Even with lots of work still do be done this list have reached a state where it must be considered one of the most complete and accurate ever assembled on the subject. This has only been possible due to the tremendous help from people all over the world, each of them experts of their local drivers and events.
Short biographies of drivers with BLUE background, will come up in due time. If you have any information about any driver with GREEN background, please contact me!


Carl Wagner ( )
1932: 5 German GP (Voiturette)


Louis Auguste Wagner (F)
* 5 Feb 1882
† 13 Mar 1960
Le Pré-Saint-Gervais, Seine-Saint-Denis
Montlhéry, Île-de-France
Born in 1882 Wagner joined Darracq in 1901 and became a team driver in 1903 winning the Circuit of Bastogne, Belgium and lying third in the voiturette class in the infamous Paris-Madrid race before it was stopped. He won the the voiturette class of Circuit des Ardennes in 1903 and 1905. He failed to qualify for the 1904 Gordon Bennet race (retired after 1 lap) as well as in 1905 (fourth in thee French Eliminating trials) but won the 1906 Gordon Bennet race (and spent 48 hours in a New York jail for for speeding at Broadway.) After unfairly being blaimed by Darracq for the team's 1907 Targa Florio failure he moved to Fiat finishing 7th in the 1907 Kaiserpreis in Germany, winning the American Grand Prize as Savannah and third at the St. Petersburg-Moscow race. In 1909 he temporary switched his attention to flying. He finshed second at the 1912 French GP and sportingly allowed by Fiat to race for Mercedes he finished second in the 1914 French GP. He raced a Ballot at the 1919 Indianapolis 500 driving a Ballot but retired. In 1921 he finished third with Fiat in the Italian GP. He drove for Ballot, then Rolland- Pilain and in 1924 for Alfa Romeo. In 1925 he finished second with a Peugeot at the Targa Florio and second in a Delage with Torchy at the French Grand Prix. In 1926 with Peugeot he was sixth in the Targa Florio, and with Delage he shared fourth place in the European GP and shared third place in the Spanish GP. He won the 1926 British Grand Prix in a 1.5-Liter Delage with Robert Sénéchal. After World War II one leg had to be amputated due to tubercolosis. He became supervisor for the Montlhéry circuit before having to retire as the disease worsened. He died in 1960.
1924: 9 Targa Florio (3000cc) / 4 European GP / 2 Italian GP
1925: 2 Targa Florio / 2* French GP
1926: 6 Targa Florio / DNC* European GP / 3* Spanish GP / 1* British GP
1927: DNF ACF Free For All / DNF French GP / DNA San Sebastian GP / DNA Spanish GP
1928: ? (heat) Grand Prix Bugatti
1929: DNF Targa Florio

Mirko Wagner (CS)
1932: DNA Czech GP


Arthur Cyril Roy Waite (AUS/GB)
* 9 Apr 1894
† 25 Jan 1991
Adelaide, South Australia
Kingswood, Surrey
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1926: DNF JCC 200 (750cc)


John Peter "Johnnie" Wakefield (GB)
* 5 Apr 1915
† 24 Apr 1942
Marylebone, London
Wargrave, Berkshire
Son of a explosives manufacturer, Wakefield was alredy an accomplished skiier and motorcycle racer before turning to car racing in 1936. First he raced an Alta but for the 1937 season he bought a Maserati 6CM and raced it painted in a multitude of colors with success. He destroyed the car in Cork 1938 and brought an ERA instead. For the 1939 season he aquired the new Maserati 4CL. At the start of the Second World War Wakefield was the top British racing driver. He Joined the Fleet Air Arm but was killed in a flying accident near Wargrave 1942.
1936: DNA Isle of Man (Voiturette) / DNA JCC 200 (Voiturette) / 6 Mountain
1937: 10 Florence GP (Voiturette) / 10 Milan (Voiturette) / 3 Picardie (Voiturette) / DNF (heat) Swiss GP (Voiturette) /
          4 JCC 200 GP / 3 JCC 200 (Voiturette) / 2 Dublin (Voiturette) / DNF Mountain
1938: DNF Cork (Voiturette) / DNF Picardie (Voiturette) /
          3 Swiss GP (Voiturette) / 1 JCC 200 (Voiturette + GP) / 3 Siam Challenge (Voiturette) / DNF Mountain
1939: DNA/DNS Brooklands Road Championship / 1 Napels (Voiturette) / 1 Picardie (Voiturette) /
          2 French GP (Voiturette) / 1 Albi (Voiturette) / DNA Coppa Ciano (Voiturette) / 3 Swiss GP (Voiturette)

