1930 Picardie Grand Prix 1st Max Fourny (Bugatti)1930 Picardie Grand Prix 2nd Namont (Rally SCAP)1930 Picardie Grand Prix 3rd Armand Girod (Donnet)


Péronne (F), 18 May, 1930.
2 hours race at a 9.655 km (6.0 mi) circuit


Race cars 1100 cc:
47Armand GirodA. GirodDonnet1.1S-4
48Jean DelormeJ. DelormeRally
49François GivaudanF. GivaudanRally SCAP
50Edmond MoucheE. MoucheMorano
51Henri DoubletH. DoubletHinatin
62NamontNamontDonnetType G1.1S-4
63GibeGibe Sima-Violet
Race cars 1500 cc:
52Emile TetaldiE. TetaldiBugattiT37A1.5S-4
53Louis PluquetL. PluquetBugattiT371.5S-4
54Henri DelommezH. DelommezBugattiT371.5S-4
55Max FournyM. FournyBugattiT37A1.5S-4
Race cars 2000 cc:
56Jules NandillonVernandi1.5V-8
57de BerckBugattiT35?2.0S-8
Race cars 3000 cc:
60Ferdinand MontierFord-MontierSpeciale3.3S-4
Sport cars 1500 cc:
59René FerrandBugatti1.5S-4
Sport cars 2000 cc:
58André RossignolChenard et Walcker
Sport cars 3000 cc:
64Henri TourbierPanhard
65Pesatode Soto

Max Fourny dominant

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This race is so messy that it will take time to sort out the entry list. There were 1100cc, 1500cc, 2000cc and 3000cc race car and 1500cc, 2000cc and 3000 cc sports car classes. Also there were two classes for three wheeles, not included here.



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1.55Max FournyBugattiT37A1.5S-422213.465 km
2.62NamontDonnetType G1.1S-420197.144 km
3.47Armand GirodDonnet1.1S-420195.300 km
4.53PluquetBugattiT371.5S-419190.230 km
5.64Henri TourbierPanhard19185.481 km
6.57de BerckBugattiT35?18176.771 km
7.59René FerrandBugatti18175.790 km
8.58André RossignolChenard et Walcker18174.327 km
9.49GivaudanRally SCAP17164.800 km
10.65Pesatode Soto16163.993 km
11.60Ferdinand MontierFord-MontierSpeciale3.3S-416160.873 km
12.63GibeSima-Violet16~158.166 km
DNF56Jules NandillonVernandiV-8
DNF51Henri DoubletHinatin
DNF50Edmond MoucheMorano
Fastest lap: Max Fourny (Bugatti) on lap in 5m03.0s = km/h (mph)
Winner's medium speed: km/h ( mph)
Weather: .
In retrospect:

1930 Rome Grand Prix 1st Luigi Arcangeli (Maserati)1930 Rome Grand Prix 2nd Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)1930 Rome Grand Prix 3rd Hans-Joachim von Morgen (Bugatti)


Circuito Tre Fontane - Roma (I), 25 May 1930.
20 laps x 13.050 km (8.11 mi) = 261.0 km (162.2 mi)


2Luigi ArcangeliOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati26M2.5S-8
4Louis ChironAutomobiles Ettore BugattiBugattiT35B2.3S-8
6Clemente BiondettiScuderia MaterassiTalbot7001.5S-8
8Pietro NicolottiP. NicolottiAlfa Romeo6C 15001.5S-6
10Cleto NenzioniC. NenzioniMaserati26B2.1S-8
12Luigi FagioliOfficine Alfieri MaseratiMaserati261.7S-8
14Fritz CaflischF. CaflischMercedes-BenzSS7.1S-6
16Achille VarziSA Alfa RomeoAlfa RomeoP22.0S-8
18Giuseppe CampariScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo6C 1750GS1.8S-6
20Arrigo SartorioA. SartorioMaserati261.5S-8
22Mario TadiniScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo6C 1750GS1.8S-6
24H. J. von MorgenH. J. von MorgenBugattiT35B2.3S-8
26Emil FranklE. FranklSteyr 4.5 Liter4.5S-6DNA - did not appear
28Tazio NuvolariSA Alfa RomeoAlfa RomeoP22.0S-8
30Guy BouriatAutomobiles Ettore BugattiBugattiT35B2.3S-8
32Cesare RenziC. RenziBugattiT37A1.5S-8
34Cesare PastoreC. PastoreMaserati26B2.1S-8DNA - did not appear
36Colonna de StiglianoPrincess C. deStiglianoAlfa Romeo6C 17501.8S-6DNA - did not appear
Filippo SartorioEnrico or F. SartorioAlfa Romeo6C 15001.5S-6DNS - raced 1100 cc
Arrigo NenzioniA. or E. NenzioniMaserati261.5S-8DNA - did not appear
"W. Williams"Automobiles Ettore BugattiBugattiT35B2.3S-8DNS - reserve driver
XScuderia FerariAlfa RomeoP22.0S-8DNA - did not appear
XScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo6C 15001.5S-6DNA - did not appear

