Even with lots of work still do be done this list have reached a state where it must be considered one of the most complete and accurate ever assembled on the subject. This has only been possible due to the tremendous help from people all over the world, each of them experts of their local drivers and events.
Short biographies of drivers with BLUE background, will come up in due time. If you have any information about any driver with GREEN background, please contact me!

      Gabaldi - SEE: Filippi Gabardi

Gilbert Laurent Teobad Louis Gaborit (Gaborez) (F)
* 22 Apr 1904
† 27 Apr 1976
Esbly, Seine-et Marne
Ballainvilliers, Essonne
Son of a deputy of Seine-et-Marne. Gilbert Gaborit took part in 2 hillclimb races, at Fontainebleau, in 1928 and 1929. he was also entered at Gaillon in 1929 but was DNA. His brother Jean was coachbuilder in the beginning of the 1920s and won some Concours d'élégance. Later he became a designer. In 1933 or 1934 the brothers together open a night Club at Paris, with the name "La Côte d'Azur".
(Info supplied by Marc Ceulemans & André Reine)
1932: DNA Comminges GP (2000cc)

Vittorio Gaia (I)
Trom Tripoli.
1925: 2 Tripoli GP

Emmanuel Galba (MA)
From Casablanca.
1931: 2 Casablanca GP (Voiturette) / DNA Marne GP (Voiturette) 1932: 5 Casablanca GP (Voiturette)

Galinié (F)
From Toulouse.
1929: DNF Comminges GP (1100cc)

le Gall (F)
1929: DNF Burgundy GP (Voiturette)

Jean Gallay ( )
1932: DNF Tunis GP (Voiturette) / DNA Oran GP (Voiturette)

Luigi "Gigi" Galliera (I)
From Cento, Ferrara. OM agent in Ferrara.
1930: DNA Targa Florio

Egidio Gallinari (I)
1936: DNF Lucca GP
1939: 8 Targa Florio (Voiturette) / DNF Napels (Voiturette)


Clive Gallop (GB)
* 4 Feb 1892
† 7 Sep 1960
Al Qahirah (Cairo), Egypt
near Dorking, Surrey
Gallop was a British engineer born in Egypt. At the beginning of WW1 he joined the Royal Flying Corps, flying aeroplanes on the Western Front. After the war he joined the Bentley group developing the 3 litre straight-4 engine for them. From 1921, Gallop joined Louis Zborowski as his co-driver and as driver of the team's second Aston Martin. He also helped Zborowski designed and built Zborowski's "Chitty Bang Bang" and the "Higham Special" and later becoming Parry-Thomas's infamouis "Babs". In 1925 Gallop, due to his friend Woolf Barnato, rejoined Bentley Motors. He developed the engine for the 4½ Litre Blower Bentley .
In September 1960 in Leatherhead Surrey, Gallop was thrown from a skidding car. He was dead on arrival to hospital.
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1926: DNA British GP

G Galt ( )
1935: DNA Dieppe (Voiturette)

Mario Gamba Pinotti (I)
1927: 3 Pozzo Circuit

Carlo Gambetti (I)
From Bolognia.
1927: DNF Bologna Circuit / 7c/13 Coppa Montenero (1500cc)

Domenico Gamboni (I)
* 2 Jul 1893
† 1 Jan 1946
Monterosso, Ancona
Lived in Rome.
1924: 19 Targa Florio (1100cc)
1929: DNA Rome GP (2000cc)

Angel Garabato (RA)
* 22 Jan 1907
† 22 Jul 1953
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Garage owner, mechanic of Ernesto Blanco and Carlos Arzani. Builder of two Specials with Chrysler engines, one on a REO chassis and one on a chassis locally made by Conrado Volpi.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1936: 6 Buenos Aires GP

Edoardo "Dino" Garagnani (I)
From Rome.
1926: DNC Rome GP (1500cc)

Gualtiero Garagnani (I)
From Bolognia. Early Stanguellini customer, raced the ex-Rangoni Balilla from 1938 onwards.
1938: 11 Milan (Voiturette) / DNF Modena (Voiturette)
1939: DNF Coppa Ciano junior (Voiturette) / DNF Coppa Acerbo junior (Voiturette)

Giovanni "Nino" Garavini (I)
From Ravenna.
1925: DNA Savio Circuit (2000cc) / DNC Mugello Circuit (2000c
1927: 3c/8 Savio Circuit (1500cc) / DNA Coppa Perugina / DNF Bologna Circuit (1500cc)

Salvador García (E)
* 28 Nov 1902
† ?
From Barcelona. Raced a private Bugatti 51.
1935: DNF Penya Rhin GP


Lt. Col. Alfred Thomas Goldie Gardner (GB)
* 30 May 1890
† 25 Aug 1958
Woodford Green, Essex
Eastbourne, East Sussex
Gardner was also called Goldie Gardner (Goldie was his mother's maiden name). He took part in the first world war reaching the rank of Major. Suffered bad injuries to his right hip and leg when his aeroplane was shot down in August 1917. In 1924 he begun racing with an Austin. Winner of the BRDC Gold Star in 1937 (and also 1947 & 1949). Was promoted to lieutenant colonel during the second World War. Retired from racing in in 1952.
1932: DNF Empire Trophy (Cyclecar)
1933: DNF Mannin Beg (Voiturette)

