Roosevelt Raceway - New York (USA), 12 October 1936 (Monday)
75 laps x 6.437 km (4.0 mi) = 482.8 km (300.0 mi)


2Bill CummingsH. C. HenningMiller FD-Offenhauser4.4S-8u
3Wilbur ShawW. ShawShaw-Offenhauser4.2S-4u
4Emil AndresJoe LenckiStewens-Offenhauser4.2S-4u
5William "Shorty" CantlonW. CantlonMiller4.0S-4u
6Chuck TaborC. GardnerDuesemberg-Offenhauser4.2S-4u
6"Chet" GardnerC. GardnerDuesemberg-Offenhauser4.2S-4uDNS - Raced car #17
7Billy WinnJ. M. WinnMiller4.2S-4u
8Tazio NuvolariScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo12C-364.1V-12
9Antonio BrivioScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo12C-364.1V-12
10Giuseppe FarinaScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo12C-364.1V-12
Attilio MarinoniScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo8C-353.8V-8DNS - practice only
12Frederick McEvoyF. J. McEvoyMaserati6CM1.5S-6
14Frank BriskoElgin Piston Pin Co. Inc.Miller-Brisko4.2S-4u
15"Deacon" LitzArtha Benson LitzMiller3.6S-4u
16Raymond SommerR. SommerAlfa RomeoTipo B/P33.2S-8
17"Chet" GardnerC. GardnerMiller3.6S-u4
17Frankie BeederC. GardnerMiller3.6S-4uDNS - alternative driver
18Jean-Pierre WimilleJ.-P. WimilleBugattiT594.7S-8
19Zeke MeyerMichael DebeatsRigling-Offenhauser4.3S-8DNS - did not try to qualify
21Babe StappH. J. Topping Jr.Shaw FD-Offenhauser3.8S-4
22Ted HornHarry HartzWetteroth-Miller3.0S-8
23Russ SnowbergerJoe Thorne Inc.Thorne-Offenhauser4.2S-4u
24Philippe EtancelinP. EtancelinMaseratiV8 RI4.8V-8
25Floyd DavisJoe Thorne Inc.Rigling-Offenhauser4.2S-4u
26Phil "Red" ShaferP. ShaferMiller-Buick4.7S-8u
27George ConnorWilliam S. WhiteWeil-Miller4.0S-4u
28David EvansMcClure HalleyBugattiT512.3S-8
29"Raph" B. de las CasasMaseratiV8 RI4.8V-8
32Mauri RoseLou MooreMiller-Offenhauser4.4S-4u
33Rex MaysD. A. JenkinsAdams-Sparks3.9S-4DNS - practice crash
34Al PutnamMagnee and NowiakStudebaker4.1S-8u
35Freddie WinnaiMcClure HalleyMercedes3.6S-4DNA -did not appear
36Bruce CarewDon CampbellRigling-Carew3.5S-4u
37Brian LewisT. H. MorrisERAB1.5S-6
37Sidney CottonT. H. MorrisERAB1.5S-6DNS - car raced by Lewis
38Joe ThorneJ. Thorne Inc.Sparks-Miller4.4S-4u
39Emil AndresJ. Thorne Inc.Dreyer-Miller5.6S-8DNA - raced car #4
39Frank McGurkJ. Thorne Inc.Dreyer-Miller5.6S-8DNS - practice crash
42Tony WilmanM. DurayStevens-Miller3.6S-4
43Jimmy SnyderMid West Racing TeamStevens-Offenhauser4.2S-4u
44Tony GulottaM. DurayStevens-Miller3.6S-4
45Earl HoweEarl HoweERAB1.5S-6
46Pat FairfieldP. G. FairfieldERAA1.5S-6
47Brian LewisB. LewisBugattiT593.3S-8DNS - cylinder head
48Teddy RaysonA. T. G. GardnerMaserati4CM1.5S-4
48Goldie GardnerA. T. G. GardnerMaserati4CM1.5S-4DNS - car raced by Rayson
49Overton PhillipsO. PhillipsBugattiT352.0S-8u
51Bob SwansonR. RastelliHogan-Miller1.7S-4u
51Billy DevoreDan F. HoganHogan-Miller1.7S-4uDNS - car raced by Swanson
52Lewis BalusVirgil WilliamsDuesemberg4.4S-8u
53Louis TormeiR. RastelliWetteroth-Offenhauser1.7S-4u
53Bob SwansonR. RastelliWetteroth-Offenhauser1.7S-4uDNS - raced car #51
56Benny BradfonB. BrandfonDuesemberg4.4S-8DNS - did not start
57Ted ChamberlainG. WingerterDuesemberg-Miller4.9S-8u
57Georg WingerterG. WingerterDuesemberg-Miller4.9S-8uDNS - car raced by Chamberlain
59Rick DeckerR. DeckerDuesemberg-Miller2.8S-8u
61John CebulaJohn L. BuckleyDuesemberg-Miller3.9S-4DNQ - too slow
62Milt MarionM. MarionMiller3.6S-4u
63Frank WearneJames M. WinnMiller4.2S-4DNA - did not appear
64Michael CarusoMichael CarusoMercedes-Ford2.0S-4DNQ - too slow
64Bob SallMichael CarusoMercedes-Ford2.0S-4DNS - car driven by Caruso
65Henry BanksLouis KimmelMiller2.9S-8u
66Gustave ZarkaWilliam WattsAmbler5.9S-4u
66Chuck TaylorWilliam WattsAmbler5.9S-4uDNS - raced car #6
67Roy LakeRobert B. LynchAmbler5.9S-4u
68Lem LaddL. R. LaddOakhill-Miller3.6S-8DNA - did not appear
69George ConnorsJoe MarksAdams-Miller4.2S-4DNS - raced #27
71?Murell BelangerStewens-Miller4.0S-8DNA - did not appear
72?John FellFellDNA - did not appear
73John MorettiNicholas StironeDuPont5.6S-4DNA - did not appear
74Don Moore?D & M5.6S-4DNA - did not appear

