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2       Grandes Épreuves
3       European Grand Prix
4       Major events
5       Driver of the year
6       World & European Championships
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Should the reader find anything incorrect or doubtful, please let me know. I will certainly take a good look and make changes as needed, to be included in a revised edition. You can reach me at Hans Etzrodt,

Event and Circuit Names
Original names of events and circuits have mostly been translated into English but this rule was not very strictly followed. In cases like Lyon/Lyons, Marseille/Marseilles, Reims/Rheims and Livorno/Leghorn, the French and Italian language was adopted here. On the other hand, Napoli, Roma and Torino have been changed into Naples, Rome and Turin. The Avusrennen and Eifelrennen have remained in their German language.

The Events
listed here are the known races where grand prix cars participated up to 1949, covering also Formula Libre and club events. Originally this list contained some handicap races, details are shown in the September 2002 update, but now handicap races are ignored, also events held solely for touring cars, sports cars, voiturettes, cycle cars, as well as winter/ice races, sprints, mountain- or hillclimbs. The 1906 Taga Florio for touring cars is not shown. The town-to-town races of the pioneering years 1895 to 1903 for the heavy car class are incorporated in this list, although the 1906 French GP is considered to be the first grand prix race. At some events the two-seated heavy car race was amalgamated with 'Voitures Légères' - light cars - , voiturettes and four-seated cars races. Voiturettes, light cars and four-seated cars had on few occasions defeated the heavy or two-seated cars, equals to the GP cars. This happened at the 1902 Paris-Vienna race and the 1910 Targa Florio. The outright winner is shown, coming from a minor car category instead the first two-seated heavy car. In some races before 1901 motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles were the overall winner, beating the bigger cars due to their better power to weight ratio. They are not shown here but instead the fastest, usually two-seated heavy car, which resembled the swiftest racing machine at the time.

There are three race categories of different significance as shown in the following example from the year 1906:

1 - GRAND PRIX de l'A.C.F.Le Mans:1 - The Grandes Épreuves are in bold capitals and shaded in blue.
2 - Ardennes CircuitBastogne:2 - Other major events are in bold print.
3 - Eliminating TrialsLong Island:3 - All other races are in regular print.

Grandes Épreuves
The A.I.A.C.R. (Association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus) founded on June 20, 1904, at a meeting of the International Automobile Clubs in Homburg (Germany), formed an International Sporting Commission (CSI) as sub-organization of the AIACR on December 7, 1922 at the General Meeting of the AIACR in London, in conjunction with festivities of the Royal English Automobile Club's 25-year anniversary, introducing the rules for international Grand Prix racing. There were 15 Nations represented: USA, Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, France, Holland, Italy, Cuba, Norway, Austria, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Spain, and Czechoslovakia. The elected CSI member countries were Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and USA. The Commission met still the same day for the first time, appointing as President the Belgian René de Knyff, who carried out this position until 1946. He was succeeded by the French Augustin Pérouse.
CSI membership changed over the years. At the May 5, 1925 AIACR meeting in Paris, the German Automobil Club was readmitted into the Federation. At the November 15, 1925 Paris AIACR conference, it was decided that Germany should be represented in the CSI. Switzerland became a full CSI member, entitled to vote, in October 1929. Besides introducing international racing regulations, the CSI also drew up every year the international racing calendar. The most important races were designated as preferred international events, called Grandes Épreuves (great trials), which were given the privilege in regards of fixing dates, encompassing the below listed Grands Prix for racecars. The Tourist Trophy after 1922 was only for sports cars (SC). In 1928 and 1936-1937 the French GP was an automobile race for sports cars (SC).

French GP1923 -1927, 1928 SC, 1929 -1935, 1936 -1937 SC, 1938 -1939, 1947 -1949.
Italian GP1924 -1926, 1931 -1938, 1947 -1948.
Tourist Trophy1923, 1928 -1938.
Indianapolis 5001923 -1940, 1946 -1949.
European GP1923-1928, 1930, 1947 -1949.
Belgian GP1931, 1933 -1935, 1937, 1939, 1949.
San Sebastian GP1925.
British GP1926 -1927, 1948 -1949.
Spanish GP1927, 1933 -1935.
German GP1931 -1932, 1934 -1939.
Monaco GP1933 -1937, 1948.
Swiss GP1935 -1939, 1947 -1949.