Franz Waldhier ( )
1925: 3 Solitude GP (1500cc


Karl Baron Horst von Waldthausen (CH)
* 25 Mar 1907
† 27 Aug 1933
Essen, Germany
Salon-de-Provence, France
Baron Horst von Waldthausen was born in Essen, Germany. At a later time in his life the 26-year old driver supposedly became Swiss citizen. According to AUTOMOBIL-REVUE, Baron von Waldthausen was a native of Liechtenstein, but lived already for many years at Lake Geneva. He established himself as a young, rather wealthy man in the Villa Barholoni in Versoix near Geneva. Already at that time his whole passion was directed towards motor sport. To pursue this obsession, he had his own autodrom built inside his park for his own pleasure. His neighbors had very little understanding for that and the city council had to interrogate. Waldthausen decided for that reason to move to Villa Tatiana near Nyon, canton de Vaud, where he again had an autodrom of his own built inside his park.
Baron von Waldthausen became better known through his financial support of the Swiss Grand Prix at the Meyrin circuit in 1931. Not only automobile races but also motorcycle races were financed with his help. He started his racing career in 1932 only after he and Julio Villars had formed the Swiss Racing Equipe Villars-Waldthausen. At Grand Saconnex near Geneva, Waldthausen drove a 1750 Alfa sports car. At Develier-Les Rangiers he was third fastest of all cars, now driving an Alfa Romeo Monza. He was eighth in the 3-liter racing class at Klausen, third in the large racing car class at Stelvio and third in the 3000cc class at Mont Ventoux. At the end of the season Waldthausen and Villars came fifth and sixth respectively in the sports car class of the 1932 Swiss Championship.
The year 1933 became a much busier was the team took part in a full GP season. Waldthausen finished fourth at Alessandria, la Bule and Comminges. However at the Marseille Grand Prix von Waldthausen had a severe accident as on lap 20 he crashed in the south Turn of the Miramas Autodrom. It is said that a tire of his Alfa Romeo racing car had burst at full speed, causing his car to tumble over several times. The driver was thrown out of the car onto the concrete track, severely injured. He was immediately transported in a regular touring car to the next medical depot, from where Waldthausen was instantly brought to the Salon-de-Provence Hôpital where he was admitted at 5:30 PM and already one hour later he passed away on internal injuries. A double fracture of the right leg was diagnosed, also a double shoulder fracture and internal injuries. Baron von Waldthausen had remained fully conscious until the last moment.
(Info supplied by Hans Etzrodt)
1932: DNA Comminges GP
1933: 4 Tunis GP / DNF (heat) Bordino GP / DNF Picardie GP / DNA Eifel GP / DNF French GP / DNF Marne GP /
          DNA Belgian GP / DNA Coppa Ciano / 4 La Baule GP / 4 Comminges GP / DNF Marseille GP

Eino Walkama ( )
1937: DNS Kalastajatorpanajo


Peter Douglas Conyers Walker (GB)
* 7 Oct 1912
† 1 Mar 1984
Huby, Yorkshire
ERA driver 1936 - 1937.
1936: 3* Donington GP
1937: DNF Campbell Trophy / 5* Isle of Man (Voiturette) / DNA Mountain

Asser Rafael Wallenius (FIN)
* 23 Jul 1902
† 25 Feb 1971
Nuutilanmäki, Juva, Savonia
Controller. One of Finland's top speed skaters in the 20s. Finnish champion 1923 and 1926. Bronze at the European Championship 1922. In the 1924 Olympics at Chamonix he finished 5th in the 500m skating, 10th in both 5000m and 10000m and was on his way to a medal in the 1500 m race when he fell on the last lap. Turned to racing and entered a Ford V8 Roadster in the Finnish GP from 1935-1950, taking a class victory in 1947, and thereafter raced an Allard J2 until 1954. On 25 February 1971 Wallenius was driving on trunk road 5 towards Mikkeli. Near Nuutilanmäki village, Juva parish, while passing a truck he crashed into a truck coming in the other direction.
1932: 5 Finnish GP / 3 Munkkiniemenajo
1933: DNF Finnish GP / DNF Swedish Summer GP
1934: 4 Finnish GP
1935: 6 Finnish GP / 3 Estonian GP
1936: 4 Finnish GP
1939: DNA Finnish GP