Pietro Garnerone (I)
From Casalbordino, Chieti.
1928: DNF Mugello Circuit


Don Leoncio Garnier de Calvache / Léonce Garnier (F/E)
* 28 Mar 1881
† 1963
Beaumont, Yonne
San Sebastian
Talbot agent in San Sebastian.
1924: DNC European GP / DNA San Sebastian GP


Carlo Alberto Gasparin (I)
From Palermo. Fiat and later Alfa Romeo agent in Palermo. Veteran racer from before WWI up to 1930. Sometimes raced under the pseudonym "Febo".
1928: 10 Coppa Messina
1931: DNA Targa Florio

Gastone Gastaldetti (I)
From Biella.
1924: 18 Targa Florio (3000cc) DNA Mugello Circuit (3000cc)


Jean Gaupillat (F)
* 6 Jan 1891
† 22 Jul 1934
Paris (arrondissement de l'Hôtel-de-Ville")
Gaupillat was a wealthy, independent Bugatti driver. The Frenchman started racing in 1927 only with Bugattis of various types. His first victory came at the 1929 Dieppe Grand Prix with a Bugatti T35B. In 1931 he ordered a Bugatti T51 from Molsheim and teamed up with Jean-Pierre Wimille for the European Championship. Continued driving Bugatti during the early 30s. Died in an accident at the 1934 Dieppe GP when his Bugatti hit a tree.
1927: DNF Sporting Commission Cup / DNA Marne GP / DNF San Sebastian GP (1100cc) / DNF Boulogne GP (1100cc)
1928: DNF (heat) Grand Prix Bugatti
1929: DNA Antibes GP (Voiturette) / DNF Picardie GP / 1 Dieppe GP (Voiturette)
1930: DNF Oran (Voiturette) / DNA Lyon (Voiturette) / DNF Marne (Voiturette) / 2 Dieppe (Voiturette) /
          DNF French (Voiturette)
1931: DNF Tunis GP (Voiturette) / 2 Saint Raphaël GP (Voiturette) / 4* Italian GP /
          DNF (heat) Geneva GP (Voiturette) / DNF* French GP / 3 Marne GP (2000cc) / DNF* Belgian GP /
          DNF* Dieppe GP / 6 Comminges GP / 2 La Baule GP
1932: DNA Tunis GP / DNF Oran GP / DNF Casablanca GP / DNF Lorraine GP / DNF French GP /
          DNF * Dieppe GP / DNF Comminges GP / ? La Baule GP / 3 Antibes GP / 5 Marseille GP
1933: DNF Pau GP / DNF Tunis GP / DNF Picardie GP / DNA Nimes GP / DNF French GP / DNA Dieppe GP /
          DNA La Baule GP / DNF Comminges GP / DNA Marseille GP / DNA Albi GP / DNF Italian GP /
          DNS Monza GP / DNA Czech GP
1934 : 7* Eifel GP / DNF (heat) Vichy GP / DNF (heat) Dieppe GP

Maurice Alexandre Joseph Gauthier (F)
* 18 Jan 1897
† 16 Aug 1986
Toulon, Var
Montfrin, Gard
From Fleurance.
(With thanks to Marc Ceulemans)
1929: 3 Comminges GP (Voiturette)

      Robert Gauthier - SEE: "Ivernel"


Roger Serge Paul Gauthier (F)
* 29 Apr 1902
† 6 Mar 1981
Ay, Marne
Cherbourg-Octeville, Manche
Robert and Roger Gauthier are different persons. The former was also racing under the pseudonym "Ivernel". The driver at 1929 Lyon was spelt Gautier so possibly yet another person (he is listed here).
1926: 3 Marne GP
1929: DNA Lyon GP (1100cc) /


Jean Bertran Dufaur de Gavardie de Monclair (F)
* 10 May 1909
† 23 Aug 1961
La Roche sur Yon, Pays de la Loire
Souprosse, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Racing driver, airplane pilot, self-taught painter.
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)
1935: DNF Orleans (Voiturette) / 10/DNF (heat) Albi (Voiturette) / DNA Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette)?
1936: 8 (heat) Picardie (Voiturette)

Gavillon ( )
1932: 9 Torvilliers Circuit / 8 Lorraine GP (2000cc)


Carlo Gazzabini (I)
From Rome.
1930: 6 Coppa Ciano
1931: DNF Coppa Ciano
1932: DNS Italian GP / DNF/DNA Coppa Ciano (GP/Voiturette) / DNA Coppa Acerbo /
          DNF (heat) Monza GP / 2 Coppa Gran Sasso (sports car)
1933: DNF Tripoli GP / 4 Targa Florio
1934: DNF Tripoli GP
1937: 6* Napels GP / DNF Rio de Janeiro GP

"Gé" (F)
1933: 4 Picardie (Voiturette) / 4 Frontières GP

Henri Gegauff (F)
1931: DNA Tunis GP (Voiturette)
1932: DNF Nice GP (1100cc)


Hans (Hanns) Geier (D)
* 25 Feb 1902
† 1986
Waldalgesheim. Mainz-Bingen
According to his id card he was 184 cm long with oval face and grey eyes. The name is spelt "Hans" with one "n" on the id but the variant "Hanns" appears in several books. He started racing with motorcycles in 1920. Later became a racing driver, first with Amilcars and later Bugattis together with August Momberger. Worked as cars salesman before becoming a Mercedes test driver in 1932. Got his chance as a Grand Prix driver when two Mercedes works drivers became ill before the 1934 German GP. Was signed as reserve driver for the rest of 1934 and for 1935. Geier crashed badly in Swiss GP 1935 and was taken to hospital in a critical condition. He recovered from the accident and returned the Mercedes team, not as driver but as a timekeeper and assistant team manager until 1955.
(With thanks to Jan Manuel Boggio-Videla)
1934: 5 German GP / 10* Swiss GP / 6* Czech GP
1935: DNF AVUS GP / 7 German GP / DNS Swiss GP