In 1946 three major GP races were added to this list with the sole objective to determine "My Driver of the year". These additions were the 1946, St. Cloud GP, Grand Prix des Nations and the Turin GP but these were never officially nominated Grande Épreuve events.

European Grand Prix
At the AIACR meeting on December 7, 1922 in London, Italy suggested to hold annually a Grand Prix of Europe. The plan was accepted. The execution of this race for 1923 was to be done by Italy at the circuit of Monza in the first half of September. France was to execute the Grand Prix of Europe in 1924. The country which had to organize the Grand Prix of Europe shall not hold another international Grand Prix during the same year.
1923 - Italy (Monza)1928 - Italy (Monza)
1924 - France (Lyon)1930 - Belgium (Spa)
1925 - Belgium (Spa)1947 - Belgium (Spa)
1926 - San Sebastian (Lasarte)1948 - Switzerland (Bremgarten)
1927 - Italy (Monza)1949 - Italy (Monza)
Amongst the Grandes Epreuves, the European Grand Prix held special status in some of the World Championships during the Twenties where it was a mandatory event. See also: World & European Championships, below.

Major events
From 1924 to 1937, there were between 19 and 37 GP races every year. For an annual overview it is not desirable to mix the major events with the lesser club races. Grandes Épreuves and events of great publicity, as well as races where some of the main contestants met for competition, are considered major races. On an annual basis, races with a similar degree of importance had to be found and the more important ones were then marked as major grand prix races. This list contains over 740 races, in which grand prix cars participated.

Driver of the year
For above list only, the most successful driver, at times not necessarily the best, was determined annually. The 50's scoring system was applied for simplicity instead of the complex 1935-1939 European Championship procedure. But the European Champions are shown in 1931, 1932 and from 1935 to 1939, since points awarded in these championships were based on the results in the Grandes Épreuves only.

World Championships
were held as early as the Roaring Twenties, using a simple point scoring system. Only the first three of six championships for manufacturers actually took place. Alfa Romeo won in 1925, Bugatti the following year and Delage in 1927. During the succeeding three years the World Championship was always cancelled at year's end. To qualify for the 1928 championship, the rules required contestants to participate in at least two of the seven planned races. Since only one event was held to the formula, the championship was null and void. The A.I.A.C.R. cancelled the 1929 World Championship in October that year after an European Grand Prix had not taken place and holding that event was obligatory to authorize the championship. From the seven Grandes Épreuves planned for 1930, only one was held to the formula. The A.I.A.C.R. commission decided at year's end not to award the title. Some overenthusiastic statements in contemporary publications proclaimed Robert Benoist as the 1927 World Champion and Louis Chiron as the 1928 and 1930 European Champion. This, of course, is total nonsense since the World Championships were for makes, not for drivers.

European Championships
In 1931, the A.I.A.C.R. finally introduced a European Championship for drivers. Without winning a single event, Ferdinando Minoia on Alfa Romeo became European Champion, narrowly beating his teammate Campari, ending his driving career, which had started in 1904. The unusual 1932 European Championship was for manufacturers and single drivers, both competing with each other for points. Only the best placed car of a factory team counted, regardless of who was driving. Alfa Romeo won, with Tazio Nuvolari second as the European Champion of the drivers, followed by Borzacchini, Caracciola, Dreyfus and Officine Maserati in sixth place.

