Even with lots of work still do be done this list have reached a state where it must be considered one of the most complete and accurate ever assembled on the subject. This has only been possible due to the tremendous help from people all over the world, each of them experts of their local drivers and events.
Short biographies of drivers with BLUE background, will come up in due time. If you have any information about any driver with GREEN background, please contact me!

Mario Dafarra (I)
From Vigevano, Pavia.
1929: DNA Alessandria GP / 4 Camaiore Cup
1930: 7 Alessandria GP / 4 (rep) Monza GP
1931: DNF (heat) Monza GP


Antonio (Antonino) "Nino" D'Agata (I)
* 2 Apr 1905
† 11 Nov 1989
Sicilian driver from Catania, he never raced in Italy north of Reggio Calabria, on the opposite shore of the Messina Straight from Sicily. There he placed third driving an OM in the 1930 race. Inevitably a specialist of the Targa Florio and of the Giro di Sicilia, he drove OMs, Maseratis and Alfa Romeos, whereas, after WWII, he drove a Fiat 1100 in 1948 and a Lancia Aprilia touring car in the 1949 and 1950 editions. D'Agata is nonetheless found racing in the famous 1938 Christmas race at l'Asmara (Eritrea) where he placed second in a 2.6L Alfa Romeo, a feat not recorded by Alfa Monza guru Simon Moore.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1926: DNF Coppa Etna (1500cc)
1928: 6 Coppa Messina / DNF Coppa Etna
1932: DNF (heat) Rome GP
1934: DNF Targa Florio

Dagnan ( )
1932: DNA Oran GP


Jean-Claude Léon Dahetze d'Ahetze (Dahetze) (F)
* 29 Dec 1899
† 24 Oct 1977
Jean-Claude d'Ahetze was a French fashion designer. Full name was Dahetze but he changed the spelling of his surname to d’Ahetze.
(Info supplied by Reinhard Windeler)
1928: 9 Marne GP / 5 (heat) Grand Prix Bugatti / DNC European GP


Carl Börje Dahlin (S)
* 1 Jun 1909
† ?
Malmö, Skåne (Scania)
1932: DNS Finnish GP / 6 Munkkiniemenajo
1933: DNF Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / DSQ Finnish GP / DNA Lwow GP / DNF Swedish Summer GP

      d'Ajetti - SEE: Ajetti

Remo D'Alessio (I)
From Rome.
1933: 5 Targa Florio


Giovanni Dall'Olio Contri (I)
From Brescia. Builder of the C.D. voiturette car.
1925: DNF Garda Circuit (1500cc)

Van Damme ( )
1929: DNF Picardie GP


Renato Danese (I)
Born 13 Nov 1906 in Cassino, Frosinone. Lived in Rome. In 1947 he established the Nardi Danese car company with Enrico Nardi before being paid off in late 1949.
1927: 1 Tripoli GP (1100cc)
1930: DNF Coppa Ciano
1931: DNA/DNS Rome GP (2000cc) / DNA Coppa Ciano / DNA Coppa Acerbo
1932: DNA Coppa Ciano / DNA Coppa Acerbo
1934: DNF Coppa Ciano / DNF (heat) Napels GP
1935: 6 Targa Florio / DNQ Bergamo GP / DNF (heat) Turin GP


Guillaume Henri "Guy" Daniel-Lamuzière (F)
* 1 Jan 1877
† 23 Jan 1971
Saint Pierre Chérignat, Creuse, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Saint Pierre Chérignat, Creuse, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1930: 5 Dieppe (Voiturette) / DNF French GP / DNA San Sebastian GP


"Daniel" (Daniel Ernest Porthault) (F)
* 1 Nov 1911
† 22 Feb 1976
Panthéon, Paris
Emancé, Yvelines, Île-de-France
Raced in France with his own Delahaye 135 sportscar.
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)
1937: 4 Frontières GP
1938: DNA Pau GP

Guido Daolio (I)
From Guastalla, Reggio Emilia.
1926: 7 Savio Circuit (2000cc)

Darblet ( )
1929: DNF Picardie GP

      d'Arnoux - SEE: Arnoux

Pierre Darroman / D'Arroman (F)
Amilcar driver from Bordeaux.
1929: 1 Comminges GP (1100cc)

Edgard Marie da Silva Ramos (F/BR)
* 8 May 1890
† 18 Sep 1945
Paris 16e
Paris 16e
Father to F1 driver Hermando "Nano" da Silva Ramos (Gordini 1955-56).
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1928: 6 (heat) Grand Prix Bugatti


Oldemar da Silva Ramos (BR)
1939: DNF Circuito de Gávea
1940: DNF Circuito de Gávea
1941: 7 Rio de Janeiro GP / 2 Buenos Aires GP


Christian Célestin Joseph Dauvergne (F)
* 28 Nov 1890
† 30 Apr 1954
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)
1924: 13 Targa Florio (4500cc)
1925: DNF Targa Florio
1929: 3 Antibes GP / DNF Monaco GP

      d'Avanzo - SEE: Avanzo

Georges David (F)
1933: 5 Frontières GP

Hector David (F)
Salmson driver from Bordeaux.
1926: DNF Provence GP (heat)
1929: DNA Comminges (Voiturette)
1930: 3 Comminges (Voiturette)


Sydney Charles Houghton "Sammy" Davis (GB)
* 9 Jan 1887
† 9 Jan 1981
South Kensington, London
Guildford, Surrey
1927: DNF* British GP

      de Alzaga - SEE: Alsaga

      de Avellar - SEE: Avellar

Bartolomeo "Meo" De Bernardinis (I)
From Avezzano, L'Aquila.
1925: DNA Savio Circuit (1500cc) / DNC Coppa Acerbo (1500cc)
1928: DNA Mugello Circuit / DNF Rome GP / DNA Coppa Acerbo
1930: DNA Coppa Acerbo

Domenico De Bernardinis (I)
Not in the official list of licensed Italian racing drivers.
1924: DNA Coppa Acerbo (1500cc)

      de Bejarry - SEE: Bejarry

      de Belleroche - SEE: Belleroche

      de Berck - SEE: Berck

      de Bernardis - SEE: Bernardis

      de Bondeli - SEE: Bondeli

      de Brémond - SEE: Brémond

      de Buck - SEE: Buck

      de Burnay - SEE: Burnay

Decapitani (I)
Not in the official list of licensed Italian racing drivers.
1935: DNA Cosenza GP


