Maserati (Isotta-Fraschini)
5 Alfieri Maserati
A. Maserati
Isotta-Fraschini Hispano-Suiza
Brilli-Peri (Fiat)
4 Gastone Brilli-Peri
G. Brilli-Peri
Fiat 14B/S57A
Nazzaro (Nazzaro)
33 Felice Nazzaro
Fabbrica Automobili Nazzaro
Nazzaro Tipo 5 Sport


Circuito del Mugello (I), 18 June 1922.
6 laps x 64.9 km (40.3 mi) = 389.4 km (242.0 mi)


Racing Car Category 1500cc
1Carlo MasettiCount C. MasettiBugattiT221.5S-4
2Abele ClericiA. ClariciBugattiT221.5S-4
3Ferdinando MinoiaOfficine Meccaniche SAOM4691.5S-4
Racing Car Category over 1500cc
4Gastone Brilli-PeriG. Brilli-PeriFiat14B/S57A4.9S-4(1917 Fiat Indy)
5Alfieri MaseratiA. MaseratiIsotta-FraschiniHispano-Suiza6.3S-4
6Giuseppe CampariSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa Romeo40/60 hp6.1S-4
7 Giulio MasettiCount G. MasettiMercedes1914 GP 18/1004.5S-4
8Paolo NiccoliniMarquis P. NiccoliniFiat14B/S57A4.9S-4(1917 Fiat Indy)
Production Car Category 1350 cc
9Giuseppe MorandiOfficine Meccaniche SAOM465 (1350cc)1.3S-4
10Ferruccio CercignaniF. CercignaniWanderer5/15 W41.3S-4
Production Car Category 1500 cc
11Ildebrando GuardassoniniVespaTipo Unico1.5S-4DNA - did not appear
12Guido CecchiG. CecchiFiat5011.5S-4
13Mario DanieliOfficine Meccaniche SAOM4671.5S-4
14Luigi ManettiL.ManettiAurea1.5S-4
15Armando E. BonamicoA. E. BonamicoOM4 C1.5S-4
16Vieri GiannottiV. GiannottiFiat5011.5S-4
Production Car Category 2000 cc
17 Augusto SpadoniA. SpadoniAnsaldoTipo 42.0S-4
18Guido MeregalliSA Autocostruzioni DiattoDiatto20S2.0S-4
19Guglielmo TurnerG. TurnerAnsaldoTipo 42.0S-4
Production Car Category 3000 cc
20Ernesto CeiranoSocietÓ Anonima Giovanni CeiranoCeiranoCS2H3.0S-4
21Antonio MoriondoFabbrica Automobili ItalaItala51S2.8S-4
22Tommaso SaccomaniSocietÓ Anonima Giovanni CeiranoCeiranoCS2H3.0S-4
23Antonio AscariSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa RomeoRL-SS3.0S-6
24Pietro CattaneoSocietÓ Anonima Giovanni CeiranoCeiranoCS2H3.0S-4
25Ugo SivocciSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa RomeoRL-SS3.0S-6
26Luigi TattiniL. TattiniSCAT3.0S-4
27Domenici GamboniSA Autocostruzioni DiattoDiatto4DS3.0S-4
28Francescio MandelliF. MandelliItala 51S2.8S-4DNA - did not appear
29Emilio MaterassiE. MaterassiItala 51S2.8S-4
Production Car Category over 3000 cc
30Alfredo CasaliniA. CasaliniAlfa Romeo 20/30 ES4.2S-4
31Antonio TestiA. TestiAlfa Romeo 20/30 ES4.2S-4
32Corrado LottiFabbrica Automobili NazzaroNazzaroTipo 5 Sport4.4S-4
33Felice NazzaroFabbrica Automobili NazzaroNazzaroTipo 5 Sport4.4S-4
34Giovanni CaprioneFabbrica Automobili NazzaroNazzaroTipo 5 Sport4.4S-4
35Enzo FerrariSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa Romeo20/30 ES4.2S-4
36Franco CaiselliF. CaiselliAlfa Romeo20/30 ES4.2S-4DNS - did not start