The European Championship of drivers from 1935 to 1939 is better known. Rudolf Caracciola was champion in 1935, 1937 and 1938, Bernd Rosemeyer in 1936 and Hermann Lang usually is quoted for 1939. This 1939 title is rather doubtful, since the A.I.A.C.R. never issued any official results or awarded the title that year. When applying the previous years' scoring system to the 1939 results, H.P. Müller would have been the rightful 1939 champion. But Lang was undeniably the fastest driver that year, having won also two minor Grands Prix. The neutral Swiss AUTOMOBIL-REVUE reported that to score points for 1939 either a new French Plus or the old German Minus system was to be applied. After the conclusion of the Swiss GP, the A.I.A.C.R. obviously had this dispute not yet settled and the new European Champion was not known. This created an unprecedented, totally absurd situation in the history of world sports: the assessment of a championship was to take place not before but after the conclusion of the series. A settlement was then planned for the October conference "at the green table" but this never happened since the A.I.A.C.R. in Paris could not meet with the world at war since 3 September. Consequently, in December of 1939, Korpsführer Adolf Hühnlein, head of the NSKK-Nazis, who simultaneously was also President of the ONS (Oberste Nationale Sportbehörde) in Germany, declared Lang as the European Champion. After racing had stopped in September, at the onset of WW II, the ONS had revised the system to make Lang champion with 23 points. How exactly the scoring system was altered to carry out this injustice remains a mystery. The ONS, a national German motorsport controlling force, did not have the authority to decide on any of the European Championship outcomes but did so nevertheless in 1939, totally ignoring international agreements. To announce the European Champion was an international matter and only the A.I.A.C.R. could decide on it and award the title in Paris.

Acknowledgements and updates
It would not have been possible to complete this list satisfactorily without the help of some individuals. I am indebted to several persons for their assistance and extend my gratitude to all of them. Also an abundance of books and several magazines have been consulted to assemble this list. Most helpful were A Record of Motor Racing by Gerald Rose, Grand Prix Racing, Facts and Figures by Georges Monkhouse, and A Record of Grand Prix and Voiturette Racing, Volume 1 to 4 by Paul Sheldon with Duncan Rabagliati, Yves de la Gorce and Jean-Maurice Gigleux.

*Dec 2000The majority of Finnish races were supplied by Leif Snellman who also suggested the addition of some of the early races. Not only did he write the code to make these pages look so good but made it possible to display this list on his popular homepage.

From Darren Galpin's gigantic lists I have adapted with thanks one race each in 1899, 1936, 1939 and two races each in 1938, 1941.

The huge 6th Gear race list was very helpful to compare notes.

Phil Harms lists of the American races are also excellent for comparison.

Tony Kaye gave very helpful advise and came up with information about the South American races during the forties.
*3 Jan 2001Corrections were made to some Coppa Florio events with thanks to Egon Thurner.
*30 Jan 2001I made grammar and punctuation changes to the List Guidelines, several other minor corrections and removed the Marseille race on 12 Sep 1926, a voiturette event.
*1 Feb 2001The page goes on the Net.
*9 Apr 2001Removed the 1896 Paris-Mantes-Paris race, a tricycle event. Addition of three races for the year 1900, the Course du Catalogue, the Turin-Pinerolo-Cuneo-Turin event and the Padua-Vicenza-Bassano-Treviso-Padua race. Change of language in the paragraph of Events, expanded the History paragraph and referred also to the Gordon Bennett races.
*16 Apr 2001Added the little known Indy 500 relief drivers for 1911, 1912 and 1925 thanks to Michael Ferner with his Grand Prix racing site.
*17 Apr 2001Renamed the 1935 and 1937 Masaryk Circuit Race to 'Masaryk GP' and the 1949 Masaryk GP to 'Czechoslovakian GP', thanks to anonymous sat of TNF
*15 May 2001Added date for 1922 Sardo Circuit race from Emanuele Alberto Carli's book.
*30 Jun 2001Added 'hp' to number behind the cars (1895-1906) on a suggestion by Egon Thurner.
*19 Jul 2001Corrected the spelling of Girardot (1897-1905), thanks to Mattijs Diepraam.