Arcangeli's race-long battle in the lead brings the first victory for the new Maserati

by Hans Etzrodt
At the sixth Rome Grand Prix there were five Alfa Romeos, four Maseratis, four Bugattis, one Talbot and one Mercedes-Benz. From the 15 cars at the start, 10 were still racing at the end. It began with a battle between Arcangeli in the new 2500 Maserati and Chiron's Bugatti. After the Frenchman retired on lap three, Varzi with the Alfa Romeo took over the chase, only to retire after a few laps. That left Nuvolari with the second works Alfa Romeo to go after Arcangeli, taking the lead from him on lap seven. The battle between Nuvolari and Arcangeli kept the crowd on their toes, and lasted until lap 16, when the Alfa's engine lost power. Chiron, who had taken over Bouriat's Bugatti on lap five, had to overcome a 55 seconds deficit to the leader, which Chiron reduced consistently and eventually caught up with the leading Arcangeli. During the last two laps, the battle between the two kept the large crowd in great suspense. Chiron briefly took the lead on the last lap but Arcangeli fought back and won by 1.8 seconds in front of the cheering crowd. The German von Morgen (Bugatti) finished third, ahead of Biondetti (Talbot), Campari (Alfa Romeo), Caflisch (Mercedes-Benz), Tadini (Alfa Romeo) and Renzi (Bugatti) in eighth place. Nuvolari retired, as did Fagioli who held third place for many laps.
For the first time since the Targa Florio, three weeks previously, six of the great drivers who participated in that race met again to do battle between Bugatti and Alfa Romeo, and about 100,000 spectators gathered in Rome to see them. The A.C. di Roma and the Commissione Sportiva del R.A.C.I. (Reale Automobile Club d'Italia) organized the 6th Royal Prize of Rome or Reale Premio di Roma. It took place on May 25 at the Circuito Tre Fontane, which was also known as Circuito Ostiense, where it had been held the two previous years. Instead of the usual 30 laps, this year's race was over only 20 rounds of the 13.050 km circuit, a total of 261 km. The course was in the south of Rome in slightly hilly terrain, roughly triangular in shape with three sharp turns. The start, opposite the grandstand, was at the southern end of Via Ostiense, which ran northerly between the River Tevere (Tiber) on the west and alongside the railroad to the east. After more or less four km there followed the first sharp right-hand turn, where the road immediately passed under a railroad bridge and through a wide left-hand turn onto the about one km uphill stretch of Via Tre Fontane. Thereafter a wide right-hander led south for around four km onto the twisting up and down section of Via Laurentina until the second sharp right turn. At this point the road, Bonifica No. 9, began heading west for approximately four km through wide downhill turns, crossing a small rivulet. From here the road proceeded along the flat fast turns of Via di Decima and near its end passed under the second railroad bridge, immediately followed by the slowest right-hand turn towards the finish on Via Ostiense.
      The total prize money amounted to 200,000 lire. The main event was preceded by a race for cars up to 1100 cc, over just eight laps or 104.400 km with total prize money of 50,000 lire.
From a total of 23 entries, 18 cars received race numbers. Three works teams showed up, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Bugatti. The French team arrived in Rome with Louis Chiron, Williams and Guy Bouriat in 2.3-liter Type 35Bs. Since only two cars were entered, Williams did not start and acted as reserve driver. SA Alfa Romeo nominated Achille Varzi in his victorious P2 from the Targa Florio and Tazio Nuvolari who drove the second revamped P2, which the factory just completed for this race. Due to the inconsistent weather during practice, Nuvolari tried a special rain deflector device above his wind shield. His riding mechanic was Amedeo Bignami.