Europeans dominate at the new Vanderbilt Cup

by Leif Snellman
This was an attempt to race the best of European and American race drivers against each others. Sadly the organizers made the cars too slow so the European entries with their better acceleration and brakes totally dominated the event. Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) led all laps except one. A late pit stop by Brivio hindered a Scuderia Ferrari double victory, Brivio finising third behind Wimille (Bugatti). Farina, the third Scuderia Ferrari entry, crashed early in the race. The only serious challenge by the Americans came from Billy Winn (Miller), who however had to retire with a rear axle problem.
From 1904 to 1910 William K. Vanderbilt Jr. organized the Vanderbilt Cup Races held on Long Island with huge crowds attending. In the 1930s American and European racing had diverged sharply. There was therefore a wish to revive Grand Prix racing in New York with European and American race teams and drivers racing each other. American businessman George Preston Marshall and Indianapolis Motor Speedway owner Eddie Rickenbacker raised some $1,000,000 money for construction of a new course. They got the blessing from William K. Vanderbilt's nephew George Washington Vanderbilt III to use the Vanderbilt Cup name for the event. Architect Mark Linenthal was assigned to build a race circuit between Westbury and East Garden City, Long Island, adjacent to the Roosevelt Flying Field where Charles Lindberg started the Atlantic crossing with his Spirit of St. Louis aeroplane in 1927. Construction of the course began in June 1936 and was completed by late September. The result was a flat 4 mile anti-clockwise course with a 3775-foot straight and three winding sections with sixteen corners, ten of which were very tight. The surface consisted of a hard packed mix of sand, clay, asphalt and tar. The surface proved to be soft and the course disapprovingly slow.
      The race was run to American Automobile Association "Class E" - non stock cars with engines of 366 cubic inches (5.998 litre) or less. The original plan had been to run the Vanderbilt Cup on July 4th 1936, followed by the United States Grand Prix on Columbus Day 12 October. However as work on the circuit started late the Vanderbilt Cup was moved to the latter date. The organizers first announced a 100 lap 400-mile race, but then, as the surface broke up during practice, revised it to a 75 lap 300 mile race.
      There were massive prizes to attract the top European Grand Prix and American dirt track and Indy teams: $20,000 for the victory, $10,000 for the second position and $5000 for third followed by $3500, $3000, $2200, $1800, $1600, $1500 and finally $1400 for 10th position with a bonus of $50 (?) for the leader of each lap.
With the European Grand Prix season over several drivers decided to make the time consuming trip to USA for the race.
      Scuderia Ferrari sent four cars, three 12-cylinders and one 8-cylinder to be raced by Tazio Nuvolari, Antonio Brivio and Giuseppe "Nino" Farina with Attilio Marinoni as reserve driver. Raymond Sommer entered his Alfa Romeo Tipo B/P3 (#50004) planning to sell the car after the race.
      Jean-Pierre Wimille entered a works Bugatti T59/50B with a T59 as spare. Brian Lewis also entered a Bugatti T59 but the car suffered an engine problem and was then crashed by Louis Meyer. Lewis instead raced an ERA (R1A) entered for Major Sidney Cotton. R1A had been raced just once before in 1936 by Mrs Kay Petre. The ERA works team entered two cars for Earl Howe (R8B) and Pat Fairfield (R4A). Philippe Etancelin and "Raph" both entered Maserati V8 RIs, Australian playboy Frederick McEvoy entered a Maserati 6CM and British driver "Teddy" Rayson a Maserati 4CM.
      Against them raced America's best but with cars suitable for dirt tracks or Indy style speed circuits. With their primitive steering and brakes and mostly with two-speed gearboxes they were completely unsuited for the Roosevelt Raceway. Most of the cars were non-supercharged (listed with a "u" in the engine type column in the entry list above) Drivers included 1934 Indy winner Bill Cummings and future Indy winners Wilbur Shaw and Mauri Rose. Other famous names that can be mentioned were George Connor, Ted Horn, Rex Mays, Chet Miller, Babe Stapp, Bob Swanson and Billy Winn.
      While most of the Americans raced American cars local drivers David Evans entered a Bugatti T51 and Overton "Bunny" Phillips a T35 (#4748).
Unofficial practice started on September 27th before the European visitors arrived.
      Frederick McEvoy, Philippe Etancelin with wife and legendary race reporter Maurice Henry arrived on September 28th on SS Normandie, having sailed from Le Havre on September 23rd.
      The Alfa Romeo team with Tazio Nuvolari, Antonio Brivio, Giuseppe Farina, Attilio Marinoni, Luigi Bazzi, Eugenio Minetti, Nello Ugolini and racing journalist Giovanni Canestrini arrived in New York on SS Rex on October 1st 1936, having sailed from Genoa on September 24th.
      The 3 October qualification for the Vanderbilt Cup was supposed to start but it was delayed due to rain. Instead the circuit was officially inaugurated with a pair of 40-mile motorcycle races on 3-4 October.
      Pat Fairfield with his wife, Earl Howe and Brian Lewis arrived on SS Queen Mary on October 5th, having sailed from Southampton on September 30th.
      Raymond Sommer with wife, Jean-Pierre Wimille and "Raph" arrived on October 6th on SS Ile de France having sailed from Le Havre on September 30th.
      During practice Scuderia Ferrari tried locking the differentials as most American drivers did and Nuvolari was five seconds faster that way putting in a lap of 3m22.2s but in the end the team decided against using it as it put too much strain on the transmission. The team also tried Firestone tyres and the 8-cylinder car but raced with the three 12-cylinder cars and Pirelli tyres.
      There were 58 entries but place for only 45 cars in the race. For qualifying times were taken for five laps in a row, with the seven top positions being decided in the first qualifying session. Brivio took pole position with a time of 17m54.15s. In the next qualifying session Nuvolari was in a class of his own setting a time of 17m09.62s (69.9mph) as well as making the fastest lap with a time of 3m25.4s (70.1 mph) followed by his team mate Farina with a time of 17m24.40s. That put the the Alfa Romeos into positions 8th and 9th on the grid. The three Scuderia Ferrari drivers were the only ones that managed 5 laps in less than 18 minutes. Fastest American was Billy Winn in a Miller fitted with 4-wheel brakes but with a single gear with a time of 18m01.77s.
      There were several incidents during the practice sessions. Rex Mays crashed his Adams-Sparks and became a non-starter. Indianapolis winner Louis Meyer had not been able to find a fitting car for the race and doing a test run with Brian Lewis' Bugatti T59 he crashed the car. Brian Lewis took over Major Sidney Cotton's ERA for the race instead.
On race morning, Columbus Day, the sun was shining, but the wind was blowing quite violently. Some 70,000 - 80,000 spectators turned up, a clear disappointment as the organizers, having done a big advertising campaign, had hoped for 200,000. The cars were lined up three and three with 30 meters between the rows so that the full grid exceeded 400 meters. After the contestants had been presented to the crowd and the national anthem had been played the flag was dropped at 11 a.m. by Gar Wood and the race was on its way.
Pole Position