Changed the winner of the Savio Circuit Race to Enzo Ferrari, with thanks to Mattijs Diepraam.
*4 Aug 2001Added from Settant'anni di gare automobilistiche in Italia by Emanuele Alberto Carli, Italy, 1967, the following races to the "Pioneer Years": seven events to 1899 on 14. March, 28. April, 30. April, 8. May, 22. May, 15. August and 11. September; added three events to 1900 on 18. April, 18. May and 10. September. These races included entries from the Heavy or Two-Seater cars and several minor classes, all racing concurrently, but the overall winner came mostly from the fast little tricycles and is therefore shown as the winner.
*8 Aug 2001Expanded the 'History' segment, also the year 1906 with information authored by Denis Jenkinson.
*10 Aug 2001Added the 1907 St. Petersburg-Moscow race, with thanks to Simon Davis.
*12 Aug 2001Changed the controversial dates of the 1904 Coppa Brescia from Sunday, 4. September to Monday, 5. September and the 1905 Coppa Florio from Sunday, 10 September to Saturday, 9. September. The new version remains questionable but dates are now supported by more believable sources, as recommended by Alessandro Silva.
Updates between April 16 and August 12 incorporated on the web update on August 13, 2001.
*23 Aug 2001Added a Bibliography, showing the books where information found its way into this list.
*6 Oct 2001Date and car change of the 1907 Moscow-St. Petersburg race, thanks to SAT @ TNF.
*10 Oct 2001Added the Vearese Circuit Race on 21 July, 1935, with thanks of Marc Ceulemans.
*17 Oct 2001Added the Challenges A.G.A.C.I. Race on 8 June, 1947, with thanks to Alessandro Silva.
*19 Oct 2001Added with information from Braunbeck's Sport Lexikon the following races for 1899: Frankfurt-Cologne, Mainz-Coblenz-Mainz, Innsbruck-Munich, Paris-Ostend, Berlin-Leipzig, with changes to the Piacenza - Cremona - Borgo - Piacenza race winning car; for 1900: Mannheim-Pforzheim-Mannheim, Salzburg-Linz-Vienna, Frankfurt Circuit Race, Berlin-Aachen, with changes to date of the Bologna-Corticella- Poggio Renatico-Malalbergo-Bologna race; for 1901: the Ostend Meeting; the Frankfurt Circuit Race for the years 1902 to 1905; 1908: date change of the 1907 and 1908 St. Petersburg-Moscow race.
*25 Oct 2001Added the 1930 Lwow Grand Prix, with thanks to Tony Kaye.

Added the 1942 Buenos Aires GP, with thanks to Richard Armstrong, alias "Vitesse 2".
*26 Oct 2001Added the date for the 1930 Lwow GP, with thanks to Andrzej Jakubaszek, alias "anjakub".
*08 Dec 2001Added the four Thuin Circuit races for 1927, 28 and 29, with thanks to Marc Ceulemans.
*08 Dec 2001Date change of 1929 Comminges GP from August 8 to 18 with thanks to Marc Ceulemans.
*12 Dec 2001History date change from 1894 to 1895 regarding the formation of ACF.

Added from Braunbeck's Sport Lexikon the 1901 Mannheim-Pforzheim-Mannheim race.
*23 Feb 2002 Added the 1927 Comminges GP, a small handicap race with thanks to Marc Ceulemans alias Marcor, Rudiger de Jonghe (Boniver), Richard Armstrong alias "Vitesse 2", Andrzej Jakubaszek alias anjakub.

The 1929 Monaco Grand Prix had not yet received Grande Épreuve status. Removed status.

Changed List Guidelines language at the Events section and added different racing classes.

Removed Grande Épreuve status from the 1929 Monaco GP at the Grande Épreuve list.

Corrected text in the History section in reference to the first race.
*29 May 2002Added the 1896 Bordeaux-Agen-Bordeaux race, previously overlooked.

Changed the spelling of the 1898 Course de Périgueux event and circuit.

Added the 1898 Berlin-Potsdam-Berlin race, previously overlooked.

Corrected date of the 1998 Bordeaux-Biarritz event.

Added "Coupe de Perigord" to 1899 Paris-Rouen-Paris with thanks to Doug Nye.

Added the 1899 Padova-Vicenza-Thiene-Bassano-Treviso-Padova event, previously overlooked.

Changed date and event name of 1899 Bruxelles-Namur-Spa race.

Added to the 1899 Paris-Oostende event a second first place finisher, previously overlooked.

Changed event and added circuit of the 1900 Nice-Marseille-Nice event.