      Giuseppe Campari and Mario Tadini in 6C-1750GS Alfa Romeos represented the Scuderia Ferrari. Nuvolari and Arcangeli, both still committed to motorcycle sport, had raced here the weekend before; Nuvolari on his 350 ccm Bianchi against Arcangeli on the AJS. Luigi Arcangeli was the only driver for the Bologna team in the new Maserati 26M grand prix car. With 185 hp, this eight-cylinder, 2.5-liter machine was the most powerful car in the race. In early May at the Targa Florio the Maserati still had problems in Borzacchini's hands and did not show its full potential. Scuderia Materassi entered Clemente Biondetti with a re-bodied monoposto 1500 Talbot, as seen in Monaco seven weeks earlier.
      The independent entries comprised the German Heinrich-Joachim von Morgen with a T35B Bugatti, Cesare Renzi in a 1500 Bugatti, while Pietro Nicolotti, the Sartorio brothers' mechanic, drove their 6C 1500 Alfa Romeo. The Swiss Fritz Caflisch appeared with a large Mercedes-Benz SS in which he had won at Caserta the week before. Three Maseratis were driven by Luigi Fagioli, Arrigo Sartorio, and Cleto Nenzioni.
      An additional eight entries did not materialize. "Williams" in a Bugatti, as already mentioned, was reserve driver and Filippo Sartorio with a 6C-1500 Alfa Romeo raced an 1100 Amilcar instead. Princess Colonna de Stigliano in a 6C-1750 Alfa Romeo, the Austrian Emil Frankl with a 4.5-liter Steyr, Cesare Pastore in a 2100 Maserati and E. Nenzione in a 1.5-liter Maserati did not appear. Neither did the Scuderia Ferrari entries of a 6C-1500 Alfa Romeo and a third P2.
      The Alfa Romeos were considered favorites because in 1929 Varzi and Brilli-Peri, both in P2 Alfa Romeos, had finished in the leading positions on the same circuit but over a longer distance of 30 laps. Brilli-Peri had established the fastest lap at 5m51.2s at an average speed of 133.769 km/h.
Gazetta dello Sport reported that on Friday morning a large crowd came to watch the final practice. Arcangeli with his Maserati accomplished the fastest lap in 5m44.8s at an average speed of 136.252 km/h, which was faster than the existing lap record. Fagioli with a smaller Maserati drove a 5m57.4s lap at 131.449 km/h. Varzi in an Alfa Romeo P2 lapped in 5m54.8s, equivalent to 132.412 km/h. Nuvolari forced his Alfa Romeo P2 in 5m49.8s around at a speed of 134.536 km/h. The highest speed measured at the start and finish line was 200 km/h for Arcangeli in the new Maserati. Campari reached 198, Varzi 190, Bouriat 190, Nuvolari 188, Caflisch 150, and Maserati 140 with the 1100 cc car.
      On Thursday morning Chiron had turned many laps at high speed but on Friday he drove several laps without pressure and concentrated on cornering technique. The practice of the two days assured that the existing records would be broken on Sunday afternoon and lap times of 5m40.0s with an average speed of about 140 km/h were expected. On Friday afternoon scrutineering took place at the premises of Officine Vaselli at the Via Ostiense, including the drawing of lots for the race numbers. Saturday was a rest day.
On a rainy Sunday activities started at 2:30 PM when Italo Balbo lowered the flag for the eight lap cyclecar race over 104.4 km. Ten cars assembled at the start in numerical order, Henry Isaia (Salmson), Albino Pratesi (Salmson), Stringl (Fiat), Rivola (Salmson), Filippo Sartorio (Amilcar), Francesco Matrullo (Salmson), Alfonso Attili (Amilcar), Alfieri Maserati (Maserati), Gerhard Macher (DKW) and Giuseppe Pecoraro (Salmson). Seven of the cars finished with Alfieri Maserati first in his new Type 26C Maserati, a 1.1-liter 8-cylinder racecar. He established a new record time of 56m53.6s, ahead of Isaia, Matrullo, Sartorio, Pecoraro, Attili and Pratesi.
      The public was warmed up after this opening race, when 15 large cars were pushed to the start area for the main event. They lined up in order of the official race numbers, with the lowest number at the right hand side of the front row. Available photographs showed that some drivers had a riding mechanic on board, like Sartorio in #20 Maserati, Tadini in #22 Alfa Romeo and Nuvolari in #28 Alfa Romeo who drove with Amedeo Bignami . All others probably drove solo. The cars were all over 1500 cc except those of Biondetti (Talbot), Nicolotti (Alfa Romeo), Sartorio (Maserati) and Renzi (Bugatti).
Pole Position