Alfa Romeo














Alfa Romeo


Alfa Romeo





S Gardner


C Gardner













Alfa Romeo





















































The standing start departure of 45 race cars was an impressive sight, as can be seen from films from the event. Drivers like Farina and "Red" Shafer on both sides of Nuvolari made good starts while others like Bob Swanson and Milt Marion stalled their cars. Billy Winn was first across the starting line but at the end of the first lap Nuvolari despite not being the fastest starter had taken over the lead of the race followed by his team mate Farina and Winn. The race order of the top ten after the first lap was:
1.Tazio Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)
2.Antonio Brivio (Alfa Romeo)
3. Billy Winn (Miller)
4.Giuseppe Farina (Alfa Romeo)
5.J-P. Wimille (Bugatti)
6.William Cantlon (Miller)
7.Wilbur Shaw (Shaw)
8.Tony Wilman (Stevens)
9.Jimmy Snyder (Stevens)
10.Raymond Sommer (Alfa Romeo)

It soon turned out that Winn was the great American hope against the European drivers and cars. With a single gear and stiff suspension Winn didn't bother to slow down his Miller sprint car for the curves but instead broadslided through them. On the third lap he managed to pass Brivio, who by a late decision of the team had started in the 12-cylinder Alfa Romeo instead of the more nimble 8-cylinder car. On the fourth lap there was the first incident as Wilbur Shaw spun out and retired. Out came the first full course yellow of the day. The race order after five laps looked like this:
1.Tazio Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)110.5 km/h
2.Billy Winn (Miller)
3.Antonio Brivio (Alfa Romeo)
4.Giuseppe Farina (Alfa Romeo)
5.J-P. Wimille (Bugatti)
6.William Cantlon (Miller)
7.Tony Wilman (Stevens)
8.Raymond Sommer (Alfa Romeo)
9.George Connor (Weil)
10."Raph" (Maserati)

Brivio passed Winn for second position but the American stubbornly held on to third position in front of Farina. "Raph" was the first European retirement as he was black flagged for being push started after having done a series of spins. Nuvolari caught the first backmarkers after only 5 laps and was soon lapping a lot of them, the flying Mantuan using all his skills not to loose time while passing through the clutter of American cars. The situation after 10 laps:
1.Tazio Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)
2.Antonio Brivio (Alfa Romeo)
3.Billy Winn (Miller)
4.Giuseppe Farina (Alfa Romeo)
5.J-P. Wimille (Bugatti)
6.William Cantlon (Miller)
7.Tony Wilman (Stevens)
8.Raymond Sommer (Alfa Romeo)
9.George Connor (Weil)
10.Bob Swanson (Hogan)