Genibrel (Genebrel / Genibral) ( )
1933: DNF Provence Trophy

      Geneis - SEE: Saint-Geneis

Antonino Genuardi (I)
From Palermo.
1937: 9 Turin GP (Voiturette) / DNF Napels (Voiturette)


Telesphore Georges (B)
1933: DNA Frontières GP

Salvatore Geraci (I)
From Termini Imerese, Palermo.
1935: DNF Targa Florio


Frederick Roberts "Bob" Gerard (GB)
* 19 Jan 1914
† 26 Jan 1990
South Croxton, Leicestershire
British businessman. Started racing with a Riley in 1933. After the war he bought both the EX-Fairfield ERA R4A and the Ex-Wakefield ERA R14B. His ERA races includs three F1 World Championship events and he took part in a further five F1/F2 World Championship events with Cooper Bristols.
1939: 9 Nuffield Trophy (Voiturette)


Louis Gustave Adolphe Gérard (F)
* 16 Apr 1899
† 11 May 2000
St Cyr sur Mer
Gérard was the "slot machine king" of Paris driving the most beautiful and expensive cars of the 1930s. He had not shown any interest in racing when his 9 year old son one day in 1937 convinced him to take a look at a Delage coupe that was for sale. Louis liked what he saw and paid for the car with several bags of 20 centimes coins. Gérard was soon afterwards contacted by Jacques de Valence that explained that the car he had bought was a proper racing car and should be used as such. So at an age of 38 Gérard found himself making his racing debut at the Le Mans 24 h race, finishing 4th . Gérard was soon a regular sports car driver and showed to be a natural talent who raced with determination and very aggressive style. Rebuilding the Delage to a sports car for 1938 his greatest moment was the victory at the Tourist Trophy that year. In 1939 he raced Delage cars for Ecurie Walter Watney and had a try at GP racing at Spa in a Delahaye. Louis retired from racing in 1951 and went on to become 101 years old.
1938: 3 Cork GP / 1 Tourist Trophy (sports car)
1939: DNF South African GP (Voiturette) / DNF Grosvenor (Voiturette) / DNA Coupe de Paris /
          6 Belgian GP / DNS French GP (Voiturette) / DNA Albi (Voiturette)

Aldo Gerardi (I)
From Galliate, Novara.
1930: 10 Monza (1100cc)
1931: DNF Alessandria GP (1100cc) / DNF Monza GP (1100cc)

Ottorino "Rino" Geri (I)
From Palermo.
1926: 4 Targa Florio (1100cc)

Enrico Gessner (I)
* 19 Mar 1896
† 23 Jul 1947
Milano (Milan)
Milano (Milan)
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1936: 12 Eifel (Voiturette) / DNA Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette) / 7 Modena (Voiturette)
1937: DNF Turin GP (Voiturette) / 8 Napels (Voiturette) / DNA Campione D'Italia (Voiturette)
1938: DNS Varese (Voiturette) / DNA Lucca (Voiturette)

Vittorio Emanuele Gherardi ("Wighe") (I)
From Genova (Genoa). Raced sometimes under the name "Wighe".
1926: 4 Ligure-Piemontese Circuit (1500cc)


Pietro Ghersi (I)
* 24 Jan 1899
† 1 Aug 1972
Genova (Genoa)
Genova (Genoa)
Pietro Ghersi from Genoa was one of the foremost Italian motorcycle racers during the 20s and the early 30s. He organised with Luigi Arcangeli and his brother Mario, also a distinguished biker, the first Italian expedition to the Isle of Man TT. He alternated between car and motorcycle racing after 1927, when he started with an OM followed by a series of Alfa Romeo and Maserati sports cars. He became a Scuderia Ferrari driver in 1934, then raced his own Maserati 8CM during 1935-36. A reduced season in 1937 was compensated by a busy 1938/39 with Scuderia Torino Alfa Romeo GP cars and Maserati voiturettes. Ghersi was very active in national car races with rare forays to France, Germany, Bern and Monaco, whereas he was a true international competitor in motorcycles, finishing second once in the TT. His victories are limited to Italian sports car road races and hillclimbs. Amongst the latter he is twice the winner of his home race, the Pontedecimo-Giovi.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1928: DNF Tripoli GP (1100cc) / DNF Alessandria GP / DNF Cremona Circuit
1929: DNF Antibes GP (Voiturette) / DNS Monaco GP / 5 Alessandria GP / 7 Coppa Ciano
1930: DNS Alessandria GP / DNS Targa Florio
1931: DNF* Alessandria GP / DNS Targa Florio / 8* Italian GP / 8* French GP / DNF Coppa Ciano /
          9 Coppa Acerbo / 2 (rep) Monza GP
1932: 4* Targa Florio / 1 Coppa Messina (sports car) / 7* Italian GP / 6 Coppa Ciano /
          DNF Coppa Acerbo / 2 Circuito di Senigallia (sports car)
1933: DNA Tunis GP / DNF Bordino GP / 7 Tripoli GP / DNF Targa Florio / DNF Coppa Ciano /
          DNF Coppa Acerbo / 7 Italian GP / 7 Monza GP
1934: 6 Targa Florio / 4* Coppa Acerbo / 7 Swiss GP / 5 Modena GP
1935: DNF Tunis GP / DNF Tripoli GP / DNQ Bergamo GP / DNS AVUS GP / 5 (heat) Biella GP /
          DNF Eifel (Voiturette) / DNA Turin GP / 12 German GP / DNF Coppa Ciano (1100c) /
          4 Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette) / 5 Swiss GP (Voiturette) / DNF Italian GP / 5 Lucca GP / 2 Cosenza GP
1936: 8 Monaco GP / DNF Tripoli GP / DNF Coppa Ciano / DNF Coppa Acerbo / DNA Lucca GP /
          DNF Italian GP / DNF Modena GP
1937: DNF Tripoli GP / DNF Genua GP
1938: DNF Tripoli (Voiturette) / DNA Targa Florio (Voiturette) / 11* Napels (Voiturette) /
          3 Varese (Voiturette) / 8 German GP / DNA Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette) /
          4 (heat) Swiss GP (Voiturette) / 6 Italian GP / DNF Modena (Voiturette)
1939: DNF Tripoli (Voiturette) / DNA Targa Florio (Voiturette)