Cyril Ulrich Max Walther (GB)
* 21 Dec 1898
† 15 Aug 1972
Earls Colne, Essex
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1926: DNF JCC 200 (750cc)


Martin Walther (CS)
Living in Bern. Entered a Bugatti T35C (#4956) for some 1937 races.
1926: DNF JCC 200 (750cc)
1937: DNA Turin GP / 9 Napels GP / DNS Swiss GP

Max Wälti (CH/D)
A Swiss journalist who lived in Berlin from 1925-1932/33 and drove at some races Bugatti. He raced with a German licence.
(Info supplied by Hugo Boecker)
1926: 9 German GP (1500cc)

Wargnier ( )
1928: 12 Marne GP


Edoardo Weber (I)
* 29? Nov 1889
† 17 May 1945
After studying mechanical engineering at Turin University he moved to Bologna to work for Fiat. He created his own design of carburettor and established the Fabbrica Italiana Carburatori Weber company in 1923. He was a member of the Fascist party and in May 1945 after the end of WW2 he was abducted from his factory by presumably the Italian resistance movement and never seen again.
(Info supplied by Simon Davis)
1925: DNF Savio Circuit (1500cc) / DNA Coppa Perugina (1500cc) / 8 Mugello Circuit (1500cc) / 2 Coppa Acerbo

Curt Weichelt ( )
1931: DNA German GP (1100cc)

Jiří (Georg) Weinfurter (CS)
Czech driver from Prag.
1930: NC Czech (Voiturette)
1934: DNA Czech GP (Voiturette)

Arthur Werner ( )
1925: 2 Solitude GP (1500cc)


Christian Werner (D)
* 19 May 1892
† 17 Jun 1932
Werner was the oldest child of a shoemaker. Christian was 10 when his father died and he helped to take care of his four siblings. He finished his apprenteship at the Misol Firm in Cannstatt and was employed by the Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft in 1911 as mechanic and driver. Later he became driving manager in the running-in and research department of DMG. Amongst his duties was the preparation and finishing of the race cars for the contests after the war and he also had to test drive them. As it was known what an excellent driver Werner was, DMG entered him at the 1922 Targa Florio where he finished second in class and placed eighth overall. He later won at Klausenburg, which was part of the Romanian Touring Trial, with a Mercedes 28/95 hp. In 1923 Werner joined the DMG works team to America and raced at the Indianapolis 500 finishing in 11th place. Werner became world famous after he won the 1924 Targa Florio and also the Coppa Florio. Later he won the Semmering hill climb in Austria with the fastest time of the day. At the Italian Grand Prix in Monza his best position was fifth place behind the leading four Alfa Romeos on lap 69, when DMG withdrew their cars after Zborowski, one of their drivers, had crashed to his death. In 1928 he won the German Grand Prix (sports cars) in a Mercedes_Benz together with Caracciola. The same combination also took part in the 1930 Le Mans 24h but har to retire. In 1932 he died in a heart attack in at an age of 40.
(Info supplied by Hans Etzrodt)
1924: 1 Targa Florio (2000cc) / DNF* Italian GP
1925: DNF Rome GP (2000cc)
1926: DNF Solitude GP
1927: 1 Nürburgring Opening (2000cc)

Charles Wersant ( )
1931: DNF Dieppe GP / DNA Comminges GP

E. Wernström (S)
1935: DNF Vallentuna (Ice race)

Adolf Ferdinand Westerblom (S)
* 3 Oct 1909
† 4 Apr 1960
Västerås, Västmanland
Together with his brother Allan member of the Västerås Racing Company". Raced Ford Amilcar and Anzani and later took over Carlsson's ex- Widengren Alfa Romeo Monza which he raced to victory at the 1939 Finnish GP. Continued after the war with a Bugatti until the team was disolved in the late 40s.
(Info supplied by Bengt Alsed / Håkan Gelin)
1936: 6 Hedemoraloppet (Ice race) / 5 Långforssjön (Ice race) / 5 Hörken (Ice race) /
          DNF Swedish Winter GP (Ice race)
1937: DNS Flaten (Ice race)
1939: 1 Finnish GP