Alfa Romeo


Alfa Romeo


Alfa Romeo



von Morgen



Alfa Romeo

A. Sartorio







Alfa Romeo

When Italo Balbo lowered the checkered flag, Arcangeli took the lead ahead of Chiron. The start was a bit ragged since Varzi and Nuvolari moved before the start signal was given. After completing the first lap, Arcangeli blasted past the finish, followed by Chiron and Varzi, all about a second apart. After a short while Fagioli appeared, pressed hard by Nuvolari, who had started in the last row. Nenzioni stopped his Maserati at the end of the lap to change spark plugs. After the first lap the cars passed the finish line in this order:
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)5m56.6s
2. Chiron (Bugatti)5m57.8s
3. Varzi (Alfa Romeo)5m58.4s
4. Fagioli (Maserati)6m07.0s
5. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)6m07.4s
6. von Morgen (Bugatti)6m20.0s
7. Bouriat (Bugatti)6m21.4s
8. Biondetti (Talbot)6m26.8s
9. Campari (Alfa Romeo)6m32.0s
10. Caflisch (Mercedes-Benz)6m48.0s
11. Nenzioni (Maserati)6m50.0s
12. Tadini (Alfa Romeo)7m19.6s
13. Sartorio (Maserati)?
14. Nicolotti (Alfa Romeo)7m35.4s
15. Renzi (Bugatti)7m39.0s

On the second lap, Varzi passed Chiron to chase after Arcangeli in first place, who drove a lap in 5m45.3s, which was a new record. Chiron had obviously encountered a problem, which slowed his pace and he fell to third position while the storming Nuvolari, who had passed Fagioli, was just four seconds behind him. After two laps the order was as follows:
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)11m42.2s
2. Varzi (Alfa Romeo)11m46.4s
3. Chiron (Bugatti)11m54.2s
4. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)11m59.6s
5. Fagioli (Maserati)12m03.4s
6. Bouriat (Bugatti)12m17.0s
7. von Morgen (Bugatti)12m28.0s
8. Biondetti (Talbot)12m44.4s
9. Campari (Alfa Romeo)12m51.2s
10. Caflisch (Mercedes-Benz)13m12.0s

On the third round, Arcangeli drove another fast lap in 5m47.2s while Varzi with 5m59.4s could not keep up with Arcangeli's pace. Chiron's chase came to an end with a mechanical problem, when he retired on lap three. La Stampa wrote that bad luck followed Chiron from the beginning when the car's engine damaged a bearing on the first lap. The first five cars passed the finish within 40 seconds while those following were quickly falling further behind after three laps. Nuvolari had halved the gap behind Varzi, who needed to speed up a little if he was to maintain his position.
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)17m29.6s
2. Varzi (Alfa Romeo)17m46.2s
3. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)17m52.4s
4. Fagioli (Maserati)17m57.0s
5. Bouriat (Bugatti)18m09.2s
6. von Morgen (Bugatti)18m34.4s
7. Biondetti (Talbot)18m55.0s
8. Campari (Alfa Romeo)19m08.0s
9. Caflisch (Mercedes-Benz)19m39.8s

