNF Milan (Voiturette)

"Mario" ( )
1926: DNA Alessandria GP (1500cc)

Guy Marion (F)
1930: DNF Dieppe (Voiturette)
1932: 2 Circuit de l'Aisne / DNA Picardie GP

"de Maris" (André "Andy" Embiricos) (GR)
* ?
† 23 May 1941
Cousin to Nicholas Embiricos. Died off the Crete Island during a naval battle.
1938: DNA Pau GP

"Marko" (Edgard Markiewicz) (CH?)
Swiss resident with unknown nationality. Owned and raced in 1933 an ex Ecurie Braillard Bugatti T35C (#4936).
(Info supplied by Michael Müller)
1926: DNF Provence GP (heat)
1931: DNA German GP (1100cc)
1933: DNF Belgian GP / DNF Czech GP

Marlot ( )
1927: DNF Ouverture GP


Alexandre Léonel Pierre "Lionel" de Marmier (F)
* 4 Dec 1897
† 30 dec 1944
Bellegarde-en-Marche, Creuse
Mediterranean near Balearic Islands
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1926: 7*/DNF JCC 200 (1100cc)
1927: DNF Boulogne GP (1100cc) / DNF JCC 200 (1100cc)

Georges de Marotte ( )
1929: 1 Frontieres GP (1100cc)
1930: 1 Frontieres GP
1931: 1 Frontieres GP


Victor Marret (F)
French driver from Nice who competed mainly in southern France.
1928: DNA Saint Raphaël
1929: 3 Antibes GP (1100cc) / 1 Riviera Circuit (1100cc) / DNF Lyon GP (1100cc) / DNF Comminges GP (1100cc)
1930: 2 Alessandria (1100cc) / 2 Provence Trophy (1100cc) / DNA Lyon (1100cc) / DNA Coppa Ciano (1100cc) /
          DNA Monza (1100cc)
1931: DNF Tunis GP (Voiturette) / DNF Monza GP (1100cc)
1932: DNA Nice GP (1100cc)
1933: DNF Coppa Ciano (Voiturette 1100cc) / ? Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette 1100cc) / DNF Czech (Voiturette)
1934: 5 Picardie GP / 8 Nice GP / 4 Alger GP

Filippo Marsengo Bastia (I)
From Rome.
1924: DNC Coppa Acerbo
1925: DNA Ouverture GP

      Aimé Martin - SEE: Aimé-Martin


Charles Edward Capel "Charlie" Martin D.S.C. (GB)
* 21 Apr 1913
† 19 Feb 1998
Abergavenny Monmouthshire
Chelsea, London
Welch driver. Close friend of Richard Shuttleworth. Raced Bugatti T59 in 1935. During the 1936 season he used his private Alfa Romeo Tipo B for GP racing and an ERA for Voiturette races. He continued racing ERA for the 1937 season and then sold the ERA.
1926: DNF Provence GP (1100cc) / DNF Italian GP (1100cc) / 4 JCC 200 (1100cc)
1934: 4 Mannin Beg (Voturette) / 5 Donington Trophy / 4 Mountain
1935: DNA Tunis GP / 2 Mannin Moar / 6 Marne GP / DNF Dieppe GP / DNF Nice GP / 3 Donington GP /
          2 Mountain
1936: 2 Pau GP / DNF Eifel GP / DNF Hungarian GP / 1 Nuffield Trophy (Handicap) / 2 Deauville GP /
          DNA Swiss GP / DNS JCC 200 / 1* BRDC 500 Miles (Handicap) / 2 Donington GP / 10 Mountain
1937: 1 AVUS (Voiturette) / DNS Isle of Man (Voiturette) / DNF (heat) Picardie (Voiturette) / 2 Albi (Voiturette) /
          5 Swiss GP (Voiturette) / DNF JCC 200 GP / 2 Czech GP (Voiturette) / DNF Donington GP
1938: DNS Picardie (Voiturette)


Charles Martin (F)
Not to be confused with the Welsh Charles Martin. This Charles Martin was French and began his career at Bignan. Amilcar recruited him at the end of 1925 as a works driver before letting him go during 1928 due to the cutbacks in the racing programme. It seems that Martin left the motor industry with his departure from Amilcar.
(Info supplied by Simon Davis)
1927: DNS Provence GP / 1c/6 San Sebastian GP (1100cc) / DNF Boulogne GP (1100cc) / 3c/4 JCC 200 (1100cc)
1928: DNF Antibes GP / DNF Rome GP


Clément-Auguste Martin (F)
* 18 May 1902
† 25 Jan 1991
Rueil-Malmaison, Île-de-France
C-A Martin was the agent for Amilcar at La Garenne, Paris, France in the 1920s. When Amilcar closed their racing department in 1929, he acquired most of the material together with seven cars of the CO and CO déporté models. He ran the Equipe Martin-Amilcar from 1930 to 1934, using 4 cylinder engines instead of the more complicated 6 cylinder ones. He switched to SIMCA in 1935.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1934: DNF Albi GP

Jean Martin ( )
1925: DNF Provence GP (2000cc)

Louis Martin ( )
1932: ? La Baule GP


François Martinatti (F)
1928: DNF Saint Raphaël (1100cc) / DNA Riviera Circuit / 6 Antibes GP
1930: ? Alessandria GP / DNA Monza (1100cc)
1931: DNA/DNS Alessandria GP (1100cc)
1932: 4 Rome GP (Cyclecar) / DNF Provence Trophy (1100cc) / 3 Nice GP (1100cc) / 3 Antibes GP (Voiturette)


Giovanni Martinelli ( )
1927: 9c/12 Garda Circuit (1500cc)

Martinetti ( )
1927: DNF San Sebastian GP (1100cc)

Giuseppe Martini Bernardi (I)
* Florence 1892.
1926: ? Coppa del Marchese Ginori (1500cc) / DNF Coppa del Marchese Ginori


Oreste de Martis (I)
From Rome. Active amateur driver in a small Fiat, purchased the ex-Maggi Maserati T26R chassis/engine 28 in 1930, racing at the Coppa Acerbo with it. This was probably too big a jump, since he sold the car immediately afterwards and disappeared from the race scene.
(With thanks to Nathan Beehl)
1930: DNA Coppa Ciano / DNF Coppa Acerbo


Alfieri Maserati (I)
* 23 Sep 1887
† 3 Mar 1932
Alfieri Maserati was one of six sons to a locomotive driver, five of which were technically interested. In 1903 Alfieri started working for Isotta Fraschini in Milan as testers on his older brother Carlo's recommendation. 1908 Alfieri was chosen to drive a works Isotta at the GP des voitures att Dieppe, finishing fourteenth. Alfieri went to Argentine to at the Buenos Aires factory for Isotta Fraschini, returning to Italy in 1914 where he founded the Societa Anonima Officine Alfieri Maserati workshop. During the war Alfieri built Aero engines for Isotta. He also designed spare plugs to be manufactured in his own workshop. After the war a large spare plug production plant was set up in Bologna.
After the war Alfieri returned to racing winning the 1922 Mugello Circuit in a Isotta-Fraschini. He also was victorious at the 1921, 1922, 1923 Susa-Moncenisio, 1922, & 1923 Aosta-Gran San Bernardino and 1923 Bologna-Rocca di Roffeno hillclimbes. He was head mechanic for Diatto from 1922 until 1926 and when Diatto retired from racing due to financial trouble he with his brothers developed the first Maserati car based on the Diatto. At the 1927 Coppa Messina Alfieri crashed on the first lap in the dust raised by two cars he was trying to pass. His car overturned and he was taken to hospital seriously injured. He was operated for many hours and one kidney was removed. Alfieri never completely recovered from his crash and when his health detoriated in 1932 Alfieri died from complications after surgery on the remaining kidney,
1924: 12 Targa Florio (3000cc) / DNA Cremona Circuit (2000cc) / DNF Mugello Circuit / DNF San Sebastian GP
1925: DNS Italian GP
1926: 1 Targa Florio (1500cc) / DNA Savio Circuit (2000cc) / DNF Coppa Perugina (1500cc) / DNF Garda Circuit (1500cc)
1927: 1c/3 Tripoli GP (1500cc) / 3 Targa Florio / DNF Coppa Messina (1500cc) / DNA Savio Circuit /
          5c*/8 Garda Circuit (1500cc)
1929: DNA Pozzo Circuit / 6 Monza GP
1930: 4 Monza (1100cc)