Maserati wins the Mugello Circuit

by Hans Etzrodt
The 33 starters at the 1922 Mugello Circuit were split into two groups, Production Cars and Racing Cars. The favorites included the Mercedes of Giulio Masetti, the Fiat of Brilli-Peri and Nazzaro in his own car. The twisting 64.9 km mountain course was the same since 1920. Giulio Masetti led the first two of six laps ahead of Campari (Alfa Romeo), Brilli-Peri, Maserati (Isotta-Fraschini) and Carlo Masetti (1500 Bugatti). When Giulio Masetti retired on the third lap and Campari crashed, Brilli-Peri took the lead followed by Maserati, Materassi (Itala), Meregalli (Diatto) and Felice Nazzaro. After four laps Brilli-Peri still held the lead ahead of Maserati, the Nazzaros of Felice and Caprione with Carlo Masetti fifth. After lap five Maserati had taken the lead which he held until the end to win the race, followed by Brilli-Peri, third was Nazzaro the over 3000 category winner, fourth Caprione and fifth Carlo Masetti 1500 Racing category winner, seventh Cattaneo (Ceirano) 3000 category winner, 10th Meregalli (Diatto) who won the 2000 category, 13th Giannotti (Fiat) 1500 category winner and 17th Morandi (OM) winner of the 1350 category.
The races on Circuito del Mugello north of Florence in the Toscana region of central Italy, were also called the "Little Targa Florio" because of its many up and downs and the 1691 turns per lap. Mugello was one of the most important race circuits in Italy and dated back to 1914 when it was called Primo Circuito Toscano.
      After WW I, the race was held annually since 1920 and 1922 was the 3rd repetition on this 64.9 km route. The start was at San Piero a Sieve, 205 meters above sea level, leading to the north in anticlockwise direction with a slight slope to Scarperia, 292 meters. From here the road climbed over 10 kilometers to Giogo Pass at the considerable height of 879 meters. Then it descended through Rifredo to Firenzuola at 422 meters above sea level. The circuit then turned west past Castro and climbed past La Casetta to Covigliaio at 871 meters. From there the course headed south to reach Futa Pass at 903 meters, which was the highest point. From Futa the circuit led through Montecarelli at 314 meters to Maschere and returned east to San Piero A Sieve. Six laps had to be completed, a total of 389.400 km. The Automobile Club di Firenze organized this event under the supervision of the Commissione Sportiva del R.A.C.I. (Reale Automobile Club d'Italia).
A list of the 36 entries is at the beginning of this report of which 33 cars appeared at the start. Some notes explain the racecar details with Brilli-Peri and Niccolini, who each arrived with a Fiat 14B/S57A, built with 4-wheel brakes for 1916 Indianapolis but did not race. This type was powered by a 4-cylinder engine of 4859 cc (104 x 143 mm) with single o.h.c., producing 150 hp at 3500 rpm, capable of 180 km/h top speed.
      Alfieri Maserati constructed his Isotta Fraschini which he designated the type Special, using a shortened Itala production chassis with a 4-cylinder motor of 6330 cc (120 x 140 mm) which was one bank of a V-8 Hispano-Suiza Aero engine with a special crankcase cast by Isotta-Fraschini. The car had a SCAT gearbox and four-wheel brakes. Maserati had raced this hybrid since 1921 and improved it for 1922.
      Count Giulio Masetti raced a 1914 Mercedes Grand Prix car painted red in which he won the Targa Florio two months earlier. In 1914 the 4-cylinder motor of 4483 cc (93 x 165 mm) with single o.h.c. drove four valves per cylinder, produced a maximum of 115 hp at 3200 rpm. The car had been rebuilt in Stuttgart before the 1922 races.
      Alfa Romeo entered a Type 40/60 hp racing version at 1100 kg for Campari with the 4-cylinder motor of 6082 cc (110 x 160 mm) producing a maximum of 82 hp at 2400 rpm, capable of 150 km/h top speed.
      There were two independent Bugatti entries for Carlo Masetti, younger brother of Giulio and Clerici. The 1921 T22 version had an engine of 1453 cc (68 x100 mm) with single o.h.c., delivering 30 hp at 3000 rpm. This performance was improved with different fuels and tuning.
A large crowd was assembled along the entire route of the Mugello Circuit. The Florence Automobile Club organizer assured that at six o'clock the circuit was cleared and whoever was on it had to leave without being able to continue to their destination. At any point of the circuit, both in the open countryside and within the inhabited areas during the race, it was absolutely forbidden to drive at all, including officials assigned to keep order. The start was at San Piero a Sieve. The cars started individually in order of their race numbers at intervals of one minute. However, the cars were not necessarily released at one-minute intervals. The starting times were determined beforehand according to the race numbers and if cars did not appear at the start (e. g. #11), then the car #12 was held to its predetermined time of departure. The start began at 7:00 a. m. and the last car left at 7:34 a. m. Carlo Masetti started first, one minute ahead of Clerici, followed by the rest of drivers. When Nazzaro started, he was especially cheered by the enthusiastic crowd. Ferrari left last as Caiselli did not appear.
7:001Carlo MasettiBugatti1500 cc racecar
7:034Brilli-PeriFiatover 1500 --"--
7:056CampariAlfa Romeo--------"---------
7:087Giulio MasettiMercedes--------"---------
7:089MorandiOM1350 cc
7:1011GuardassoniniVespa1500 ccDid not start
7:1617SpadoniAnsaldo-2000 cc
7:1920CeiranoCeiraco3000 cc
7:2223AscariAlfa Romeo----"----
7:2425SivocciAlfa Romeo----"----
7:2728MandelliItala----"----Did not start
7:2930CasaliniAlfa Romeoover 3000 cc
7:3031TestiAlfa Romeo-------"-------
7:3233F. NazzaroNazzaro-------"-------
7:3435E. FerrariAlfa Romeo-------"-------
7:3536CaiselliAlfa Romeo-------"-------Did not start
Shortly after the last departure, Carlo Masetti had passed at Monte Carelli having completed almost 3/4 of the way ahead of Clerici. Niccolini had a breakdown in Firenzuola and retired. Then Giulio Masetti and Campari were reported passing Montecarelli and shortly thereafter passed Maschere. Only a few minutes later the red Mercedes of Giulio Masetti passed the grandstand, accompanied by great applause of the crowd. He completed the first lap in 53m44.2s, which was 3m44.8s less than the previous record, set in 1920 by his younger brother Carlo. Shortly thereafter Campari's red Alfa Romeo passed quickly followed by Brilli-Peri, just ahead of Maserati, Carlo Masetti and Minoia. Giulio Masetti was leading the field after the first lap:
1.G. Masetti (Mercedes)racecar over 1500 category
2.Campari (Alfa Romeo)--------- " ---------
3.Brilli-Peri (Fiat)--------- " ---------
4.Maserati (Isotta-Fraschini)--------- " ---------
5.C. Masetti (Bugatti)racecar 1500 cc
6.Minoia (OM)-------- " --------