Jean Louis Decaroli (F)
* 3 Feb 1899
† 5 May 1968
Voiturette driver who begun racing Salmson 1100cc cars in the late 20s. In 1930 he bought two new cars and begun racing regularly with some success, winning the Voiturette class at the 1931 Coppa Acerbo and the 1932 Prix Royale in Rome. Changed to a Bugatti T37A for the 1933 and 1934 season. Crashed in Brno 1933, the car was rebuilt as a single seater. Decaroli retiring from racing after the 1934 season and was associated with a prioject to build a Voiturette car named "Rocatti", a project that came to nothing.
1929: 14 Coppa Ciano / 7 (heat) Monza GP
1930: DNA Saint Raphaël GP / ? Alessandria GP / 3 Comminges (1100cc) / DNF Monza (1100cc)
1931: 2 (heat) Rome GP (1100cc) / DNA German GP (1100cc) / 1 Coppa Acerbo (1100c) / DNF Monza GP (1100cc)
1932: 1 Rome GP (Cyclecar) / 1 GP de l´U.M.F. (1100cc)
1933: DNA AVUS (Voiturette) / DNAEifel (Voiturette) / DNA Albi (Voiturette) / DNF Czech (Voiturette)
1934: 1 Picardie (Voiturette) / DNS Eifel (Voiturette) / DNA Albi (Voiturette)
1938: DNF Rio de Janeiro GP
1939: DNF Picardie (Voiturette)

      de Ceilleux - SEE: Ceilleux

      de Chanaz - SEE: Chanaz

      de Coucy - SEE: de Coucy

      de Faucamberge - SEE: Faucamberge

Ferruccio De Franceschi (I)
Not in the official list of licensed Italian racing drivers.
1927: DNA Pozzo Circuit

      de Fumel - SEE: Fumel

      de Gavardie - SEE: Gavardie

Ugo Degioanni (I)
From Torino (Turin).
1928: DNF Alessandria GP
1929: 14 Alessandria GP
1930: DNS Alessandria GP

Massimo Degiovannini / De Giovannini (I)
1925: 1 Alessandria GP (1500cc)

Ludovico De Gobbis (I)
1925: DNA Coppa Perugina (2000cc)

      de Gourmont - SEE: Gourmont

      de Graffenried - SEE: Graffenried

Gino De Grandis (I)
From Rome.
1925: DNF Rome GP (3000cc)

      de Grassin - SEE: Grassin

Carl Deilmann (D)
* 22 Apr 1894
† 12 Jan 1985
Carl's father with the same name had founded a mining company in 1888 that became a major specialist in mining technique. Carl took part in the First World War as a cavalryman and pilot in Jagdstaffel 2 and Jagdgeschwader 1 ("von Richthofen's Circus") After the war he studied mining and political science and then joined his father's company as managing director, taking over the company at his father's death in 1936. He made a name for himself internationally as a recognized expert in modern mining methods and the company has built mining facilities all over the world. He did some racing as a privateer with a NAG C4b in 1925 and an Austro Daimler ADM III in 1926-28. He finished first at the 1927 Hohensyburgrennen 1927 (Sports cars 2-3L) and second behind Stuck in 1928. In the 1929 1929 Hohensyburg Rundstrecken Prüfung he won a gold medal with his Austro Daimler. Again a gold medal at the Nürburgring ADAC Langstreckenfahrt (8 hours) in 1929.
(Info supplied by Michael Müller & Reinhard Windeler)
1925: 5 Taunus GP
1926: DNF German GP


d'Isormes ( )
1927: 11 Marne GP


Carel Henny "de Joncy" (NL)
* 2 Jun 1898
† ? Feb 1940
Sukamanah, Java
Henny de Joncy was in fact Carel Henny, a Dutchman who was born 1898 in Java, but lived in France. There he called himself Charles Henny and Charles Henny "de Joncy". He started racing in 1920, using his own name Henny. The nickname de Joncy appeared in 1921. He studied jurisprudence in Montpellier and became director of the "Congrès de Nice", a car dealership in that Mediterranian town. He died in February 1940 at the age of 41 in an aircraft accident in the Strait of Gibraltar.
(Info supplied by Reinhard Windeler and Marc Ceulemans)
1925: 6 Provence GP (1500cc) / 5 Ouverture GP
1926: DNF Provence GP (heat) 3 Italian GP (1100cc) / 8 Milan GP (1100cc)
1927: DNA Provence GP
1928: DNA Saint Raphaël / 1 Riviera Circuit (1100cc) / DNF Antibes GP / DNA Algerian GP
1929: DNF Antibes GP (1100cc) / DNA Riviera Circuit (1100cc)
1930: DNF Saint Raphaël (Voiturette)

      Delangle - SEE: "Hellé-Nice"

René Delaplace (F)
Sports car driver. T.A.M. car factory driver.
1927: 8 Marne GP
1928: DNF Marne GP
1929: DNA Frontieres GP (Voiturette)

      de la Riva - SEE: Oliveras de la Riva


Georges Delaroche (F)
* 12 Jan 1902
† 9 Nov 1968
Le Mans
Le Mans
Lived in Dieppe.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1928: 7 Marne GP
1930: DNF Dieppe (2000cc) / DNF French GP

Raphaël Emile Marcel de la Rochette (F)
* 18 Feb 1885
† ?
Troyes, Aube
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1929: DNF Lyon GP (1100cc)
1932: 2 Provence Trophy (Cyclecar)

      de las Casas - SEE: "Raph"

Charles Delbos (F)
From Dieppe.
1929: 2 Dieppe GP (Voiturette)
1930: DNF Marne (Voiturette) / 3 Dieppe GP (Voiturette)

      del Drago - SEE: Drago

      d'Elern - SEE: Elern


Jean de l'Espée (F)
From Guéthary (Pyrénées-Atlantiques). Bought a Bugatti T35C (#4928) in May 1929.
1924: DNA San Sebastian GP
1929: 3 Dieppe GP / DNA San Sebastian GP / DNF Comminges GP (2000cc) / 2 La Baule GP
1930: DNF Oran GP / 5 French GP / DNF San Sebastian GP

Charles Delfosse né Ducornet (F)
* 22 Dec 1894
† 29 Jul 1993
Hordain, Nord
Maizy, Aisne
Builder of the Delfosse cars from 1921 to 1927 at Cambrai and later at Valenciennes in Northern France.
      Website (external link)
(Info supplied by Franck Méneret)
1926: DNA Marne GP (1500cc)


Ernst von Delius (D)
* 29 Mar 1912
† 26 Jul 1937
Pleassa, Elbe-Elster, Brandenburg
Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Ernst von Delius was born 29. March 1912 in Plessa at the Elster River, north of Dresden, in Saxony,. His father gave him a 125cc motorcycle, which he used driving to school. When 19, after finishing school, his father gifted him a 750 BMW sports car which Delius entered at the August 1932 Avusrennen, finishing sixth in his class. The following year he raced with the modified 750 BMW at several events. mainly at hill climbs, with great success. In 1933 Delius drove for the BMW works team with a 1200 touring car at the 2000 km-Deutschland-Tour, winning a gold medal. Still with BMW in 1934, he again won the gold medal at the 2000-km-tour and the Alpine-Cup at the International Alpine Tour. At the 1934 Eifelrennen Delius drove one of the three 1500 Zoller 2-stroke cars and retired after half the race with a broken fuel line. For BMW he drove one of their new two-L sports cars at the 1935 Eifelrennen, winning his class in new record time.
      In the fall of 1935 Delius was hired for 1936 as junior driver in the Auto Union works team. At the Monaco Grand Prix in April, as reserve driver he crashed during practice on received light head injuries hospital. He made hios race debut for the team at Penya Rhin finishing fourth. His best GP result of the year was second place at Coppa Acerbo and at the Schauinsland hill climb he finished second only two seconds slower than Rosemeyer.   In January 1937 he won the Grosvenor GP handicap race as he had a better handicap than Rosemeyer. At the Avusrennen he came second, only two seconds behind Lang's Mercedes.
      But after an accident during pre-test one week before the Eifelrennen, when a bird had flown into Delius goggles, his driving condition was not the same. He said time and again that he wanted to stop auto racing. At the German Grand Prix Delius crashed with Seaman's Mercedes near Antoniusbuche. He was rushed to the Adenau hospital and when his condition worsened on the evening, he was transported to the Bonn hospital where he died during the transport or in the morning. His grave is at Waldfriedhof, Berlin-Dahlem only a few meters from Rosemeyer's grave.
1933: 10 AVUS (Voiturette) / ? Eifel (Cyclecar)
1934: DNF AVUS (Voiturette) / DNF Eifel (Voiturette)
1935: DNF Eifel (Voiturette) / DNF* German GP
1936: DNS Monaco GP / 4 Penya Rhin GP / 9 Eifel GP / 5* Hungarian GP / 6 German GP / 2 Coppa Acerbo /
          5* Swiss GP / 3 Italian GP
1937: DNF South African GP (handicap) / 1 Grosvenor GP (handicap) / 3 Tripoli GP / 2 AVUS GP / 10 Eifel GP /
          4 Vanderbilt Cup / DNF German GP