On lap four, Arcangeli slowed down his pace and Varzi, who evidently encountered car trouble, had fallen behind to fifth position with a slow lap of 6m31.0s. Consequently Nuvolari inherited second place, just over 18 seconds behind the leader while Fagioli found himself in third position, followed by Bouriat. Varzi stopped at his pit to quickly have a slipping clutch checked, then rejoined the race. The fastest of the independent drivers was von Morgen in sixth place but he had no chance against the contracted factory drivers ahead of him. Nicolotti in the 1500 Alfa was lapped by Arcangeli after four laps. Although Arcangeli was under no immediate pressure from Nuvolari, he was able to maintain the gap at around 18 seconds.
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)23m27.2s
2. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)23m45.6s
3. Fagioli (Maserati)23m53.4s
4. Bouriat (Bugatti)24m06.2s
5. Varzi (Alfa Romeo)24m17.2s
6. von Morgen (Bugatti)24m47.6s
7. Biondetti (Talbot)25m09.4s
8. Campari (Alfa Romeo)25m25.0s
9. Caflisch (Mercedes-Benz)26m12.4s

On lap five Arcangeli slowed slightly with a lap of 6m06.4s. Nuvolari also had a slightly slower lap with 5m55.2s but was able to reduce the leader's advantage to just seven seconds. Fagioli in the smaller Maserati was driving very well in third position. On this lap Bouriat was called in for Chiron to take over the Bugatti, slowing their lap time to 6m24.2s. The stop added about 29 seconds to the car's lap time and Chiron took off 56 seconds behind the leading Arcangeli. Varzi had slowed down even more, probably realizing that his Alfa with the slipping clutch would not survive for long. Renzi was lapped by the leading Arcangeli after five laps.
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)29m34.0s
2. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)29m41.0s
3. Fagioli (Maserati)29m56.4s
4. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)30m30.4s
5. Varzi (Alfa Romeo)31m06.0s
6. von Morgen (Bugatti)31m14.0s
7. Biondetti (Talbot)31m34.8s
8. Campari (Alfa Romeo)31m55.8s
9. Caflisch (Mercedes-Benz)32m49.8s
10. Nenzioni (Maserati)33m46.0s
11. Tadini (Alfa Romeo)34m51.6s
12. Sartorio (Maserati)35m20.0s
13. Renzi (Bugatti)36m18.6s
14. Nicolotti (Alfa Romeo)37m08.8s

On lap six Varzi stopped again at his pit where he retired with a burned out clutch. The field was down to 13 cars. Nuvolari was still chasing after Arcangeli's Maserati and was now only two seconds behind. Chiron did a lap in 6m00.4s, Nuvolari 6m08s and Arcangeli 6m09s with the result that Chiron was faster on that lap than all three of the cars ahead of him. He gained 9 seconds on the leader. Arcangeli lapped Tadini after six laps.
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)35m43.0s
2. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)35m45.0s
3. Fagioli (Maserati)36m04.4s
4. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)36m30.8s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)37m34.8s
6. Biondetti (Talbot)38m02.6s
7. Campari (Alfa Romeo)38m22.0s
8. Caflisch (Mercedes-Benz)39m26.4s
9. Tadini (Alfa Romeo)41m57.0s

On the seventh round, Nuvolari passed Arcangeli by driving a lap of 5m57.4s, but faster than Arcangeli at 6m05s. However, the Maserati stayed 5.2 seconds behind the Alfa Romeo and this close battle excited the spectators for the better part of the race. Fagioli's Maserati was in third place ahead of Chiron, now in Bouriat's car. Despite the intensity of the battle between Nuvolari and Arcangeli, once more Chiron was faster than both of them with a lap of 5m53.4s, lowering to gap to 41.8 seconds. There was quite a long gap to the second group, which was headed by von Morgen, followed by Biondetti and Campari. After seven laps the order was as follows:
1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)41m42.8s
2. Arcangeli (Maserati)41m48.0s
3. Fagioli (Maserati)42m10.4s
4. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)42m24.6s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)43m55.0s
6. Biondetti (Talbot)44m35.0s
7. Campari (Alfa Romeo)44m46.6s
8. Caflisch (Mercedes-Benz)46m09.4s

