Even with lots of work still do be done this list have reached a state where it must be considered one of the most complete and accurate ever assembled on the subject. This has only been possible due to the tremendous help from people all over the world, each of them experts of their local drivers and events.
Short biographies of drivers with BLUE background, will come up in due time. If you have any information about any driver with GREEN background, please contact me!

Niilo E. (Eemil?) Jaakkola (FIN)
* 1904?
† 1976?
1932: 5 Munkkiniemenajo
1933: 5 Finnish GP


Robert Raynsford "Robin" Jackson (GB)
* 14 May 1903
† 3 Aug 1979
Rutherglen, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Weybridge, Surrey
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1934: DNA Donington Trophy

Marcel Henri Jacob (F)
* 19 Jun 1905
† 18 Nov 1997
Paris XX
(Info supplied by Marc Ceulemans)
1933: 8 Pau GP / 1 Provence Trophy / 6 Dieppe GP / 8 La Baule GP / 4 Albi GP / 2 GP de l´U.M.F.

Antonio Jacono-Caruso (Antonino Iacono) (I)
From Vittoria, province of Ragusa, Sicily.
1926: DNF Tripoli GP (1500cc) / DNF Coppa Etna (1500cc)
1929: DNF Targa Florio (1100cc)

Paul Henri Jacot (GB)
* 26 May 1902
† 14 Jun 1975
Handsworth, Staffordshire
Offenham, Worcestershire
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1934: DNS Norwegian GP (Ice race)


Jacquin (F)
From Alger.
1928: 4 Algerian GP / 6 Tunis GP
1929: 1 Algerian GP (Voiturette) / 2 Tunis GP (1100cc)
1930: DNF Oran (1100cc)
1931: DNF Tunis GP (Voiturette) / DNF* Dieppe GP

André Jahan (F)
1932: 1 Lorraine GP (1100cc)
1934: DNA Picardie (Voiturette)
1935: 8 Orleans (Voiturette)


James ( )
1929: 4 Burgundy GP (sports)

Jamin ( )
1934: ? GP de l´U.M.F.

"Jamy" (Alfred François Louis Marie Droguet) (F)
* 12 Dec 1893
† 31 July 1967
Pontivy, Morbihan
Evreux, Eure
Lived in Toulouse.
(Info supplied by Marc Ceulemans)
1931: 4 Vaucluse Circuit
1932: 3 Provence Trophy (Voiturette) / DNF Nimes GP

Anton Januszkowski ( )
1931: DNF Czech GP (Voiturette)

Ronald Austin "Ron" Jarvis (formerly Jacobs) (GB)
* 21 Oct 1914
† 12 Sep 1941
Stoke Newington, London
North Sea
Born as Ronald Austin Jacobs. Joined RAF in WW2. Flight Lieutenant at the 257 Squadron (Hawker Hurricane, Coltishall). On 12 September 1941 part of the squadron provided return cover for Blenheims that, escorted by Spitfires, had attacked an enemy convoy off the Dutch coast. They came in contact with Messerschmitt Bf 109s that were shadowing the returning planes and Jarvis' Hurricane MkII was hit by cannon fire and was lost at sea.
(Info supplied by Adam Ferrington)
1935: DNA Mountain
1938: 1 L.C.C. 3 hour (sports car)

      "Jef Legros" - SEE: "Legros"


Charles "Charly" Jellen (A)
* 1909
† 7 May 1934
Znaim, Czechoslovakia
The lanky "Charly" Jellen was born in Czechoslovakia and later lived for many years in Graz, Austria. After 1932 he moved to München, Bavaria, where he started a car dealership. Despite living in Germany, he was still considered an Austrian driver. The name of this young, dashing driver appeared first in the records during 1930. Over the next three years, he achieved many class wins with Bugatti, primarily at hill climbs in Austria, Czechoslovakia, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Switzerland. As of 1933, he banded together with Paul Pietsch and formed the Team Pietsch-Jellen. Each had a 2.3-liter Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza, which were later bored to 2.6-liter for the 1934 season. They entered together many hill climbs and while Pietsch started in the racing class with fenders removed, Jellen entered the sports car class and thereby both often won at the same day. Jellen also introduced a woman to Paul Pietsch, whose maiden name was Engel. When 17, Ilse had married a businessman from Frankfurt. But the marriage fell apart and she fell in love with Charly Jellen, whom she had met at an airfield race. After her divorce Ilse found out that Jellen did not intend to marry her and that is when she met Paul Pietsch. They were both 23 when they got married in 1934. Jellen's many class victories during 1933 at mountain races made him well known. As upcoming private driver he often raced against stronger opposition, drivers with factory support or straight factory entries. The well liked Charly Jellen, still at the beginning of his racing career, was only 25 when he died on May 7, 1934 during a test drive with his Alfa Monza on the Ingolstadt highway, north of München. In the turn Neuherberge, on the well-known world record stretch used by Ernst Henne with his BMW, the car left the road and flipped over. Jellen received a scull fracture and other serious injuries. He was brought immediately to the Schwabing hospital, north in München, where he soon succumbed to his severe injuries. He had planned to enter the upcoming Avusrennen with his friend Paul Pietsch during May.
(Info supplied by Hans Etzrodt)
1931: DNF Lwow GP
1932: DNA Tunis GP / DNA Oran GP / DNA AVUS GP / DNA Lwow GP / DNA Coppa Acerbo
1933: DNA Tripoli GP / 5 AVUS GP / DNF Eifel GP / DNF Marne GP / DNF Nice GP / DNA Italian GP /
          DNA Monza GP / DNA Czech GP