Changed spelling of the 1900 Bordeaux-Périgieux-Bordeaux event.

Changed spelling of the 1900 - 1905 Gordon Bennett Races.

Changed spelling of the 1901 Oostende Meeting event and circuit.

Changed date for the 1902 Circuit du Nord with thanks to Doug Nye and Andrzej Jakubaszek.

Changed name of the 1905 Gordon Bennett Elimination Race and Trials.

Changed name of the 1905 and 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Elimination Race.

Changed name of the 1907 Kaiserpreis Elimination Races.

Changed wrong driver's name and car of 1910 Targa Florio.

Added 1910 and 1911 Santa Monica Free-For-All Race, previously overlooked.

Changed the 1912 Grand Prix de la France event name to Sarthe Cup, won by Jules Goux.

Added the 1913 Santa Monica Road Race, previously overlooked.

Added car type to the 1913 Grand Prix winner.

Added car type to the 1919 Indianapolis 500 winner.

Changed date of 1921 French Grand Prix, which took place on Monday, July 25.

Changed 1925 Rome GP event to bold, after re-evaluation now a major event.

Change the mixed up drivers and cars of the 1935 and 1936 Brooklands Moutain Championship races with thanks of Joachim Miesbauer.

Change for the 1936 Rio de Janeiro GP the spelling of driver's name from Victor to Vittorio.

Added the 1938 Gávea Nacional Circuit Race with thanks to Chico Landi at TNF.

Added to the bibliography Edmond Cohin's book, Historique de la Course Automobile 1881-1977.
*29 Jun 2002Bibliography addition of the years 1919-1925 to the Allgemeine Automobil-Zeitung, Wien; ADAC-MOTORWELT, München: 1948-1950; MOTOR Rundschau, Stuttgart: 1947-1949; Automobil Chronik - Automobil und Motorrad Chronik - Automobil Chronik + Praxis - Motor Klassik, all four: 1972-1984.

Bibliography addition of the following books: Mannschaft und Meisterschaft, by Hans Bretz; 50 Jahre ADAC im Dienste der Kraftfahrt, by Hans Bretz; BERND ROSEMEYER, by Hans Bretz; Das kleine Autobuch by Alfred Schumm; Der Kraftsport im Neuen Deutschland, by Adolf Meurer; The Gordon Bennett Races, by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.

Added the 1921, 1922 and 1923 Montenero Circuit Races, previously overlooked.

Added the 1909 Dick Ferris Trophy Race at Santa Monica, with thanks to Gerrit Stevens.

Corrected wrong spelling of first name to René de Knyff (1898-1900) with thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Changed 1926 Marne GP driver "Lescot", a pseudonym for Lebaudy, with thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Changed 1928 and 1929 Picardy GP winner Philippe Auber, to his namesake Henry, thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Changed 1929 Lyon GP German winner Hans Simons to the unknown "Simpson", thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Changed 1931 Vaucluse Circuit winner Miro Toselli to the French Frédéric Toselli, thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Corrected the spelling of the 1930 and 1932-1939 Frontières GP, thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Added the 1939 Remparts Grand Prix at Angoulême Circuit, thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Corrected last name spelling of Oscar Galvez at 1947 Rafaela Circuit Race, thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Changed the wording of the 1939 headline, just above the 1939 results.

Made minor change to the text of the European Championship paragraph.
*14 Jul 2002 Added driver's first name of the 1900 Salzburg-Linz-Vienna event, with thanks to Barry Lake.

Changed driver and car of the 1900 Berlin-Aachen event to Gleize (Cudell), thanks to Andrzej Jakubaszek.

Correct spelling of the Pescara Circuit in 1924, 1925 and 1931-1934, with thanks to Barry Lake.

Correct spelling of the Bordino Circuit in 1929-31 and 1933-1934, with thanks to Barry Lake.

Correct spelling of the Masaryk Circuit Race in 1930, with thanks to Barry Lake.

Deleted the Cork GP, held on May 16, 1936 at the Carrigrohane Circuit because it was a handicap race.

Corrected spelling of Jean-Pierre Wimille's first name, with thanks to Barry Lake.