On lap eight Nuvolari drove a lap of 5m53.3s which Arcangeli answered with 5m51.4s. They were driving faster, both fighting and Nuvolari still held the upper hand. Chiron in Bouriat's Bugatti drove again faster than both with a 5m50s lap, lowering the gap to 38.2s and closed up to just five seconds behind Fagioli, whose lap with the small Maserati was 5m59.6s. The big question was 'did Chiron have enough laps left to catch up the leaders'. There were two fascinating aspects to the race, not just Nuvolari versus Arcangeli, but also the progress of Chiron. After eighth laps the order had not changed:
1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)47m36.4s
2. Arcangeli (Maserati)47m39.8s
3. Fagioli (Maserati)48m09.8s
4. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)48m14.6s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)50m13.2s
6. Biondetti (Talbot)51m02.8s
7. Campari (Alfa Romeo)51m09.2s
8. Caflisch (Mercedes-Benz)52m47.0s

On lap nine, Nuvolari and Arcangeli both lapped Caflisch. Nuvolari's lap was 5m50.6s, Arcangeli 5m50.6s and Chiron 5m50.2s. He continued making up time and after passing Fagioli into third place on lap nine, the Frenchman was 37.8 seconds behind Arcangeli as they passed the finish after nine laps.
1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)53m27.0s
2. Arcangeli (Maserati)53m30.4s
3. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)54m04.8s
4. Fagioli (Maserati)54m07.0s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)56m28.0s
6. Biondetti (Talbot)57m23.2s
7. Campari (Alfa Romeo)57m28.6s
8. Caflisch (Mercedes-Benz)59m25.4s

On lap ten the procession continued. Nuvolari's lap time was 5m47.8s, Arcangeli 5m47.2s and Chiron 5m47.8s. Chiron's gap to the leader had remained at 37.8 seconds. There were no changes, except that Campari closed up on Biondetti. The situation after ten laps, the middle of the race, looked as follows:
1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)59m14.8s
2. Arcangeli (Maserati)59m17.6s
3. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)59m52.6s
4. Fagioli (Maserati)1h00m05.0s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)1h02m48.2s
6. Biondetti (Talbot)1h03m37.2s
7. Campari (Alfa Romeo)1h03m39.0s
8. Caflisch (Mercedes-Benz)1h05m59.4s
9. Tadini (Alfa Romeo)1h09m43.4s
10. Sartorio (Maserati)1h09m48.0s
11. Nenzioni (Maserati)1h10m04.0s
12. Renzi (Bugatti)1h11m59.8s
13. Nicolotti (Alfa Romeo)1h13m51.0s

As they passed the pits at the end of the eleventh lap, Arcangeli was back in the lead, but only by one fifth of a second. Nuvolari was on his tail a mere ten meters or so behind. Nuvolari's lap time was 5m43.4s, Arcangeli 5m40.4s and Chiron 5m45.6s. Chiron's gap to the leader had increased to 40.2 seconds. If he wanted to catch the leader in the last eight laps, the Frenchman had to make up five seconds per lap and not lose further time. The remaining order did not change.
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)1h04m58.0s
2. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)1h04m58.2s
3. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)1h05m38.2s
4. Fagioli (Maserati)1h05m57.6s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)1h09m00.8s
6. Biondetti (Talbot)1h09m47.6s
7. Campari (Alfa Romeo)1h10m02.2s

On the twelfth lap Arcangeli's lap time was 5m43s, Nuvolari 5m45.4s and Chiron 5m43.4s. Arcangeli remained in the lead but had pulled away a little from Nuvolari, 2.6 seconds behind, while Chiron had fallen further behind the leader to 40.6 seconds for the second lap in a row. The other positions remained the same.
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)1h10m41.0s
2. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)1h10m43.6s
3. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)1h11m21.6s
4. Fagioli (Maserati)1h11m51.2s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)1h15m10.2s
6. Biondetti (Talbot)1h16m04.8s
7. Campari (Alfa Romeo)1h16m18.4s