Paolo Ghezzani (I)
Racing driver from Livorno.
1930: DNF Coppa Ciano

Prince Gheorghe/Gheorge Iorgu Ghica/Ghyka Cantacuzino/Cantacuzene (RO)
* 12 May 1902
† 14 Feb 1988
San Diego, California, USA
Ghica Cantacuzino was a Romanian Prince. Died at San Diego, California in 1988.
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier, Simon Davis and Alessandro Silva)
1927: DNF Boulogne GP / DNF British GP
1928: DNA European GP
1929: DNA French GP

Matteo Ghio (I)
1925: DNF Tripoli GP (2000cc)

Aldobrando Giannetti (I)
Racing driver from Livorno.
1936: DNF Coppa Ciano (Voiturette)

Biagio Giannetto (I)
1925: 1 Coppa Etna / DNF Coppa Vinci

Giannini ? (I)
1931: DNA Coppa Ciano


Agostino Giardina ("Zeffiro") (I)
From Palermo. Also raced under the pseudonym "Zeffiro"
1933: DNF Targa Florio
1935: DNF Targa Florio

Gibe ( )
1930: 4 Picardie (1100cc)

A. B. Gilbert (GB)
1932: DNF Empire Trophy (Voiturette)


Giuseppe Gilera (I)
* 21 Dec 1887
† 21 Nov 1971
Gilera was the owner of a big Fiat dealership in via Lambro and then in Via Sirtori in Milan and an extremely successful driver in the small engine-capacity sports car classes. He has the same name as the founder of the Gilera motorcycle company in 1909 but is not the same person.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1928: DNS European GP
1930: DNS Alessandria GP
1936: 6 Milan (Voiturette)
1937: DNS Milan (Voiturette)


Beatrice/Beatrix Else Frieda Margarethe "Margot" Gilka-Bötzow (Grafin von Einsiedel) (D)
* 2 Sep 1908
† 199?
Born as Beatrice von Einsiedel 1908 and also raced as Countess von Einsiedel in the 1920s Bugatti T37 driver. Lived in Dresden.
1932: DNF AVUS (Voiturette) / DNF Eifel GP (Voiturette)


Victor Gillow (GB)
* 20 May 1888
† 5 Aug 1968
Tooting, London
Born as Victor Gilloz in Switzerland. He became a naturalised British citizen in December 1926.
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1933: DNF Mannin Beg (Voiturette)


Guido Ginaldi (I)
* 24 Feb 1898
† 28 Jan 1972
Sulmona, L'Aquila
Sulmona, L'Aquila
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1925: 1 Rome GP / 6 Targa Florio / 4 Coppa Perugina / DNF Mugello Circuit / 1 Coppa Acerbo

Gincana ( )
1926: DNA Garda Circuit (1500cc)

Gino Gini (I)
1925: DNF Coppa Perugina

Bruno Giordano (I)
From Genova (Genoa).
1926: DNF Ligure-Piemontese Circuit (1500cc)

Domenico "Domingo" Giorgi (I)
Racing driver from Chiavari provice of Genova (Genoa).
1931: DNF Alessandria GP (1100cc) / DNF (heat) Rome GP (1100cc) / DNF Coppa Ciano (1100cc)


"Max Giorgini" (Giovanni Peragallo) (I)
Lived in Naples, Rome, Genova (Genoa).
(Info supplied by Simon Davis)
1929: 15 Mugello Circuit / DNF Coppa Ciano

Giuseppe Giovanardi (I)
From Reggio Emilia. Builder of a Special with Moto Guzzi engine.
(Not to be confused by 1950s sports car driver Giuliano Giovanardi)
1928: DNF Tripoli GP (1100cc) / DNC Alessandria GP / DNF Cremona Circuit / DNC Coppa Montenero

      Giovanni - SEE: de Giovanni

Corrado Giovannini (I)
From Montecatini.
1925: DNC Coppa Monteneroi (1500cc) / 6 Garda Circuit (1500cc)

Marius Giraud (F)
Sports car driver from Marseille. Partner in Bugatti agency Giraud & Hoffmann (24 Rue Colbert, Marseille). Raced sporadically cars of his dealership in local events for promotion purposes.
(Info supplied by Michael Müller)
1925: DNF Provence GP
1926: DNA Provence GP