Changed winner's name from Francisco to Chico Landi in 1946 and 1947 races, with thanks to Barry Lake.

Changed event on January 24, 1948; February 27, 1949 to Mar del Plata GP, with thanks to Barry Lake.

Replaced circuit on Sep. 21, 1947; Jan. 24, 1948; Feb. 27, 1949 with 'El Torreon', thanks to Tony Kaye.

Added the Potuguese Vila Real Circuit races in 1936 and 1937, with thanks to "O Volante" at TheNF.

Added the Portuguese Estoril Circuit Races in 1935 and 1937, with thanks to "O Volante" at TNostalgiaF.

Added the Portuguese Santarém Circuit Race, on May 31, 1936, with thanks to "O Volante" at TNForum.

Bibliography addition of three books: Le Grand Prix des Frontières a Chimay 1926-1959, by André Biaumet; Circuito del Garda, by Giancarlo Cavallini; ALBI at ses GRANDS PRIX 1928-1960, by Bernard Pelissier.
*2 Aug 2002 Changed spelling of René de Knyff's first name at 1899 headline, with thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Changed drivers' first names from Francois to François at 1926, 27 and 30 races, thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Added 1928 Saint Raphaël Race at L'Esterél, with thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Changed type of car from 2.3-liter to T35B at the Thuin Circuit Race on June 10, 1928.

Changed spelling from La Sarte circuit to Sarthe at Bugatti GP, June 1, 1930, with thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Changed spelling from Dauphine to Dauphiné Circuit in 1930 and 1931, with thanks to Jimmy Piget.

Changed spelling from Sao Paulo to São Paulo in 1936 and 1947.

Added 1940 and 1944 headlines to accommodate events held during that period.

Added 1940 and 1944 São Paulo Grand Prix, thanks to "Chico Landi" at TNF in Dec. 10, 2001.

Changed winner's name from Francisco to Chico Landi in 1941 race, with thanks to Barry Lake.
*26 Aug 2002 Changed dates of 1915, 1919, 1920 and 1926 Indianapolis 500 Race, with thanks to Barry Lake.

Announced in the events section the removal of all remaining handicap events from this list and thus removed the three Bugatti Grands Prix on June 24, 1928; June 2, 1929 and June 1,1930; two races in 1930: Morocco GP on April 21, Algerian GP on May 11; one race in 1934: South African Border 100 on December 27; one race in 1936: South African GP on January 1; three races in 1937: South African GP on January 1, Grosvenor GP on January 16, Rand GP on December 16; South African GP on January 1, 1938; all this thanks to a suggestion by Richard Armstrong.

Reorganize List Guidelines section, also add list of contents and grand prix & American racing formulae.

Bibliography change of the publishing year of Lurani's book "History of the Racing Car".

Bibliography addition of the books: "AUTORENNEN" by Adriano Cimarosti; "INDIANAPOLIS 500 Chronicle" by Rick Popely; "A Pictorial Survey of RACING CARS between the years 1919 and 1939" by Mathieson; "The Vanderbilt Cup Races 1904-1910" in Automobile Quarterly, Vol. 6, No. 2, pg. 185, 1967; and "Willie K., the Saga of a Racing Vanderbilt" in A.Q. Vol. 15, No. 3, pg. 325 by Beverly Rae Kimes;
*26 Oct 2002
Changed date of the 1932 Torvilliers GP from unknown to May 29, with thanks to Marc Ceulemans.

Added Chico Landi at TNF as contributor for the 1938 Gávea Nacional Circuit Race information.

Changed date of the 1947 Rosario GP from February 23 to March 2, with thanks to Alessandro Silva.
*7 Nov 2002
Changed drivers name to Antonio Brivio at 1933 Swedish Summer GP, with thanks to Per Bennström.
*8 Nov 2002
Added the 1926 Indianapolis Formula, which I had omitted for inexplicable reasons.
*2 Jan 2003
Changed first name from James to Jimmy Murphy at the 1921 French GP and 1922 Indianapolis 500.

Changed the wording of the 1939 headline, naming H.P. Müller as the rightful 1939 European Champion.