On lap 13, Nuvolari drove a lap of 5m44.2s and passed Arcangeli whose time had slowed to 5m47.2s. Both lapped Campari and Biondetti, whose times were 6m13.6 and 6m17.6s respectively. Chiron's lap time of 5m39.8s was not just a new lap record but faster than both of his opponents, which gained him 7.4 seconds and lowered the gap to the leader to 33.2s after 13 laps.
1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)1h16m27.8s
2. Arcangeli (Maserati)1h16m28.2s
3. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)1h17m01.4s
4. Fagioli (Maserati)1h17m41.2s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)1h21m19.6s
6. Biondetti (Talbot)1h22m22.4s
7. Campari (Alfa Romeo)1h22m32.0s

On lap 14, Nuvolari's lap time was 5m46.2s, Arcangeli 5m49.2s and Chiron 5m42.6s. The Alfa Romeo was leading the Maserati by 3.4s. Arcangeli had 33.4 seconds advantage to Chiron. The situation after 14 laps:
1. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)1h22m14.0s
2. Arcangeli (Maserati)1h22m17.4s
3. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)1h22m44.0s
4. Fagioli (Maserati)1h23m33.4s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)1h27m29.0s

At the end of lap 15, it was again the Maserati in front with the Alfa Romeo one second behind, while Chiron had chiseled another five seconds from Arcangeli's advantage, now down to 25 seconds. Arcangeli's lap time was 5m40.6s Nuvolari 5m45s, and Chiron 5m39s. The question now was 'could Chiron make up 25 seconds in the remaining five laps' to catch up with the leader. When Nenzioni disappeared, after completing only 12 laps, the field was down to 12 cars after 15 laps.
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)1h27m58.0s
2. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)1h27m59.0s
3. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)1h28m23.0s
4. Fagioli (Maserati)1h29m22.2s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)1h33m37.0s
6. Biondetti (Talbot)1h34m57.0s
7. Campari (Alfa Romeo)1h35m27.8s
8. Caflisch (Mercedes-Benz)1h38m31.8s
9. Sartorio (Maserati)1h41m51.0s
10. Tadini (Alfa Romeo)1h44m07.0s
11. Renzi (Bugatti)1h47m03.4s
12. Nicolotti (Alfa Romeo)1h53m01.8s

At the beginning of lap 16 Arcangeli with 5m38s and Nuvolari with 5m39.2s put von Morgen one lap down. Chiron drove a lap of 5m37.8s, which enabled him to cut down the leader's advantage to 24.8 seconds at the end of lap 16.
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)1h33m36.0s
2. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)1h33m38.2s
3. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)1h34m00.8s
4. Fagioli (Maserati)1h35m07.4s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)1h39m47.0s

On lap 17, Nuvolari encountered trouble and fell behind with a lap of 6m15.4s. Arcangeli drove a lap of 5m46s while Chiron's lap was 5m37.4s. He overhauled Nuvolari and reduced Arcangeli's advantage to 16.2 seconds. This was a major turn of events. Nuvolari's Alfa evidently had a sick engine and he probably lost his chance to fight for victory, while the storming Chiron was catching up quickly to the leading Arcangeli.
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)1h39m22.0s
2. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)1h39m38.2s
3. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)1h39m53.6s
4. Fagioli (Maserati)1h40m53.6s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)1h45m52.0s

On lap 18 Chiron drove another fast lap in 5m36.6s at 139.772 km/h, which was to be the fastest lap of the race and brought him just 11.8 seconds behind the leader. Nuvolari was 18.5 seconds behind Chiron and his Alfa's worn out engine gave him no chance to take part in the final battle. However, the tifosi got excited about the prospect whether the blue Bugatti could catch the red Maserati with only two laps to go at the end of lap 18.
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)1h45m03.0s
2. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)1h45m14.8s
3. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)1h45m33.6s
4. Fagioli (Maserati)1h46m41.8s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)1h52m01.0s