Luigi Corrado "Gino" Della Chà (I)
From Turin
1925: 10 Alessandria GP / DNA Savio Circuit / DNA Coppa Montenero

      della Chiesa - SEE: Chiesa

      della Porta - SEE: Porta

Carlo Alberto Dell'Orto (I)
From Como.
1934: DNF* Nice GP


André "Delmo" Delom (F)
From Nice. Used the pseudonym "Delmo". Also listed as Louis Delmo (possibly but unlikely a brother). He was supervising the stowing of his car on the ship for the trip to the Algerian GP, when he slipped and fell seven meters to the bottom of the hold, badly injuring himself.
1934: DNF (heat) Bordino GP / DNF Picardie GP / DNF Penya Rhin GP / DNF Vichy GP / DNF Albi GP /
          DNF Nice GP / DNF Comminges GP DNA Alger GP

Henri Louis Delommez (F)
* 7 Sep 1894
† 7 May 1970
Seclin, Nord
Fréjus, Var, Alpes-Côte d'Azur
From Seclin near Lille.
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1930: DNF Picardie (Voiturette) / 4 Dieppe (Voiturette)
1932: DNF Picardie GP (Voiturette)


Jean Delorme (F)
Private voiturette racer with a Bugatti T51A. Worked hard for the Independent Drivers Association "U.S.A." he had founded together with Mme. Itier for better starting money for amateur drivers.
1930: DNF Comminges (1100cc)
1931: 2 Marne GP (Voiturette) / 2 Dieppe GP (Voiturette)
1932: DNF Oran GP / 5 Dieppe GP (2000cc) / DNF Comminges GP (2000cc)
1933: 9 Pau GP / DNF Picardie GP / DNA Provence Trophy / DNF Dieppe GP / 9 (2000cc) La Baule GP / 5 Albi GP
1934: 6 Picardie GP / DNF (heat) Dieppe GP
1935: 9 Pau GP / 5 Picardie GP / 8 Lorraine GP
1936: DNF Pau GP / DNA Deauville GP
1938: DNS Picardie (Voiturette) / DNA Albi (Voiturette) / 3 La Baule (Voiturette)
1939: DNF Picardie (Voiturette) / 9 Albi (Voiturette)

Deloron ( )
Raced a 2 litre Bugatti (T35 or T35A) in 1926.
1926: 7 Marne GP

Lorenzo Delpino (I)
* 4 Sep 1899
† ?
Genova (Genoa)
Worked as an important FIAT concessionary in Genoa.
1929: DNA Alessandria GP
1934: 8 (heat) Bordino GP
1937: 4 Genua GP

Luigi del Re (I)
Garage owner from La Spezia and builder of Specials.
1926: 4 Pozzo Circuit (1100cc) / DNA Alessandria GP (1100cc)
1931: DNA/DNS Alessandria GP (1100cc) / 5 (heat) Rome GP (1100cc) DNA Coppa Ciano (1100cc) /
          DNF Coppa Acerbo (1100c)
1932: DNF Rome GP (Cyclecar) / 4 Coppa Ciano (Cyclecar)

Delrue ( )
1932: DNF Picardie GP


René Henri Abel Dély (F)
* 10 Aug 1888
† 29 May 1935
Saint-Martin-Boulogne, Pas-de-Calais
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1926: DNS Boulogne GP

Fernand Delzaert (B)
From Bruxelles.
1930: DNA European (Belgian) GP

      "de Marcellus" - SEE: "Marcellus"

      "de Maris" - SEE: "Maris"

      "de Marguenat" - SEE: "Marguenat"

      de Marotte - SEE: Marotte

      de Martis - SEE: Martis

      de Maureix - SEE: Maureix


Lucien Désiré Léon Demazel (F)
* 17 Apr 1894
† 18 Apr 1980
Paris 10e
Fabas, Ariège
Early French aviator (license #884, 25 May 1912). Builder of airplanes at Issy-les-Moulineux. Long-time Bordeaux resident. Raced Salmson cars for the Bodeaux Salmson concessionaire. Died in a retirement home at Sabarat, Ariège 1980.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1932: DNF Comminges GP (Voiturette)

Antonio "Nello" De Meo (I)
1928: DNF Coppa Messina / 11 Coppa Etna


Patrick Lane Densham (GB)
* 30 Mar 1895
† 21 Jun 1984
Croydon, Surrey
Chelsea, London
Densham was born in Croydon, Surrey 1895, son of a tea merchant He served with the HAC and other artillery units in the 1st World War. Lived in London and married Victoria Yates in 1920, was divorced in 1924 but re-married her in 1944. Listed as a motor business amn he lived in South Kensington in the 1930s. Took part in the 2nd World War as 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Regiment of Artillery. Lived at Edith Growe, Chelsea, after the war where he died in 1984.
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington and Graham Clayton)
1926: DNF JCC 200
1927: DNF JCC 200

      de Meslon - SEE: Meslon

      de Montbressieux - SEE: "Raph"


"Deo" (Amedeo Chiribiri) (I)
* 25 Dec 1897
† 6 Oct 1938
Venezia (Venice)
Torino (Turin)
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1924: DNF Garda Circuit (1500cc)
1926: DNF Garda Circuit (1500cc)

      de Oliveira - SEE: Oliveira

Nino De Paoli (I)
1924: 3 Garda Circuit (1100cc)

      de Paolo - SEE: Paolo

      de Peignon - SEE: Peignon

Deperi ( )
1931: DNA French GP

      de Praez - SEE: Praez

Mme. Marie Caroline Renée Depret née Bohomoletz (F)
* 3 Jun 1899
† ?
Sports car driver.
1929: 1 Burgundy GP (sports)


Mme. Marie Lénoie "Albertine" Derancourt (Ponchon née Leroy) (F)
* 12 Jan 1887
† 10 Mar 1966
Saint-Quentin, Aisne
Langon, Gironde
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1927: 4 ACF Free For All / DNA Marne GP
1928: 5 (heat) Grand Prix Bugatti
1929: 13 Burgundy GP (sports) / 7 Lyon GP / 7 Marne GP