Ernesto Maserati (I)
* 4? Aug 1898
† 1 Dec 1975?
Youngest of the six Maserati brothers Ernesto was born in 1898. As most of his brothers Ernesto developed a a love for mechanical things at an early age. During the First World War he led Alfieri's workshop and spark plug production as his brothers joined the military. He started racing in 1924 and took the victory at the 1931 Rome GP and won the voiturette class of the 1931 Tunis GP. After his brother Alfieri died in 1932 Ernesto became the director and chief engineer for the Maserati company. Industrialist Adolfo Orsi, interested in the spark plug busisness, bought the Maserati company in 1938, but Ernesto and with his brothers Ettore and Bindo remained at the company on a ten-year service agreement. In 1947 the three brothers left Maserati and found the O.S.C.A. car company.
1924: 11 Garda Circuit
1925: DNC Rome GP (2000cc)
1926: DNF Italian GP / DNF Milan GP (1500cc)
1927: DNF Targa Florio (1500cc) / 2c/5 Bologna Circuit (1500cc) / DNF* Coppa Montenero (2000cc)
1928: 11
Targa Florio / DNF Rome GP / DNS Coppa Acerbo / 9 Coppa Montenero / 6 European GP
1929: 3 Alessandria GP / DNF Targa Florio / DNF Rome GP (2000cc) / 11* Mugello Circuit (2000cc) /
          13 Coppa Ciano / 3 Cremona Circuit / 2 Tunis GP (Voiturette)
1930: 8 Targa Florio / 2 Coppa Acerbo / 3 Monza GP
1931: 1 Tunis GP (Voiturette) / 1 Rome GP / DNF French GP / DNA AVUS GP / DNF Coppa Acerbo /
          5 (heat) Monza GP / DNF* Czech GP
1932: DNS Targa Florio / DNS AVUS GP / 2* Italian GP / 3* German GP (Voiturette) /
          5* Coppa Acerbo / 4 Czech GP (Voiturette) / DNA/10* Monza GP
1933: DNA French GP / DNA Italian GP

Carlo Masetti Dajnelli da Bagnano (I)
* 22 Sep 1897
† 23 Feb 1965
Vinci, Florence
1925: 1 Rome GP (2000cc) / DNA Savio Circuit (2000cc) / DNA Coppa Perugina (2000cc) /
          DNA Mugello Circuit (2000cc) / DNF Coppa Montenero (2000cc)
1926: DNF Rome GP (2000cc)

Count Giulio Masetti Dajnelli da Bagnano (I)
* 22 Dec 1894
† 25 Apr 1926
Vinci, Florence
Termini Imerese, Palermo
One of the best Italian Gentleman Drivers but also an outstanding international driver. After winning the Targa Florio in 1921 and 1922, he was called "The Lion of Madonie". Crashed his Delage on the first lap of the 1926 Targa Florio. The cause of the accident remains unknown. Masetti was buried underneath his car and his injuries were so severe, that he died shortly afterwards.
1924: 2 Targa Florio (4500cc) / DNF Coppa Acerbo (2000cc) / DNF Mugello Circuit (2000cc) /
          DNF San Sebastian GP / DNF Italian GP
1925: DNS Targa Florio / DNA Mugello Circuit / DNA European GP / 3 French GP / 1DNF San Sebastian GP
1926: DNF Rome GP (2000cc) / DNF Targa Florio (2000cc)

Luigi Masi (I)
From Bologna.
1925: DNF Mugello Circuit (2000cc)

Giulio Masini (I)
1926: DNA Coppa Montenero (1100cc)


Antonio Masperi (I)
* 9 Nov 1894
† 25 Apr 1945
Sarnico, Bergamo
1924: DNF Mugello Circuit (2000cc) / 2 Garda Circuit
1925: 7 Garda Circuit (1500cc)
1927: 3* Garda Circuit
1929: DNA Alessandria GP

      Massacurati - SEE: Mazzacurati

Robert Masse ( )
1928: DNF Algerian GP / DNF Marne GP

Giovanni Massero (I)
From Rome.
1925: DNF Coppa Montenero (2000cc)

Antoine Massias ( )
1925: 6 Provence GP
1926: DNC Provence GP
1927: 4c/10 Provence GP (1100cc)

Masson ( )
1925: DNA Provence GP (2000cc)


Emilio Materassi (I)
* 1 Nov 1894
† 9 Sep 1928
Borgo San Lorenzo, Firenze (Florence)
Monza, Milano
Emilio Materassi was born 1894 in Borge San Lorenzo near Florence. He started working in his father's shop, a trader of rope and wine, thereafter he worked as a bicycle mechanic and next moved to motorcycles and cars. In 1919 Materassi worked as a bus driver and moved to Florence where he met the most popular Italian race drivers. With their help and thanks to his mechanical skills Materassi began his racing career at the 1919 Coppa Consuma with an Isotta Fraschini. Due to the poor economic conditions after the war, he was unable to enter other races so he drove his bus at high speed along the winding roads near Mugello which resulted in him getting fired. In 1921 Materassi was hired by Itala. In 1922 Materassi opened his own garage in addition to the Itala dealership for Florence. In 1924 Materassi raced his Itala, winning at Perugia circuit the Coppa della Consuma and the Coppa della Collina Pistoiese hill climbs. In 1925 he went on winning at Mugello, Savio and Montenero and in 1926 at Montenero, all with his Itala. After also racing for Maserati he joined the Bugatti works team in 1927 winning the Tripoli GP, the Targa Florio, the Bologna Circuit and the San Sebastian GP and Coppa Montenero making him the 1927 Italian Champion. He also won the Coppa de Perugina with his Itala. When Talbot retired from racing Materassi took over their race team renaming it Scuderia Materassi and he also bought two Bugattis. At the European Grand Prix at Monza Materassi's Talbot left the track at the main straight at about 200 km/h killing 23 spectators plus the driver and severely injuring 35 others in the worst accident in the history of Grand Prix racing.
(Info supplied by Hans Etzrodt)

Also see Obituary
1924: 4 Mugello Circuit
1925: 2 Rome GP (3000cc) / 1 Savio Circuit / 2 Coppa Perugina / 1 Mugello Circuit / DNF Coppa Acerbo / 1 Coppa Montenero / DNF Italian GP
1926: DNF Rome GP / 4 Targa Florio / DNF Coppa Vinci (1500cc) / DNA Savio Circuit / 1 Coppa Perugina /
          1 Coppa del Marchese Ginori / DNF Coppa Acerbo / 1 Coppa Montenero / DNF Italian GP /
          DNF Milan GP (1100cc)
1927: 1 Tripoli GP / 1 Targa Florio / DNF Coppa Messina / DNA Savio Circuit / 1 Coppa Perugina /
          DNF Rome GP / 1 Bologna Circuit / 1 San Sebastian GP / DNF Spanish GP / DNF Coppa Acerbo /
          1 Coppa Montenero (2000cc) / DNF Milan GP / DNA European GP / 5 British GP / DNS French GP
1928: DNS Tripoli GP / DNA Pozzo Circuit / 4 Alessandria GP / DNF Targa Florio / 1 Mugello Circuit /
          3 Rome GP / 3 Cremona Circuit / DNF/2* Coppa Acerbo / 1 Coppa Montenero / DNF European GP


Thomas Alastair Sutherland Ogilvie "TASO" Mathieson (GB)
* 25 Jul 1908
† 12 Oct 1991
Glasgow, Scotland
Vichy, France
Scotsman, son of a Glasgow industrialist. Begun racing in 1930, his entries were sporadic as he was involved in the family business until 1955. After retiring fromracing he built up a huge racing photo archive and wrote books. Lived in Vichy with his wife, actress Mila Parely.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1933: DNF Mannin Moar / DNF Donington Park Trophy / DNF Mountain
1938: 3 Frontières GP
1939: DNA Frontières GP

Henri Mathieu/Matthieu ( )
1925: DNF Provence GP (1500cc)
1928: 4 (heat) Saint Raphaël (750cc) / 4 Riviera Circuit (1100cc)

Henri James Matile (F)
* 20 Aug 1884
† 12 Mar 1963
Châlons-sur-Saône, Saône-et-Loire
Nantes, Loire-Atlantiques
Car dealer and garage ovner from Nantes.
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1933: 13 (2000cc) La Baule GP