After an hour of racing Nuvolari was leading by half a minute over Brivio, who in turn had a one minute advantage over Winn and Farina. When Nuvolari was lapping "Deacon" Litz the Miller car of the latter hit the rear wheel of the Alfa Romeo but no harm was done and Nuvolari was able to continue in the lead. On the 16th lap Farina overdid it in a corner and crashed his Alfa Romeo. Wimille took over fourth position and soon started to violently attack Winn. After 20 laps the race order was as follows:
1.Tazio Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)
2.Antonio Brivio (Alfa Romeo)
3.Billy Winn (Miller)
4.J-P. Wimille (Bugatti)
5.Raymond Sommer (Alfa Romeo)
6.Bob Swanson (Hogan)
7.Tony Wilman (Stevens)
8.Ted Horn (Wetteroth)
9.George Connor (Weil)
10.Philippe Etancelin (Maserati)

Whenever there was an incident it became a full course yellow situation, a thing familiar to the Americans but totally confusing to the Europeans, who did not hesitate to pass under the yellow flag. One by one the European drivers received what could be called a "stop and go" penalty. Maurice Henry in L'Auto mentions Brivio, Fairfield, MacEvoy and Wimille. While the other drivers stopped Wimille at least temporarily refused to obey the penalty. There was also time for the first refueling stops. Winn made a minute-and-a-half stop for fuel on the 24th lap, followed by Nuvolari on the 25th lap. Brivio held the lead for one lap until he also stopped. That proved to be the only lap during the race not led by Nuvolari. Bob Swanson was up to fourth and Wimille after two stops was down to fifth position. This was the race situation after 30 laps:
1.Tazio Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)
2.Antonio Brivio (Alfa Romeo)
3.Billy Winn (Miller)
4.Bob Swanson (Hogan)
5.J-P. Wimille (Bugatti)
6.Ted Horn (Wetteroth)
7.Raymond Sommer (Alfa Romeo)
8.George Connor (Weil)
9.Philippe Etancelin (Maserati)
10.Jimmy Snyder (Stevens)

Due to the stops the average speed had dropped to 107 km/h. Nuvolari held on to a confortable lead. With multiple pit stops, yellow flags and a lot of cars on different laps the race was getting harder and harder to follow or as Maurice Henry wrote it "unfolded into a general confusion". However Nuvolari, even after having made his second one minute routine pit stop, was leading by a huge margin over his team mate Brivio. Wimille was finally able to find a way past Winn to take over 3rd position. Winn hung on to fourth and Ted Horn, having raced without making a pit stop so far, was temporarily up to fifth. Bob Swanson seems to have had problems and pit stops put him down all the way to 32th position. Lord Howe with his ERA had advanced from 29th position after the first lap up to 14th before falling back a bit during his refueling stop. Etancelin had dropped to 11th after two stops having been as high as 9th. The race order after 40 laps looked like this:
1.Tazio Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)
2.Antonio Brivio (Alfa Romeo)
3.J-P. Wimille (Bugatti)
4.Billy Winn (Miller)
5.Ted Horn (Wetteroth)
6.Raymond Sommer (Alfa Romeo)
7.George Connor (Weil)
8.Pat Fairfield (ERA)
9.Bill Cummings (Miller)
10."Chet" Gardner (Miller)

While the situation among the top four remained the same Ted Horn had to retire after 45 laps when during his pit stop the engine stalled in the pits. Sommer, who had raced among the top ten throughout the race and had made his only pit stop, was back up to fifth. Fairfield had advanced through the field from his early 19th position up to 6th. The race order after 50 laps was thus:
1.Tazio Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)
2.Antonio Brivio (Alfa Romeo)
3.J-P. Wimille (Bugatti)
4.Billy Winn (Miller)
5.Raymond Sommer (Alfa Romeo)
6.Pat Fairfield (ERA)
7.Philippe Etancelin (Maserati)
8.George Connor (Weil)
9."Deacon" Litz (Miller)
10.Mauri Rose (Miller)

Most drivers had done their pit stops but there were still a few who stopped between laps 50 and 60, among them Fairfield, Winn and Etancelin. McEvoy, having been out of the top 20 during the first half of the race, was now up to 10th position. Otherwise the situation remained much he same. The situation after 60 laps looked like this:
1.Tazio Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)
2.Antonio Brivio (Alfa Romeo)
3.J-P. Wimille (Bugatti)
4.Billy Winn (Miller)
5.Raymond Sommer (Alfa Romeo)
6.Philippe Etancelin (Maserati)
7.George Connor (Weil)
8.Pat Fairfield (ERA)
9.Bill Cummings (Miller)
10.Fred McEvoy (Maserati)

After 64 laps Winn's miraculous drive was over because of rear axle problems. The European drives now held the top five positions but the distances between them were huge so there were no interesting duels. Race order after 70 laps:
1.Tazio Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo)
2.Antonio Brivio (Alfa Romeo)
3.J-P. Wimille (Bugatti)
4.Raymond Sommer (Alfa Romeo)
5.Pat Fairfield (ERA)
6.Bill Cummings (Miller)
7.Fred McEvoy (Maserati)
8.Mauri Rose (Miller)
9.George Connor (Weil)
10.Philippe Etancelin (Maserati)