On lap 19 Chiron drove another fast lap in 5m38.2s, while Arcangeli slowed to 5m49s which enabled Chiron to catch up with the leader. In the meantime Nuvolari nursed his sick Alfa Romeo along, crawling with a lap of 8m41.8s and falling behind Fagioli's Maserati to fourth position but still minutes ahead of von Morgen's Bugatti. At the end of lap 19, as they passed the finish, Chiron followed Arcangeli like a shadow, one second behind.
1. Arcangeli (Maserati)1h50m52.0s
2. Bouriat/Chiron (Bugatti)1h50m53.0s
3. Fagioli (Maserati)1h52m38.0s
4. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)1h54m15.4s
5. von Morgen (Bugatti)1h58m10.0s

Going into the last lap on the first right-hand turn after the grandstand, Chiron passed the Maserati and went into the lead. Arcangeli remained right at the Bugatti's tail and did not give up. He was determined to win in front of the Roman crowd. On the last right turn before the finish, the Italian did a bold move and went left, on the outside past the Bugatti, building up a good lead. It was too late for Chiron to do anything. He was unable to catch the more powerful Maserati on the long finishing straight. Giovanni Canestrini wrote that Arcangeli took the checkered flag not more than 80 meters ahead of Chiron to the excitement and joy of the large crowd. The first two finishers had lapped the entire field at least once and the race went on for the others to complete their 20 laps.
      The unlucky Fagioli retired on lap 20 with a broken rear axle bearing. Nuvolari did not reach the finish and came to a stop with a broken piston. After Fagioli's and Nuvolari's demise the German von Morgen inherited third place, followed by Biondetti's 1.5-liter Talbot. Campari finished fifth, ahead of Caflisch, Tadini and Renzi in eighth place. Nicolotti was over 33 minutes behind in 9th place and did not classify because he exceeded the time allowed for toddlers. Sartorio in tenth position completed only 18 laps, which was not the full distance to be classified.



1.2Luigi ArcangeliOfficine A. MaseratiMaserati26M2.5S-8201h56m37.8s
2.30 Guy Bouriat/L. ChironAutomobiles Ettore BugattiBugattiT35B2.3S-8201h56m39.6s+ 1.8s
3.24 H. J. von MorgenH. J. von MorgenBugattiT35B2.3S-8202h04m24.8s+ 7m47.0s
4.6Clemente BiondettiScuderia MaterassiTalbot7001.5S-8202h07m04.0s+ 10m26.2s
5.18Giuseppe CampariScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo6C 1750GS1.8S-6202h07m19.4s+ 10m41.6s
6.14Fritz CaflischF. CaflischMercedes-BenzSS7.1S-6202h11m12.2s+ 14m34.4s
7.22Mario TadiniScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo6C 1750GS1.8S-6202h19m09.2s+ 22m31.4s
8.32Cesare RenziC, RenziBugattiT35C2.0S-8202h21m16.4s+ 24m38.6s
DNC8Paolo NicolottiP. NicolottiAlfa Romeo6C 15001.5S-6202h29m43.6sexceeded max. time
DNC20Arrigo SartorioA. SartorioMaserati261.5S-8182h18m02.0sdid not classify, flagged
DNF12Luigi FagioliOfficine A. MaseratiMaserati261.7S-819rear axle bearing
DNF28Tazio NuvolariSA Alfa RomeoAlfa RomeoP22.0S-819broken piston
DNF10Cleto NenzioniC. NenzioniMaserati26B2.1S-812
DNF16Achille VarziSA Alfa RomeoAlfa RomeoP22.0S-86clutch
DNF4Louis ChironAutomobiles Ettore BugattiBugattiT35B2.3S-82engine bearing
Fastest lap: Louis Chiron (Bugatti on lap 18 in 5m36.6s = 139.6 km/h (86.7 mph)
Winner's medium speed: 133.8 km/h (83.1 mph)
Weather: overcast, warm.
In retrospect:
The various sources show minor differences in the final times and speed. Some sources reported a 2/5 second time difference between the first two drivers, yet the time difference was in fact 1.8 seconds according to Italian magazines, one even displayed a timing chart.

La Gazetta dello Sport published the 18 race numbers. Eight of them could be confirmed from photographs. Two race numbers were changed at the day of the race.

Primary sources researched for this article:
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Special thanks to:
Alessandro Silva
Bernhard Völker
Michael Müller
Otto Grabe


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