Allan Ferdinand Vesterblom / Westerblom (S)
* 5 Mar 1893
† 11 Mar 1977
Västerås, Västmanland

A note about spelling: Swedish makes no distinction between "V" and "W". Allans's father and brother used Westerblom but Allan changed the spelling of his name to Vesterblom. He is listed under "W" here next to his brother.
(Info supplied by Bengt Alsed & Håkan Gelin)
1933: DNS Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / DNA Svenska Isloppet (Ice race)

Frans Max (Schick) Weyer (S)
* 6 Apr 1912
† 29 Dec 1990
Göteborg (Gothenburg)
Added his father's name Schick as middle name in May 1983.
(Info supplied by Håkan Gelin)
1933: DNF Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / DNS Svenska Isloppet (Ice race)

Georges Weyling ( )
1925: DNF Ouverture GP

Cyril Mervyn White (GB)
* 13 Aug 1907
† 24 May 1937
Spaxton, Somerset
Cork, Ireland
Died in hospital in Cork on 24th May 1937, after an accident on 20th May while practicing for the Cork International Car Race.
1936: DNF JCC 200 / DNF Donington GP
1937: 8 Campbell Trophy


Peter Nield Whitehead (GB)
* 12 Nov 1914
† 21 Sep 1958
Menston, Yorkshire
Lasalle, Gard, France
Whitehead was a welthy businessman with an interest in motor sports. Began racing in 1934. He bought himself an ERA-B in 1936 and raced it in both the pre- and post-war era. In 1948 he bought a Ferrari and won with it the Czech GP 1949. He raced in 10 Formula 1 championship races before concentrating on sports cars. He was the vinner of the Le Mans 24h race 1951. He died in a crash at the Tour de France sports car race, Lasalle, in 1958.
1936: DNF JCC 200 (Voiturette) / 3* Donington GP / DNA Mountain
1937: 5 Coronation Trophy (Voiturette) / DNS Campbell Trophy / 5* Isle of Man (Voiturette) /
          8 Florence GP (Voiturette) / 8 Milan (Voiturette) / DNF (heat) Picardie (Voiturette) / 3 JCC 200 GP /
          2 JCC 200 (Voiturette) / DNF Dublin (Voiturette) / DNF Donington GP
1938: 1 Australian GP (handicap)
1939: DNF South African GP (Voiturette) / DNF Grosvenor (Voiturette) / 3 Nuffield Trophy (Voiturette) /
          ? Campbell Trophy

Oskar Fredrik "Oscar" Wickberg (S)
* 19 Jul 1901
† 23 Apr 1976
(Info supplied by Håkan Gelin)
1933: DNF Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / DNF Swedish Summer GP


Per Lars Henrik "Henken" Widengren (S)
* 20 Jun 1910
† 23 Oct 1989
Vingåker, Södermanland
Sotograde, Spain
Son of a wholesale businessman. Vice managing director and board of directors AB L & P Widengren since 1936. Got married in 1942. Brother of Per-Victor Widengren. Initially the more known of the brothers as he did some racing at at Brooklands. Class winner and 5th overall at the 1932 Le Mans 24h.
(Info supplied by Håkan Gelin)
1932: 9 Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / DNF Empire Trophy (2000cc)
1933: DNF Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / DNF AVUS (Voiturette)
1934: Vallentuna (Ice race)
1935: DNF Finnish GP