Yves Aristide Marius Giraud-Cabantous (F)
* 8 Oct 1903
† 30 Mar 1973
Giraud-Cabantous was born in Saint-Gaudens 1903. His stepfather wanted him to do a medical career. Instead he became a mechanic for the Salmson company in 1924 before he started racing in 1925 with a Salmson cycle car. He was the winner of the 1928 Frontieres GP . He started developing his own car based on the Salmson. He named the car named Caban and won the 1930 Bold'Or with it. He also raced the car during the 1931 voiturette season. During the 1930s he concentrated mainly on sports car racing, doing infrequent starts. He finished second at the 1938 Le Mans 24h with a Delahaye.
After the war he joined the Écurie France team racing Delahayes finishing 2nd at he1947 GP d'Alsace at Strasbourg and winning the GP du Salon at Montlhèry. In 1948 he won the GP de Paris in at Montlhèry becoming French champion in 1948. He also got himself involved in the CTA Arsenal project. During the next years he raced a Talbot-Lago, joining the official Talbot team in 1950. The team took advantage of Giraud-Cabantous mechanical knowledge. He took part in 10 World Championship races (including the 1950 British GP where he finished fourth) earning five points in total, plus numerous non-Championship races. After the Talbot team was disbanded he bought the ex-Sommer Talbot T26C. He then raced for HWM 1952-53 taking part in three World championship races and in the French Formula 2 series. During the 1950s Giraud-Cabantous continued competing in sports cars, finishing second at the Reims 12 hours in 1953. In 1957 he retired from racing concentrating fully on his transport business instead.
During most of his career he suffered from inferior equipment that hindered him from showing his true talent as a driver. He has been described as athletic, chaming and kind. He was also a accomplished pianist. He died in 1973.
1926: DNF Marne GP (1500cc)
1927: DNF Marne GP
1928: DNF Marne GP
1929: 1 Marne GP (1100cc) / DNF La Baule GP (1100cc) / 4 Tunis GP (1100cc)
1930: DNF Lyon (1100cc)
1931: 4 Tunis GP (Voiturette) / DNF Marne GP (Voiturette) / DNA Dieppe GP (Voiturette) / 5 Comminges GP /
          4 Monza GP (1100cc)
1932: 2 GP de l´U.M.F. (750cc)
1937: DNA Swiss GP (Voiturette) / DNA Czech GP (Voiturette)


Armand Robert Girod (F)
* 7 Sep 1900
† 9 May 1964
Neuilly sur Seine
Paris 19ème
Paris garage proprietor, who bought the two old 8 cyl Salmson cars and raced them in Voiturette races 1933-35. Won the 1100 class of the GP de France 1934. For the 1935 season he bought Etancelin's Maserati 8CM.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1926: DNA Provence GP (1500cc)
1927: 7 Ouverture GP / 13 Marne GP
1930: 2 Picardie (1100cc)
1932: DNA Provence Trophy (1100cc) / 1cl/6 Torvilliers Circuit / 8* French GP / 2 GP de l´U.M.F. (1100cc)
1933: DNF Picardie (Voiturette) / 1 GP de l´U.M.F. (Voiturette) / ? GP de l´U.M.F. / 1 GP de l´U.M.F. (Voiturette)
1934: 2 Picardie (Voiturette) / 7 Swiss GP (Voiturette)
1935: DNF Picardie GP / DNF Lorraine GP / DNF (heat) Marne GP / DNS Albi (Voiturette)

Georg Gischel (D)
From Frankfurt am Main.
1925: DNF Taunus GP (2000cc)

Camillo Giudici (I)
From Torino (Turin).
1925: 5 Mugello Circuit (2000cc)


Emilio Giussani (I)
* 5 Jun 1910
† ?
Italian driver who raced Maseratis and Alfa Romeos during 1932-34 seasons and also took part in the 1938 Circuito Varese.
(Info supplied by Francesco Giussani)
1934: DNF (heat) Bordino GP
1938: DNF Varese (Voiturette)

Francesco Gitto (I)
From Milazzo, Sicily.
1927: DNF Coppa Messina (1500cc)

Angelo Giusti ("Evangelos Sayris") (I)
From Catania. Among the fastest of several Sicilian Bugatti amateur drivers. Once he finished third (driving a SPA) and twice second overall and first in class in a 1.5L Bugatti in the difficult Coppa Etna, in 1925, 1926, 1928, respectively. Raced sporadically into the 1930s. The pseudonym "Evangelos Sayris" that Giuesti used in a few races is a literal translation of his name into Greek.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1925: 1 Coppa Etna / 4 Coppa Vinci
1926: 2 Coppa Etna (1500cc)
1928: 2 Coppa Etna / 10 Coppa Montenero
1929: DNA Coppa Ciano
1931: DNA Targa Florio
1933: DNF Tripoli GP

Francois Givaudan (F)
1930: 3 Picardie (1100cc) / DNA Marne GP
1931: DNA French GP / DNF Marne GP (Voiturette)

"Glauco" (Salvatore Russo) (I)
1928: DNF Coppa Etna

      Gobbis - SEE: de Gobbis

Robert Gockenbach (D)
From Arnstadt, Thüringen.
1925: DNF Solitude GP (1500cc)

Henri Jean Antoine Godard (F)
* 6 Jan 1905
† 23 Feb 1978
La Châtre, Indre, Centre-Val de Loire
Rosny-sur-Seine, Yvelines
Sports car and SCAP Factory driver
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1929: DNF Dieppe GP (1100cc)