Mme Janine Jennky (F)
1927: 3 La Baule GP
1928: DSQ (heat) Grand Prix Bugatti / DNA Marne GP / DNS San Sebastian GP
1929: DNA Algerian GP / DNA Burgundy GP

H. Jenter ( )
1926: DNF Milan GP (1500cc)

Jeo ( )
1929: DNF Lyon GP (Voiturette)

Robert Jeuffrain (F)
* 12 Oct 1898
† 8 Oct 1964
Louviers, Eure
Louviers, Eure
(Info supplied by André Reine)
1928: 6 La Baule GP
1929: DNF Dieppe GP (1100cc)


Leonhard Joa (D)
* 23 Dec 1909
† 1981.
Carlsberg, Pfalz
Carlsberg, Pfalz
Held a private Maserati team (Suddeutsche Renngemainschaft) together with Dipper.
1939: 10 Eifel GP / DNF Frontières GP / DNA Picardie (Voiturette) / DNF French GP (Voiturette) /
          DNA Albi (Voiturette) / 7 German GP / DNA Coppa Ciano (Voiturette) /
          DNA Coppa Acerbo (Voiturette) / 7 (heat) Swiss GP (Voiturette)

Arvid Johansen (N)
1934: 3 Norwegian GP (Ice race)
1935: 7 Norwegian GP (Ice race)

Julius Johanson/Johannson (EST)
* 5 Apr 1880
† 18 May 1942
In 1902 he became driver for officer Fyodorov in Estonia's first car, a Panhard-Levassor. In 1912 he won the Tallinn-Märjamaa-Tallinn race, winning local events agin in 1922 and 1923. H e was active in several Estonian sports societis. He retired the 1934 Estonian GP with a Buick and finished 6th in 1935 with a Studebaker.
1935: 6 Estonian GP

Åke Valentin Johansson (S)
* 8 May 1906
† 14 Jul 1937
Örgryte, Västergötland
Göteborg (Gothenburg)
Born in Örgryte near Göteborg (Gothenburg). Merchant. Died due to a heart attack at Hotel Anglais in Göteborg 1937.
(Info supplied by Håkan Gelin)
1933: 5 Swedish Summer GP

Artur Johansson (S)
1933: 8 Svenska Isloppet (Ice race)


Carl-Gustav "CeGe" Johansson (S)
* 1 Mar 1889
† 4 Sep 1946
Brother of Thure Johansson.
(Info supplied by Håkan Gelin)
1932: DNF Swedish Winter GP (Ice race)
1933: 2 Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / 2 Finnish GP / DNF Swedish Summer GP

E. G. A. Johansson (S)
1932: DNA Swedish Winter GP (Ice race)

Thure H. Johansson (S)
* 28 Apr 1892
† 14 Jan 1967
Väse, Värmland
Brother of Carl-Gustav Johansson.
(Info supplied by Håkan Gelin)
1932: DNF Swedish Winter GP (Ice race)
1933: 5 Swedish Winter GP (Ice race)


Axel Gabriel Jonsson / Johnsson (S)
* 4 Mar 1900
† 29 Aug 1971
Name spelt Jonsson according to national registration. Lived most of his life in the little village of Skyttmon, 50 km NE of Östersund, Sweden. Owner of a bus-company. In autumn 1932 he bought an ex-Belgian Prince Leopold Bugatti T43 4 seater from fellow Swede Einar Lindberg and raced it in 1933. After the summer season he had the car changed into a 2-seater by shortening it by 32 cm. He raced the Bugatti until 1938 and sold the car to Göthe Håkansson in 1942. After the war Johnsson concentrated his efforts on horse racing instead becoming a famous horse owner.
(Info supplied by Bo Söderberg / Håkan Gelin)
1933: DNS Swedish Winter GP (Ice race) / DNF Swedish Summer GP
1934: 2 Vallentuna (Ice race)
1936: 3 Swedish Winter GP (Ice race)
1937: DNS Flaten (Ice race)

Charles Johnstone ( )
1926: DNF JCC 200
1927: DNF JCC 200


Louis Joly (F)
* ?
† 5 May 1934
Bugatti and GM agent in Tunis with his brother Antonin (who did not race). Died when he crashed his Farman airplane at Tunis on 5 May 1934. Two other persons also died in the crash.
(Info supplied by Hugo Boecker / Marc Ceulemans / Kevin Tjeerdsma)
1927: DNS Tripoli GP
1928: 2 Tunis GP
1930: DNF Oran GP
1931: DNS Tunis GP (Voiturette)
1932: 1 Tunis GP (Voiturette) / 1 Oran GP (Voiturette) / DNF Casablanca GP (Voiturette) /
          DNA Comminges GP (Voiturette)
1933: DNA Tunis GP / DNS AVUS (Voiturette)