Jacques "Giacomo" De Rham (CH)
* 18 Mar 1909
† 3 Nov 1986
Villar-sur-Rolland, Lausanne
Doganella, Grosseto
Swiss private Maserati driver living in Italy. Had an Italian racing licence.
1936: DNF Milan GP / DNF Swiss GP / DNF Lucca GP / DNS Italian GP / DNF Modena GP
1937: DNA Napels GP / DNF* Milan GP

      de Rothschild - SEE: "Philippe"

      de Rovin - SEE: Rovin

Deruy ( )
1929: 2 (heat) Riviera Circuit (sports)

      de Saugé - SEE: Saugé

Yves Desbois ( )
Works Rosengart 750cc driver. (That was an Austin 7 built under licence).
1930: DNF Comminges (1100cc)
1932: ? La Baule GP

      de Ségovia - SEE: Ségovia

      de Sota - SEE: Sota

Desoutter ( )
1928: DNF Marne GP

      de Souza - SEE: Souza

      de Sterlich - SEE: Sterlich

      de Stigliano - SEE: Stigliano

      Destrez - SEE: d'Estrez de Sauge


Lucien Louis Charles Desvaux (F)
* 2 Dec 1894
† 26 Apr 1959
Montrouge, Seine
Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, Val-de-Marne
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva & André Reine)
1927: DNF Sporting Commission Cup
1929: 2 Algerian GP (1100cc)
1933: 3 Picardie (Voiturette)
1934: DNA Picardie (Voiturette)

      de Sztriha - SEE: Sztriha

      de Teffé - SEE: Teffé

      de Texidor - SEE: Texidor

      de Tudert - SEE: Tudert


Louis Pierre Devaud (F)
* 17 Jun 1893
† 16 Sep 1943.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1929: DNF Burgundy GP (1100cc)
1931: 4 Marne GP (Voiturette)
1932: DNA Oran GP (Cyclecar) / 9 La Baule GP


Cyrille Duchene Devere (F)
* 4 Jan 1881
† 30 Sep 1964
Vilvorde, Brabant flamand, Belgium
Paris 16e
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1929: DNF Burgundy GP

"Sim Devil" ( )
1931: DNA Dieppe GP / DNF La Baule GP
1932: DNF Torvilliers Circuit / DNA Comminges GP (2000cc) / 2 GP de l´U.M.F. (1500cc)
1933: 3 GP de l´U.M.F.
1934: ? GP de l´U.M.F.

      de Villapadierna - SEE: Villapadierna

      de Vitis - SEE: Vitis

      de Vizcaya - SEE: Vizcaya

Devos ( )
Possibly Desvaux or Devaud?
1928: DNF Marne GP

      d'Havrincourt - SEE: Havrincourt

Di Castro (I)
Not in the official list of licensed Italian racing drivers.
1932: DNA Targa Florio

Louis Didier (F)
Died in September 1925 in a road accident near Valence.
1925: 1 Provence GP (1100cc)


Friedrich Dilthey (D)
* 16 Mar 1906
† 16 May 1964.
Rheydt, Mönchengladbach
Rheydt, Mönchengladbach
Raced small capacity cars from the early 1930s well into the the 1950s.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1931: DNF Eifel GP
1932: DNF Eifel GP (Voiturette)

Luigi Di Marco (I)
From Naro, Sicily.
1925: DNF Tripoli GP (2000cc)

Dini ( )
Not in the official list of licensed Italian racing drivers.
1930: DNA Monza (1100cc)


Heinz Dipper (D)
Held a private German Maserati team (Suddeutsche Renngemainschaft) with Joa.
1939: 7 Tripoli (Voiturette) / 12 Eifel GP / DNF Frontières GP / DNA Picardie (Voiturette) / 3 French GP (Voiturette) /
          4 Albi (Voiturette) / DNA German GP / DNA Coppa Ciano junior (Voiturette) /
          DNA Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette) / DNA Swiss GP (Voiturette)


Guido D'Ippolito (I)
* 14 Sep 1892
† 8 Oct 1933.
Nicastro, Galabria
Grumo Appula, Bari
Racing a Scuderia Ferrari-entered Alfa Romeo 8C 2600MM with Severi at the Principessa de Piemonte road race Severi crashed the car when trying to avoid a horse carriage. Passenger D'Ippolito hit his head against the carrage and died immediately while Severi escaped unhurt.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1930: 9 Targa Florio
1931: 5 Targa Florio / 7 Coppa Ciano
1932: 3* Mille Miglia (sports car) / DNF Targa Florio / 3 Coppa Messina (sports car) / 2* Spa 10h (sports car) /
          2 Circuito di Avellino (sports car) / 8 Coppa Ciano

Bruno Di Stefano (I)
From Florence.
1929: DNF Mugello Circuit (1100cc)

Carlo Di Vecchio (I)
From Lucca.
1929: DNA Cremona Circuit (1100cc)
1930: DNF Coppa Ciano
1931: 8 Alessandria GP / DNF* Italian GP / 2 (heat) Rome GP / DNF Coppa Ciano / DNA Monza GP (2000cc)

      di Villamarina - SEE: Villamarina

      di Villarosa - SEE: Villarosa


Karel "Tunal" Divišek (CS)
* 6 Aug 1902
† 24 Oct 1956
Universal sportsman, athlete (running, boxing), pilot and racing driver. He was a pioneer of diving (probably the first Czech diver) and speleology research. He was owner of a driving school in Brno where he used Z cars (Zbrojovka Brno, an arms factory with car production 1925 - 1936) and gradually started participate in car races with Z specials, but sometimes also with a Bugatti. He alos bought a small aeroplane taking part in air races. After WWII his driving school was nationalized and he worked instead as custodian in the cave system of Punkva river (north of Brno), which he had helped to discover.
(Info supplied by Jiri Mewald)
1930: 3*/DNS Czech (Voiturette)


Albert Eugène Divo (F)
* 24 Jan 1895
† 19 Sep 1966
Belleville, Paris
Morsang sur Orge, Évry
Winner of several Grands Prix and very experienced French driver, raced since 1919 Talbot, Talbot-Darracq, Sunbeam, Delage and Bugatti. Divo, a feared competitor, twice won the Targa Florio but was now past his peak. In 1931, he drove for Automobiles Ettore Bugatti and was teamed up with Bouriat for the championship races. Died of cerebral infarction in 1966.
1924: 2 European GP / 4 San Sebastian GP
1925: DNF European GP / 1* French GP / DNA Italian GP / 1* San Sebastian GP
1926: DNS Rome GP / DNF Targa Florio (2000cc) / DNA French GP / DNA European GP / DNF British GP /
          DNA Boulogne GP / DNA Italian GP / 2 JCC 200 / 1 GP du Salon
1927: DNS Ouverture GP / DNS Provence GP (1500cc) / 1 ACF Free For All / DNF French GP/
          DNA San Sebastian GP / DNA Spanish GP / 3 British GP
1928: 1 Targa Florio / DNF San Sebastian GP
1929: 1 Targa Florio / 2 Rome GP (2000cc) / 4 French GP
1930: 7* Targa Florio / 3 European (Belgian) GP / DNA French GP
1931:DNF Monaco GP / 3* Italian GP / 7* French GP / DNF* Belgian GP / DNS German GP
1932: 9 Monaco GP / DNF AVUS GP / 6* Italian GP / DNF French GP / DNS German GP
1933: DNA French GP / DNS Spanish GP