Robert Goemans (B)
1931: 5 Frontieres GP
1932: DNA Frontières GP

      Goldie Gardner - SEE: Gardner

Goire (F)
1928: DNA Marne GP


Emilio Gola (I)
An amateur racing driver from Cuneo, who won the important Cuneo-Colle della Maddalena hillclimb in 1927. He alternated racing 6C Alfa Romeos and a Bugatti T35B #4867, formerly of U. Pugno, before quitting after the 1931 season.
1930: DNF (heat) Tripoli GP / DNA Coppa Ciano / DNA Coppa Acerbo
1931: DNF Alessandria GP / DNA/DNS Rome GP (2000cc) / DNA Monza GP

Pierre Goldschmidt (B)
1938: 8 Frontières GP


Fritz Gollin (D)
1937: DNF AVUS (Voiturette) / DNA Florence GP (Voiturette) / 5 Picardie (Voiturette) / 6 Albi (Voiturette) /
          12 Swiss GP (Voiturette)

Ângelo Gonçalves (BR)
1934: DNF Rio de Janeiro GP
1938: 6 Circuito de Gávea
1939: 6 Circuito de Gávea
1940: 3 Circuito de Gávea
1941: DNF Rio de Janeiro GP

Gondouin (F)
1928: 10 Marne GP

Gonon (F)
1928: DNA Saint Raphaël


Charles Lindsay Goodacre (GB)
* 23 Jul 1909
† 7 Aug 1989
West Kirby Cheshire
Westminster, London
(Info supplied by Jean-Charles Colombier)
1932: 2 AVUS (Cyclecar) / DNS Eifel GP (Cyclecar)
1933: 8 AVUS (Voiturette)
1936: DNA Isle of Man (Voiturette)
1937: 1* L.C.C. Relay


Amedeo Giovanni Maria / Amédée Jean Marie Gordini (I/F)
* 23 Jun 1899
† 25 May 1979
Bazzano, Bologna, Italy
Louveciennes, Yveline, France
Gordini was another Italian that became a French car contructor. He moved to France and started a Fiat garage and tuning shop in Suresnes. He changed his name from Amedeo to Amédée. In mid 30s the became engine tuner for racing variants of Fiats built on licence by recently formed Simca company. The cars were quite succeful in the minor sports classes. After the war the Simca-Gordini cooperation continued culminating in the Formula 1 team in the 1950s. In 1957 Gordini closed the team and became instead involved with Renault tuning sporty variants of their cars.
1938: 4 La Baule (Voiturette)
1939: 5 French GP (Voiturette)


Eric Cecil Gordon England (GB)
* 5 Apr 1891
† 1 Feb 1976
Concordia, Argentina
Sunninghill, Berkshire
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1926: 15 JCC 200 (750cc)

      Gordon-Lennox - SEE: "Earl of March"

Gustaf Valter "Walter" Görtz (S)
* 18 Jan 1907
† 11 Apr 1981
Car dealer.
(Info supplied by Håkan Gelin)
1933: DNS Svenska Isloppet (Ice race) / 7 Swedish Summer GP

Corrado Gozzi-Cotti (I)
Also found in reports under names Gotti, Cotti or Cozzi.
1926: DNF Savio Circuit (2000cc)

Carl Götze (D)
From Burscheid, Nordrhein-Westfalen.
1932: ? Eifel GP (Cyclecar)


Mme. Suzanne Marie Marguerite de Gourmont (neé Baltazar) (F)
* 25 Jun 1890
†2 Feb 1941
Rochefort, Charente-Inférieur
Pontorson, Manche
Sports car driver.
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1929: DNF La Baule GP
1930: DNA Dieppe GP


Pierre Goutte (F)
* 16 Apr 1897
†21 May 1965
Châttellerault, Vienne
Saint-Pryvé-Saint-Mesmins, Loiret
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1925: DNF Ouverture GP
1926: 7* JCC 200 (1100cc)
1927: DNA Provence GP / 4 Sporting Commission Cup / 4 La Baule GP / 3c/6 Boulogne GP (1100cc) /
          5c/8 JCC 200 (1100cc) /


Franz Gouvion (B)
Gouvion was representing Lancia in Belgium. Under the Team Lancia name he entered a Maserati for the Belgian GP 1937 but destroyd the engine during practice.
1930: DNF European (Belgian) GP
1937: DNS Belgian GP

Marcel Etienne Goux (F)
* 15 Jan 1905
† 20 Nov 1990
Pirey, Doubs
Paris 11e
Nephew of motor racing champion Jules Goux. Marcel had a mechanical workshop in the rue St.-Claude in Paris with his brother Maurice (Maurice Alphonse Charles 15.9.1912, Besancon - 18.12.2005, Paris 20e).
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1934: ? GP de l´U.M.F.