Giulio Masetti passed at Rifredo with frightening speed. Gamboni (Diatto) retired at Montecarelli as did Clerici (Bugatti) at Maschere and Minoia (OM) crashed. Felice Nazzaro passed by La Casetta, the place where Saccomani (Ceirano) and Ascari (Alfa Romeo) had ended their race. Sivocci (Alfa Romeo) was forced to retire with engine failure and Gamboni returned at walking pace to park his Diatto with the other retired cars. Giannotti and Cecchi battled in 1500 Fiats a superb category fight while the Ceiranos of Cattaneo and Ceirano, who won on the same roads last year, had their own battle. Giulio Masetti, Campari and Brilli-Peri were the leaders of the race in the following order after the second lap:
1.G. Masetti (Mercedes)racecar over 1500 category
2.Campari (Alfa Romeo)--------- " ---------
3.Brilli-Peri (Fiat)--------- " ---------
4.Maserati (Isotta-Fraschini)--------- " ---------
5.C. Masetti (Bugatti)racecar 1500 cc

The third lap was decisive as Giulio Masetti - 6 minutes ahead of Campari - encountered an ignition problem and retired at Castro. At the end of the lap Campari almost tearfully reached the finish at San Piero A Sieve with his car damaged due to a collision with Minoia, the reasons of which was not known. Brilli-Peri was now in the lead, driving at breakneck speed. He was followed closely by Maserati and Materassi. Nazzaro was reported at Futa and Meregalli in Montecarelli. Brilli-Peri was the new leader after the third lap:
1.Brilli-Peri (Fiat)racecar over 1500 category
2.Maserati (Isotta-Fraschini)--------- " ---------
3.Materassi (Itala)3000 cc
4.Meregalli (Diatto)2000 cc
5.F. Nazzaro (Nazzaro) over 3000 cc