Per Viktor Emanuel Widengren (S)
* 14 Jan 1909
† 25 Apr 1976
Vingåker, Södermanland
Kitzbühel, Austria
Son of a wholesale businessman. Brother of Henken Widengren. Per-Viktor studied textile and pręt-ā-porter in the United States of America from 1928 to 1929 and in Germany from 1930 to 1931. Got married in 1932. Had five sons. The Widengren family made their fortune on clothes manufacturing, making mens suits in their factory in Vingåker. Per-Viktor took over the business at an early age.
A note about spelling. Swedish makes no distinction between "V" and "W" and the spelling of names in older times were often confusing. In official papers the name is spelt Per Viktor but in his obituary it is written P. W. We'll use Per Viktor here.
(Info supplied by Tomas Karlsson & Håkan Gelin)
1930: DNS Eifel GP
1931: DNF Swedish Winter GP (Ice race)
1932: 4 Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / 1 Finnish GP / 1 Munkkiniemenajo
1933: 1 Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / DNF Finnish GP / 2 Lwow GP / DNF Swedish Summer GP
1934: 3 Freden (Ice race) / DNF Vallentuna (Ice race) / 1 Norwegian GP (Ice race) / DNF Tripoli GP / DNF Eifel GP
1935: 1 Lindöloppet (Ice race) / 1 Norwegian GP (Ice race) / 1 Vallentuna (Ice race) / 2 Hörken (Ice race) /
          DSQ Tripoli GP
1936: 3 Hedemoraloppet (Ice race) / 1 Långforssjön (Ice race) / DNF Hörken (Ice race) /
          DNA Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / DNF Norwegian GP (Ice race) / 2 Finnish GP

Otto Wihlborg (S)
* 9 Apr 1896
† 8 Apr 1975
Reslöv, Skåne (Scania)
Västra Skrävlinge Skåne (Scania)
(Info supplied by Håkan Gelin)
1933: DNF Swedish Summer GP

      Alessandro Wild - SEE: "Ventidue"


Enrico Wild ( )
1922: DNF Targa Florio

Sándor (Alexander) Wilheim (H)
1934: DNF Czech GP (Voiturette)
1935: DNF Czech GP (Voiturette)

Richard Sinclair "Dick" Wilkins (GB)
* 12 Dec 1913
† 10 Feb 1989
Weybridge, Surrey
Westminster, London
1935: 6 Mannin Moar
1938: DNA Campbell Trophy

Walter Ernest "Wilkie" Wilkinson (GB)
* 7 Aug 1903
† 20 Aug 2001
Friern Barnet, Hertfordshire
Easenhall, Warwickshire
As an outstanding Racing mechanic Wilkinson was mostly known as on of the technical geniuses of the post war era. However he also did some racing. Wilkinson was born in London in 1903, the fifth son of a printer. At an age of 14 he joined Blakers Motor and Welding Company in East Finchley in 1917. In 1924 he moved to Dorset to work as a coach driver and mechanic. In 1929 he joined the firm L. C. Rawlence in Landon, which imported Italian cars. Through them he got the chance to race as riding mechanic to Giulio Ramponi on the Ards circuit in Ireland. Later Wilkingson was riding mechanic to George Eyston at the 1931 Brooklands 12 h race. Next he became chief mechanic to Kenneth Evans. He also prepared Billy Cotton's cars In 1938 he shared the driving in Cotton's ERA at the Donington Grand Prix, finishing 7th. During the war in charge of a test shop for aircraft propellers. He worked for Reg Parnell between 1947 and 1950 before joining Ecurie Ecosse. The D type Jaguars prepared by Wilkinson took victory at the 1956 and 1957 Le Mans. Wilkinson did also some post war racing himself, his last season being 1952 in a Bristol-Cooper. Wilkinson worked for BRM between 1961 and 1972 before retiring. Wilkinson. spent his last years mostly in the Caribbean.
1937: DNF Coronation Trophy (Voiturette) / DNF* Campbell Trophy
1938: 7* Donington GP

Humphrey John Percival Williams (GB)
* 24 Feb 1914
† 19 Oct 1983
Dunham Massey, Cheshire
Buxton, Derbyshire
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1936: DNF Isle of Man (Voiturette)

Roger Lloyd Owen Williams (GB)
* 13 Dec 1908
† 4 May 1963
Camrose, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Midhurst, West Sussex
(Biographical data probably correct but needs confirmation)
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1931: DNA French GP