Jules Goux (F)
* 6 Apr 1885
† 6 Mar 1965
Valentigney, Doubs
Mirmande, Drôme
1924: DNF Targa Florio (3000cc) / DNF European GP / DNF San Sebastian GP / DNC Italian GP
1925: 5 French GP / DNF Italian GP (1500cc) / DNC San Sebastian GP
1926: 3 Targa Florio / 1 French GP / 1 European GP / 2 Spanish GP / DNF Italian GP / 2 Milan GP (2000cc)
1927: 3 Sporting Commission Cup / DNS French GP

Gouzou (B)
1929: DNA Frontieres GP (1100cc)


Jean Graf (F)
1925: DNF San Sebastian GP
1926: DNA European GP / DNS Spanish GP / DNA Italian GP / DNF Milan GP (1100cc) / 6 GP du Salon
1927: DNA Ouverture GP / DNA Spanish GP


Baron Emmanuel Leo Ludwig "Toulo" de Graffenried (CH)
* 18 May 1914
† 22 Jan 2007
Paris, France
Lonay, Lausanne
Born as von Graffenried. Started off as a Voiturette Maserati driver in 1937-39. After the war he formed Team Autosport with Christian Kautz, racing Maseratis until Kautz died in 1948. De Graffenried's greatest achivement was the victory of the 1949 British GP. In 1951 he raced for Alfa Romeo and in 1952 for Entrico Platé. In 1953 -1956 he raced his private Maseratis before retiring. However de Graffenried continued to be closely involved with F1 racing as a non driver. Cofounder in 1962 of the Club International des Anciens Pilotes de Grand Prix F1, President from 1980 through 2002 and Honoray President from 2002.
1937: 6 Napels (Voiturette) / DNA Frontières (Voiturette) / 6 Isle of Man (Voiturette) / 4 Picardie (Voiturette) /
          NC Albi (Voiturette) / DNF (heat) Swiss GP (Voiturette) / 6 Czech GP (Voiturette)
1938: DNF Campbell Trophy / DNF Cork (Voiturette) / DNA Frontières GP / DNF German GP / DNS Swiss GP /
          DNA Italian GP
1939: DNF Pau GP / 13 Coupe de Paris / DNS Picardie (Voiturette) / DNA Belgian GP / 6 Albi (Voiturette) /
          DNF Coppa Ciano (Voiturette) / DNF Swiss GP

      Edouard Grammont - SEE: "Eddoura"

Guglielmo Gramolelli (I)
* 8 Sep 1897
† 20 Jul 1980.
Ariano Polesine, Rovigo
Genova (Genoa)
A licensed racing driver from Genova (Genoa). In 1933 he raced an Alfa Romeo Monza #2211089 owned by Luigi Ferrara of Genova, registration GE 14724.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1933: DNA Tripoli GP

      Grandis - SEE: de Grandis

de Grassin ( )
1931: DNA Vaucluse Circuit

Ignazio Grasso (I)
From Tripoli.
1925: 3 Tripoli GP

Tommaso Grasso (I)
1926: DNF Alessandria GP
1928: DNC Alessandria GP

Omero Graziani (I)
Fiat agent in the region of Romagna.
1925: 8 Savio Circuit (1500cc)
1926: DNF Savio Circuit (1100cc) / 5 Coppa Perugina / 6 Coppa Perugina (1500cc)
1927: 7c/12 Savio Circuit (1500cc)

      Greene - SEE: Greene


Georges Paul Auguste Grignard (F)
* 25 Jul 1905
† 7 Dec 1977
Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, Val-de-Marne
Port Marly, Yvelines
Grignard was a Hotchkiss employee who competed in rallying in the late 1920s including Monte Carlo 1928 and 1929. He borrowd money to buy himself a used Amilcar and raced it in the Bol d'Or. He took part in the 1938 Paris 12h race in a Delahaye and also took part in the 1939 Coupe de Paris. In the 1930s he also built up a garage business. After the war he raced Delahayes in 1947-1948 and then a Talbot-Lago finishing 3rd in Pau 1949 and 6th in Rouen 1953. He also took part in the 1951 Spanish GP at Petralbes, his only F1 World Championship start. In 1959 he bought up all the liquideted stock of Talbots becoming a supplier to collectors.
1938: 9 La Baule (Voiturette)
1939: 11 Coupe de Paris / DNA Picardie (Voiturette)

Dino Grilli (I)
Licensed racing driver from Lucca.
1936: DNA Lucca (Voiturette)


"Grimaldi" (I)
Holder of an Italian racing license with Paris address for several years, never did race in Italy. In the list of Italian licensed racing drivers as "Grimaldi". Some sources call him "Enzo Grimaldi" but that is the name of the tenor in Poncielli's opera "La Gioconda" and would indicate it is definitely an alias.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva and Michael Müller)
1929: DNA Antibes GP / 8 Dieppe GP / DNA Comminges GP (2000cc) / DNF La Baule GP
1930: DNC French GP
1931: 7 Casablanca GP / 1931: DNF French GP


Olof Axel Rudolf "Olle" Grönkvist (S)
* 2 Sep 1897
† 5 Aug 1931
Stora Malm, Södermanland
Started racing in 1924, winning many races for Fiat for which he was awarded several Fiat gold medals and the Order of the Crown of Italy. Lived in Göteborg (Gothenburg). Moved to Stockholm 1930. Died because of dementia paralytica.
(Info supplied by Håkan Gelin & Simon Davis)
1931: 6 Swedish Winter GP (Ice race)

Walter Grosch (CH)
Heir to the fortune of the Grosch & Greiff department stores, he raced briefly from 1933 to 1934, before going into the production of exotic adventure movies in Africa, where he disappeared before the Second World War. He owned the Alfa Romeo 8C2300 (#2211096) and was a financial backer of Scuderia Siena in 1934.
(Info supplied by Alessandro Silva)
1933: DNA Belgian GP / 7 Coppa Acerbo / DNA Monza GP / DNA Czech GP / DNS Spanish GP