On the fourth lap Brilli-Peri and Maserati gradually improved their advantage on their direct rival Materassi, while the very regularly driving Nazzaro team passed Montecarelli. Materassi stopped at La Casetta due to a broken valve. He repaired, but lost a lot of time while Brilli-Peri and Maserati remained in the lead. Nazzaro and his teammates, who up to now had driven a waiting race, started their battle by significantly increasing their pace and threatened the two leaders. Carlo Masetti passed the grandstand while the passages of Cattaneo, Meregalli and Ceirano were much applauded. Brilli-Peri still held the lead after the fourth lap:
1.Brilli-Peri (Fiat)racecar over 1500 category
2.Maserati (Isotta-Fraschini)--------- " ---------
3.F. Nazzaro (Nazzaro) over 3000 cc
4.Caprione (Nazzaro) ------ " ------
5.C. Masetti (Bugatti)racecar 1500 cc

On the fifth lap, Maserati passed Brilli Peri at Fiorenzuola. Nazzaro and Caprione were at Futa and Lotti at La Casetta. Materassi had stopped for a repair and left quickly. It was believed that the positions would not change, unless accidents would affect the race progress. Maserati had passed Brilli-Peri, driving towards victory, ahead of Brilli-Peri and Nazzaro. During the 5th lap Cercignani lost much time due to another car blocking the road, hindering his progress. Maserati was leading with the order as follows after five laps:
1.Maserati (Isotta-Fraschini)racecar over 1500 category
2.Brilli-Peri (Fiat)--------- " ---------
3.F. Nazzaro (Nazzaro) over 3000 cc
4.Caprione (Nazzaro) ------ " ------
5.C. Masetti (Bugatti)racecar 1500 cc

The order did not change on the sixth lap. The arrival of the first drivers was expected soon. Eventually, Maserati appeared at the end of the road leading to the finish line and passed triumphantly at great speed, returning shortly afterwards to come back, applauded by the huge crowd. Then arrived Brilli-Peri, who also received much applause. Nazzaro finished third, followed by Caprione and Carlo Masetti, all received great applause. After the many others, the last arrival was Bonamico, who informed that Manetti (Aurea) had retired. Alfieri Maserati, the modest driver. won with his well-known Special, which he had taken to victory in last year's Susa-Moncenisio and at the 1921 Mugello with a promising finish.