"W Williams" (Charles Frederick William Grover-Williams) (GB)
* 16 Jan 1903
† 18 Mar 1945
Montrouge, Hauts-de-Seine, France
Sachsenhausen, Brandenburg; Germany
Of French/British orgin, Williams was a very successfull Bugatti driver during the late 20s and early 30's. He was the vinner of the first Monaco GP in 1929 and also won the French GP twice. During WW2 Williams was arrested by Gestapo in Paris and executed at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.
1926: 1 Provence GP (2000cc) / DNA European GP / DNF Spanish GP / DNA Boulogne GP
1927: DNA Ouverture GP / DNS Provence GP (1500cc) / DNF ACF Free For All / 4* French GP /
          DNA San Sebastian GP / DNA Spanish GP / DNC* British GP
1928: DNA Riviera Circuit / 2 Antibes GP / DNA Rome GP / 4 Grand Prix Bugatti / DNF San Sebastian GP /
          DNF European GP
1929: 1 Monaco GP / DNS Rome GP (2000cc) / 1 French GP
1930: DNF Monaco GP / 7* Targa Florio / DNS Rome GP / DNF French GP
1931: DNF Monaco GP / DNS/DNF* French GP / 1* Belgian GP / DNF German GP / 1 La Baule GP
1932: 7 Monaco GP / DNF AVUS GP / 6 French GP / 2 Dieppe GP / DNF Comminges GP / 1 La Baule GP
1933: 7 Monaco GP / DNF AVUS GP / DNA French GP / 6 Belgian GP / DNF Dieppe GP / 1 La Baule GP /
          DNA Italian GP / DNS Spanish GP
1936: 9 Monaco GP


Norman Gladswood Wilson (GB)
* 20 Jun 1911
† 18 Apr 1942
Edinburgh, Scotland
Malmesbury, Wiltshire
Norman Wilson's father was manufacturer, his mother was from East London, South Africa. Started racing on motor cycles turning to car racing with a M.G. Then he bought Pat Fairfield's 1.1 litre ERA, racing it against larger engined cars. We raced in South Africa winter 1937-38. Back in England he finished third at the 1938 International Trophy.
He served with the RAF Volunteer Reserve and was posted to the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment of the Royal Air Force (A & AEE). At the outbreak of the Second World War, the unit was moved to Boscombe Down, Wiltshire. On 18 April 1942, F/Lt Wilson was part of a crew testing an Avro Lancaster Mk I (R5539). During diving with a simulated bomb load failure of some rivets made a panel to come loose and hit the tailplane. The plane crashed at Charlton, 2 miles from Malmesbury, Wiltshire. All seven on board were killed.
(Info supplied by Anthony Taylor / Adam Ferrington)
1938: 4 Cork (Voiturette) / 4 Picardie (Voiturette) / 6 Swiss GP (Voiturette) / ? JCC 200 (Voiturette + GP) /
          DNA Donington GP
1939: DNA/DNS Brooklands Road Championship / DNF Nuffield Trophy (Voiturette)

      Wilton - SEE: Stuart Wilton


Jean-Pierre Wimille (F)
* 26 Feb 1908
† 28 Jan 1949
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Wimille started racing with a Bugatti in 1930. Changed to Alfa Romeo 1933. Was Bugatti works driver 1934 - 1937. Scuderia Ferrari in 1938. Back to Bugatti for the 1939 season. Served in the French Air Force during WW2 and later joined the Resistance. Was No. 1 driver for Alfa Romeo 1947 - 48, winning several GP races. He died in a mysterious crash during practice for the 1949 Buenos Aires Grand Prix. It's claimed his last words were "What happened?"
1930: DNF French (Voiturette)
1931: DNA Tunis GP (Voiturette) / 4* Italian GP / 6 (heat) Geneva GP (Voiturette) / DNF* French GP /
          DNF* Belgian GP / 8 German GP / DNF* Dieppe GP
1932: DNF Tunis GP / 1 Oran GP / DNF Casablanca GP / DNA Italian GP / 1 Lorraine GP / DNF French GP /
          DNF Dieppe GP / DNF Comminges GP / DNA La Baule GP / DNF Antibes GP / DNA Marseille GP
1933: DNS Pau GP / DNF Monaco GP / DNF Nimes GP / DNF French GP / DNF Penya Rhin GP / 2 Marne GP /
          DNA Belgian GP / DNF Nice GP / 2 Comminges GP / 4* Marseille GP / 3 Czech GP / 5 Spanish GP
1934: DNF Monaco GP / DNF Tripoli GP / DNS AVUS GP / DNF French GP / 5 Comminges GP / 6 Spanish GP /
          DNF Czech GP / 1 Alger GP
1935: 2 Tunis GP / DNS Picardie GP / 2 Lorraine GP / DNA Marne GP / DNF Belgian GP / 3 Dieppe GP /
          DNA Comminges GP / DNA Nice GP / DNF Italian GP / 4 Spanish GP / DNF Czech GP
1936: DNF Pau GP / 6 Monaco GP / 3 Tunis GP / DNF Penya Rhin GP / 1* French GP (sports car) /
          1 Marne GP (sports car) / 1 Deauville GP / DNF German GP / 1 Comminges GP (sports car) /
          DNF Swiss GP / 2 Vanderbilt Cup
1937: DNF Turin GP / 1 Pau GP (sports car) / 1 Bône GP (sports car) / 1* Le Mans 24 H (sports car) /
          1 Marne GP (sports car)
1938: DNA Pau GP / DNF Cork GP / DNF Tripoli / DNF French GP / 3* Coppa Ciano / 7 Swiss GP / DNF Italian GP
1939: 1 Coupe de Paris / 1 Luxembourg GP (sports car) / 1* Le Mans 24h (sports car) / DNF (heat) Angouleme