Frederick William "Freddie" Dixon (GB)
* 21 Apr 1892
† 5 Nov 1956
Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Durham
Reigate, Surrey
Born in Stockton-on-Tees but later moved to Middlesbrough in Yorkshire. Freddie Dixon started his career on motor cycles but later turned to car racing. He was known as a smart engineer and entrepreneur and became famous for his expertise in tuning Rileys. He took one of these to victory at the 1934 BDRC 500 Mile handicap race at Brooklands. He was third at Le Mans that year with Cyril Paul. In 1935 he won the RAC T.T. at Ards and headed a triple Riley victory at the British Empire Trophy at Brooklands. In 1936 h e won winning the T.T. for a second time and also the Brooklands 500 Miles Race. After the war Dixon worked on the Ferguson transmission system.
1933: 1 Mannin Beg (Voiturette) / DNS Donington Park Trophy
1934: 1 BRDC 500 Miles (Handicap) / DNF Mannin Beg (Voturette) / DNF Mannin Moar / 6 Donington Trophy /
          DNF Mountain
1935: 1 Empire trophy (Handicap) / 1 RAC Tourist Trophy (sports car handicap)
1936: DNS Isle of Man (Voiturette) / 1* RAC Tourist Trophy (sports car handicap) / 1* BRDC 500 Miles (Handicap)
1937: DNA Coronation Trophy (Voiturette)


Prince Dimitri Aleksandrovich Djordjadze/Jorjadze (RU)
* 26 oct 1898
† 26 Och 1985
Signagi, Georgia, Russia
Georgian nobleman, hotel executive and race car driver. Winner of the 1931 Spa 24h sports car race.
1928: 2 Saint Raphaël / DNA Antibes GP
1931: DNA Comminges GP


Hector George Edmund Dobbs, Lieutenant R.N. (GB)
* 13 May 1905
† 3 May 1968
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Southampton, Hampshire
Royal Navy officer. Dobbs was originally a racing motor cyclist of some note. He won the Amateur TT race on the Isle of Man in 1925. After leaving the Royal Navy, Dobbs developed his Riley racers at premises - Hedge End Motors. He started racing his Riley powered cars in 1933 at Brooklands. His first major international race was the 1935 Donington GP and in the following year he entered his Riley in the Junior Car Club 250 mile International Trophy race at Brooklands where he finished 3rd behind Bira and Mays in their ERAs. He also finished in 4th place behind 3 ERAs in the 1936 Nuffield Trophy race at Donington Park. He took a Riley sportscar to Montlhery for the 1936 Grand Prix de l'ACF but was unplaced. In 1937 he was invited to drive with "Bira" in Prince Chula's 3.5 litre Delahaye in the Donington Park International 12-hour sportscar race - his last race and his biggest win.
(Info supplied by Anthony J Taylor / Adam Ferrington)
1933: DNS Empire Trophy
1935: NC* Donington GP
1936: DNF* Donington GP
1937: 1* Donington 12 Hours (sports car)


Arthur Charles Dobson (GB)
* 6 Aug 1914
† 12 Mar 1980
Lodsworth, West Sussex
Battersea, London
ERA Voiturette driver. Not to be confused with his brother Austin Dobson. Raced an private ERA early in the 1937 season, soon becoming ERA works driver. Raced the troublesome ERA-E during the 1939 season.
1935: DNS Mannin Moar
1936: DNF (heat) Picardie (Voiturette) / DNF* JCC 200 (Voiturette) / 10* Donington GP / 7 Mountain
1937: 2 Coronation Trophy (Voiturette) / DNF Campbell Trophy / 7 Isle of Man (Voiturette) /
          1 Swiss GP (Voiturette) / 1 JCC 200 GP / DNA Dublin (Voiturette) / NC Donington GP / DNA Mountain
1938: 2 Cork (Voiturette) / 2 Campbell Trophy / DNF JCC 200 (Voiturette + GP) /
          DNF Milan (Voiturette) / 3 Modena (Voiturette) / 2 Siam Challenge (Voiturette) / 3 Mountain / 6 Donington GP
1939: 1 Brooklands Road Championship / DNS Nuffield Trophy (Voiturette) / DNS French GP (Voiturette) /
          DNFAlbi (Voiturette)


Austin Dobson (GB)
* 19 Aug 1912
† 13 Mar 1963
Lodsworth, West Sussex
Cuckfield, Sussex
Maserati and Alfa Romeo Tipo B Grand Prix driver. Not to be confused with his brother Arthur Dobson. Bought three Maserati 6CM cars in 1937. That year he also raced a ex-Ferrari Alfa Romeo Bi-motore at Brooklands. Next year he sold that car to Peter Aitken.
1934: DNF Donington Trophy
1935: 5 Mannin Moar / DNF Donington GP
1936: DNA Frontières GP / 6 Hungarian GP / DNF Deauville GP / DNF Coppa Acerbo / DNF JCC 200 /
          6 Donington GP / 11 Mountain
1937: DNA Coronation Trophy (Voiturette) / DNF Campbell Trophy / 8 Isle of Man (Voiturette) /
          DNF JCC 200 GP / DNF Dublin (Voiturette) / DNF Mountain


Charles Joseph Pearson "Charlie" Dodson (GB)
* 6 Dec 1901
† 26 Sep 1983
Didsbury, Manchester
Sidcup, Kent
Son of a barrister. Successful motorcycle rider in 1925-1934 (Sunbeam, Excelsior, New Imperial). Winner of the amateur class at the Isle of Man TT in 1928 and 1929 (Sunbeam 500). In the 1930s he raced MG, Austin (factory driver) and Maserati. Won the Tourist Trophy in 1934 and 1936. After WW2 in 1949 he raced a Jaguar sports car at Silverstone.
(Info supplied by Andrzej Jakubaszek, Granville Dodson & Adam Ferrington)
1934: 2 Mannin Beg (Voturette) / 2 Mannin Moar / 1 RAC Tourist Trophy (sports car handicap)
1936: NC Isle of Man (Voiturette) / 1* RAC Tourist Trophy (sports car handicap) / 5 Mountain
1937 : DNF Campbell Trophy / DNA Isle of Man (Voiturette)
1938: 1 British Empire Trophy (Handicap)
1939: 5 Nuffield Trophy (Voiturette)


Louis Dollfus (F)
* 10 May 1901
† 6 Apr 1977
Paris 16e
Rocles, Allier
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1926: 11 Marne GP (1500cc)