After the 72th lap Brivio slowly entered the pit with a cracked fuel pipe. The loose track surface in the curves had at the end of the race created vibrations that had cracked the pipe. A fast refueling was followed by repairs. When Brivio finally returned to the race after 9m15s he had inevitably lost second position to Wimille.
      After having done 75 laps Nuvolari took the chequered flag as the winner of the event. Even with the fact that Nuvolari's 12-cylinder Alfa Romeo after the first laps had been running on only 11 cylinders the "Flying Mantuan" had dominated the race completely winning by over 8 minutes over Wimille's Bugatti. Brivio was third from Sommer with Fairfield fifth and with McEvoy and Trossi sharing a Maserati sixth.
      Although the track layout was incredibly twisty, the Americans were sadly totally outclassed by the GP cars once the European drivers came to terms with the very loose dirt track surface. The first American home was Bill Cummings in his Miller-Offenhauser finishing seventh almost 25 minutes behind Nuvolari.



1.8Tazio NuvolariScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo12C-364.1V-12754h32m44.4s
2.18Jean-Pierre WimilleJ.-P. WimilleBugattiT594.7S-8754h40m55.94s+ 8m15.89s
3.9Antonio BrivioScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo12C-364.1V-12754h45m44.40s+ 13m00.35s
4.16Raymond SommerR. SommerAlfa RomeoTipo B/P33.2S-8754h46m59.51s+ 14m15.46s
5.46Pat FairfieldP. G. FairfieldERAA1.5S-6754h56m48.53s+ 24m04.48s
6.12F. McEvoy/Carlo TrossiF. J. McEvoyMaserati6CM1.5S-6754h57m25.82s+ 24m41.77s
7.2Bill CummingsH. C. HenningMiller FD-Offenhauser4.4S-8754h57m43.11s+ 24m59.06s
8.32Mauri RoseLou MooreMiller-Offenhauser4.4S-4754h57m35.27s+ 25m01.22
9.24Philippe EtancelinP. EtancelinMaseratiV8 RI4.8V-8754h59m05.52s+ 26m21.17s
10.15"Deacon" Litz/Tony WilmanArtha Benson LitzMiller3.6S-4755h01m05.82s+ 28m21.77s
11.6Chuck TaborC. GardnerDuesemberg-Offenhauser4.2S-4755h04m06.69s+ 31m22.64s
12.4Emil AndresJoe LenckiStewens-Offenhauser4.2S-4755h05m54.97s+ 33m10.92s
13.45Earl HoweEarl HoweERAB1.5S-6755h06m11.75s+ 33m27.70s
14.28David EvansMcClure HalleyBugattiT512.3S-8755h07m42.54s+ 34m58.49s
15.37Brian LewisT. H. MorrisERAB1.5S-6755h08m17.27s+ 35m33.22s
16.59Rick DeckerR. DeckerDuesemberg-Miller2.8S-8755h08m18.63s+ 35m34.58s
17.34Al PutnamMagnee and NowiakStudebaker4.1S-874
18.48Teddy RaysonA. T. G. GardnerMaserati4CM1.5S-474
19.67Roy LakeRobert B. LynchAmbler5.9S-473
20.65Henry BanksLouis KimmelMiller2.9S-872
DNF27George ConnorWilliam S. WhiteWeil-Miller4.0S-472engine
21.17"Chet" GardnerC. GardnerMiller3.6S-472
22.66Gustave ZarkaWilliam WattsAmbler5.9S-471
23.51Bob SwansonR. RastelliHogan-Miller1.7S-471
24.44Tony GulottaM. DurayStevens-Miller3.6S-469
25.26Phil "Red" ShaferP. ShaferMiller-Buick4.7S-869
26.36Bruce CarewDon CampbellRigling-Carew3.5S-465
27.14Frank BriskoElgin Piston Pin Co. Inc.Miller-Brisko4.2S-465
28.52Lewis BalusVirgil WilliamsDuesemberg4.4S-865
29.57Ted ChamberlainG. WingerterDuesemberg-Miller4.9S-865
30.53Louis TormeiR. RastelliWetteroth-Offenhauser1.7S-465
DNF7Billy WinnJ. M. WinnMiller4.2S-464rear axle
DNF23Russ SnowbergerJoe Thorne Inc.Thorne-Offenhauser4.2S-461brakes
DNF38Joel ThorneJ. Thorne Inc.Sparks-Miller4.4S-449universal joint
DNF21Babe StappH. J. Topping Jr.Shaw FD-Offenhauser3.8S-448fuel tank
DNF22Ted HornHarry HartzWetteroth-Miller3.0S-845stalled
DNF43Jimmy SnyderMid West Racing TeamStevens-Offenhauser4.2S-440fuel tank
DNF5William "Shorty" CantlonW. CantlonMiller4.0S-435valve
DSQ25Floyd DavisJoe Thorne Inc.Rigling-Offenhauser4.2S-430DSQ - car towed
DNF42Tony WilmanM. DurayStevens-Miller3.6S-421steering
DNF10Giuseppe FarinaScuderia FerrariAlfa Romeo8C-353.8S-817steering
DSQ29"Raph" B de las CasasMaseratiV8 RI4.8V-89DSQ - push start
DNF49Overton PhillipsO. PhillipsBugattiT352.0S-88connecting rod
DNF62Milt MarionM. MarionMiller3.6S-43clutch
DNF3Wilbur ShawW. ShawShaw-Offenhauser4.2S-42crash
Fastest lap: Tazio Nuvolari (Alfa Romeo) in 3m25.42s = 112.8 km/h (70.1 mph)
Winner's medium speed: 106.2 km/h (66.0 mph)
Pole position lap speed, 5 lap average (Brivio): 67.03 mph (107.9 km/h)
Fastest qualifier (Nuvolari): 112.5 km/h (69.9 mph)
Weather: sunny but windy.
In retrospect:
The European magazines were not that impressed with the race with Swiss Automobil-Revue writing: "A race without any sensations, incidents or accidents" and "The circuit was in miserable shape".