Viglielmo Matozza (I)
1933: DNF Frontières GP
1935: 7 Frontières GP

"Matra" (Yves "Yves-Marie" Martin) (F)
* 28 Aug 1911
† 12 May 1984
Camaret-sur-Mer, Finistère
Brest, Finistère
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1938: DNF Pau GP / DNA La Baule (Voiturette)
1939: DNF French GP

Giuseppe Matraxia (I)
Sicilian driver from Palermo.
1937: DNA Targa Florio (Voiturette)


Francesco Matrullo (I)
Driver from Rome whose career lasted from the 1920s to the 1950s.
1928: DNF Mugello Circuit
1930: 2 Coppa Ciano (1100cc) / DNA Monza (1100cc)
1931: DNF (heat) Rome GP (1100cc) / 3 Coppa Ciano (1100cc) / 3 Coppa Acerbo (1100c) / DNF Monza GP (1100cc)
1932: DNS? Rome GP (Cyclecar) / 2 Coppa Ciano (Voiturette) / 1 Circuito di Bolsena (sports 1500cc)
1933: 9 Bordino GP / 11 Tripoli GP
1934: 2 Coppa Ciano (Voiturette 1100cc) / 7 Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette 1100cc) / 5 Modena GP (Voiturette 1100cc)
1936: DNA Coppa Ciano (Voiturette)

      Aldobrando Antici Mattei - SEE: Aldobrando Antici Mattei

Luigi Mattioli (I)
From Noventa Padovana
1926: 1 Pozzo Circuit (1100cc)

Henri Matthieu ( )
1926: DNA Provence GP (1100cc)

      Pierre André Matussière - SEE: "Foc"

de Maureix ( )
1930: DNA Comminges (1100cc)

Sammy Maxwell (F)
From Bordeaux.
1929: DNA Comminges GP (1100cc)

Kurt May (D)
1932: DNF AVUS (Cyclecar)


Rex Mays (USA)
* 10 Mar 1913
† 6 Nov 1949
Riverside, California
Del Mar, California
Not to be confused with Raymond Mays, Rex Mays was an American Indy driver. He started his career racing midgets in California 1931 and entered his first Indy 500 in 1934 with a Duesenberg-Miller, finishing 9th. In 1936 he won the Goshen dirt oval race with a Adams-Sparks. He got hand of the spare Alfa Romeo Scuderia Ferrari had brought to the 1936 Vanderbilt cup and entered it in the 1937 Vanderbilt cup and in the 1937 and 1938 Indy 500 races. In 1938 he raced Adams-Sparks. Racing a Stewens-Winfield he became Indycar Champion 1940 and 1941 finishing 2nd at Indy 500 both years. Victories included Springfield and Syracuse dirt tracks in 1940 and Milwakee and Syracuse dirt tracks in 1941. After the war his career continued 1946 with wins at Langhorne , Indianapolis and Milwaukee dirt tracks in a Kurtis-Winfield. Mays was killed in a dirt track race at Del Mar, California 1949 racing a Kurtis-Offenhauser.
1937: 3 Vanderbilt Cup.


Thomas Raymond Mays (GB)
* 1 Aug 1899
† 6 Jan 1980
Bourne, Lincolnshire
Bourne, Lincolnshire
Raymond Mays was one of the most famous British drivers in the 30s. However he will always be best known for his involvement in promoting and developing the ERA and BRM projects. He was the son of one of Britain's pioneer motorists. After serving in the First World War he started racing in 1921 with a Hillman he persuaded his father to buy for him and won first time out. He specialized in hillclimbes and sprint events racing Hillmans, Bugattis, ACs and Vauxhalls. With the aid of Victor Riley he built the "White Riley" and with the sponsorship from Humphrey Cook the project developed into the ERA. Mays was co-founder and head driver of the team and the cars were built on his home yard at Bourne. Mays was a fast and clean driver who demanded the most from his cars. In 1937 ERA and Mays dominated the Voiturette season but soon afterwards declined as the Italians took up the challenge. In 1939 Mays raced his ERA as an independent. After the war Mays continued to compete but after a while he became fully engaged in promoting BRM as England's new hope in GP racing. He therefore retired from racing after the 1949 International Trophy.
1931: DNA Mountain
1932: 2 Mountain
1933: DNA Mannin Beg (Voiturette) DNA Mannin Moar / DNF Mountain
1934: 1 Nuffield Trophy (handicap) / DNF (heat) Dieppe GP / DNA Donington Trophy / 2 Mountain
1935: DNF Mannin Moar / 1 Eifel (Voiturette) / DNF Dieppe (Voiturette) / DNF* German GP /
          7 Swiss GP (Voiturette) / DNF Mountain
1936: DSQ Monaco (Voiturette) / DNF Isle of Man (Voiturette) /
          1 Shelsley Walsh (hillclimb) / 10 Eifel (Voiturette) / DNF (heat) Picardie (Voiturette) /
          DNF Swiss GP (Voiturette) / DNC JCC 200 (Voiturette) / 1 Mountain
1937: 1 British Empire Trophy (Handicap) / DNF Coronation Trophy (Voiturette) / 7* Campbell Trophy /
          4* Campbell Trophy (Voiturette) / 2 Isle of Man (Voiturette) / 1 Picardie (Voiturette) / 1* Albi (Voiturette) /
          1 JCC International Trophy (Handicap) / 2 Swiss GP (Voiturette) / DNF JCC 200 GP /
          1 Dublin (Voiturette) / DNF Donington GP / DNS Mountain
1938: 1 Coronation Trophy / 1 Picardie (Voiturette) / DNF Albi (Voiturette) / DNF Swiss GP (Voiturette) /
          DNF JCC 200 (Voiturette + GP) / 1 Mountain
1939: 2 Nuffield Trophy (Voiturette) / 1 Crystal Palace Cup / DNA French GP (Voiturette) / DNF French GP /
          DNF Albi (Voiturette) / 1 Prescott (hillclimb) / 1 Campbell Trophy


Robert Marcel Mazaud (F)
* 4 Aug 1906
† 28 Jul 1946
Graville Sainte Honorine, Le Havre
Delahaye driver. Died at the 1946 Nantes Grand Prix.
1938: 1 Antwerp GP (sports car) / 2 Frontières GP / DNA French GP
1939: 6 Pau GP / 9 Coupe de Paris / 5 Belgian GP / 6 German GP / 12 (heat) Swiss GP

Giacomo Mazzacorati (I)
From Tripoli.
1925: 4 Tripoli GP (2000cc)


Dr. Mario Mazzacurati (later: Massacurati) (I/ZA)
* 21 Oct 1903
† 17 Apr 1985
Piove di Sacco, Pádova (Padua)
Born in Pádova in Italy Mazzacurati took a degree in geology at the University of Bologna and thus became an engineer and not a dentist as clamed by some source. He was a DNF at the 1929 and 1930 Mille Miglia in a Bugatti Amadeo Bignami as co-driver. He also retired from the 1929 Circuito di Bordino. Sometimes near 1930 he moved to South Africa for civil engineering work including building Hout Bay Harbour and roads through country towns. Was also involved in tin mining in Swaziland. Sat up the "Eagle Racing Stable" in Cape Town circa 1935 and imported a number of racing cars to South Africa - like Bugatti T35B & T35C, Alfa Romeo Monza and the Maserati 6C-34. He bought a lot of ex-Nuvolari cars and it is rumoured that he indeed was a cousin of Nuvolari but not confirmed. A god driver he made good results in local South African events including a victory at the the South African GP in 1936 and third places in 1937 and 1939. Raced an semi-works supported Maserati 6CM in South Africa 1939. Used to drive under the pseudonym "Mario". Despite being a National sporting hero as an Italian he was interned in South Africa during WW2 but made a daring escape from the concentration camp.
(Info supplied by Robert Young)
1926: DNS Rome GP / DNA Coppa Peruginaa (1500cc) / DNF Coppa Montenero (1500cc) / DNF Garda Circuit (1500cc)
1928: DNA Alessandria GP
1929: DNF Alessandria GP / DNF Pozzo Circuit
1930: DNF Coppa Ciano
1936: 1 South African GP (Handicap)
1939: 3 South African GP (Voiturette) / DNF Grosvenor (Voiturette)

Umberto Mazzaferro (I)
Car dealer in Porto S. Giorgio (Ascoli Piceno).
1936: DNF Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette)