Domenici ( )
1932: 10 Oran GP / 8 Casablanca GP
1933: 10 Dieppe GP


Karl Ernest Donajowski "Kaye Don" (GB)
* 10 Apr 1892
† 29 Aug 1981
Dublin, Ireland.
Chobham Surrey
Kaye Don started as a motorcycle driver in 1912. Afther having spent WWI at the Royal Flyng Corps, flying i.a. RE8's as artillery observer, he returned to motor cycle racing in 1919 but turned to car racing in 1921, taking several international records at Brooklands with an A.C. Won the President's Gold Cup in 1923. In 1925-26 he was victorious with a Wolseley Viper at Brooklands. Won the Founder's Cup and the Gold Star in 1927 with a 2 litre Sunbeam. Next year he won the Gold Star anew with a 4 litre Sunbeam "Tiger" and was also the winner of the 1928 Tourist Trophy and President's Gold Cup with a Lea-Francis. In 1928 he had three ex-works Sunbeams to his disposal known as "Cub", "Tiger" and "Tigress". and sat many class records on Brooklands with the cars during 1928 to 1930. 1931 he had a new Bugatti 4.9L know as Tiger 2. After Sir Henry Segrave's death Don took over the motorboat "Miss England II" breaking two water speed records. Disappeared from racing as he served a 4? month jail sentence 1934 after crashing on the Isle of Man while testing his M.G. on a public road before the race, killing his passenger Francis Tayler. Was back once more to race in Donington 1936. Died in Chobham, Surrey 1981. Buried at Jericho, Oxford.
(Info supplied by Rudiger de Jonghe & Adam Ferrington)
1926: DNF JCC 200
1931: DNA French GP
1932: DNA French GP
1933: DNA AVUS GP / 2 Empire Trophy / DNF Mannin Beg (Voiturette) / 4 Mannin Moar
1934: DNS Mannin Beg (Voturette)
1936: 15* Donington GP


Peter Langloh Donkin (GB)
* 19 Jun 1913
† 12 Jun 2000
Invercargill, New Zealand
Orange, Australia
Finished 11th with an Aston Martin at the 1935 Le Mans 24h race.
1934: DNF Mannin Beg (Voiturette)


Capitaine Michel Doré (F)
* 23 Jan 1892
† 4 Feb 1945
Abbeville, Somme
Abbeville, Somme
Aviation mechanic. During the first world war pilot at escadrille n°2 de Verdun. After the war he opened a car dealership in Abbeville. He started racing in 1923. In 1926 he suffered a fracture at the base of the skull after a serious crash while practicing. He took part in the 1925 and 1927-29 Le Mans 24h races.
1926: DNA European GP / DNA Spanish GP / DNA Boulogne GP (1100cc) / DNA Italian GP
1927: 2 Sporting Commission Cup / 2 Marne GP
1928: DNA Antibes GP / ? (heat) Grand Prix Bugatti / DNA Marne GP / DNA San Sebastian GP
1929: DNC Monaco GP / DNF Burgundy GP (Voiturette) / DNF Tunis GP (Voiturette)
1930: 5 Monaco GP / 1 Oran (Voiturette) / DNA Lyon (Voiturette) / 1 Marne (Voiturette) /
          DNF European (Belgian) GP / DNA Dieppe (Voiturette) / 1 Dauphiné (Voiturette) /
          1 Comminges (Voiturette) / DNF Czech (Voiturette)
1931: DNF Marne GP / DNF Dauphiné Circuit / DNA Comminges GP / DNA Brignoles GP

      dos Santos - SEE: Santos

Henri Doublet (F)
1928: DNF Marne GP
1929: DNF Dieppe GP (1100cc)
1930: DNF Picardie (1100cc)
1932: 1 Circuit de l'Aisne (sports 1500cc) / DNA Picardie GP (Voiturette

Jack Douglas (GB)
Brooklands driver.
1926: DSQ Boulogne GP / 6 JCC 200

Daniel Dourel (F)
Same person as Emile Dourel.
1931: DNF Coppa Acerbo (1100c)
1932: DNA Nice GP (1100cc) / DNS Antibes GP (Voiturette)


Emile Dourel (F)
Amilcar driver from Mazamet.
1928: DNF Tunis GP ?
1929: DNA Comminges GP (1100cc)
1930: 2 Comminges (1100cc) / 5 Monza (1100cc)
1931: 8 Tunis GP (Voiturette) / DNF Casablanca GP (Voiturette)??? / DNA Vaucluse Circuit / 6 Monza GP (1100cc)
1932: DNA German GP (Voiturette) / 2 Comminges GP (Voiturette)
1933: 8 Penya Rhin GP / DNC Coppa Ciano (Voiturette 1100cc) / 6 Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette 1100cc) / DNF Albi (Voiturette)


Rodolfo dei Principi del Drago (I)
* 21 Jun 1900
† 6 Nov 1946
Roma (Rome)
Zürich, Switzerland
Prince of Anturi.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1924: DNF Coppa Acerbo (1100cc)
1926: DNA Coppa Peruginaa (1500cc)
1930: DNF Coppa Acerbo
1931: DNA/DNS Rome GP / DNA Coppa Acerbo


René Albert Dreyfus (F)
* 6 May 1905
† 16 Aug 1993
New York, USA
Dreyfus was the son of a wealthy linen merchant. He started racing a Mathis in 1925 and then moved up to a Bugatti Brescia and later a T35B. He joined Ecure Friderich and finished 8th in the 1928 Targa Florio and took his first major victory at Dieppe in 1929. Finishing 5th in Monaco that year he was back in 1930 and took a surprice victory, the Ecure Friderich Bugatti being equipped with a extra fuel tank enabling Dreyfus to do a non-stop race. Dreyfus was works driver for Maserati in 1931-32 without much success and he joined the Bugatti works team in 1933 taking 3rd places at the Belgian and Monaco GPs. In 1934 he was 3rd behind the Alfas at Monaco, 3rd behind the Auto Unions in the Swiss GP and won the Belgian GP after the German teams had withdrawn. In 1935 he got married and joined Scuderia Ferrari winning the Marne and Dieppe GPs and finishing 2nd at the Italian GP. In 1937 he signed for Delahaye racing sports cars and raced a Maserati in Voiturette racing winning at Tripoli and Florence. On 27 August Dreyfus won the "million" at Montlhéry for Delahaye. Dreyfus started 1938 in grand style winning at Pau in front of the Mercedes cars, Dreyfus' Jewish name of course preventing him from any chance to ever join a German team. He was also victories at the Cork GP that year. He joined the French army in 1939 but went on leave to USA to finish 10th at Indianapolis. With the fall of France he remained in USA joined the US army in 1942. In 1945 he opened an restaurant but he sold it in 1952 and moved back to France. He was back in USA a year later and opened an other restaurant, "Le Chanteclair", at 18 East 49th street New York. He died of heart failure in New York 1993.