1.5Alfieri MaseratiA. MaseratiIsotta-FraschiniHispano-Suiza6.3S-465h46m07.2s
2.4Gastone Brilli-PeriG. Brilli-PeriFiat14B/S57A4.9S-465h48m35.0s+    2m27.8s
3.33Felice NazzaroFabbrica Automobili NazzaroNazzaroTipo 5 Sport4.4S-465h57m12.4s+  11m05.2s
4.34Giovanni CaprioneFabbrica Automobili NazzaroNazzaroTipo 5 Sport4.4S-465h59m54.8s+  13m47.6s
5.1Carlo MasettiCount C. MasettiBugattiT221.5S-466h01m06.0s+  14m58.8s
6.32Corrado LottiFabbrica Automobili NazzaroNazzaroTipo 5 Sport4.4S-466h08m31.0s+  22m23.8s
7.24Pietro CattaneoSocietÓ Anonima Giovanni CeiranoCeiranoCS2H3.0S-466h10m40.0s+  24m32.8s
8.29Emilio MaterassiE. MaterassiItala 51S2.8S-466h11m10.0s+ 25m02.8s
9.21Antonio MoriondoFabbrica Automobili ItalaItala51S2.8S-466h17m28.2s+  31m21.0s
10.18Guido MeregalliSA Autocostruzioni DiattoDiatto20S2.0S-466h19m24.0s+  33m16.8s
11.20Ernesto CeiranoSocietÓ Anonima Giovanni CeiranoCeiranoCS2H3.0S-466h30m55.2s+  44m48.0s
12.30Alfredo CasaliniA. CasaliniAlfa Romeo 20/30 ES4.2S-466h33m59.4s+  47m52.2s
13.16Vieri GiannottiV. GiannottiFiat5011.5S-466h42m32.4s+  56m25.2s
14.17Augusto SpadoniA. SpadoniAnsaldoTipo 42.0S-466h49m07.2s+ 1h03m00s
15.12Guido CecchiG. CecchiFiat5011.5S-466h53m55.0s+ 1h07m48s
16.26Luigi TattiniL. TattiniSCAT3.0S-467h09m05.0s+ 1h22m58s
17.9Giuseppe MorandiOfficine Meccaniche SAOM465 (1350cc)1.3S-467h17m18.4s+ 1h31m11s
18.10Ferruccio CercignaniF. CercignaniWanderer5/15 W41.3S-467h21m31.0s+ 1h35m24s
19.13Mario DanieliOfficine Meccaniche SAOM4671.5S-468h03m33.0s+ 2h17m26s
20.15Armando E. BonamicoA. E. BonamicoOM4 C1.5S-468h09m10.0s+ 2h23m03s
DNF14Luigi ManettiL.ManettiAurea1.5S-4
DNF19Guglielmo TurnerG. TurnerAnsaldoTipo 42.0S-4
DNF6Giuseppe CampariSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa Romeo40/60 hp6.1S-42crash damage
DNF7Giulio MasettiCount G. MasettiMercedes1914 GP 18/1004.5S-42ignition
DNF35Enzo FerrariSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa Romeo20/30 ES4.2S-4
DNF31Antonio TestiA. TestiAlfa Romeo 20/30 ES4.2S-4
DNF3Ferdinando MinoiaOfficine Meccaniche SAOM4691.5S-41crash
DNF22Tommaso SaccomaniSocietÓ Anonima Giovanni CeiranoCeiranoCS2H3.0S-41
DNF23Antonio AscariSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa RomeoRL-SS3.0S-61
DNF2Abele ClericiA. ClericiBugattiT221.5S-41
DNF25Ugo SivocciSA Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & CAlfa RomeoRL-SS3.0S-61engine
DNF27Domenici GamboniSA Autocostruzioni DiattoDiatto4DS3.0S-41
DNF8Paolo NiccoliniMarquis P. NiccoliniFiat14B/S57A4.9S-40oil line
Fastest lap: Giulio Masetti (Mercedes) in 53m44.2s = 72.5 km/h (45.0 mph).
Winner's average speed racecar (Maserati): 67.5 km/h (41.9 mph).
Winner's average speed over 3000 cc (Nazzaro): 65.4 km/h (40.6 mph).
Winner's average speed 3000 cc (Cattaneo): 63.0 km/h (39.2 mph).
Winner's average speed 2000 cc (Meregalli): 61.6 km/h (38.3 mph).
Winner's average speed 1500 cc (Giannotti): 58.0 km/h (36.1 mph).
Winner's average speed 1350 cc (Morandi): in 53.4 km/h (33.2 mph).
Weather: overcast, dry.
In retrospect:
The protest of Brilli-Peri was reported on 28 July in Gazzetta dello Sport: As was well known after the Mugello race, Gastone Brilli-Peri filed a protest against the winner of the race, Alfieri Maserati, who was accused of having refilled at a refueling depot not his own with a wheel that he fitted to his car in place of a previously deflated one. The sports commissioners of the Florence Automobile Club, after having investigated the truthfulness of the fact of which Maserati was accused, have now made their resolution for which the irregularity of refueling was admitted, and Maserati was fined 2000 Lire while he remained winner of the race.

The available reports failed to mention intermediate times and the reasons for many retirements. The final result times from fifth place down to 20th position differed often between the sources. We believe to have selected the correct times for this report.

Primary sources researched for this article:
Allgemeine Automobil-Zeitung, Berlin
Allgemeine Automobil-Zeitung, Wien
La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milano
La Nazione, Firenze
La Stampa, Torino
La Stampa Sportiva, Torino
L'AUTO, Paris
Special thanks to:
Alessandro Silva
Giuseppe Prisco
Markus Neugebauer


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