Deleted the 1944 São Paulo GP, held for touring cars, on advise thanks to Tony Kaye.

Addition to the 1925 formula about car repair and replenishment restricted to driver and one mechanic.
*6 Jan 2003 Changed spelling from Lwow to Lwów for the 1930, 31, 32 and 33 events, thanks to Andrzej Jakubaszek.
*5 Sep 2003
Changed the Monaco GP status from Grande Épreuve to international GP event because of primary source information stating that the AIACR for the 1933 Monaco GP granted Grande Épreuve status for the first time.

Corrected history section entry from 1932 to 1931. Also updated the Bibliography magazine section.

Changed the 1934 Swiss GP status from Grande Épreuve to international GP event because primary source information states that the AIACR had not granted Grande Épreuve status for the 1934 Swiss GP.
*10 Sep 2003
Changed 1901 "Grand Prix de Pau" to "Circuit du Sud-Ouest" thanks to Robert Dick's research (TNF).
*12 Jan 2004
On suggestion by Gerrit Stevens all outright winners were removed when they drove either a Tricycle or a Quadrocycle. For 1898 only two events were affected, the Berlin-Potsdam-Berlin event and Torino-Asti-Alessandria- Torino in July show now the fastest car. In 1899 new winners are shown for Verona - Brescia - Mantova - Verona; Torino - Pinerolo - Avigliana - Torino; Reggio - Brescello - Parma - Reggio; Bologna-Poggio-Renatico-Malalbergo-Bologna; Padova-Vicenza-Thiene-Bassano-Treviso-Padova; Piacenza - Cremona - Borgo - Piacenza; Brescia-Cremona-Mantova- Verona-Brescia. In 1900 there were Torino-Pinerolo-Saluzzo-Cuneo-Torino; Torino-Asti; Bologna-Corticella-Pog.R.- Malalbergo-Bologna; Berlin-Aachen; Coppa Brescia in September. Additionally, changed language in the 'Events' and 'Grandes Épreuves' sections, also adding a final statement to the 1939 European Championship.
*14 Jan 2004
Thanks to Gerrit Stevens I have removed the winning Bollée of Paul Jamin, a 3 hp tricar, which had the fastest overall time at the 1897 Paris-Dieppe and the 1897 Paris-Trouville events. New winners in the fastest 4-wheel car for each event were Albert de Dion and Gilles Hourgières. Also on Gerrit's suggestion the 1914 TT is now included as a formula Libre event, showing K. Lee Guinness (Sunbeam) as the winner. Furthermore, the 1906 Targa Florio event, staged for touring cars, was stricken. Additional the 1905 Cuban Race was added on his suggestion.
*15 Jan 2004
Thanks to Gerrit Stevens the 1900 Long Island Road Race in America was added.
*25 Feb 2005
Thanks to Gerrit Stevens the 1899 Verona - Brescia - Mantova - Verona race and the 1899 event at Padova-Vicenza-Thiene-Bassano-Treviso-Padova have received the correct winner on a 4-wheel car combination.
*27 Feb 2005
Thanks to Michael Ferner alias "Fines" changed the 1899 Driver of the Year to Gilles Hourgières.
*24 Mar 2005
Thanks to Egon Thurner the 1927 Savio and Apuano Circuit races were added and for 1926 the Perugia Cup and Mugello Circuit (Cascine) races were included.
*13 Jun 2005
Changed text and added source information to the Bibliography section, especially magazines. Added 1903 information to the history section. Changed spelling of the 1930 and 1931 event names at Saint Raphaël.
*28 Aug 2005
Added car information to 1900 Mannheim-Pforzheim-Mannheim winner; corrected date for the 1904 Frankfurt Circuit Race; changed the Mugello Circuit race from a minor to a major event for the years 1921, 22, 23 and 1924; changed the 1924 Cremona Circuit race from major event to minor event.
*6 Sep 2005
Additions to the Bibliography section, mainy magazines.
*26 Sep 2005
Added date and winner's first name to the 1897 Lyon-Uriage-Lyon race thanks to Marc Ceulemans.
*9 Oct 2005
Added the 1903 Westend (Berlin) race, also the 1904 and 1905 races at Bahrenfeld (Hamburg).
*16 Oct 2005
Renamed all French Grand Prix events listed from 1906 to 1948 as 'Grand Prix de l'A.C.F.'. Corrected and expanded 1904 history text. Changed 1920 Targa Florio date..
*25 Oct 2005
Added regulations for the 1906 to 1935 Targa Florio races. Changed e-mail address..
*20 Mar 2006
Thanks to Rob Hatcher changed the 1928 and 29 Alessandria Circuit races from major to normal events. Likewise, relegated the 1928 and 29 Montenero Circuit races and the 1930, 32 and 33 Coppa Ciano races to regular events.