Franco Mazzotti (I)
* 31 Dec 1904
† 14 Nov 1942
Rudiano, Brescia
One of the four founders of the Mille Miglia and responsible for the financing of the race. He was president of the Royal Automobile Club of Brescia and also the president of the Brescia football team from 1926 to 1931. A keen aviator, he circumnavigated Africa in 1930 and attempted an unsuccessful speed record from Rome to Buenos Aires four years later. He got lost in the Libyan desert in 1938 and was rescued by Italo Balbo, governor of the Italian colony. The died in 1942 when his Savoia-Marchetti SM75 was shot down by British fighters in the Messina Channel. He received the honours Commendatore della Corona d’Italia and Cavaliere dei SS Maurizio e Lazzaro.
(Info supplied by Simon Davis)
1924: DNF Cremona Circuit (2000cc) / DNA Coppa Acerbo (2000cc)
1925: 3 Rome GP (1500cc) / DNA Mugello Circuit (1500cc) / DNA Coppa Acerbo / 3 Coppa Montenero (2000cc) /
          DNA Garda Circuit
1926: 4 Rome GP (2000cc) / 4 Coppa Montenero


Augusto Ernesto Santiago McCarthy (RA)
1934: DNF Rio de Janeiro GP
1936: DNF Rio de Janeiro GP / 8 São Paulo GP


Frederick James "Freddy" McEvoy (AUS)
* 12 Feb 1907
† 7 Nov 1951
St Kilda, Victoria
off the Moroccan Coast
Among the rather sparkling characters that can be are found in the history of motor racing, Freddy McEvoy is surely one that stands out. Born in St Kilda 1907 i a wealthy farming and landowning family. After the death of his father when Freddie was just six years old, his mother moved to Europe (St Moritz). Freddie was educated at Stonyhurst Jesuit school in Northern England. He took residence at the Rivieira, where the jet-set of the 1930s met. Apart from socialising and womanizing he was also a sports man, and also took up motor racing. He took part at the 1935 Mille Miglia. Then he joined the bobsleigh competition at the 1936 Olympic Winter Games where he, racing for Britain, took a Bronze in the four man bobsled race and finished 4th in the two man bobsled race. The same year he bought a Maserati 6CM and raced it in several events. When celebrity life returned to normal after the war, McEvoy was also back. He died in 1951 at a cruise off the Moroccan coast, when the yacht he was on went down in a gale.
McEvoy's life is told in Andreas Zielcke's book about Porfirio Rubirosa titled "Der letzte Playboy" ("The last Playboy") and also in "The Scandalous Freddie McEvoy" by Frank Walker.
(Info supplied by Wolfgang Kaese / Adam Ferrington)
1936: DNF Monaco (Voiturette) / 4 Picardie (Voiturette) / DNF Albi (Voiturette) / DNA Deauville GP /
          8 Coppa Ciano (Voiturette) / 4 Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette) / 7 Swiss GP (Voiturette) / 6* Vanderbilt Cup

Alfred Mederer ( )
1926: DNF German GP (1500cc)
1927: DNF Nürburgring Opening (1100cc)

Conrad Mederer ( )
1925: 1 Eifel GP (1100cc)

Meert (B)
1934: DNA Frontières GP


Georg "Schorsch" Meier (D)
* 9 Nov 1910
† 19 Feb 1999
Mühldorf am Inn, Bayern
Meier was born 1910 in Bavaria. After leaving school at an age of 14 he worked at a motorcycle repair shop. In 1929 Meier joined the Bavarian State Police and in 1932 he was transferred to the motorcycle police section. Racing for the German Army motorcycle team BMW got interested in Meier and signed him on for the 1938 season. That year Meier became the 500 cc European motor cycle Champion.
He was given a test drive for Auto Union on the Nürburgring on 9 November 1938 and during the 1939 season Meier was junior driver for Auto Union while he also was under contract for BMW and instructor with the Military Police. He was a non starter at Eifelrennen after the car broke down in practice. Instead Meier went to Isle of Man and won the motorcycle TT as first foreign driver. At the Belgium GP Meier spun off trying to pass Mandirola. Walking back to the pits he was witness to Seaman's fatal crash 300 m away. Next he finished 2nd at the French GP despite burning his hand during a pit stop fire. He then retired from the German GP.
He had a serious crash at the Swedish motorcycle Grand Prix at Malmö and spent seven months in hospital. This led to Meier being declared unfit for military service. He spent the war as a motorcycle instructor for the German Military Police and as a driver for Wilhelm Canaris, chief of the German military intelligence.
After the war Meier won the German 500 cc championship 1947-51 and 1953 driving BMW. He formed the BMW Veritas Team and won the German sports car championship in 1948. He became German Sportsman of the Year in 1949. After the 1953 season Meier retired to concentrate on business. He had won some 150 races.
1939: DNS Eifel GP / DNF Belgian GP / 2 French GP / DNF German GP

Claude Benoit Mélinant (F)
* 23 Nov 1891
† 25 Sep 1974
Lyon 6e, Rhône
Ecully, Rhône
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1934: 6 Picardie (Voiturette)
1935: 6 Albi (Voiturette)
1936: DNA Swiss GP (Voiturette)

Menage ( )
1929: DNF Dieppe GP (1100cc)

Menco ( )
1934: DNF Casablanca GP

      Mendes - SEE: Soares Mendes

Riccardo Menegardo (I)
* 3 Dec 1882
† 15 Dec 1969
S. Michele Extra, Verona
Valli del Pasubio, Vicenza
1929: DNF Pozzo Circuit

      Meo - SEE: De Meo

Romeo Meoni (I)
O.M. driver from Prato, Toscana, near Firenze (Florence).
1930: DNF Coppa Ciano


Robin Marie Marcus Mere (GB)
* 21 Mar 1909
† 17 Jan 1967
Marylebone, London
Chiddingfold, Surrey
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1933: DNF Mannin Beg (Voiturette)

Guido Meregalli ( )
* 1894
† 1959
1924: 1 Garda Circuit
1925: DNA Rome GP (3000cc)
1935: DNA Coppa Ciano junior(Voiturette)

Gian Piero Meroni (I)
In July 1935 Meroni bought an Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 spider #2311226 (Reg: 8412.CO). He crashed it during a test for the Como-Lieto Colle hillclimb, killing two mechanics and his brother Angelo.
1936: DNA Milan (Voiturette) / 10 Modena (Voiturette)


Otto Merz (D)
* 12 Jun 1889
† 18 May 1933
Cannstatt, Stuttgart
Merz was one of the most colorful drivers that ever appeared in motor racing. Big and incredible strong he could amuse his fellow drivers by driving in six-inch nails in a table with one stroke from his fist. At the 1929 Ulster TT he ripped off parts from his damaged Merceds with his bare hands.
Merz was born in Cannstatt. Apprenticed to Daimler, then chauffeur/riding mechanic for Willy Poege, the Saxonian industrialist and Pre-Kaiser-War racing driver, then chauffeur of Austrian motor sport sponsor and brewer Theodor Dreher. At Sarajevo as chauffeur of Count Boos-Waldeck he became an eye witness of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination which touched off the First World War. It was Merz who carried the dying Archduke into a a nearby house.Returning to Mercedes Otto Merz was outright winner of the 1924. Klausenpass Hill Climb and the 1927 German Grand Prix at Nürburgring (sports cars). Had a fatal accident during practice for the 1933 AVUS Race in Berlin.
(Info supplied by Stan Peschel)
1923: 1* Romanian touring race
1924: 2 Zbraslav-Jíloviště (hillclimb), 1 Solitude Climb (hillclimb), 1 Klausen Altdorf (hillclimb)
          5 (Class victory) Svab (hillclimb), DNF* Italian GP
1925: 1 Solitude GP (2000cc), 5 Klausen (hillclimb)
1926: 1 Hohnstein (hillclimb), 1 Süddeutsche tourenfahrt, ? European GP, 2 Klausen Altdorf (hillclimb),
          1 Solitude GP
1927: 1 German GP, 1 Klausen (hillclimb), 1 Solitude-Race
1928: 2 German GP
1929: ? Internationelle Alpenfahrt, ? ADAC Langstreckenfahrt, 13 Ulster TT
1931: DNF French GP / 5 German GP

Christian de Meslon (F)
1930: DNF Comminges (Voiturette)