Click here for more about Monaco 30, "Million", Pau 38 and Indy.
1928: 3 Riviera Circuit / 3 Antibes GP / 8 Targa Florio
1929: DNF Antibes GP (Voiturette) / 1 Riviera Circuit (Voiturette) / 5 Monaco GP / DNF Lyon GP (Voiturette) /
          1 Dieppe GP / 4 San Sebastian GP / DNA Comminges GP / 3 Tunis GP
1930: 1 Saint Raphaël GP / 1 Monaco GP / DNF Oran GP / DNF Lyon GP / 1 Marne GP / 3 Dieppe (2000cc) /
          DNA Dauphiné Circuit / DNF Comminges GP / DNA French GP / DNF San Sebastian GP
1931: DNF Tunis GP / DNF Monaco GP / DNF* Alessandria GP / DNF Targa Florio / 2 Rome GP / 8* French GP /
          2 Marne GP / DNF German GP / DNF Coppa Acerbo / 2 (heat)/DNF Monza GP / 1 Brignoles GP
1932: 7 Tunis GP / DNF Monaco GP / 10 Rome GP / 2 Nimes GP / DNF AVUS GP / 2 Eifel GP / 5 Italian GP /
          5 French GP / 4 German GP / 3 Nice GP / DNF Comminges GP / DNA La Baule GP / DNA Czech GP /
          DNF Antibes GP / DNF Marseille GP
1933: 4 Pau GP / 3 Monaco GP / DNA French GP / 3 Belgian GP / 2 Dieppe GP / 2 Nice GP / DNF Coppa Acerbo /
          DNF Marseille GP / DNA Italian GP / 4 Czech GP / 6 Spanish GP
1934: 3 Monaco GP / 6 Tripoli GP / DNS AVUS GP / DNF French GP / 4 Vichy GP / 1 Belgian GP / DNF Nice GP /
          3 Swiss GP / 7 Spanish GP
1935: 2 Pau GP / 2 Monaco GP / 6 Tripoli GP / 6 AVUS GP / 7 Eifel GP / 1 Marne GP / 4* Belgian GP /
          1 Dieppe GP / DNS German GP / 4 Coppa Ciano / 3 Nice GP / 7 Swiss GP / 2* Italian GP
1936: DNF Deauville GP / DNF/DNF* German GP / 3 Coppa Ciano / DNF Coppa Acerbo / DNF Swiss GP /
          4 Italian GP
1937: 2 Turin GP (Voiturette) / 14 Tripoli GP / 1 Tripoli (Voiturette) / 1 Florence GP (Voiturette) /
          2 Picardie (Voiturette) / DNA Campione D'Italia (Voiturette)
1938: 1 Pau GP / 1 Cork GP / 7 Tripoli / DNA French GP / 5 German GP / 5 Coppa Ciano / DNF Coppa Acerbo /
          8 Swiss GP / DNF La Baule (Voiturette) / DNF Donington GP
1939: DNA Pau GP / 7 French GP / 4 German GP / 8 Swiss GP

      "Dribus" - SEE: André Boillot


Leonard Patrick "Pat" Driscoll (GB)
* 5 Dec 1900
† 8 Jun 1983
Chiswick, Middlesex
Hayling Island, Hampshire
1934: 6 Mountain
1935: NC* Donington GP / 6 Mountain
1936: DNA/DNS Isle of Man (Voiturette)


Roger Ernest Edouard "Guy" Drouet (F)
* 7 Aug 1894
† 15 Apr 1985
Paris 11e
Paris 16e
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1927: 3 Marne GP
1928: DNF Algerian GP / 2 (heat)/? Grand Prix Bugatti / DNF Marne GP / 4 European GP
1929: DNA Burgundy GP


Charles Druck (B)
* 18 Jun 1900
† ?
Buenos Aires, Argentina
1929: DNF Dieppe GP (Voiturette)
1930: DNA Comminges (1100cc)
1932: 1 Circuit de l'Aisne / 3 Provence Trophy (2000cc) / DNF Nimes GP / DNF Casablanca GP /
          ? Torvilliers Circuit / 5 Picardie GP / 3 Lorraine GP (2000cc) / DNF Dieppe GP (2000cc) /
          DNF Comminges GP (2000cc) / DNF La Baule GP /
          DNA/DNS Antibes GP (Voiturette)

Dubet ( )
1928: DNA Saint Raphaël

E. Dubois (F)
1935: 6 Frontières GP / 10 Dieppe (Voiturette)


André Dubonnet (F)
* 28 Jun 1897
† 20 Jan 1980
Maule, Yvelines
Son of the founder of the Dubonnet apéritif firm. Dubonnet was a industrialist, fighter pilot, athlete, racing driver and inventor. He was a fighting pilot during World War I ending up with six aerial victories. His independent suspension was used on the Alfa Romeo P3 from 1935 onwards and he also sold the invention to General Motors. He took part in the 1928 Olympic Games at St. Moritz as captain for the French #2 five-man (sic!) bobsleigh team, finishing 15th. Winner of the 1928 Grand Prix Bugatti he was awarded a Bugatti T35C (#4865).
1924: 6 Targa Florio
1926: 1 Targa Florio (2000cc) / 3* British GP
1927: 6 Targa Florio / DNA ACF Free For All / 8 Sporting Commission Cup / 2 San Sebastian GP /
          DNF* Spanish GP / DNS French GP
1928: 1 Grand Prix Bugatti
1929: DNA French GP

      du Brusle - SEE: Brusle

Ducolombier ( )
1931: 7* Belgian GP

Gustave Henri Joseph Anicet Ducouret (F)
* 17 Apr 1897
Bussiére-Dunoise, Creuse
Paris 19e
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1932: 5 La Baule GP
1933: 11 La Baule GP


Louis Antonin Alfred Ducreux (F)
* 29 Aug 1892
† ?
Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône
Brother of Gaetaan Ducreux.
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1926: DNA Italian GP (1100cc)

Gaetaan Louis Marcel Marie Emile Ducreux (F)
* 3 Mar 1891
† ?
Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône
Brother of Alfred Ducreux.
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1926: DNS Provence GP

Duflos ( )
1929: DNF Dieppe GP (1100cc) /


Maurice Dufour (F)
French Salmson driver. Went on to race Bugattis.
1925: DNF Provence GP (1500cc)
1926: DNF Provence GP (1100cc)

Raymond Myles Beecham Duke Woolley (GB)
* 18 Aug 1916
† 10 Oct 1991
Withington, Manchester
Chichester, West Sussex
Duke-Woolley was born in Manchester in 1916 and educated at Marlborough College. He entered RAF College in 1935, and joined 23 Squadron (Hawker Demon) in 1936. The squadron changed to Bristol Blenheim in December 1938 and did convoy patrolling early in the war before becoming a night fighter unit. Duke-Woolley moved to 253rd squadron (Hurricane) at Kenley in Septenber 1940 leading the squadron from late September to November. In May 1941 he formed and took command of the 124 Squadron (Spitfire I, IIb, Vb) at Castletown until June 1942 when he became wing leader. He then held various higher commands until retired from the RAF on 30th January 1961 as a Group Captain. He was credited with seven air combat victories. He then worked for a life insurance company until his retirement. He was Yeoman Usher of Black Rod in the House of Lords from 1973 to 1979. Duke-Woolley died in 1991.
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington and Graham Clayton)
1938: ? (4* 1100cc) JCC 200 (Voiturette + GP)


George Edward Duller (GB)
* 26 Jan 1891
† 6 Aug 1962
Plaistow, London
Epsom, Surrey
Well known jockey. One of the "Bentley Boys", 2nd at JCC 200 miles Race 1924, and winner of the 1927 Montlhery 24h. Raced from 1930 to 1934 with Derby & Duesenberg at Brooklands. Died at Epsom, Surrey in 1962. (Not to be confused with his younger brother R.L. "Jack" Duller).
(Info supplied by Rudiger de Jonghe and John Edwardes)
1925: 3 Provence GP (1500cc) / 1 Ouverture GP
1926: DNF Boulogne GP (1100cc)
1927: DNF JCC 200
1933: DNA Mountain


Robert Lennard "Jack" Duller (GB)
* 14 Feb 1904
† 11 Feb 1978
Aveley, Essex
Bovey Tracey, Devon
Younger brother to George Duller. Partner in the London firm of Street & Duller who serviced Alfa-Romeo cars before WW2.
(Info supplied by Rudiger de Jonghe and John Edwardes)
1937: DNF* Campbell Trophy