Giuseppe Grossi (I)
From Modigliana, Forli.
1927: 8c/13 Savio Circuit (1500cc) / DNA Coppa Perugina

Grosson ( )
1925: DNA Provence GP (3000cc)

      Grover-Williams - SEE: "Williams"

Grunenwald ( )
1925: DNA Provence GP (1500cc)

Aldo Gualtieri (I)
From Florence.
1929: DNF Mugello Circuit (1100cc)

Romeo Guardiani (I)
From Cremona.
1924: DNA Cremona Circuit (1500cc)
1928: DNA Cremona Circuit

Hans Gübelin (CH)
? - † 20 Aug 1938
Gübelin was a well known Swiss race car driver from Zürich, who competed in national hillclimbs since the early 1930s. In partnership with Zwimpfer he ran a Chrysler agency in his hometown and it was on roadsters of this make that he scored most of his successes. In 1938 he purchased the BMW 328 in which he obtained a 2nd place Grand Prix des Frontiéres. At the end of the 1938 Bremgarten sportscar race the flag man failed to flag off race leader Gübelin who continued at high speed at crashed his BMW 328 on the wet track. Gübelin was thrown out and landed on his head with fatal results.
1938: 2 Frontières (Voiturette)


"Gubernatis" (F)
1925: DNF Provence GP (2000cc)
1926: DNF Italian GP (1100cc) / DNF Milan GP (1100cc)
1927: 5c/11 Provence GP (1100cc)

Francis Guérin (F)
1938: 6 La Baule (Voiturette)
1939: DNA Picardie (Voiturette) / DNF (heat) Angouleme

Jacques Guérin (F)
1932: ? La Baule GP


Paul Guérin (F)
1925: DNF Ouverture GP

Giuseppe Guerrini (I)
Took part in some Spa 24h races.
1938: 3 Frontières (Voiturette)

Luigi Guerrini (I)
From Bologna.
1926: DNF Savio Circuit (2000cc)


Cavaliere Gian-Battista "Giovanni Battista" Guidotti, (I)
* 30 Jan 1902
† 2 Jul 1994
Bellagio, Como, Lombardy
Milano (Milan)
Was the riding mechanic of race winner Tazio Nuvolari at 1930 Mille Miglia. Employed by Alfa Romeo 1926-1963. Alfa Romeo's head test driver. Started in races now and then since 1930. Alfa Romeo team manager after the war.
1937: DNF Italian GP

Guichard (F)
1929: DNF Lyon GP (1100cc)


Camillo Guidelli Guidi (I)
From Solara, Modena.
1927: DNF Bologna Circuit (1100cc) / DNA Coppa Acerbo

Alain Guilbaut (F)
1932: 2 Picardie GP (Voiturette) / 2* Lorraine GP (Voiturette) / 4 Comminges GP (Voiturette)
1933: 5 Picardie (Voiturette) / 5 Albi (Voiturette)
1934: 4 Picardie (Voiturette) / DNA Albi (Voiturette)
1935: 9 Dieppe (Voiturette)
1936: 6 (heat) Picardie (Voiturette)


Paul von Guilleaume (D)
* 11 Nov 1893
† 16 Dec 1970
1926: DNF German GP


Sir Ronald Vernon Gunter, 3rd Baronet (GB)
* 8 Mar 1904
† 27 Jan 1980
Battle, East Sussex
Chichester, West Sussex
Became 3rd Baronet on 20 Aug 1917.
1934: DNF Donington Trophy

W. A. "Tjabben" Gustafsson (S)
Raced both boats and cars. Was to race a Miller special at the 1934 Vallentuna ice race. The engine had been brought to Sweden in 1928 by Swedish boat racing pioneer Gideon Forslund and was initially installed in a racing boat. The engine was later sold to a consortium that put it into a car built by "Börjessons bilverkstad" for the Rämen races. The car had an accident during Saturday practice for Vallentuna and Gustafsson became a non-starter.
1934: DNS Vallentuna (Ice race)

Vladimír Gut (CZ)
Bugatti representative in Prague.
1935: DNF Czech GP


Christopher Guy (GB)
* 10 Oct 1879
† 14 Feb 1946
Redcar, Yorkshire
Redcar, Yorkshire
(Biographical data probably correct but needs confirmation)
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1928: DNA Antibes GP / DNF Marne GP

Ulrico Guy (I)
From Verona.
1927: DNF Pozzo Circuit

"Toto" Guyard (F)
From Confolens, Charente "Toto" Guyard raced an Amilcar in the Angouleme GP in 1939. He was nicknamed ­ with just a bit of exaggeration - "the Wimille of Charente".
1939: 7 Angouleme


Albert Guyot (F)
* 25 Dec 1881
† 24 May 1947
Saint-Jean-de-Braye, Loiret
1925: DNA European GP / DNF Italian GP / DNA San Sebastian GP
1926: DNA European GP / DNA Spanish GP / 4 GP du Salon

Stafan Gyulai (I)
* 30 Apr 1905?
† 13 Apr 1988?
Italian nobleman living in Treviso, via Cavour 39, racing with an Italian license in 1931/32.
(There has been an unconfirmed claim that this is the same person as Count Marosnémethi és Nádaskai Gyulay István Lajos Albert, Hungerian-Austrian nobleman. Born i Wien 1905, died in Wien 1988.)
1931: DNF Coppa Ciano
1932: DNF German GP (Voiturette)


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