Lorenzo Messeri (I)
From Palermo
1925: DNF Coppa Vinci (1500cc)
1926: DNF Targa Florio (2000cc) / DNF Coppa Vinci (2000cc)

Carmelo Messina (I)
1928: DNA Coppa Etna


Maurice Mestivier (F)
* 17 Apr 1902
† 13 Oct 1975
Saint-Pierre-des-Corps, near Tours (Dpt 37)
Chouzy-sur-Cisse, near Blois (Dpt 41)
Mestivier started working at Amilcar as a mechanic in 1921. His brother Marius, who died at Le Mans in 1925, was chief tester there. Mestivier was a genious tuner and soon became chief mechanic. Mestivier acquired an Amilcar CS in 1931, a Pégase in 1936 and the unique Amilcar MCO 1100 in 1933. When Amilcar closed theirracing shop he was attached to the sales department until 1939. In the 1950s he founded Autobleue, a successful outfit specialized in tuning Renaults and in building special parts for them. Maurice Mestivier was very active on various governing boards of the sport and a race organizer himself. He was the president of the AGACI (the French Drivers Association) from 1937 to 1969. The first post-war meeting at the Bois de Boulogne in 1945 was mainly due to his efforts.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva & Marc Ceulemans)
1932: DNF La Baule GP
1933: 10 GP de l´U.M.F. (Voiturette)
1935: 1 Orleans (Voiturette) / DNF Lorraine GP
1936: DNF Monaco (Voiturette)
1938: 4 La Baule (Voiturette)
1939: DNF (heat) Angouleme

E. Meyer ( )
1928: DNF Algerian GP
1929: DNA Algerian GP

William B. "Buller" Meyer (ZA)
* 1899
† 1958
East London
Buller Meyer was one of three brothers from East London that competed regularly in South African races during the 1930s. Born in East London Meyer was a skilled mechanic/engineer who had a reputation for preparing his cars in an immaculate manner. He won his first big race the 1935 Cape-Rand-Cape trial in a Graham. He owned the Frontier Garage in East London which was used by visiting foreign Grand Prix drivers when in South Africa. On advice of Earl Howe he bought a ex- Freddie Dixon Riley Ulster 1089 cc from Thompson and Taylor which won the 1935 and 1936 TT's and with it was 2nd in the 1937 South African GP. He then acquired the ex-Dobbs offset single seater Riley 1486 and used it to win the 1938 South African Grand Prix. After the war he became a successful pineapple farmer in the Kidd's Beach district.
(Info supplied by Robert Young & "Hieronymus")
1937: 2 South African GP (Handicap)
1938: 1 South African GP (Handicap)
1939: DNF South African GP (Voiturette) / DNA Grosvenor (Voiturette)

Alfio Micciri (I)
1928: DNF Coppa Etna

Fernand Michel ( )
1926: DNQ Provence GP (heat)


Baron Alfred von Michel-Raulino (D)
* 10 Dec 1904
† 12 Nov 1931
Bamberg, Oberfranken
Raced a Mercedes-Benz SSK in the sports car class at the 1930 Eifelrennen. In November 1931 von Michel-Raulino was piloting a plane that crashed at the München-Oberwiesenfeld airfield. Both he and flying student Friedrich Bagel from Düsseldorf died in the crash
(Info supplied by Hugo Boecker)
1930: DNF Eifel GP

Angelo Migliavacca ( )
1925: DNA Alessandria GP (1100cc)

Boško Milenković (YU)
* 2 Nov 1909
† 11 Mar 1955
Wien (Vienna)
Nicknamed Bata, Boško Milenković was born in Vienna, his father being a rich merchant in Vienna; his mother being of French/German origin. During the war the family moved to Belgrad, Yugoslavia. When the father died in 1921, Bosko inherited some wealth including three houses. He studied at the high school, spoke perfectly German, French, Italian, English, and chose to live on his wealth. He played violin and became a friend of motorcycle racer Voja Ivanicevic, who played piano. Inspired by Ivanicevic, Bosko started racing with a 300cc NSU. He bought his first car in 1927 and his car park later included a Cord, a V25 Wanderer and 540K Mercedes. His first car race was a hillclimb at Avalskim 1932, where he finished third in his class driving a LaSalle. In 1935 he bought a Bugatti T51 and won with it the Sljeme road race in 1937 and the Dorcol race in 1938. Bosko run off the road with the Bugatti when racing in fall 1938 in Kluz, Romania, but he was able to rebuild the destroyed transmision and he took part with the car in the 1939 Belgrad GP.
Milenković lost his fortune during the April 1941 bombings of Belgrad. He took his own life in 1955.
(Source: "Prve Beogradske Mezdunarodne Automobilske i Motociklisticke Trke, 3.IX.1939" by Nebojsa Dordevic, Belgrade 1999. Translation from the Serb by Mira Krizman. Info supplied by Aldo Zana)
1939: 4 Belgrad GP

Edoardo Milla ( )
1926: DNA Pozzo Circuit

Raymond Henri Milhavet (F)
* 9 Apr 1908
† 1 May 1982
Paris 20e
Créteil, Val-de-Marne
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1937: DNF Frontières (Voiturette)


Sir Alastair George Lionel Joseph Miller 6th Baronet (GB)
* 5 Mar 1883
† 1 Apr 1964
South Kensington, London
Chelsea, London
Alastair Miller fought in World War I, gaining the rank of Captain in the Irish Guards and Flight Commander in the Royal Flying Corps.
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1925: DNA Ouverture GP
1926: DNA British GP / DNA Boulogne GP


William Arthur Frank "Billy" Mills (ZA)
* 3 Jan 1898
† 16 Sep 1937
"Billy Mills was born in South Africa. His father was a transport rider, and then a farmer in the Umlaas Road area. Mills was among the tough motorsport pioneers in South Africa, racing a series of "cutdown" modified American saloons and then an imported Aston Martin Ulster in the early South African Grand Prix. The Ulster, one of just 21 built, was bought from the works on 7 July 1936 at a cost of £1,100. However, he was arguably better known for his long-distance, record-breaking efforts back in the 1920s, notably the "runs" from Durban to Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg to Durban using Chryslers and De Sotos. Mills was also among the early South African aviation pioneers, owning a Leopard Moth based at Oribi airfield. He competed in two South African GPs both at East London, in 1936 in his converted Plymouth twoseater, finishing sixth and in 1937 in the Ulster retiring on lap one. He placed thirteenth in the 3rd Kimberley 100 held on the Paardeberg Road Circuit on 5 October 1936, and sixth in the 1st Coronation 100 held on Maritzburg's Alexandra Park Circuit on 31 May 1937. Mills did not finish the 1st Bloemfontein Blue Riband held on the Brandkop Speedway on 2 August 1937, and finished sixth and seventh in the two heats making up Silver Springbok Trophy on the Lord Howe Circuit on 21 August 1937. Mills died suddenly in Pietermaritzburg aged just 39 years and nine months, from heart failure brought on by influenza and pneumonia.
(Info supplied by Greg Mills)
1936: 6 South African GP (Handicap)

Tommy Milton (USA)
* 14 Nov 1893 - † 10 Jul 1962
1925: 4 Italian GP

Minangoy ( )
1931: DNA Tunis GP / 2 Geneva GP (2000cc) / DNF Comminges GP / 6 La Baule GP

Luigi "Gino" Minciotti (I)
From Città di Castello.
1925: DNF Savio Circuit (2000cc) / DNA Coppa Perugina (2000cc) / 4 Mugello Circuit (2000cc) / 1 Coppa Acerbo (2000cc)


"Libeccio", Eugenio Minetti (I)
* 27 Oct 1908
† 1995
Major Lancia dealer from Milan and a wellknown flyer. Founded Scuderia Ambrosiana in 1937 with Lurani, Cortese and Gigi Villoresi. President of Scuderia Ambrosiana until 1949. Raced various Lancia sportscars and a Scuderia Ambrosiana 6CM Maserati voiturette before WWII and a Cisitalia D46 in 1947.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1937: DNF Milan (Voiturette) / 8 Swiss GP (Voiturette) / 3 (heat) Campione D'Italia (Voiturette)
1938: DNF Napels (Voiturette) / 6 (heat) Varese (Voiturette) / 5 Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette) /
          DNA Swiss GP (Voiturette) / DNF Siam Challenge (Voiturette) / 4 Mountain