Changed history of 1895 relating to the French Grand Prix.

Added to the Bibliography works from Dulier and Ulrich.
*10 Sep 2006 Thanks to Marc Ceulemans, who added the 1900 Criterium de Provence (Salon - Arles - Salon).
*23 Sep 2006 Thanks to Reinhard Windeler, who corrected the 1900 Long Island Road Race winner's first name.
*15 Jan 2007 Added the 1900 Course du Catalogue winning car type; changed 1931 Tunis GP from regular race to major race status; changed 1931 Eifelrennen from major to regular event; added to the bibliography Stefan Déván's 1935 World Almanac and added to magazines like Allgemeine Automobil-Zeitung (Berlin), Automobil-Welt, Motor, Omnia and others.
*22 Jan 2007 Added the 1902 Critérium de Provence event; changed 1902 Paris-Vienna winning car hp.
*16 Jun 2007 Changed date for 1933 Coppa Acerbo from August 13 to August 15: added the 1913 and 1914 Russian Grands Prix in St. Petersburg.
*31 Jan 2008 Expanded on 1904 history paragraph and 1932 formula libre text.
*7 May 2008 Thanks to Alessandro Silva's research the 1929 Pozzo Circuit race was added.
*15 May 2008 Added 1898 Bordeaux-Agen race, Lyon-Lagnieu race and changed date & drivers first name for the Bordeaux- Biarritz race held on 20-21 August 1898. Added the 1899 races at Bordeaux-Périgueux-Bordeaux in May, Marseille-Aix in June and Salon-Arles-St.Gabriel-Salon in July. Changed the 1932 Coppa Ciano race and 1932 Marseille Grand Prix to major event status. Deleted the 11 June 1933 Florence Circuit race since it was an event held for sports cars.
*9 Dec 2009 Changed car description for 1897 Marseille-Nice-La Turbie event and Paris-Dieppe race; changed event description for 1898 Périgueux-Mussidan-Périgueux race and Paris-Bordeaux race (Critérium des Entraineurs); added the 1898 Lille-Calais-Lille race; changed event spelling of 1899 Paris-Rouen-Paris (Coupe de Périgord) race; changed car hp figure of the 1899 Nice-Castellane-Nice race; added the 1899 races at Anvers and the Critérium des Voiturettes (Etampes- Chartres & back); changed event description of 1899 Aubagne-Aix (AC Marseille) race and car description at the 1899 Paris-Oostende event; add the 1899 Paris-Rambouillet-Paris race; changed the 1924 Polesine Circuit description; changed the text for the 1900 and 1903 Gordon Bennett regulations in the Formulae paragraph.
*21 Mar 2010 Changed 1948 British GP name to R.A.C. Grand Prix, not a Grande Epreuve, with thanks to Duncan Rollo (aka D-Type).
*18. Apr 2010 Thanks to Simon Davis added the 1942 GP Vendimia, Memdoza and the 1942 Autódromo Nacional, Uruguay. Change spelling of driver at 1942 Premio Ciudad de Santa Fe.
*4. Apr 2011 Revised the Grandes Epreuves paragraph. None of the Grands Prix before 1923 were named Grande Epreuve. However, the French GP as of 1906 was so marked because it was the premier automobile racing event.
*13. Apr 2011 Changed Grandes Epreuves paragraph and added new European Grand Prix paragraph.

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