Dumaury (B)
1933: DNF Frontières GP /

Maurice? Dumont (F)
Sports car driver.
1929: 2 Burgundy GP (1100cc) / DNA Lyon GP (1100cc)


Jack Lawson Dunfee (GB)
* 9 Oct 1901
† 13 Sep 1975
Putney. London
Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire
Older brother to Clive Dunfee, who had a fatal accident at the Brooklands 500 mile race in 1932 with a Bentley.
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)
1926: DNF JCC 200 (1100cc)
1931: DNF* French GP
1932: DNF Empire Trophy

Charles Gerald Hugh Dunham (GB)
* 19 Jan 1895
† 18 Feb 1962
Hitchin, Hertfordshire
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1933: DNF Empire Trophy


Emile Dupont (F)
Sports car driver.
1928: 3 Algerian GP / 5 Tunis GP
1929: DNF Algerian GP (Voiturette) / 5 Lyon GP (1100cc) / 2 Marne GP (1100cc) / DNF Tunis GP (1100cc)
1930: 1 Oran (1100cc)
1932: 8 Torvilliers Circuit (1st: 1100cc)
1935: DNA Tunis GP

      du Pouget - SEE: Pouget


John Du Puy (USA)
* 22 Mar 1914
† 1993/94?
New York
John Du Puy was an rich American who did some races before the war. Listed as 5 feet 10 inches with blue eyes, brown hair and fair complexion. His father had been President of the Pennsylvania Rubber Co, his grandfather President of Crucible Steel of Pittsburgh. Du Puy and de Graffenried formed a team driving two Maserati voiturettes, a 6CM and a 4CM. 1940 US draft has him listed as as student of Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics. After the war John rarely drove a car (i.e. lost his license). In the 1950s he lived with his wife in Lausanne Palace in Switzerland, then to USA in 1962. US Public Records Index had him listed in Reno, Nevada.
(Info supplied by Romain Heckemanns & Richard Armstrong)
1937: DNA Frontières (Voiturette) / DNF Isle of Man (Voiturette) / DNF Picardie (Voiturette) /
          9/DNF (heats) Albi (Voiturette) / DNA Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette) / 9 (heat) Swiss GP (Voiturette) /
          DNS Czech GP (Voiturette)


Henri Louis Durand (F)
* 6 Jul 1903
† 11 Jan 1969
Mazamet, Tarn
Mazamet, Tarn
Voiturette driver racing a private Bugatti T37A in the early 30s. Also took part at Angouême 1939.
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1930: DNF Comminges GP
1931: DNF Saint Raphaël GP / DNA Geneva GP (2000cc) / DNA Vaucluse Circuit / DNF Comminges GP
1932: 2 Casablanca GP (Voiturette) / DNA Comminges GP (Voiturette)
1933: DNF Provence Trophy / 3 Albi (Voiturette)
1934: 9 Eifel (Voiturette) / 3 Albi (Voiturette)
1935: DNA Lorraine GP / 3 Albi (Voiturette)
1936: DNF Monaco (Voiturette) / DNF Frontières GP / DNF Picardie (Voiturette) / DNF Albi (Voiturette)
1939: 3 Angouleme


Arthur Jules Joseph Duray (B)
* 9 Feb 1882
† 11 Feb 1954
Ixelles, Bruxelles
Paris, France
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)
1926: 2 Italian GP (1100cc) / 5 / JCC 200 (1100cc)
1927: 2c/5 Provence GP (1100cc) / 1c/4 Boulogne GP (1100cc)
1930: 4 European (Belgian) GP / DNA French (Voiturette) / DNA French GP
1931: DNS French GP


"Leon Duray" (George Gardner Stewart) (USA)
* 30 Apr 1894
† 12 May 1956
Cleveland, Ohio
San Bernardino, California
Born as George Stewart in Cleveland, Ohio in 1894, he later legally changed his name to Leon Duray in tribute to French Grand Prix river Arthur Duray.
1929: DNF (heat) Monza GP (Voiturette)
1932: DNF (heat) Monza GP

Duquenne ( )
1926: DNF Marne GP (1100cc)

Enrico Durazzo (I)
From Genova.
1926: 2 Alessandria GP (1500cc) / DNA Savio Circuit (1500cc) / 7 Coppa Perugina (1500cc)

Reinhold Dürkopp (D)
* 8 Jun 1894
† 29 Jun 1977
Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Car dealer. Chairman of the Herforder Garde-vereins, a kind of veteran organisation for the former Imperial guard.
(Info supplied by Hugo Boecker)
1926: DNA German GP (2000cc)


Piero (Ettore) Dusio (I)
* 13 Oct 1899
† 7 Nov 1975
Scurzolengo, Asti, Piemonte
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Started as a soccer player and played for Juventus until a knee injury ended his career. Started as a fabric salesman. At 27 he was owner of the biggest oilcloth manufacturing factory in Italy. Dusio was a vital and likable man for whom success had come easily. Shrewd and firm, it had not been difficult for him to stay at the top of commerce and industry, once he had made it there. Commerce above all, as his subsequent history will show. Dusio's great love was motor cars. He had been a good amateur driver in the thirties with a third at the Mille Miglia and a victory at the international Stelvio hill-climb in 1938. Grand Prix driver racing an Maserati 8CM. In 1938 he had founded a highly competitive - racing team called "Scuderia Torino" with Maserati Maserati 6CM voiturettes. Dusio liked to have his cars modified to his particular specifications. Dusio's cars acquired in this way independent Tecnauto front-suspension and SIATA radiators. Dusio, though, wanted to see his ideas realised from scratch and had started to work on a Fiat 1100 special in 1939. He had made even more money in real-estate dealings at the beginning of the war and some of it was invested in Cisitalia, founded 1943.
Note: The second name Ettore disappered very early from Dusio's documents.
1935: DNF Monaco GP / DNS Tunis GP / 6 Bergamo GP / 4 Biella GP / DNS French GP / 6 Turin GP /
          DNF Coppa Acerbo / 4 Lucca GP
1936: 8 Milan GP / 6 Italian GP / 7 Modena GP
1937: 5 Turin GP (Voiturette) / 19 Tripoli GP / 5 Tripoli (Voiturette) / DNA AVUS (Voiturette) /
          6 Florence GP (Voiturette) / DNF Milan GP / 2 San Remo (Voiturette) / DNF Lucca (Voiturette) /
          DNA Campione D'Italia (Voiturette)
1938: DNF/3* Napels (Voiturette) / DNA Coppa Ciano (Voiturette)

Paul Dutoit (GB?)
Started racing at Brooklands in 1921 and continued through the 1920s. He also became Henry Segrave's riding mechanic.
1926: DNF JCC 200 (1100cc)


Gaston Charles Duval (F)
* 23 Jul 1896
† 15 Dec 1970
Neully-sur-Seins, Haut de Seine
Nanterre, Haut de Seine
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1932: DNA Dieppe GP (2000cc)

Duyssens ( )
1933: DNA Frontières GP

Patrick Morris/Maurice "Pat" Dwyer (GB)
* 18 Aug 1903
† 23 Nov 1979
Footstown, Co. Meath, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
In later life he spelt his name Maurice rather than Morris, as shown on his birth certificate. Died in hospital 1979.
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1936: DNA Isle of Man (Voiturette)


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