      Joncy - SEE: de Joncy

Dr. Giovanni "Nini" Jonoch (I)
From Padova (Padua).
1931: DNF Coppa Ciano / DNF Monza GP (2000cc)

Carl Oskar "Bograngen" Jonsson (S)
* 8 Jul 1893
† 15 Jan 1979
Bograngen, Södra Finnskoga, Värmland
Ulricehamn, Västergötland
Did his first car race with a Mathis in 1914. Four times Nordic motor cycle champion. Works driver for Rex-Acme. Took part in the 1931 Swedish Winter GP but retired on the first lap. Retired from racing in 1937.
(Info supplied by Håkan Gelin)
1931: DNF Swedish Winter GP (Ice race)

      Jorjadze - SEE: Djordjadze


Carl Jörns (D)
* 11 Dec 1875
† 19 Jul 1969
One of the German racing pioneers Carl Jörns raced Opels throughout his career. He started racing Opel motorcycles in 1893 and became a works driver in 1902. In 1903 he turned to car racing and acchived his fist victory a year later at Wartbergrennen. Victories followed at Chateau Thierry, Nizza, Boulogne and Prag. He finished 10th at the 1914 French Grand Prix. After the war he was victorius in the 1923 Herculesrennen and won several hill climbs until 1926 when he retired from racing. In total he achieved 288 vicories.
1925: 4 Solitude GP (1500cc)

Jouan ( )
1925: 17 Provence GP (1500cc)


Jourdan ( )
1926: DNC Provence GP (1100cc)
1927: 3c/7 Provence GP (1100cc) / 2c/7 San Sebastian GP (1100cc)
1928: DNF Antibes GP
1933: DNF Coppa Ciano (Voiturette 1100cc)

Jouvé ( )
1935: DNA Albi (Voiturette)

Jorioz ( )
1929: DNA Burgundy GP (1100cc)


Philip Fontana Jucker (GB)
* 23 Oct 1906
† 1 Jun 1937
Withington, Manchester
Douglas Isle of Man
Alta driver. Died when he crashed his Alta during practice for the 1937 RAC International Light Car Race, Douglas Isle of Man.
1936: DNF Isle of Man (Voiturette) / DNF Donington GP
1937: DNA Coronation Trophy (Voiturette) / DNF Campbell Trophy / DNS Isle of Man (Voiturette)


Eliška Junková, née Alžběta Pospíšilová (Elizabeth Junek) (CS)
* 16 Nov 1900
† 5 Jan 1994
Olomouc, Morava (Mähren), Austria-Hungary
Praha (Prague), Czech Republic
Her performace at the 1928 Targa Florio made her of the greatest female drivers in motor racing history. "Her tenacity and determination were remarkable" said René Dreyfus. Daughter to a blacksmith Alžběta Pospíšilová was born in Morava in the Austria-Hungarian Empire that became part of Czechoslovakia after WWI. At the age of sixteen she got a job at a bank, where she met banker Vincenc "Cenek" Junek. She had a passion of travelling. On 24 June 1922 she married Junek who was interested in racing and had become wealthy enough to fullfill his dreams, purchasing a Mercedes and a Bugatti. Initially Eliška served as riding mechanic to her husband but in 1923 she startee racing herself with good results in local events. In 1926 she race internationally, finsihing second at the Klausenpass hill climb and in 1927 she wasfourth at the German GP. Determined to win the 1928 Targa Florio she travelled to Sicily a full month before the race to learn the circuit by heart. After leading the race she finished fifth after a puncture. At the German Grand Prix "Cenek" Junek crashed fatally and Eliška never raced again. After a trip to Asia she joined the organization of motoring life in Czechoslovakia. Mostly forgotten outside Czechoslovakia she returned to fame after the fall of the iron curtain. Died 1994 in Prague at an age of 93.
1927: DNF Targa Florio
1928: 5 Targa Florio


Norberto Jung (BR)
* 19 Jun 1903
† 11 Jun 1976
Porto Alegre
Norberto's father had German and his mother Portuguese roots. Due to the father's import business the family spent two years in Germany when Norberto was young. Norberto married at an age of 22. He made his race debut in a local event in November 1926, with a Dodge. Together with Armando Ribeiro he founded the car dealership in 1928 that became a Ford dealership in 1931. Continuing racing with Ford cars he took part in several events creating a race team in 1935 with Oscar Bins, Olyntho Pereira and Joïo Caetano Pinto. In 1937 he won the 3200 km long Montevideo-Rio de Janeiro race. Norberto continued racing until 1943. After the war he continued his race involvment as a delegate of the Automóvel Clube do Brasil. In the late 1940s he was involved in a car accident that resulted in an amputation of his left arm. He died in 1973 a few days before his 73rd birthday.
1936: 5 Rio de Janeiro GP
1937: 9 Rio de Janeiro GP
1938: DNF Circuito de Gávea / DNF Rio de Janeiro GP


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