Pietro Minguzzi (I)
From Ravenna.
1925: DNF Savio Circuit (2000cc)


Ferdinando "Nando" Minoia (I)
* 2 Jun 1884
† 28 Jun 1940
Milano (Milan)
Milano (Milan)
Ferdinando Minoia was generally known as Fernando; but his friends called him Nando. His first major race was the 1907 Targa Florio. Over the years he had driven Isotta Fraschini, Storero, Fiat, De Dietrich, Benz, O.M., Steyr, Bugatti and Alfa Romeo cars. Minoia won the 1927 Mille Miglia in an O.M. sports car. The Italian was very experienced and still fast despite his age. He was past his prime in 1931 but he gave nothing to the young. For 1931, he was contracted to drive for Scuderia Ferrari and SA Alfa Romeo. Without winning a race Minoia became the first European Champion.
1924: DNF Targa Florio (4500cc) / 4 Italian GP
1925: 2 Garda Circuit
1926: 2 Targa Florio / DNF German GP (1500cc) / DNC* European GP / 4 Spanish GP /
          DNS Italian GP / DNA JCC 200
1927: DNF Targa Florio / 3 Milan GP (heat) / 4 European GP
1c/2 Garda Circuit (1500cc)
1928: 6 Targa Florio / 4 Rome GP / DNA San Sebastian GP
1929: 2 Targa Florio
1930: 10 Targa Florio
1931: 2* Italian GP / DNA Geneva GP / 6* French GP / 3* Belgian GP / 4* Monza GP / DNA Brignoles GP



Giovanni Minozzi (I)
Nephew to Grand Prix driver Antonio Ascari, cousin to Formula 1 champion Alberto Ascari. Drove an Alfa RLS at the 1925 Rome Grand Prix and later drove Campari's Alfa at the Italian Grand Prix. He raced with a 2-liter Bugatti in 1928 at Montenero and came fourth in the 1930 Monza Grand Prix. He came second in 1931 at Alessandria. In the European Championship he drove for SA Alfa Romeo. Continued Entering Bugattis, Alfa Romeos and Masertis in GP races now and then during most of the 1930s.
1925: DNF* Rome GP / 2* Italian GP
1926: DNA Milan GP (1100cc)
1927: DNF Bologna Circuit (1100cc)
1928: DNF Coppa Montenero
1929: DNA Alessandria GP
1930: ? Alessandria GP / 4 Monza GP
1931: 2 Alessandria GP / 4 (heat)/DNF Rome GP (2000cc) / 11* French GP / 3* Belgian GP /
          DNF Coppa Ciano / 5 Monza GP
1932: 2 Rome GP (2000cc) / DNA Coppa Ciano / 10* Monza GP
1933: 5 Bordino GP / DNS Marne GP / DNF Coppa Ciano / DNF Nice GP / DNA Marseille GP
1934: DNF Bordino GP / 6 Casablanca GP / DNS Eifel GP / DNF German GP / DNF Coppa Ciano /
          DNF Nice GP / DNF Biella GP / 7 Napels GP
1935: DNF Bergamo GP / 4 (heat) Biella GP / 7 Coppa Ciano / 4 (heat) Lucca GP
1937: 6 Milan GP / DNF Genua GP / DNF German GP / DNF Swiss GP
1938: DNF Swiss GP

Maurice Minsart ( )
1930: DNA Frontieres GP

Mario Minucci ( )
1934: DNS Coppa Ciano

François Miquel "Bignel"? (F)
From Toulouse.
1929: DNF Algerian GP
1930: 3 Comminges GP / 1 Comminges (2000cc)
1931: 5 Vaucluse Circuit / DNA Dauphiné Circuit

Raoul Miquel ( )
DNF Marne GP
1931: 11 Tunis GP
1932: 3 Oran GP (Voiturette) / DNF Comminges GP
1933: DNA Pau GP / DNF Picardie GP / DNA Nimes GP / 7 Comminges GP / DNA Albi GP

Mistral ( )
1932: DNA Provence Trophy (Voiturette) / 4 Nice GP (Voiturette)

Albert Mitzlaff (D)
1926: 7 German GP (1500cc) / 7 German GP (1500cc)


Piero/Pierino Moalli (I)
1926: DNA Milan GP (1100cc)


Guillaume Laurent "Guy" Moll (F/DZ)
* 28 May 1910
† 15 Aug 1934
Rivet, Blida, Algeria
Pescara, Italy
Considered one of the greatest natural talents ever, Moll was the son of a Spanish mother and a French father who had emigrated to Algeria. Guy was born at Rivet, Algeria. In 1932 he had just finished his studies, he took part in a small local race driving a Lorraine-Dietrich. Marcel Lehoux witnessed that drive and immeditely noticed the talent of the young driver and decided to help him in his future career. Lehoux entered Moll in the 1932 Grand Prix of Oran, to drive a Bugatti T35C. Moll immediately took the lead, only to retire with a mechanical problem. He also reired at Casablanca, but then finished 3rd in Marseilles. Having wealty parents Moll as able to buy a Alfa Romeo Monza for 1933 but he started off the season with an old Bugatti finishing second to Lehoux at a snowy Pau. He then took his new Monza to 3rd place at Nimes GP and 5th at the Grand Prix de l'ACF. he retired from the Le Mans 24h race and was disqualified at Reims after leading with 2 laps to go. He then finished 3rd in the Nice, Comminges and Marseilles GPs and ended up the season with a 2nd place at the Monza GP and then went on to sign for Scuderia Ferrari for 1934. Debuting for the team he sensationally won the Monaco GP. He then went on to dominate the early part of the season scoring a series of podium positions including a victory at Avus. But at the high speed Montesilvano straight at Pescara during the Coppa Acerbo Moll's car was hit by the scirocco-wind, Moll lost control ran into a ditch and the Alfa overturned and continued in a series of spins. The 24-year-old Ferrari star died shortly after the crash.

Click here for full biography.
1932: DNF Oran GP / DNF Casablanca GP / DNA Nice GP / 3 Marseille GP
1933: 2 Pau GP / 9 Tunis GP / DNA Picardie GP / 3 Nimes GP / 5 French GP / DNA Penya Rhin GP / DSQ Marne GP /
          DNF Belgian GP / 3 Nice GP / 3 Comminges GP / 3 Marseille GP / 8 Italian GP / 2 Monza GP / DNF Czech GP
1934: 1 Monaco GP / 2 Tripoli GP / 1 AVUS GP / DNF Montreux GP / 3* French GP / 2 Marne GP / DNF German GP /
          2 Coppa Ciano / DNF Coppa Acerbo


August "Bubi" Momberger (D)
* 26 Jun 1905
† 22 Dec 1969
Began racing in hillclimbs in the early 1920s. Raced with Mercedes 1923. NSU 1924-25. Steyr 1926. Bugatti 1927-28 Mercedes-Benz SSK 1929. Made comeback as Auto Union reserve driver in 1934 with some good results but never came to terms with team manager Walb. Retired after 1934 season.
1925: 1 Taunus GP (1500cc)
1926: DNF Eifel GP (1500cc) / DNS German GP (1500cc)
1927: 2 Nürburgring Opening 1929: DNF Rome GP / 3 Monza GP
1934: 3 AVUS GP / DNF Eifel GP / DNF French GP / DNF* German GP / DNS Belgian GP / 2 Swiss GP /
          7* Italian GP / DNS Czech GP

Adolfo Mondini (I)
From Massa Lombarda
1926: 4 Savio Circuit (1100cc)


Marcel Edouard Mongin (F)
* 6 Nov 1897
† 18 May 1972
Garennes-sur-Eure, Haute-Normandie
Finished 2nd with a Lorraine-Dietrich at the 1926 Le Mans 24h race.
1927: DNA ACF Free For All
1932: 7* Dieppe GP (2000cc) / DNF Antibes GP
1933: DNF* Dieppe GP


Peter Richard Monkhouse (GB)
* 29 Jul 1912
† 23 Apr 1950
Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
Padua, Italy
First cousin to George Monkhouse, the racing photographer and book writer. Together with Ian Connell Monkhouse started the Monaco Motor and Engineering Co. Ltd. at Watford in 1935. Was co-driver to Connell in the 1938 Donington GP. Died 1950 in Padua after an accident at the Mille Miglia in which he was the passenger.
(Info supplied by Penelope Gibson)
1938: ? (4* 1100cc) JCC 200 (Voiturette + GP) / 8* Donington GP