This is a hard race to write a report of, not because of lack of information, but rather that the availaible information differs so much. There is an excellent web site Vanderbilt Cup Races that I highly recommend that shows pictures of most the cars that took part in the race.

Primary sources researched for this article:
La Stampa, Torino
L'AUTO, Paris
Special thanks to:
Richard Armstrong
Howard Kroplick
Rob Semmeling
Michael Müller



Brooklands (GB), 17 October 1936 (Saturday)
10 laps x 1.883 km (1.170 mi) = 18.8 km (11.7 mi)


1Peter WhiteheadP. WhiteheadERAB1.5S-6DNA - did not appear
2Austin DobsonA. DobsonAlfa RomeoTipo B/P32.9S-8
3Charles MartinC. MartinAlfa RomeoTipo B/P33.2S-8
4Ms. Kay PetreMs. PetreRiley1500/61.5S-6
5Charlie DodsonLord AustinAustin70.7S-4
6Raymond MaysEnglish Racing Automobiles Ltd.ERAB2.0S-6
7Arthur DobsonA. C. DobsonERAB1.5S-6
8John WakefieldJ. WakefieldAlta1.5S-4
9Thomas Cholmondeley-TapperT. Cholmondeley-TapperMaserati8CM3.0S-8
10Alexander CormackA. CormackAlta1.5S-4
11Austin DobsonP. F. JuckerAlta1.5S-4DNA - did not appear
12Hans RüeschH. RüeschAlfa Romeo8C-353.8S-8
14Denis ScribbansD. ScribbansERAB1.5S-6
15"B Bira"Prince Chula of SiamMaserati8CM3.0S-8
16Alfred FaneH. J. AldingtonFrazer-Nash-Gough1.5S-4

Mays, finally!

by Leif Snellman
After a miserable season the work ERA team and Mays finally was victorious in the 10 lap Mountain Championchip race at Brooklands. The ERA proved more nimble than Rüesch's big Alfa Romeo and the Swiss driver finished in a disappointing second position after a bad start. Bira (Maserati) moved up to third in ther results after Martin (Alfa Romeo) was penalized for a jump start.
The Mountain Championship was a scratch race that was included in the B.A.R.C. Authumn meeting at Brooklands. The meeting included three races on the outer circuit and seven races on the Mountain circuit.
Hans Ruesch entered his Alfa Romeo 8C-35 (500013) and Charles Martin and Austin Dobson raced their Alfa Romeo P3s (50003 and 50005). Prince Chula had bought Whitney Straight's old 3 litre Maserati (#3011) from Harry Rose on 7 September for Prince Bira to drive. Another Maserati (#3013) was enter by Miss E. Ellison for Thomas Cholmondeley-Tapper. It was the Ex. Ealr How car, repainted green.
      There were three ERA entries, Raymond Mays with the black works car (R4B) with a 2 litre engine, Arthur Dobson with his white car (R7B) and Denis Scribbans with his cream colored R9B.
      There were two of the early offset Altas in the entry list, Cormack (52S) and Wakefield (56S).
The Saturday weather was fine but miserably cold. Still there was a big croud following the event. The event started off with the three outer circuit handicap races, Norton Bracey (M.G), Baker-Carr (Bentley 4.5 litre) and Appleton (Appleton-Riley) being the winners. The Mountain Championship was the third of the Mountain circuit races. The first two were won by Harry Bowler (Bentley 3 litre) and G. Bagratouni (M.G. Magnette).
      Then it was time for the Mountain Championship race. The cars were lined up side by side across the starting area with the starter to the extreme right.

Start in one line

At the start Martin took the lead followed by Mays, Bira, Scribbans, Tapper and Rüesch. Soon Mays took over the lead from Martin. Rüesch had made a bad start and more unfamiliar to the Mountain Circuit than the other drivers he seemed to struggle during the first lap of the race but then came charging through the field moving up to fourth on lap two. On the 9th lap Bira and Rüesch took the fork hairpin close together and went up the straight side by side, Rüesch moving up to third. Mays took the victory but behind him just before the finish line Rüesch passed Martin to take second position with a margin of 0.4s. Bira finished fourth.
      After the race Rüesch did a protest against Mays jumping the start but it was refused by the Stewards. However the Stewards found that both Alfa Romeo P3 driers Charlie Martin and Austin Dobson had had their front wheels over the line at the start and they were penalized one minute each, Martin dropping from 3rd to 10th and Dobson from 6th to 11th.

The Mountain Championship race was then followed by a handicap race won by Ms. Kay Petre (Riley), then the "Siam Cup", a 10 lap scratch race for ERAs only won by Raymond Mays (now in a 1.5 litre car) followed by Dobson and Scribbans and finally an "Oxford-Cambridge" race won by Reggie Tongue (ERA).