Herbert Wimmer (D)
Wimmer was from Kappelrodeck, a small town in Baden-Württemberg between Baden-Baden and Offenburg at the foot of the Schwarzwald. For 1933 season he bought the Bugatti T35B #4948 (ex von Morgen) from Paul Pietsch, and used it mainly in hill climbs. Together with Ernst von Delius and Borries Freiherr von Münchhausen Wimmer financed the voiturette project of Arnold Theodor Zoller in return of a getting a race car for 1934. The results - or better non-results - are known. Wimmer rebodied his Zoller in 1935 with bodywork similar to that of the Mercedes W25, and used it reportedly at some German hill climbs. However, as Zoller had died end of 1934, the project lacked technical support and development, and Wimmer switched back to his faithful Bugatti. In 1939 he finally sold the Bugatti on to Heinrich Herbster of Lörrach.
(Info supplied by Michael Müller)
1933: DNF Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / 2 Svenska Isloppet (Ice race) / DNF Eifel GP
1934: DNS AVUS (Voiturette) / DNF Eifel (Voiturette)
1935: DNF Eifel (Voiturette)

van Winkel (B)
Belgian amateur driver. Took part in the 1931 Frontieres Grand Prix.
1931: 6 Frontieres GP

Dr. Eugen Winter (D)
From Chemnitz. Also participated in "Zuverlässingkeitsfahrten" and won some Goldmedals
(Info supplied by Hugo Boecker)
1931: 5 Eifel GP / DNF AVUS GP

Thomas Henry "Tommy" Wisdom, (GB)
* 16 Feb 1906
† 12 Nov 1972.
Brighton, East Sussex
Racing driver and motoring correspondent for the Daily Herald. Raced a Delahaye togetwer with Kaye Don at the 1936 Donington GP. His wife Elsie "Bill" was also a racing driver mainly at brooklands but she also took part in the 1933 LeMans 24h.
1936: DNC* Donington GP

Tore Wistedt (S)
* 10 Sep 1903
† 18 Jan 1989
Fort Lauderdale
At an age of 10 Tore Wistedt persuaded his parents that he could join a sailing ship with a family friend as captain. After having sailed around the world in a year he returned to school. He graduated at Chalmers Institute of Tecnology and then a degree in engineering and naval archtecture at the Univerity of Berlin. Inspector and ship designer. In the 1930s employed by the Stockholm General Motors agent Hans Osterman AB. During WW2 he was in USA as a member of the American Standarization Committee. Inspector. Moved to USA in the 1950s and was re-married to Betty who later was Mayor of Pompano Beach, Miami. Worked at Bradford Marine, Fort Lauderdale Died at Imperial Point Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale 1989.
(Info supplied by Håkan Gelin)
1931: DNF Swedish Winter GP (Ice race)
1933: 11 Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / 9 Svenska Isloppet (Ice race) / DNF Swedish Summer GP
1937: DNF Flaten (Ice race)

Wolber ( )
1927: 12 La Baule GP

      Woolley - SEE: Duke-Woolley

T Wranka (D/CS)
From Troppau (now Opava) in Schlesien (Silesia).
1934: DNA Czech GP (Voiturette)


Walter (von) Wustrow (A)
1932: DNA Lwow GP
1933: DNF Lwow GP / DNA Italian GP
1935: DNA Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette)
1936: DNA Frontičres GP / DNA Eifel (Voiturette) / DNF Albi (Voiturette)
1937: DNA Swiss GP (Voiturette)


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