Monmon ( )
1929: DNF Lyon GP (Voiturette)

Monneron ( )
1926: DNA Marne GP (1100cc)

Supremo Montanari (I)
From Lugo, Ravenna.
1925: 10 Savio Circuit / DNF Mugello Circuit (1500cc) / DNF Coppa Acerbo (1500cc) /
          DNF Coppa Monteneri (1500cc) / 2 Garda Circuit (1500cc)
1926: 2 Targa Florio (2000cc) / 3 Savio Circuit (2000cc) / ? Coppa del Marchese Ginori /
          DNF Coppa Acerbo (2000cc) / DNF Milan GP (2000cc)
1927: DNF Pozzo Circuit (2000cc)

      de Montbressieux - SEE: "Raph"

Matteo Monteguti ( )
1930: DNA Coppa Acerbo

V. Monteiro ( )
1931: DNA French GP


D. Jorge Cardoso Pereira da Silva de Melo e Faro, Conde de Monte Real (P)
* 31 Aug 1916
† 8 Sep 1992
Lisboa (Lisbon)
Jorge Melo e Faro was a Portuguese nobleman and private Bugatti driver.
1936: DNF Vila Real
1937: 5 Vila Real / 3 Estoril

(Info supplied by Wolfgang Kaese)

Monti ( )
Not in the official list of licensed Italian racing drivers.
1929: DNA Rome GP (Voiturette) / DNA Pozzo Circuit


Charles Pierre Elie Montier (F)
* 28 Jun 1879
† 18 Jun 1952
Napoli (Naples), Italy
Asnières-sur-Seine, Hauts-De-Seine, France
Montier entered a "Montier Speciale" Ford V8 car in the in the Belgian Grand Prix a hope that amateur drivers would show their interest and buy one of his cars to enter the Spa 24h race.
1926: DNF Provence GP (3000cc) / 1927: 9 Sporting Commission Cup 1929: DNF Dieppe GP
1930: 6 European (Belgian) GP / DNC French GP / DNF San Sebastian GP
1931: DNF Casablanca GP / 7* Belgian GP / 10 Dieppe GP
1932: 9 Picardie GP
1934: 5 Belgian GP / ? GP de l´U.M.F.
1935: 3 Orleans GP / 10 Lorraine GP


Ferdinand Charles Elie Montier (F)
* 6 Sep 1905
† 8 Oct 1996
Puteaux, Seine
Son of Charles Montier.
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1927: 10 Sporting Commission Cup
1929: DNF Dieppe GP
1930: 11 Picardie GP / DNF European (Belgian) GP / DNF French GP / 8 San Sebastian GP
1931: 9 Casablanca GP / DNF Belgian GP / 11 Dieppe GP
1932: 6 Picardie GP / 6 La Baule GP
1933: 13 Dieppe GP / DNA La Baule GP
1935: DNA Lorraine GP


Lou Moore (USA)
* 12 Sep 1904
† 26 Mar 1956
Hinton, Oklahoma
Atlanta, Georgia
American Indycar racer. Raced a car at Tripoli 1934.
1934: 7 Tripoli GP


Tom G. Moore (GBM)
From Isle of Man.
1933: DNF Mannin Beg (Voiturette)

Mario Moradei (I)
1929: DNF Tripoli GP (1100cc) / 1 Mugello Circuit (1100cc) / 2 Camaiore Cup (Voiturette) / 1 Coppa Ciano (1100cc)
1930: ? Alessandria GP / 1 Coppa Ciano (1100cc) / DNA Monza (1100cc)
1932: DNF (heat)Monza GP
1933: DNF Tripoli GP
1937: 10 Napels (Voiturette) / DNF Genua GP (Voiturette) / DNF Florence GP (Voiturette)
1940: DNF Tripoli (Voiturette) / DNF Targa Florio (Voiturette)

Júlio de Moraes (BR)
Born about 1898. Brazilian newspaperman and industrialist.
1934: DNF Rio de Janeiro GP
1937: DNF Rio de Janeiro GP
1939: 9 Circuito de Gávea
1940: DNF Circuito de Gávea
1941: ? Rio de Janeiro GP


Luiz Tavares de Moraes (BR)
1936: DNF Rio de Janeiro GP / DNF São Paulo GP
1938: DNF Rio de Janeiro GP
1939: DNF Circuito de Gávea
1940: DNF Circuito de Gávea


Paul Emile Charles Ferdinand Morand (F)
* 13 Mar 1888
† 23 Jul 1976
Paris 08e
Paris 15e
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1931: 4 Saint Raphaël GP / 4 Brignoles GP
1932: DNF (heat) Nice GP
1933: DNF Pau GP / DNF Lwow GP
1934: Albi GP


Giuseppe Morandi (I)
* 10 Feb 1894
† 1 Nov 1977
Castiglione delle Stiviere
Morandi spent 52 years working for O.M., starting as an apprentice at age 14. He began racing in the 1920s and won the inaugural Mille Miglia with Ferdinando Minoia. In February 1926 he was badly hit in the left ear by fire from a broken pipe while running the O.M. S-8 engine on the test bench, giving him the nickname "Uricina" (small ear). In 1931 In 1931 he acquired a Bugatti but his racing career effectively ended in 1932. However, he returned to the Mille Miglia in 1947 at the wheel of a Fiat 1100 and finished 53rd. He retired from O.M. in 1960.
(Info supplied by Simon Davis / Alessandro Silva)
1924: 1 Mugello Circuit (2000cc) / 3 Garda Circuit
1925: DNF Rome GP (2000cc) / DNA Savio Circuit (2000cc) / 15 Garda Circuit
1926: DNA European GP / DNS Italian GP / DNA JCC 200
1927: 4 Milan GP (heat) / 2 European GP
1928: DNF Rome GP
1929: DNA Targa Florio / 2 Mugello Circuit / DNF Coppa Ciano
1930: 6 Targa Florio
1931: 5 Monza GP (2000cc)
1932: DNF Coppa Acerbo

Fernado de Moraes Sarmento ( )
1935: DNF Rio de Janeiro GP
1936: 12 Rio de Janeiro GP

Edgar Ritter Morawitz von Frank (CS/A)
* 26 Apr 1893
† 2 Sep 1945
Wien (Vienna)
Barcelona, Spain
Coming from a rich and recently ennobled Austrian family Edgar von Morawitz was publisher of "Prager Tagblatt". He participated in a number of Central European Hill Climbs during the twenties, and won the 1925 Solitude race meeting outright in a 1.5 litre Bugatti. He was Hugo Urban-Emmerich's brother-in-law. In 1927 he moved to Spain, bought the Sitges-Terramar Race Track in Catalonia. Owned a Bugatti T30 4-seater Torpedo by Widerkehr, a T13 Brescia Course, which was later substituted by a Bugatti T39. In Spain it seems he owned a Bugatti T35B and a T37A. He lost all his Bugattis in the Spanish Civil War.
(Info supplied by Martin Pfundner & Michael Müller)
1925: 3 Taunus GP (1500cc)
1926: DNC Rome GP (1500cc) / DNF Targa Florio (1500cc)
1932: 2 Pascua GP / 3 Anis de Mono
1933: 6 Penya Rhin GP


André Paul Victor Morel (F)
* 3 Aug 1884
† 5 Oct 1961
From being a trainee bicycle mechanic Morel entered the motor industry as an apprentice at Corre in Paris, before moving to Lyon where he ran a workshop and also worked for Berliet as a fitter. During WW1 he learnt to fly and ended up as a chief instructor. In 1919 he joined Le Zèbre as an agent for the South of France having made his competition debut in a Le Zèbre touring car at the 1914 Val Suzon hillclimb. He was instrumental in introducing the three partners who would launch Amilcar, and he worked and raced successfully for the marque until 1929. During the 1920s he also raced for Voisin and Delage. He had a brief interlude as a representative for Hudson-Essex and also Minerva before joining Talbot in 1933. After WW2 he returned to Talbot and finally retired from racing in 1953, having finished 9th in the 1952 Le Mans 24 Hours at the age of 68!
(Info supplied by Simon Davis)
1924: 3 San Sebastian GP
1925: 1* San Sebastian GP
1926: DNC Provence GP (1100cc) / DNC* European GP / DNF Spanish GP / DNA Coppa Montenero (1100cc) /
          1 Italian GP (1100cc) / 7 JCC 200 (1100cc)
1927: 1c/2 Provence GP / 3 French GP / DNF San Sebastian GP (1100cc) / DNF Spanish GP /
          DNF Boulogne GP (1100cc) / 1c/2 JCC 200 (1100cc)
1928: DNF Antibes GP / 10 Rome GP