1.6Raymond MaysEnglish Racing Automobiles Ltd.ERAB2.0S-6108m41.4s
2.12Hans RüeschH. RüeschAlfa Romeo8C-353.8S-8108m48.6s+ 7.2s
3.15"B Bira"Prince Chula of SiamMaserati8CM3.0S-8108m49.8s+ 8.4s
4.9Thomas Cholmondeley-TapperT. Cholmondeley-TapperMaserati8CM3.0S-8108m49.8s+ 8.4s
5.5Charlie DodsonLord AustinAustin70.7S-4109m20.4s+ 39.0s
6.8John WakefieldJ. WakefieldAlta1.5S-4109m23.2s+ 41.8s
7.7Arthur DobsonA. C. DobsonERAB1.5S-6109m24.4s+ 4 3.0s
8.14Denis ScribbansD. ScribbansERAB1.5S-6109m28.8s+ 47.4s
9.4Ms. Kay PetreMs. PetreRiley1500/61.5109m42.6s+ 1m01.2s
10.3Charles MartinC. MartinAlfa RomeoTipo B/P33.2S-8109m49.0s*+ 7.6s
11.2Austin DobsonA. DobsonAlta RomeoTipo B/P32.9S-81010m15.8s*+ 34.4s
DNF10Alexander CormackA. CormackAlta1.5S-49
DNF16Alfred FaneH. J. AldingtonFrazer-Nash-Gough1.5S-41
* Times include a 1 minute penalty
Fastest lap: Raymond Mays (ERA) in 50.6s = 134.0 km/h (83.2 mph)
Winner's medium speed: 130.0 km/h (80.8 mph)
Weather: sunny but very cold.

Main sources used for this article:
William Boddy: The History of Brooklands Motor Course 1906-1940
Prince Chula: Road Racing 1936



Costanera Norte - Buenos Aires (RA), 18 October 1936
3 heats each of 12 x 2.65 km (1.65 mi) = 31.8 km (19.8 mi)
Final: 30 laps x 2.65 km (1.65 mi) = 79.5 km (49.4 mi)


Guido AbramorG. AbramorViglione-ChryslerImperialS-8
Carlos ArzaniC. ArzaniAlfa Romeo8C 2900A2.9S-8
Ernesto BlancoE. BlancoWolverine-REOS-8
Luis BrosuttiL. BrosuttiMercedes-BenzSSK7.1S-6
Eleutero DonzinoE. DonzinoHudsonS-6
Antonio DorsoA. DorsoFord
Eric Forrest GreeneE. Forrest GreeneRosaEspecialDNA?
Angel GarabatoA. GarabatoReo-ChryslerS-8
Juan J. LiraJ. LiraFordV-8
Domingos LopezD. Lopez
Adriano MalusardiA. MalusardiFord-MillerBV-8
Fertmin MartinF. MartinFiat520
Augusto McCarthyA. McCarthyDeSoto-ChryslerS-6
Eric Helder MoyanoE. MoyanoAmilcar FordV-8
Domingo OchoteroD. OchoteroFordV-8
Alfredo J. OlivariA. OlivariNash-HudsonS-6
Antonio PereyraA. PereyraFordV-8
Gregorio PerezG. PerezLancia-ChryslerLambdaV-8
Pablo PezzattiP. PezzattiHudson?
Salvador PortoS. Porto
Atilio RossiA. RossiFordV-8
Tadeo TadíaT. TadíaChevrolet
Alberto TaraveraA. TaraveraHudson
Manuel de TefféBaron de TefféAlfa RomeoMonza2.3S-8
A. ValloneA. ValloneFordV-8DNA?
E. ZafaroniE. ZafaroniFordRecord
Carlos ZatuszekC. ZatuszekMercedes-BenzSSK7.1S-6

A South American affair

by Leif Snellman
The Argentine Grand Prix with Argentinian and Brazilian drivers was raced as three heats and a final. The Argentinians dominated the final with Arzani winning in an Alfa Romeo followed by the Mercedes-Benz cars of Zatuszek and Brosutti.
This Argentinian international race was run on a 2.65 km variant of the Costanera Norte circuit on the Costanera Avenue in Buenos Aires. The race was run in three 12 laps heats, the top 12 drivers going to the 30 laps final.
The 25 entries consisted mostly of Argentinian drivers including Carlos Arzani, Augusto McCarthy and Austrian born Karel "Carlos" Zatuszek. Brazilian entries included the well known Baron Manuel de Teffé and Domingos Lopes. Carlos Arzani raced an Alfa Romeo 8C 2900A Botticella (#412002). The car had been bought from Scuderia Ferrari after the Rio de Janeiro Grand Prix.
The entries were arranged into three heats according to their practice times with the 9 slowest drivers going to the first heat and the 8 fastest to the third heat.
1.Carlos Arzani (Alfa Romeo)1m20.4s
2.Carlos Zatuszek (Mercedes-Benz)1m22.6s
3.Luis E. Brosutti (Mercedes-Benz)1m27.4s
4.Salvador Porto1m28.4s
5.Ernesto Blanco (Wolverine-REO)1m28.6s
6.Guido Abramor (Viglione-Chrysler)1m31.4s
7.Fertmin Martin (Fiat)1m32.0s
8.Domingo Ochotero (Ford)1m33.2s
9.Angel Garabato (Reo-Chrysler)1m33.6s
10.Augusto MacCarthy (DeSoto-Chrysler)1m34.6s
The race was run on Avenida Costanera in front of 50,000 spectators, the Minister of the Interior and municipal authorities.