Ignazio Moresco (I)
From Sori in the Province of Genova.
1928: DNC Coppa Montenero
1929: DNA Tripoli GP (1100cc) / DNF Alessandria GP (1100cc)

Amilcare Moretti (I)
1931: DNS Alessandria GP

Robert (Bobby) C. Morgan (GB)
1925: DNF Ouverture GP


Heinrich-Joachim von Morgen (D)
* 1 Feb 1902
† 28 May 1932
1930: 3 Rome GP / 2 Lyon GP / 1 Eifel GP / DNF Monza GP / 1/DNF * Czech GP
1931: 5 Tunis GP / DNF Monaco GP / 3 Alessandria GP / 2 Eifel GP / DNF German GP / 2 AVUS GP / 3 Czech GP
1932: 1 Eibsee (Ice race) / DNF Tunis GP / 3 Rome GP / DNF AVUS GP / DNS Eifel GP / DNA Lwow GP /
          DNA German GP


Jules Moriceau (F)
* 2 Jan 1887
† 20 Jun 1977
(Info supplied by Simon Davis)
1926: 2 Provence GP (1500cc) / DNA French GP / DNA European GP / DNF British GP /
          DNF* Boulogne GP / DNA Italian GP / 14 JCC 200 / 3 GP du Salon
1927: DNS Provence GP (1500cc) / 4* French GP
1928: 4 Antibes GP / DNF Rome GP

Morini ( )
1935: DNS DNQ Bergamo GP


Antonio Moriondo (I)
From Torino.
1924: DNF Targa Florio (3000cc)


Mme Emilie Paule Marie Violette Morris (F)
* 18 Apr 1893
† 26 Apr 1944
Paris 06e
Lieurey, Eure
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1927: 11 Sporting Commission Cup / 14 Marne GP
1929: 6 Marne GP (1100cc)

Rittmeister J. von Mosch (D)
† < 1940
From Hannover. Raced a Mercedes sports car at Nurburgring 1927-28.
1926: DNA German GP (2000cc)


Edmond Victor Mouche (F)
* 6 Sep 1899
† 12 May 1989
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)
1930: DNF Picardie (1100cc) 1931: DNA Marne GP (Voiturette)


Moulin (F)
1932: 4 Provence Trophy (Voiturette) / DNF Nice GP (2000cc) / DNF Antibes GP

Mouton ( )
1928: 3 (heat) Saint Raphaël (750cc)


Victor Mouret ( )
1932: 13 Oran GP / DNA Lorraine GP (2000cc)
1934: 8 Picardie GP

Enrique Felix Moyano (RA)
* 11 May 1910
† 6 Nov 1955
Victoria, Entre Ríos
Paraná, Entre Ríos
1936: 5 Buenos Aires GP

      Mucciero - SEE: "Legros"

Pietro Mucera (I)
* 1908
† 1975
1924: DNF Targa Florio (3000cc)
1926: DNF Targa Florio (1500cc)


Hermann Paul Müller (D)
* 21 Nov 1909
† 30 Dec 1975
Müller started racing motorcycles in 1929 with a 500 cc Imperia, then changed to JAP for dirt track. In 1931 he joined the Victoria factory team where he became German Champion in the 600cc sidecar class in 1932. After Victoria stopped racing at the end of 1933, H.P. Müller raced as a privateer with his 350 cc Victoria with JAP engine during 1934 and early 1935 until Auto Union gave him a new 500 cc factory DKW. With this machine he became German Champion in the 500 cc class in 1936. The same year, he also won the Gold Medal in the six-day trial and in 1937 he was asked to join the Auto Union Grand Prix team as reserve driver. During these years, H.P. Müller the motorcycle racer changed to Hermann Müller, the grand prix driver, a name change, enforced by the top of the German Motor Sport Authority during the thirties. His first start was at the Eifel GP 1937 and he became works driver in 1938. His best results were third places at the 1937 Coppa Acerbo and sharing the drive with Rosemeyer at the Masaryk Circuit. He was wounded in French GP crash 1938. In 1939, Müller came second to Lang in the Kahlenberg Mountain Climb where he beat Stuck in both runs. At the Grossglockner Mountain Climb, Müller again won the first heat by one second but in the second heat, he lost too much time in the fog, finishing third. He won the French Grand Prix and came second at the German Grand Prix. In the four races of the 1939 European Championship Müller outscored Lang and would under normal circumstances have been the 1939 European Champion, the equivalent of today's World Champion. But after the conclusion of the series, the A.I.A.C.R. could not meet and the German ONS changed the existing rules to the favor of Lang and declared him the champion instead.
Müller was a Leutnant at the Luftwaffe, active in the aero engine factory in Litzmannstadt. He was not flying. At the end of the war in 1945, he went back to Auto Union in Chemnitz, East Germany, where he had to do prisoner work, which was better than being deported to Siberia. He then worked as a woodcutter, sent his family (wife Mariele and two baby boys) to Bielefeld in West Germany, where he arrived separately in December that year. In 1946, when he raced bikes again, he changed his name back to H.P. Müller. His wife was a great supporter at the races, managing his pits. He became West-German Champion on a 250 cc DKW in 1947 and 1948. In 1950 and 1951 he became German Champion in the 125 cc class driving a factory DKW. The following year he drove the Italian Mondial and the Schnell-Horex in 1953. He joined the factory NSU team in 1954 and won with them the World Championship in the 250 cc class in 1955 at age 45. In 1956 he set world records with a NSU record bike at the Bonneville saltflats of Utah. Thereafter he worked for Auto Union and at DAF in Holland and eventually returned to the Auto Union Press Department in Ingolstadt where he died after a long illness in 1975.
(Info supplied by Hans Etzrodt)
1937: 7 Eifel GP / DNF Belgian GP / DNF German GP / 3 Coppa Acerbo / 5 Italian GP / 3* Czech GP /
          4 Donington GP
1938: DNS French GP / 4* German GP / DNF Coppa Acerbo / DNF Swiss GP / DNF Italian GP /
          4 Donington GP
1939: 7 Eifel GP / DNF Belgian GP / 1 French GP / 2 German GP / 4 Swiss GP / 3 Belgrad GP
          EUROPEAN CHAMPION 1939


Josef Müller (D)
From Düsseldorf. NSU motor cycle works driver. German Champion for cement tracks (speedway) in 1920, 1921 and 1923 with NSU.
1925: 2 Eifel GP (1500cc)
1926: 1 Eifel GP (1500cc) / 4 German GP (1500cc)
1927: 1c/3 Nürburgring Opening (1500cc)

Antonio Munari ( )
1927: 8c/11 Garda Circuit (1500cc)


Ramiro Munaron (I)
* 19 Jan 1885
† 27 Nov 1955
Torino (Turin)
Lived in Turin.
1929: DNA Mugello Circuit (Voiturette)

Diego Munoz ( )
1931: DNF Dieppe GP

Gustav Münz (D)
* 1879/80
† 21 Nov 1963
1925: DNF Eifel GP (2000cc)
1926: 1 Eifel GP
1927: DNF Nürburgring Opening
1930: DNS Eifel GP

Muraour ( )
1926: DNC Provence GP (heat)
1928: DNF Marne GP
1929: DNF Dieppe GP (1100cc)
1931: DNA Dieppe GP (Voiturette)

Salvatore Musmeci (I)
born in Catania, dead in Eritrea.
1925: 6 Coppa Etna / DNS Coppa Vinci (2000cc)
1926: 1 Coppa Vinci (2000cc) / DNF Coppa Etna (2000cc)

Giuseppe Musso (I)
1937: DNF Florence GP (Voiturette)

Luciano Musso (I)
1935: DNF Coppa Ciano (1100c)
DNF Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette)

Tito Musso (I)
1935: 3 (heat) Cosenza GP

Ettore Muti (I)
1931: DNF Alessandria GP / DNF (heat) Rome GP (2000cc)

Franciszek Mycielski ( )
1930: 4 Lwow GP

Fred Myrberg (S)
1935: DNF Vallentuna (Ice race)


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