Results (Heat 1)


1.Eric Helder MoyanoE. MoyanoAmilcar FordV-81218m00s
2.Atilio RossiA. RossiFordV-81218m26s+ 26s
3.Tadeo TadinaChevrolet1219m25s+ 1m25s
4.Gregorio PerezG. PerezLancia-ChryslerLambdaV-81219m30s+ 1m30s
5.Juan J. LiraJ. LiraFordV-8
6.Pablo PezzattiP. PezzattiHudson?
?E. ZafaroniE. ZafaroniFordRecord
?Antonio DorsoA. DorsoFord
?Adriano MalusardiA. MalusardiFord-MillerBV-8

Results (Heat 2)


1.Manuel de TefféBaron de TefféAlfa RomeoMonza2.3S-81218m02s
2.Augusto McCarthyA. McCarthyDeSoto-ChryslerS-61218m28s+ 26s
3.Angel GarabatoA. GarabatoReo-ChryslerS-81218m29s+ 27s
4.Alfredo J. OlivariA. OlivariNash-HudsonS-61219m39s+ 1m37s
5.Antonio PereyraA. PereyraFordV-8
?Eleutero DonzinoE. DonzinoHudsonS-6
?Alberto TaraveraA. TaraveraHudson
DNFDomingos LopezD. LopezFiat520?engine

Results (Heat 3)


1.Carlos ArzaniC. ArzaniAlfa Romeo8C 2900A2.9S-81217m54s
2.Carlos ZatuszekC. ZatuszekMercedes-BenzSSK7.1S-61217m59s+ 5s
3.Ernesto BlancoE. BlancoWolverine-REOS-81218m01s+ 7s
4.Luis BrosuttiL. BrosuttiMercedes-BenzSSK7.1S-61218m13s+ 19s
5.Domingo OchoteroD. OchoteroFordV-812
6.Salvador PortoS. Porto12
?Fertmin MartinF. MartinFiat520
?Guido AbramorG. AbramorViglione-ChryslerImperialS-8
After the heats but before the start of the final Alfredo J. Olivari's car started to burn. During the attempts to stop the fire one person was slightly injured. The top three finishers from the first two heats and the top six from the third heat were qualified for the final. However, due to damaged cars Ernesto Bianco and Salvador Porto were unable to take part in the final so the field consisted of 10 cars. The Argentinians dominated the race, Arzani took an immediate lead and also took the flag as winner followed by Zatuszek and Brosutti to give Argentina a triple victory. De Teffé was fourth as only non Argentinian to finish, followed by Moyano.



1.Carlos ArzaniC. ArzaniAlfa Romeo8C 2900A2.9S-83042m38.4s
2.Carlos ZatuszekC. ZatuszekMercedes-BenzSSK7.1S-63043m05.4s
3.Luis BrosuttiL. BrosuttiMercedes-Benz7.1S-63043m43s
4.Manuel de TefféBaron de TefféAlfa RomeoMonza2.3S-83044m01s
5.Eric Helder MoyanoE. MoyanoAmilcar-FordV-829
6.Angel GarabattoA. GarabattoReo-Chrysler28
7.Tadeo TadinaT. TadinaChevrolet27
8.Domingo OchoteroD. OchoteroFordV-826
DNFAugusto McCarthyA. MacCarthyDe Soto-ChryslerS-6
DNFAtilio RossiA. RossiFord
Fastest lap: Carlos Zatuszek (Mercedes-Benz) in 1m20s = 119.3 km/h (74.1 mph)
Winner's medium speed: 111.9 km/h (69.5 mph)

Primary sources researched for this article:
El Litoral, Santa Fé
El Orden, Santa Fé
Jornal do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro
Guillermo Sanchez: Fuerza Libre
Special thanks to:
Adam Ferrington
Vladislav Shaikhnurov

Star 25 October 1936: Juan Manuel Fangio, racing under the pseudonym "Rivadavia", enteres a A-type Ford in his first race, a local Argentinan event.
Star 20 December 1936: Costantino Magistri wins the Targa Florio Sports car race at Piccolo Circuito delle Madonie, Sicily.
1.Costantino MagistriLancia Augusta2h08m47.2s
2.Salvatore di PietroLancia Augusta2h14m25.8s
3."Gladio"Lancia Augusta2h17m21.0s
4.Bernardo CammarataLancia Augusta2h18m04.0s
5.Romano MalagutiFiat 15002h18m34.6s
6.Renato DaneseFiat 15002h20m00.4s
Star 1 November 1936: The Bucharest GP in Romania is raced 30 laps on a 3700m long Bucuresti circuit for a total of 111 km.
1.Iorgu GhicaMaserati 8CM1h09m00.59s
2.Petre CarpBugatti T35
3.Petre CristeaFord V8
(Info supplied by Valentin Raducan).
Star 26 December 1936: O. Cranston (Ford V8 Spl) wins the Australian GP handicap race at Victor Harbour.



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